Fizzling Magma 2 (AiE; Fizzle, nsfw)

Jul 14th, 2013
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  1. >Another month goes by
  2. >Familiar banging at the door
  3. >Not even sunrise this time
  4. >Spike's there with his hobostick and a bright smile
  5. >Time for weekend with the dragons
  6. >Lock up, get your stuff, head off with him
  7. >Usual walk, Spike complaining about Twilight, lusting for Rarity, etc
  8. >You're only half listening, wondering how things are going to go
  9. >Specifically how Fizzle is going to be
  10. >Nothing really happened between you two last time, he grinded into your crotch a little but you turned out to be too tired
  11. >For real tired, not even an excuse
  12. >Next day was just as awkward, him constantly double-backing on everything he said or did
  13. >You had to admit it was cute
  14. >You kept assuring him things would be alright and you and him were still bros
  15. >Last thing he did was let you keep the bag of beef jerky to take back with you
  16. >And promise you wouldn't mention the previous night to anyone
  17. >You agreed, not just because of the food, but he was a good dragon and didn't need to worry himself sick
  18. >You get there, Spike finishing up some story you didn't listen to
  19. >Expect the usual welcome from the gang
  20. >They don't disappoint, you're already being carried to the top of volcano
  21. >Notice Fizzle and wave to him
  22. >He blushes and waves back, looking around like he's about to get caught doing something wrong
  23. >Rest of the day go fairly the same as the last times
  24. >Fizzle makes a point to make physical contact with you any chance he gets though
  25. >A tackle here, a dunk in the lave there, he's definitely a little braver about roughhousing with you
  26. >But if you reciprocate any form of attention he goes back to being skittish and fidgety
  27. >You nearly give him a heart attack when you ask him for a hand out of the lava
  28. >Garble shoves him in before he can grab your hand
  29. >You end up helping him up
  30. >He's got a goofy smile on his face as you lift him out of the lava
  31. >Like if you just called him handsome or something
  32. >"Th-thanks Anon...lava's deeper than I remember, hahhahaha"
  33. >Oh Fizzle...
  34. >Day finishes up a little earlier than normal
  35. >Garble said something about meeting a lady friend and how he was going to use Spike to make him look mature
  36. >Whatever the hell that meant
  37. >Spike looked equally confused but he had that little brother complex with the red dragon so you don't object
  38. >Without their leader, the rest slowly disperse
  39. >All but you know who
  40. >Sun was going down and Fizzle lands next to you when the last of the other dragons is out of sight
  41. >"H-hey, Anon...lava was nice today, ya?"
  42. >He's smoothing out his head-scales like hair
  43. >But looking at your feet, every so often looking up
  44. >Dear god he's adorable
  45. >You agree and go looking for your backpack with your non-vaporized effects
  46. >Can feel his eyes on you when you turn around
  47. >Still feels kinda weird to be eye-fucked when your back is turned
  48. >"So...umm...wanna...ya know, go back cave? I have a more things to...we could..."
  49. >"I got more...stuff ya know....and I cleaned...its nicer! And umm....uhh...yea...."
  50. >Bending over in front of him wasn't a good idea
  51. >Getting your pants on quickly snaps him back to earth
  52. >"S-so yea? My place? You remember where it is right? Over there?"
  53. >You pull your shirt on and turn back around
  54. >He's pointing again
  55. >His claw is shaking
  56. >And he can't keep his eyes still to save his life
  57. >You get an idea and smile
  58. >You tell him it's still too early to go to his cave
  59. >Before he could take that as a rejection, you suggest you and him do something
  60. >"Do...something? Like what, Anon? I mean...ya I know there's lot to do! Just...I and me...together?"
  61. >Ask if dragons had bars or clubs something
  62. >He shakes his head and looks at the ground defeated
  63. >As if its somehow his fault and he ruined the night
  64. >Before you could tell him ts alright he snaps back up
  65. >"The griffins do though! Dude we could fly there in no time, its where I gotcha that jerky last time! Ya know...if you don't mind riding on my back again..I scrubbed my scales like three times so they're clean an' everything"
  66. >You playfully ask what he meant by ride him
  67. >"I-I mean...R-ride like so you can fly! On my back...cause it would be weird if I carried you! Right? N-no homo!"
