Apr 25th, 2020
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  1. Silver
  3. Chikorita: Its nice-smelling leaf has the ability to probe its surroundings.
  4. Bayleef: Smelling the pleasant, spice-like aroma that emanates from around its neck causes one to feel hungry.
  5. Quagsire: same
  6. Sunkern: Asserted as fact rather than "it is said"
  7. Sunflora: When the sun goes down, it closes its petals and stands still. Without light, it is not active.
  8. Sentret: same
  9. Lanturn: same (wrong name here)
  10. Aipom: Lives high up in trees. When it jumps from branch to branch, it deftly uses its tail to keep its balance.
  11. Wooper: When on land, a poison-infused mucous membrane is excreted. (wrong name here)
  12. Espeon: By utilizing its 4 ears, even with its eyes closed, it knows all that occurs around it. // this is fuckin badass and the final version is hella watered down
  13. Umbreon: same
  14. Furret: It digs through the ground and makes a tight nest that only it can enter. It goes in tail-first.
  15. Misdreavus: When it feels as if the hair on the back of your head is being pulled, a Norowara has appeared behind you. // Still named Norowara, which apparently turned into Misdreavus, since this is very similar to the Silver Dex entry. Neat.
  16. Unown: same
  17. Wobbuffet: It hides away in dark places. It doesn't make attacks on its own, but when counterattacking, it returns damage threefold. // Still called Twinz. "Shadow Pokemon". Wow, Wobbuffet (body and tail) started out from a Girafarig prevo?
  18. Girafarig: same
  19. Pineco: same
  20. Shuckle: At some point, it works its way into a pot. What its true body is like is unknown. // lmao"potpot" is literally a pokemon in a pot
  21. Dunsparce: It is very persistent. Once it decides on a target, it follows it to the ends of the earth. // fuckin badass
  22. Steelix: Compressed by the weight of the ground, it has come to possesses a hardness that far surpasses that of diamond. // similar to gold final
  23. Snubbull: same
  24. Granbull: If it senses a smell that it has not smelled before, it lets out a low roar.
  25. Scizor: Due to its fondness for shores, it is thought to be a species close to those like Krabby. // ??? lol
  26. Forretress: It eats all kinds of tree bark. It sticks the leftovers onto its shell and makes its shell sturdy. (wrong name here) // also "bagworm pokemon" like pineco above
  27. Heracross: same
  28. Sneasel: same // here "weasel pokemon"
  29. Teddiursa: It's skilled at climbing trees. It picks berries in high places and eats them before they fall down.
  30. Ursaring: It is unsurpassed in its ability to discern smells and is always walking around while having its nose stuck out.
  31. Magcargo: It has a lava-like body, but, for some reason, when it basks in the sun, its skin hardens.
  32. Corsola: In order to protect the carefully-raised tip of its head from being eaten by Staryu, it lives in groups.
  33. Swinub: same
  34. Piloswine: Both of its eyes are covered in fur, but, relying on sound, it acquires its target and rams towards it in a beeline. // "pig boar pokemon" like swinub
  35. Slugma: same
  36. Remoraid: same, but it mentions Mantine by current name of Hane'ei // both are "Jet Pokemon"; final game has "funsha (Jet, but in Japanese and not a transliteration) Pokemon"
  37. Octillery: very close, but "crawls into" rather than "steals"
  38. Hoothoot: same
  39. Delibird: same
  40. Mantine: uses slightly different word for ocean (おおうなばら vs. final ひろい うみ) but otherwise same // "Hane'ei"
  41. Skarmory: Because its nest is located in a high-up area where violent wind rages, its skin has steadily become harder. // "Yoroidori"
  42. Houndour: Pokemon that hear its ominous cry shake and return to their nests as fast as they can. // used for Houndoom in final
  43. Houndoom: Parts of its skin are hardened and almost appear as if its bones have been flipped out.
  44. Noctowl: same
  45. Kingdra: Because it surrounds its body with ink it emits from the water in order to conceal itself, its appearance is hard to determine.
