(AiE) The Next Step *clop*

Mar 4th, 2013
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  1. >It’s another quiet night in the peaceful kingdom of Equestria. Of course, it seems peaceful when you live in a backwater town called “Ponyville”. Problems arise every so often, but a group of six friends is always looking out for the town. Either that or they just always find themselves in the middle of it all.
  2. >Anonymous, the only human: that’s what they call you. You’ve spent three whole years in this magical and nonsensical world. The memory of how it happened escapes you since it hasn’t been a simple three years. The ponies did not take to you that well until you started showing them that you were harmless to an extent.
  3. >At first, you had taken up residence with the pony known as Rarity. She let you stay at her place until you got on your feet. It took some time, but you managed to land a job that paid enough for you to save towards a home to call your own. Pony construction was almost a dream job since it was mostly an earth pony job. Your hands made you an asset, but not a well paid one. There just isn’t that much bits in the construction industry, but it was good enough. You even managed to gain some stamina to beat a certain rainbow maned pegasus in a race. Watching said pegasus play dress up with Rarity made it even more worth it.
  6. >Both Rarity and her little sister were supportive of you through the entire ordeal of adjustment as well. Helping Rarity with her business and walking Sweetie Belle and her friends to and from school built up a good reputation for you. That second part was the best. For some reason, the little filly just always found a way to make even your toughest days brighter. They also educated you on the basics of pony society, and Rarity even managed to help you insert yourself into the culture. Well, her friends helped too, but her generosity extended quite a bit with you. The close bond of friendship you had with Sweetie Belle may have had something to do with it though.
  7. >That bond wasn’t meant to stay like that for long. Not too long ago, Sweetie had returned home in a fit of tears one day. Apparently, some bullies at her school had been picking on her and her crusader friends again. Both you and Rarity tried to console the filly, but it was practically no use. The poor girl had been reduced to feeling that she actually was ugly, and that she would never find something called a “special somep0ny”. As much as you wanted to, there was nothing you could do concerning the bullies. The filly cried in your lap as you stroked her mane and looked towards her sister.
  8. >An idea popped into your head about what to do, but you weren’t sure if Rarity would agree. Much to your surprise, she did agree. You had offered to take Sweetie out on a “date” of sorts. The “date” mainly involved going to Sugarcube Corner for a bite to eat, but you managed to show Sweetie just what it would be like if it were the real deal.
  11. >Some decent attire from Rarity for you, a bit of sprucing up for Sweetie Belle, and the two of you were ready for a night on the town. Waiting on Rarity to help Sweetie, you gave a quick word to Pinkie and the Cakes about the affair. That was all they needed to hear. You and Rarity still paid for the meal, but Pinkie and the Cakes added some flare to the event. Mr. Cake, in a tux, served as quite the waiter. Pinkie did a few things, but you weren’t too sure what it was. That mare moves too fast for the naked eye sometimes. Mrs. Cake prepared the meal, yet you suspect Pinkie had helped her. The smiley face on Sweetie’s pancakes, which was done with chocolate chips, had Pinkie written all over it.
  12. >That night, it was all about Sweetie Belle, and she loved every minute of it. That comforted smile on her face as you arrived to Sugarcube Corner would have been enough to melt the polar ice caps back home. You could almost see the heart break disappearing from her as she sat at the table and ate.
  13. >Later on, you had returned home to find an empty house. Rarity had left a note saying that she was having a sleep over at Twilight’s Library. A tad unusual for her to go on short notice, but “fashion waits for nop0ny” as she once said. According to the note, Twilight wanted to have a girl’s night and Rarity along with Applejack and Fluttershy were the only ones available. Pinkie was busy with you and Sweetie while Rainbow Dash was still at that Wonderbolt Academy thing. Chances are, Pinkie still hopped on over to Twilight’s place afterwards though. You wouldn’t put it past her to zip through town in a minute or two.
  16. >Home alone, both you and Sweetie settled in for the evening. It was going smoothly until Sweetie brought up a certain topic. Of all the things to ask about, she had to ask about you and a “special somep0ny”. It was an innocent question, sure, but not one she should be asking at her age. You tried to dance around the issue, yet all you managed to tell her was that you didn’t have one.
  17. >Then she said it. She made an offer that rattled you to your very core.
  18. >“What if we were special somep0nies?”
  19. >That one line sparked a series of stutters from you that would confuse anyone who lived with a speech impediment. You were almost too shaken up to think properly.
  20. >Finally gathering yourself, you tried to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, for you, that involved explaining to her that you didn’t know how to handle dating a pony. That’s when she offered to help you practice if you would help her practice in order to find her own. A simple idea really, but not one you thought would be okay considering the circumstances. She was a filly, and you were an adult male.
  21. >You silently cursed fate as you could see her little heart breaking once again. She took your reluctance as a sign you didn’t like her well enough. The entire evening was coming undone in front of your eyes. You had invested so much time in making her feel especially important, and in seconds, you ruined all of that.
