Bizarro Character notes

May 5th, 2013
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  1. Bizarro verse character notes
  3. Calhoun is the main character of the story, unlike Ralph, her motive is less material and more a matter of vindication, some sense of victory for all of her hard work over the years
  4. Her relationship with the other marines is something of a frat house atmosphere, with pranks etc. usually on her as she still takes things rather seriously, having never been much for talk with the others, she took Vespix’s in game banter quite seriously, leading her to model her perception of her on that.
  5. Though she doesn't interact with Felix as often she does in the movie, they do still hit it off, her protective streak does come out more often in this version though, but also Shines with Turbo. Calhoun's weariness works out for her in that it makes her calm and wise. She's programmed to be a cool-headed guide as well as a quick thinker. Her maturity balances out Turbo's hyperactivity.
  6. Calhoun was probably much like her canon self at first. Then years and years of the routine have made her more desensitized to things. She's more weathered to life and as much as she doesn't want to do things she's still drawn to her role in assisting people as a guide. While Ralph would get angry or tweak, she lets out a sigh and rubs her head in disappointment.
  8. Vespix was not in the initial plan, but her inclusion did help streamline things, giving someone to serve Felix’s role from the movie to Bizarro Felix and Ralph, Vespix ended up being something of a beleaguered older sibling to Calhoun, who like many younger siblings assumed that Vespix was simply out to hurt her, Vespix is first and foremost, logical and ironically, like Calhoun protective of others, her boss fight has a large damage absorbing immobile form and a very mobile yet more fragile form, the latter is the one seen for most of the story, this form resembles the Alien Queen from “Aliens”, in this form she has wing emitters and a sort of lightning breath attack, flight also adds a resemblance to Ridley of Metroid fame, and also make her look like a dragonfly from the proper angles. She has Blue highlights, the bugs under her control share the color. Being sentient makes her resistant to the effect of beacons which is for the purpose of her game’s story.
  9. As an older Bad Guy, she has been around the block and is one of the leaders at Bad-Anon, and insists that Ralph try and grow to make his life after hours easier, feeling that a healthy divide between what you do and who you are should form, even if the two are connected, they aren't the same.
  10. As the one who goes toe to toe with Cynellope, she also works more at getting thru to her, though in the end it’s Calhoun that strikes the nerves.
  11. One of her quirks involves her being prone to hammyness, a side effect of her programming, it leads to some awkward moments that look more sinister than they really are.
  13. Turbo was a bit tricky, making him recognizable but more sympathetic, if Vanellope in the movie could be described as an Urchin, the word for Turbo would be Hermit, While Vanellope is childish, Turbo is awkward. He willingly lets himself be a punching bag in order to feel like he's worth something. Driven completely by what other people think of him. The Key was to keep a youthful energy to him, while highlighting that he’s not a kid. While not actively hunted or hated until the stories’ events kick in, he was excluded and only allowed to watch, contrary to Von Speed’s hopes, watching only hurt more, leading him to making repeat attempts to break into the races, and off time of him trying desperately to be noticed and at least helpful, most of which ended unpleasantly which lead to the other racers disliking him anyway, an early idea was to have him be a bit crazy, like hosting cockroach races in his hideout and similarly off kilter hobbies, but I decided that it would come off as too creepy. Overall though his energy masks that he is actually kind of tired in general. Turbo is more the guy you try to avoid, he talks too much, tries too hard around other people, etc. He's ultimately trying to make himself busy or make himself useful to the rest of the racers to find some sort of self-worth but doesn't understand how toxic his behavior is. However, much unlike Canon Turbo, Turbo's focus on other people and his desire to be useful make him very kind and, to a degree, more competent/smarter/helpful than Canon Vanellope.
  14. Both He and Calhoun are very ambitious and dream of bigger things. His optimism balances out Calhoun's pessimism.
  16. Ralph in contrast to his Movie self, being newer seems to relish his role as the Bad guy, and is very ridged in his thinking as of now, feeling that deviation from the game’s parameters can only be bad, and is quick to tune out things that don’t fit his world view, this leads him to being easily strung along by Von Speed (though to her credit she had every intention of filling her end of the bargain) he has less control over his anger and in his better moments is very boisterous, with the youthful energy of a man in his prime.
  18. Felix is mostly the same, but a bit less patient, but every bit as brave and good hearted, he may or may not have a Brooklyn accent.
  20. Omega is less a character and more of an animal, relentless in the same vein as the Crocodile to captain Hook, his AI is simple, and easily overridden by programming from the things he’s eaten, resembling a large mix between a land and prehistoric sea scorpion, Omega leads the Bugs under his charge like a pack, the bugs are mostly just a more organized version of their feral counterparts, Omega’s Highlights and those of the bugs he hatches are Red.
  22. President Von Speed puts a veneer of maturity to the things she does but some brief digging shows that she’s still very immature, often treating her role as company president as if it were a political one, and often confusing the roll for a more sophisticated version of being royalty, she dislikes being ignored, and has many prerecorded messages and announcements that play at the various courses, despite this she is smart, having an unparalleled understanding of how code works and is a shrewd tactician when not having a breakdown, during her breakdowns she often comes off as an over grown spoiled brat (enjoying the tantrum diaper baby?) Her Reaction to Calhoun saving the day is disguised suspicion, and while she tries to connect to Ralph she initially has difficulty even remembering his name (Break-it-Ben, Bust-it-Bill, Smash-it-Steve, Squash–it-Sam, Trash–it-Tom, Crush-it-Carl, Demolish-it-Dave, Destroy-it-Dan, Annihilate-it-Allan?)
  23. Vanellope is by contrast a scared child who knows she did something terrible, but too terrified of the punishments she has had a billion nightmares about to try and make things right. While I deliberately left the amount of malice in her involvement in the Sugar Crash ambiguous, the dialogue I wrote seems to imply it’s minimal. This follows a path to infer that she has been driven a bit mad by guilt and that the other attitudes are a way of hiding from herself.
  24. In her Cybug Form her breakdown goes further, with inclinations from Omega’s instincts, she possesses, Omega’s strength, the Crusher’s arsenal of weapons, and the booster jets her kart was equipped with when it was eaten. Her highlights are an indigo color, though the bugs she hatches share this, this is only relevant in ending 2B.
  26. Dodge and Ford fill the role of Duncan and Winchell; they are a pair of ranking Police bots, resembling Motorcycles, Dodge is a hard ass, holding herself as the smarter of the two, while the only thing she has more of is anger and focus, Ford is more like the donuts, and also sports a literal handlebar mustache.
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