  68. >God he's fun to tease
  69. >You laugh and say sure
  70. >He smiles and turns around so you can climb on
  71. >The flight is not nearly as freezing with clothes on
  72. >Not to mention you feel a little more comfortable holding on
  73. >Poor Fizzle keeps trembling anytime you lean on him too much
  74. >Try to limit this so he can focus on flying
  75. >That and you don't wanna give him the wrong impression
  76. >Still not sure how you feel about a dragon crushing on you
  77. >Especially the fact you're both dudes
  78. >Could be worse though, he was kinda cute
  79. >Not to mention surprisingly soft
  80. >If there had to be a dragon after your cock, least it was a more feminine one
  81. >....wait what are you thinking?!
  82. >Pushing the brief thought of homosex with a dragon out of your mind, you lean back a little
  83. >Ass right onto the base of his tail
  84. >He freezes up, nearly hitting a tree
  85. >Whoops
  86. >You arrive and dismount
  87. >"This good, Anon? I'll totally take you somewhere else if this place ain't cool enough. Anything best bro, right?"
  88. >It's a pretty run of the mill bar
  89. >Except the patrons were all griffins
  90. >But you smelt something you thought you'd never smell again
  91. >They had a grill in there!
  92. >You're already salivating
  93. >You tell Fizzle you love it and wanna go in
  94. >His smile beams
  95. >He almost takes your hand when he starts forward
  96. >Almost
  97. >You hand must have turned into a king cobra in his mind because he pulled his arm away faster than you've ever seen him move
  98. >He blushes hotly and walks a few paces ahead, wings tight against his back
  99. >You feel bad in that moment, poor Fizzle must be a nervous wreck
  100. >Guy needs a drink to calm down, you wager
  101. >Go inside, the griffins don't pay you much mind, scruffy looking barkeep tells you to sit wherever
  102. >This close to dragon lands they're probably used to oddball species popping in
  103. >better that way, every time you go to bar in Ponyville half the place feels the need to say hello
  104. >Find a booth that's big enough for the both of you
  105. >Ask Fizzle what he drinks
  106. >"Huh? Oh....umm...ya know...I umm..."
  107. >He taps his claws and looks around the bar
  108. >"I like...ya drinks, ya know? Shots!"
  109. >He doesn't drink
  110. >Maybe we'll keep it that way tonight
  111. >He's your ride home after all
  112. >And if the simple act of your butt being close to his nearly sends him into a dive...
  113. >You look through the menu, trying to figure out what it says
  114. >Griffin syntax is weird
  115. >Ask Fizzle if he understands it at all
  116. >He looks at the menu and nods, reading it off to you
  117. >You scoot closer to follow along
  118. >He starts to stutter, the proximity of your hips and legs throwing off his train of thought
  119. >But he keeps going, rattling off weird sounding stuff
  120. >You listen, trying to make sense of any of it
  121. >Praise whatever gods run this universe if you can get a beer and a steak tonight
  122. >Sure enough, they have both
  123. >Slide back to your side of the booth, giving Fizzle some space to calm down
  124. >He barely can, because now you're facing him and the thought of a steak has you in high spirits
  125. >You order a little too excitedly, the waitress get taken aback bit
  126. >If only she knew what a year of vegetables and cupcakes was like
  127. >Fizzle gets exactly what you get
  128. >"We wanted the same thing, who woulda thought, Anon? Heh, crazy right?"
  129. >Really Fizzle?
  130. >He must have sensed how pathetic that sounded
  131. >The look you gave him didn't help
  132. >"I-I mean, I just...ya know, wanted to try what my best bro likes! Cause you're...really...ya know...awesome..."
