Pokemon Emerald All Gold Symbols FAQ

Aug 11th, 2017
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  1. Pokemon Emerald All Gold Symbols FAQ
  3. Q: What is this run?
  4. A: This run involves getting all the Gold Symbols from the Battle Frontier, from a fresh file. A Symbol is received for beating a Frontier Brain, you get a Gold one for beating them twice. They are very difficult to get, and involve winning several consecutive sets at the Battle Facilities without dying.
  6. Q: So what is your team going to be?
  7. A: Throughout the game, just Swampert + Slaves, and Rayquaza for the endgame (which you can't use at the Battle Frontier). Post game I'll pick up Latios and Beldum (to Metagross) to take to the Battle Frontier.
  9. Q: What makes these the best Pokemon?
  10. A: Latios is an obvious choice, is has amazing stats and moves and is the primary user.
  11. Swampert is used throughout the run, and ends up at exactly level 50, meaning you barely have to train it at all to be prepared. It's also a great Pokemon to battle with, so it slots in nicely.
  12. Metagross takes the last position, as another Pokemon with great stats. It also finishes pretty great synergy for the team. Latios is weak to Ghost/Ice/Dark, all of which Metagross pounds. Swampert is weak to Grass, which both Metagross and Latios resist. And Metagross is weak to Fire, which Swampert and Latios resist, and Ground, which Latios is immune to and Swampert beats. You also bring a Special Poke, a Mixed Poke, and a Physical Poke, covering your offensive bases. All 3 Pokemon are easier to manipulate than a basic wild as well, making it the best team you can use on all fronts really.
  14. Q: What will their movesets be?
  15. A: They actually vary a bit at different points. Obvious Swampert varies during the run as you go, but you also change movesets during the facilities a little bit. But in general at the Frontier;
  16. Swampert @ Leftovers: Earthquake, Ice Beam, Surf (4th move changes between Protect, Counter, and Rock Slide)
  17. Latios @ Lum Berry: Calm Mind, Psychic, Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt (Calm Mind is replaced with Surf for Palace)
  18. Metagross @ Choice Band: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Explosion (Has Brick Break for Pyramid. Has only MM and EQ for Palace)
  20. Q: Have you done runs of this before? What is WR?
  21. A: I did 2 attempts of this category in the past. But I completed neither of them. There is no record, as a run has not been completed. But this is a just for fun category anyway, so no ~World Record~ regardless.
  23. Q: Will you use any glitches?
  24. A: No. In the past I didn't restrict myself to glitchless, and did cloning to clone items (Rare Candies, Vitamins) but I won't be doing that now. With new glitches being discovered (Mainly Pomeg Berry stuff) you can create glitch moves that instantly end battles, or have priority OHKO moves with 100% accuracy, making the battles incredibly boring. At one stage I contemplated doing a 4 star run with glitches, but it's still just too boring. And if you don't know me well, I hate "Use some glitches but not all" restrictions, so I'll be doing this glitchless.
  26. Q: How much does not being able to use glitches change the run?
  27. A: Well, not being able to use Rare Candies and Vitamins at my leisure changes training the Pokemon. I will have to raise, especially Latios and Metagross, manually. This will take much longer, but it means I will EV Train them properly, so they will end up with better stats as a result (Before I just gave them 100 in everything). I'll also have to pick up more items along the way, as Rare Candies still play an important part at the end.
  28. Another difference is because I don't want to level them all the way to Level 60, I'll be entering the Level 50 division instead. This also means I'll be delaying evolving Marshtomp and Metang, in order to get moves earlier. I will not evolve Marshtomp until 46, where it learns Earthquake, and Metang until level 50, where it learns Meteor Mash.
  30. Q: Do you manipulate the Pokemon in this run?
  31. A: Yes. I manipulate the Mudkip, Latios, and Beldum's stats. Also, I manipulate an Abra to show up and it's capture, for Teleport during the run. I'll also attempt to manipulate a Marill as a HM Slave as well. Also, because I only get 1 Master Ball that's for Latios, I'll be manipulating Rayquaza and it's capture too.
  33. Q: What IVs do you get from these manips?
  34. A: They obviously vary for each Poke, based on what you need.
  35. Mudkip: 17/31/31/25/22/23 | Brave Nature
  36. Latios: 29/21/15/31/23/29 | Modest Nature
  37. Beldum: 27/25/29/11/28/31 | Adamant Nature
  38. Rayquaza: 22/13/2/30/23/20 | Modest Nature
  40. Q: What EVs/stats do you end up with?
  41. A: The EVs are pretty simple, especially for Latios/Metagross. Maixmise Attack, put enough speed in to hit the most relevant threshold, and put the spare into HP. For Swampert it's a bit more complex, he get a wide array of EVs due to being mixed, which end up being a combination of what's easy, and what gives the best total stats.
  42. Latios: EVs: 28/0/0/252/0/228 | Stats: 158/94/92/200/126/158 | 158 Speed beats 31 IV Base 105s (e.g Manetric), 21 IV Base 110s (e.g. Gengar)
  43. Metagross: EVs: 44/252/0/0/0/212 | Stats: 159/202/149/94/104/117 | 117 Speed is exclusively to outspeed Spenser's Suicune (has 116). Hits many other notable benchmarks, but that's the reason for exactly that number
  44. Swampert: EVs: 100/132/28/140/0/108 | Stats: 181/161/114/120/106/81 | 81 Speed beats 31 IV 0 EV Base 60s (E.g. Clefable, Lapras, Weezing, etc)
  46. Q: What facilities are the easiest or hardest? How does the Battle Frontier actually work?
  47. A: This is too long to answer, so I made supplement FAQs to help with this.
  48. General Battle Frontier FAQ: https://pastebin.com/JFbqA0PY
  49. Battle Factory FAQ: https://pastebin.com/tMk5FfYE
  50. Battle Pyramid FAQ: https://pastebin.com/qSqAThWL
  51. Battle Dome FAQ: https://pastebin.com/WEKH26TS
  52. Battle Pike FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Pchx4Uk0
  53. Battle Tower FAQ: https://pastebin.com/jjzaZ0bi
  54. Battle Arena FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Y8ddNQeV
  55. Battle Palace FAQ: https://pastebin.com/t42GTuAr
  57. Q: What is your estimate for how long you think this will take?
  58. A: Between about 15 and 50 hours. One death can cost several hours, and getting a fully deathless run would be ridiculous honestly, so it's hard to say. I probably won't be able to play for 50 hours and would give up before then, so hopefully I don't have that many deaths. But anyway between those 2 numbers is very reasonable.
  60. Q: Why do you use Frame 5?
  61. A: Because it's sexy :3
  63. Q: Why do you name yourself and Pokemon 1 character names?
  64. A: Because it's faster to name them one character for text purposes.
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