  24. >Sighing in defeat, you agreed to take her up on her offer. There was no way you could resist that sad face, especially after the day’s events. The noise she made nearly gave you a heart attack due to how cute it was, but you did not have time to feel it since she jumped into your arms. All you could really concentrate on now was her steady stream of thank yous and the feeling of her nuzzling into your cheek.
  25. >Thankfully, she agreed on the condition that it would be a secret between you two. You didn’t want to catch flak from any of the ponies from this, especially Rarity. No one thought twice about you and Sweetie together, but they would if they saw how close you two would be getting for this.
  26. >That was how your little relationship began. It was originally supposed to be you helping her figure out how to be a good “special somep0ny”, but it escalated. She wanted to know more and more each time, and soon, you had noticed something you couldn’t stop. Hearing her wish you a good morning had always brightened your mood, but you started getting a different feeling each time she said it.
  27. >Your fears were all confirmed that day she asked about kissing. There was no hesitation in your mind at all, even from your conscience. You had actually wanted to kiss her. Her response, the feeling in your stomach, and the way she looked at you afterwards was all you needed. You had fallen for this filly, despite every moral fiber within telling you it was wrong. From that day forward, your heart had decided that Sweetie Belle would truly be your “special somep0ny”.
  30. >As luck would have it, she was ecstatic about the idea too. Turns out, she had actually fallen for you since the date, and wanted to convince you that the two of you were a perfect match. Sneaky, but you couldn’t find a fuck to give anymore. She was right: the two of you -were- a perfect match. You loved that filly with all your heart now.
  31. >It made it hard to move out later on, but at least Rarity didn’t think anything of Sweetie’s tears. Rarity still had no clue that you and Sweetie were secretly dating. Even agreeing to watch her was still under the pretense that you were just paying Rarity back for room and board. Not a single soul had any idea that you watching Sweetie meant make out sessions and “romantic” dinners as she called them. They were only dinners in that the two of you sat down to eat. There was no way the two of you could eat what she had actually cooked up. She didn’t get down on herself though since you helped her remake the dinners instead. You almost thought she would mess up on purpose so the two of you could cook side by side. Not that you minded because that meant more time as close to her as possible.
  32. >That was how you came to be in a relationship with a filly. It was one thing for life to drop you in Equestria, but you couldn’t have expected that one like Sweetie Belle would steal your heart in such a way. Her very existence makes life seem worth it to you. It was even the best part of your day to get up in the morning and walk her to school. Any time you could spend with her was worth dragging yourself out of bed so early.
  35. >You’re suddenly roused from your reminiscing by a knock on your door. Setting the picture of your “special somep0ny” down, you made your way to see who wanted your attention. That picture was placed on a special spot of the stand next to your chair. Some days you would sit and recall the story of how the only human in this world fell in love with such a young lady as her sister called her.
  36. >Answering the door, you’re greeted with a pleasant, yet confusing, sight. Rarity and Sweetie Belle stand on your porch looking up at you; Sweetie with her heart stopping smile, and Rarity with a sheepish version of her own smile.
  37. “And just what are two lovely young ladies such as yourselves doing out this late?”
  38. >Rarity always did love it when you talked to her like a gentleman.
  39. >“Always the gentlecolt. I hope we’re not disturbing you at the moment.”
  40. “Not at all, Rarity, anything I can help you with?” you ask, ushering them into your home.
  41. >It’s not cold out or anything, but you know better than to do anything ‘uncouth’ around Rarity. She has tanned your hide in a metaphorical sense more than a few times for such behavior. The standard ‘make yourself at home’ affair goes down as your two guests take their seats; Sweetie sitting next to you of course. You even offer to get them something, but of course, they decline.
  44. “Now ladies, to what do I owe this pleasure?”
  45. >Laying it on a bit thick, Anon.
  46. >“That’s a tad much, Anonymous,” called it, “but we’re kind of here to ask you for a favor of sorts.”
  47. “A… favor?”
  48. >Time to arch an eyebrow.
  49. >“Well, I need to take a small trip to Fillydelphia, and I absolutely -must- catch the next train. Apple Bloom is in Manehatten visiting her cousin, and Rainbow Dash has taken Scootaloo to Cloudsdale for a few days-” Best cut her off for now. You know her parents are out of town as well.
  50. “You need someone to watch Sweetie Belle for you?”
  51. >“Indeed. I hate to ask on short notice, and Sweetie asked if I would inquire as to whether or not you would be available. I’m dreadfully sorry for this, Anonymous, but could you?”
  52. >You look over to Sweetie Belle, and you can plainly see the expectant look on her face. She knows you won’t say no, yet she still has a look that’s almost begging for you to agree.
  53. “To be honest, I’m a little offended you didn’t come to me first. Of course I would, how could I say no to her, Rarity?” You wink at the filly, before smiling warmly at her sister.
