Basket Part 2

Jul 30th, 2013
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  1. "Rainbow you know you shouldn''t do that" playfully scolding her. She explains that it was an accident and you make her apologize. She does, rather reluctantly and takes to the skies. You walk back to sit down on you porch swing but find that the fashionista has taken you seat. She smiles at you sweetly and you decide to just let her have it for now, You've got to go check on the crops anyway.
  3. You whistle for AJ and she trots out from inside the house." Whatcha need pa?" she says happily. You tell her its time to check the crops and she jumps happily and hugs your side as you walk towards the field. She really has a knack for this. You never seen crops grow this fast. AJ takes to checking the roots for each crop and weeding where necessary. You just have to stand there. She does this faster than you ever could and soon enough she's done.
  5. You hear something running up behind you and and you side step just as Archimedes bolts past you. He turns around an tries again but you're wise to his tricks. Eventually you let him tackle you and lick your face.
  7. "Archimedes sure does like ya" AJ says reappearing from within the crops. You chuckle and agree. Archenemies barks and starts licking AJ's face. But then what happens next is horrifying..
  9. It happened in slow motion. Archimedes stop licking her face and sniffs her crotch. AJ seizes up as her mounts her. She looks at you with fear in her eyes as he tries to find her entrance. With speed you haven't used in year you move your hand between her marehood and his penis. But your fingers are pressed together tight enough the tip of his penis slips between your fingers and penetrates her ever so slightly. AJ yelps and you feel her hind legs tense up. She about to buck. You push Archimedes off her with your other hand just as her legs come up. She bucks nothing but air. Archimedes hops back and whines in regret and frustration before disappearing into the crop field.
  11. You'll worry about him later. Looking back you see AJ curled up and whimpering. Her mare hood winking slightly. You shush her and cradle her in your arms and rock her back and forth while she sniffles. You pick her up in your arms and carry her towards the house.
  13. Her sisters all crowd around you as you carry her into the house. You ignore their voices of concerns as you slip into AJ's room and shut the door behind you, keeping the others outside.
  15. You place Aj in her bed and cover her with sheets. You tell her to get some rest and you will speak with her about it later. She nods silently nods and rolls over. You exit AJ's room and silence the concerns of her sisters. You tell them she scared by a snake and just has the shakes. Dimissing them back to their previous activities you walk out onto the porch and look out across the fields hoping to see some sign of your faithful companion.
  17. "Its past dark and he still hasn't come home" you think you watch your daughters with the exception of AJ eat. You can't help but wonder why Archimedes would do such a thing. You put the thought aside from now. Putting AJ's food in a bowl you take her dinner to her room.
  19. Inside she's still turned away from you. You place her dinner on the night stand and place a gentle hand on her front hoof. She doesn't tense up she knows its you. You reassure her that what happened earlier wasn't her fault. She rolls over and asks why her she didn't want that. All the while getting herself worked up. You out her into your chest and stroke her mane. She heaves and cries into your chest. You let her get it all out until you a thunderous boom rocks the house. You tell her to stay put as you leave the room to investigate
  21. You reach the front door and a force knocks you back on your bottom. The door has been blown open by a guest of wind. You get back to your feet as your daughters watch form the other end of the living room. You manage to get the door shut but the way the winds blowing it wont stay closed. You hear movement from behind you. Its Rainbow and she's pushing a large cabinet across the front of the door. Meanwhile Twilight and Rarity use their magic to do the same with other openings around the house. Eventually all entrances are sealed. You and 6 daughters huddle in the basement as the winds howl form above.
  23. Its gonna be a long night.
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