  46. Phanpy: It can move its long upper jaw more freely than its limbs and it uses it to ward off enemies. // "Paon"; why this is called an upper jaw and not a trunk is absolutely beyond me
  47. Donphan: same
  48. Meganium: same
  49. Porygon: same as final gold
  50. Stantler: same
  51. Smeargle: same
  52. Tyrogue: same // "Gong"
  53. HItmontop: same // it has eyes now instead of the horrifying pseudo-claydol in SW97
  54. Smoochum: // Named Kisskiss! Differs from both SW97 and final!
  55. Elekid: On days with poor weather, blueish-white electrical current flows in the gap between its horns.
  56. Magby: same
  57. Miltank: same
  58. Blissey: same
  59. Raikou: same // "Rai"
  60. Entei: same // "En"
  61. Suicune: very slightly different wording (みせる vs. final あらわした) but otherwise same // "Sui"; "Milky Way Pokemon"
  62. Larvitar: Its soft body can absorb the shock from any attack and then relax. // It's actually supposed to look like a fucking mischevous blob lmao
  63. Pupitar: Although it is in a pupal state, it can move unrestricted. It comes charging with its hard shell. // "charge" may literally be the move "Take Down"
  64. Tyranitar: Its forehead is said to be the hardest thing on land. Charging with its forehead, there is nothing it cannot break. // Did you know? Tyranitar = Rampardos. same point on "charge" as above
  65. Lugia: same
  66. Ho-oh: same
  67. Celebi: Nobody knows details about its rumored existence. Currently under thorough investigation.
  68. Ledyba: same
  69. Ledian: specifically mentions that it has 7 stars and is called "7 Star Pokemon". seems it went through a lot of different star numbers - 3 in SW, 7 here, 5 in final, go figure. Ledian == Marshadow?????
  70. Spinarak: If suddenly attacked, it raises its back and shows the face pattern on it; while the enemy is surprised, it flees.
  71. Ariados: It starts to eat after emitting a thread from its mouth and its rear and restraining its prey. // Named "Ariadne", which is different form both SW97 / final
  72. Cyndaquil: same
  73. Crobat: same
  74. Quilava: The fur that covers its body does not burn in any fire. It is fine even in lava. // very similar
  75. Yanma: same
  76. Chinchou: same
  77. Pichu: same
  78. Cleffa: same
  79. Typhlosion: same
  80. Igglybuff: same
  81. Togepi: same
  82. Togetic: Flying floatily, it looks for a kind person that seems like they will grant it happiness.
  83. Natu: same
  84. Xatu: same
  85. Totodile: Thrashes about more than one would imagine from its size. Teeth it loses from biting grow in one after the other. // same first sentence as final, same second sentence as first sentence of final Croconaw
  86. Mareep: same
  87. Croconaw: It spends most of its day with just its eyes and snout above the water's surface.
  88. Flaafy: same
  89. Ampharos: slightly different; "The bright light on its tail can be seen far away. It has been treasured since ancient times in place of a beacon."
  90. Bellossom: same
  91. Marill: same
  92. Azumarill: same as final gold version
  93. Feraligatr: same // "It is hard for it to support its own weight out of water, so it gets down on all fours. But it moves fast. " then why the fuck is it standing on two legs in every appearance???
  94. Sudowoodo: same
  95. Politoed: same
  96. Hoppip: same
  97. Skiploom: same
  98. Jumpluff: same
  100. before I sleep I don't want to do the whole of gold so I'll just do the ones I think are different
  102. Gold
  104. Espeon: It has developed extrasensory power. It appears that, using its whole body, it can even sense things one would not otherwise know.
  105. Misdreavus: slightly different; final version mentions it is specifically a prank / trick whereas original does not
  106. Unown: same
  107. Wobbuffet: When it takes in the sun, it slowly splits, so it hides in dark caves.
  108. Shuckle: Berries stored in its pot-like shell seem to eventually turn into alcohol. // so this is why they banned berry juice in lc
  109. Dunsparce: When attacking prey, it hits it with its head, violently and very hard, in order to knock it unconscious. // how it feels to get paraflinched to death in gamefreak lore
  110. Scizor: same
  111. Forretress: It has layered tree bark and made a sturdy shell, but the shell is heavy and it practically cannot move.
  112. Sneasel: Its long, crescent-shaped claws are usually hidden in its fingers.
  113. Larvitar: same
  114. Pupitar: same
  115. Tyranitar: same
  116. Celebi: same as above
  117. Ledian: same
  118. Ariados: same
  119. Feraligatr: slightly different; final adds "into shreds"
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