  133. >More fidgeting and eye darting
  134. >You say thanks just as mugs of foamy...something arrive
  135. >Both of you are a little weary of the stuff
  136. >You try it, not too terrible
  137. >Fizzle sniffs it and licks some of the head with his tongue
  138. >He coughs and wipes his mouth
  139. >You can't help but chuckle at his beer-virigin-ness
  140. >"Stuff is...way too weak for dragons! Y-you can have mine if you want, ain't gonna buzz me at all"
  141. >You let him off the hook and thank him
  142. >"N-no worries, Anon. What are best buds for than to share...drinks an stuff"
  143. >Awkward circumstances aside, this was a great night
  144. >Belly full of steak and griffin beer, you've got a good buzz and are a lot more chatty than Fizzle is used to
  145. >Going on about your home, what you do back in Ponyville, the shenanigans the other ponies have gotten you in
  146. >Even mentioning the human world a bit
  147. >Fizzle hanging onto every word, genuinely interested
  148. >Not to mention happy you were doing most of the talking for once
  149. >He looked a lot more relaxed
  150. >So long as you didn't ask him about himself that was, but you avoided that subject when it became obvious he was touchy about it
  151. >Check paid, you suggest you head back to his cave
  152. >That magma bath of his was a damned good idea right now
  153. >Go to stand and nearly stumble
  154. >How strong was that beer anyhow?
  155. >Don't fall completely
  156. >Fizzle leaps up to catch you
  157. >He's holding you
  158. >His face an inch from yours
  159. >He has really nice eyes they match his hair scales
  160. >His lips quiver slightly
  161. >You say thanks and laugh, saying something about helicopters
  162. >He blushes and pulls away
  163. >Stands you back up and lets you go
  164. >"D-don't mention buds right?"
  165. >You laugh again and give him a shove toward the door, calling him your best dragon
  166. >Completely miss Fizzle suppressing a squee from that comment
  167. >Fuck, you're tipsy
  168. >Walk it off, Anon, walk it off
  169. >Outside, haphazardly climb on Fizzle's back
  170. >A lot less aware of how you're holding him this time around
  171. >He takes off, you squeeze his middle to hang on
  172. >Nearly sends him into another tree
  173. >Gotta watch that
  174. >Shout out that you thought you're the one who had one too many
  175. >He chuckles nervously but doesn't answer
  176. >With a few beers in ya this doesn't seem as weird as you felt before
  177. >Who wouldn't want a big dragon pal?
  178. >So what if he wants your cock
  179. >It's a nice cock
  180. >You've always enjoyed it
  181. >Why wouldn't you wanna share?
  182. >Burst out laughing at this train of thought
  183. >Fizzle doesn't know whats so funny but he laughs with you as he touches down at his cave
  184. >Lets you off, you stumble a little more
  185. >You wrap an arm around him to keep steady
  186. >Feel him instantly tense up
  187. >Tell him flat out to relax and get you to the magma pool
  188. >That's when you notice his cave
  189. >Holyshit
  190. >His gem pile is about half as big as it was but in place of the straw pile was an massive feather bed
  191. >There's a few pieces of furniture now and a torch here and there
  192. >The whole place is cleaner too
  193. >Its still a cave at the end of the day but you can tell he spent the last month trying to make it nicer
  194. >You tell him as much, commenting on the bed specifically
  195. >"Huh? Oh yea that thing? Y-yea I got tired of hay...cause...ya made my scales itch. I dunno who told me to get that thing but its...soft and stuff...good for...erm...uhh..."
  196. >You finish his sentence for him
  197. >Not sure if you said cuddling or fucking but either one was enough to make him clam up and do his nervous-dragon-dance
  198. >You'd never admit it but you love when he clicks his claws together and can't look forward
  199. >Reach the magma pool
  200. >He even made this nicer
  201. >Somehow the edges are smoother and there's steps
  202. >You start stripping down
  203. >He's watching
  204. >Staring
  205. >Your pants come off and you hear him swallow hard
  206. >Not paying attention, you walk toward the magma pool and chuck your boxers over your shoulder
  207. >They land on his snout
  208. >Too distracted by the warmth of the pool to notice he nearly faints
  209. >You go into full relax mode, leaning back into the warm stuff
  210. >You call him over
  211. >He's squeezing his legs together while he walks
  212. >And covering his waist with his claws
  213. >Not sure if cute or hilarious
  214. >Try not to laugh, not sure how he'd take it
  215. >Once he gets in he relaxes some
  216. >The magma concealing his shame helps a lot
  217. >You smile, commenting on how good it feels
  218. >He just nods
  219. >You lean on him a little
  220. >You can feel his heart pounding in his chest
  221. >"Th-this're...umm...I...heh...umm"
  222. >You shush him
  223. >You run a hand down his leg and watch his eyes close and neck crane
  224. >Brush against something else down there
  225. >Dear christ is that his...
