Humania Negotiations

Sep 13th, 2020
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  1. >Be Celestia
  2. >It was an "important" night
  3. >The gala was underway
  4. >A night where everypony that was anypony was here
  5. >Nobles, super stars, even the odd queen or two came together to mingle
  6. >Everything was of the highest quality, from the food to the drink to the decor to the music
  7. >The gala was so important that many of your nobility considered it a national holiday
  8. >You hated it
  9. >Absolutely, completely hated it
  10. >Today, other than nightmare night, might have been your least favorite day
  11. >Which is why most years you tried to ruin the gala in small but spectacular ways
  12. >Having Twilight and her friends being an example
  13. >Another was when you allowed the Minotaur queen to invite her whole retinue
  14. >That had been one heck of a night
  15. >The castle had been demolished, two of your nobles willing exiled themselves, and a mob had formed , sieged the party, and thrown pies at everypony
  16. >Even now, the queen wasn't allowed to step hoof into Equestria, otherwise the mares in parliament would have a stroke
  17. >Truly, it had been the best of times
  18. >This year hadn't been your finest hour in terms of party going destruction
  19. >Sure, you had done some things to ruin the party
  20. >Spike the punch bowls with yak firewine
  21. >Put clear wrap on nearly all the toilets in all bathrooms
  22. >You had also instructed the staff to replace the word now with meow whenever they spoke
  23. >Tonight clearly wasn't you at your best
  24. >But, to be fair, your mind was elsewhere
  25. >It was the height of summer, and estrus had hit you like a truck
  26. >Annoying?
  27. >Very much so
  28. >This year in particular seemed like a doozy
  29. >So bad in fact that you needed a spell to mask your scent
  30. >As enjoyable as it would be to hear cocks slapping against stallion's bellies as you walked past, you didn't want to hear it from Raven
  31. >The mare already insisted that you be a bit more "stallion friendly"
  32. >Hogwash nonsense
  33. >As much as you adore your little ponies, you still believe it was a mistake giving colts the right to vote
  35. >It was the gateway for independence and sass
  36. >Next thing you knew they'd be wearing their tails short and tongue kissing each other in public with rings and bits of rock hanging from the ears
  37. >Even so, there was something to be said about an aggressive male
  38. >You had actually invited such creatures to the gala this year
  39. >Some representatives from the lands across the sea
  40. >Humans
  41. >Most ignored the offer, as they should, but, surprisingly, a few had come
  42. >Two were famous even in Equestria for their valor
  43. >Slayers of demons and dragons
  44. >The other two were unknown to you
  45. >Both much younger and of rougher bloodline apparently
  46. >Knights instead of lords
  47. >Both of them, just most humans, were adorable
  48. >Extremely dangerous if made upset, but adorable
  49. >Like an alligator, or a bear
  50. >You had hoped they would liven things up, but, unfortunately, they behaved themselves
  51. >One of the lord's did see you spike the punch bowls, and he poured something into it as well with a wink, but not much else
  52. >So, you had decided to find your own fun
  53. >Which is why you found yourself in some forgotten bedchambers with one of the knights, on your back as he drilled into you
  54. >It was an admittedly intimate position, belly to belly like this
  55. >You believed the humans called it "missionary"
  56. "Hmm~ Couldn't help yourself, could you?" you teased nuzzling his head
  57. >The knight let out a grunt
  58. >You could feel him biting down on your neck
  59. >If not for your thick coat and a human's relatively weak bite strength, you could have been worried
  60. "All I needed to do was flick my tail at you and you came running. No self control whatsoever, and now you're here rutting me, without protection no less. Thankfully, your mother wasn't hear to see this."
  61. >The human hilted
  62. >Your belly heaved, and stars twinkled across your vision
  63. >Harmony above, was that mashroom cockhead magicial
  64. "You know that I'm in heat, correct? I've heard that your kind is extremely virile. One rope of cum will no doubt see me pregnant."
  66. >A breathless giggle escaped you as the human's pace quickened
  67. "Is that what you want? To put a foal in my belly? To turn away from your own kind and be my loyal, loving husband? Or are you just some slut that likes to live dangerously? You like to rut a heated mare and pull out at the last moment, marking her with your fertile seed?"
  68. >The human somehow pushed a little deeper inside of you
  69. >You grinned, wrapping your beck legs around his waist
  70. "I'm afraid that might not happen tonight, dear. You see, my heat is particularly bad. I need something to quell it and stop this incessant itch. So, I believe I'm going to keep you, my cute little knight."
  71. >You heard him growl, his hips a blur
  72. >You nipped one of his ears
  73. "Now call me mommy and cum, you bucking slut~"
  75. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
  77. >Be Lord Nameless
  78. >Marcher Lord of the Great Empire of Humania
  79. >One of your squires was missing
  80. >A young chap named Anon
  81. >A bit of a fuck up
  82. >Not much of a knight, and not someone you'd usually bring over the sea to Equestria, but you owed his father a favor and the boy had always wanted to visit this place
  83. >He was missing
  84. >As was Princess Celestia
  85. >Now, you weren't a suspicious man
  86. >That was Lord Incognito, who was prowling around as if he expected an ambush
  87. >But there was a tickle in the back of your head
  88. >Something was going on
  89. >And whatever the FUCK it was better not be what you think it is...
  91. ~_~_~_~_
  93. >Be King Redacted
  94. >Be fucking irate
  95. >Yours was a powerful nation
  96. >Noble and fair and just
  97. >Because of the efforts of you and your people, the demons from the east were held a bay
  98. >You were a proud and noble people
  99. >But you had some dumbass squires
  100. >Anytime they were anywhere near a pony
  101. >Bam
  102. >Pregnancy, scandal, an awkward conversation between the boy's father and yourself
  103. >Once was a mistake
  104. >You were young once, and had bed many a randy lady
  105. >But then it happened when you sent an envoy to Manehattan
  106. >Then it happened when the Equestrians sent an envoy to the castle
  107. >That and two dozen other instances
  108. >You were nearly ready to tear your hair out
  109. >For fucks sakes, lads!
  110. >Fuck some tavern wench, not some damned magical horse!
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