  226. >Bolder than normal, you give him a squeeze down there
  227. >"Ahh!! Anon I ....ahh...umm...aahhh!!!"
  228. >You stroke it a little, a mischievous smirk on your face
  229. >It throbs suddenly and...oh
  230. >The magma gets a little cooler for a moment
  231. >Did he just...
  232. >You look up questioningly
  233. >He looks mortified
  234. >"I don't....I...what just happened umm...that..."
  235. >He did
  236. >You tell him its alright
  237. >Its not like he made a mess, what witht he molten rock you're in
  238. >You feel bad for him though, that was probably the first time someone ever
  239. >"I'm...I'm sorry Anon...I didn't're just...your hands....feel really...nice..."
  240. >You tell him it doesn't bother you
  241. >Doesn't seem to make him feel better
  242. >You're not sure what to say
  243. >All of a sudden Fizzle sits up
  244. >"I'll....Ill make it up to you Anon! You'll see...I'm still your best dragon, right?"
  245. >You agree but not sure what he means by...
  246. >He' lifts you out of the magma and sits you on the edge of the pool
  247. >His head is now level with your...oh....
  248. >Fizzle takes you in his mouth
  249. >You go from flaccid to hard as rock in an instant
  250. >You think to object to this
  251. >His mouth is somehow warmer than the magma
  252. >And his tongue...
  253. >It's like silk against your...
  254. >And he's so eager
  255. >You don't even hide how good this feels and let out a moan
  256. >You're shaking, digging your hands into the edge of the pool
  257. >Can't help but begin to hump his mouth
  258. >He looks up, slowing his pace a little
  259. >Looking for approval
  260. >Even when he's going down on you he's cute...
  261. >You urge him on, petting his pink scales
  262. >You can't sit up anymore
  263. >You lean back on the rock floor
  264. >Fizzle climbs out of the pool, keeping your cock entirely in his mouth the whole time
  265. >Thank god for the beer or you would have exploded already
  266. >His whole mouth bobs up and down on you
  267. >He grabs your hips with his claws pulling you deeper into his mouth
  268. >He's so hungry for your cock
  269. >You put your hands on his horns, fucking his mouth
  270. >It's even warmer than marevag, you can't believe it
  271. >Not to mentions smoother
  272. >And his's can't even begin to..
  273. >His tongue slides down your length and wraps around your package
  274. >Holyshiholyshitholyshit
  275. >You're practically screaming it feels so good
  276. >Your whole body is shaking under him
  277. >You can't hold on to him anymore, you're bucking and flailing like a ragdoll beneath him
  278. >You can't remember your name anymore
  279. >But you moan his
  280. >Makes him double his efforts, swallowing your cock and holding it deep in his long throat
  281. >You feel the inevitable building
  282. >You tell him you're about to finish
  283. >Just in case he doesn't want to...
  284. >It only makes him hungrier
  285. >Blue dragon breath slips from his nostrils and carresses your lower body
  286. >That sets you well over the edge
  287. >You explode like you haven't had an orgasm in years
  288. >From how this felt, that might actually be the case
  289. >You cum buckets into his mouth, him eagerly swallowing every drop of your load
  290. >Even when you have nothing left to give, he keeps milking you
  291. >Squeezing your sack with his silky tongue
  292. >Its too much and you have to tell him to stop
  293. >He slowly withdraws, licking every inch of you along the way
  294. >You can't even move you're so spent
  295. >He lays next to you and puts a claw on your chest
  296. >"'s like....not gay if you don't get it in my eyes...right?"
  297. >You're so disconnected from the world right now, you barely hear him
  298. >Just nod
  299. >He thanks you and squeezes you close to him
  300. >"You taste really good...ya know...that's the only reason why I swallowed it...heh"
  301. >Whatever Fizzle
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