  54. >“I just knew I could count on somep0ny like you, Anonymous. And yes, I suppose I do owe you an apology for not thinking of asking you first. The two of you get along so well.”
  55. “I was joking, Rarity. I don’t doubt that Sweetie would love to spend time with her crusader friends more. Either way, I’m always happy to help out since I still owe you for letting me stay with you for so long.”
  58. >“Oh nonsense, darling. You paid me back tenfold with all the help you lent me around the boutique. I simply could not hold something like that over your head after all you’ve done. If anything, I owe you, Anonymous.”
  59. “I’ll consider spending time with this little angel to be even.”
  60. >You ruffle Sweetie’s mane as she smiles up at you.
  61. >“It truly won’t be a problem for you?” Why does she sound worried?
  62. “I don’t have work tomorrow, and I like spending time with Sweetie Belle. Aside from you, she was my first real friend here. I don’t mind whatsoever.”
  63. >“I… thank you, Anonymous. You don’t know how much this means to me. It will only be a day or so at most. I swear.” She almost looks teary eyed. It must really mean a lot to her, but she has no idea what this means to you either.
  64. “Honestly Rarity, it’s no trouble at all. Go do your thing. Sweetie and I will find some way to get along without you.” You grin at her.
  65. >"I'm sure you could Anonymous, but do try to keep your antics somewhat civil, won't you? Though Sweetie is a young lady, you know as well as I how uncouth she can get at times." That’s the glare of a party pooper.
  66. “Oh yeah, my key still works, doesn’t it?”
  67. >You needed to change the subject anyway.
  68. >“It should. I haven’t changed the locks, why?”
  69. “Just in case Sweetie needs anything. I assume she has stuff in her saddle bag there,” you point to Sweetie’s bag on the coffee table, “but what if she needs something she forgot?”
  70. >“Oh yes, I see no reason why you would not be able to get into the boutique if the need should arise.”
  73. “Well then, I suppose that’s everything?”
  74. >“Thank you again, Anonymous. I’ll return as soon as I can. I promise.”
  75. >Rarity takes a little more convincing that she doesn’t need to show so much gratitude as you send her on her way. She must have worried that she would have to take Sweetie along with her. As lovable as Sweetie is, a fashion trip wouldn’t be very fun for either of the sisters. Rarity needs her focus and Sweetie requires entertainment just like any young filly would.
  76. “Well Sweetie,” you turn to the filly sitting on your couch, “anything you want to do?”
  77. >You casually stroll up and plop down on the couch next to her, eliciting a giggle.
  78. >“Hmm,” the filly puts a hoof to her chin, “I already had supper at Rarity’s.”
  79. “Make out?” You flash a grin at her.
  80. >“Make out.” She returns it, save for the fact hers is fucking adorable. Just another thing that you love about her: everything she does is cute.
  81. >Leaning back into the couch, you let her climb up on your chest. Once in position, you reach around to hold onto her as she wraps her hooves around your neck. The two of you stare into each other’s eyes for a brief moment before closing the distance. The feeling of her lips against yours quickens the pace of your heart, as you suddenly regret not being able to spend every waking moment with her.
  84. >The exchange of saliva only further excites you as your tongue prods her mouth. The two of you had gone that far before, but that didn’t stop her from being a little surprised at the sudden intrusion to her mouth. Your tongues collide in a fury of passion as Sweetie struggles to keep up with your motions. Her tongue guides yours around her mouth, tasting your saliva as you mark every centimeter of the inside of her muzzle with it.
  85. >Your hand holds the back of her head as your other trails up and down her back. She gives off a light moan into the kiss as one of her hooves reaches up to play with the hair on the back of your head. Her tail starts to flick a little back and forth as she presses further into your kiss.
  86. >Your tongue had retreated into your mouth, and hers wasted no time in following. She understood how this worked since you had instructed her before. Following instructions to the letter, she begins exploring your mouth with vigor. Not too fast, but not too slow either. She had just the right amount of speed to her lashing to get the job done in a decent stretch of time. You can feel her time running out as she begins to struggle with her movements. She’s running out of breath.
  87. >Finally, she pulls back with a strand of saliva connecting your tongues. Both of them hang out of your mouths as you stare at each other, panting. There’s only one thing in those gorgeous green eyes: love. You bet she can see the same thing as she smiles at you, still catching her breath.
  90. >“How… did I… do this time?” It may be a seductive smile she’s giving you, but you have to note how it seems to only show how cute she is. Doesn’t matter, she excites you no matter what.
  91. “A+. I can’t… get enough… of your kisses.”
  92. >You nuzzle her snout a bit and she happily squeaks a little.
  93. >The hand that was rubbing her back decides to venture further down. Her eyes widen in surprise as it playfully squeezes her rump a little. Not giving her a moment to respond, you begin peppering kisses on her lips.
  94. “You know,” you speak between kisses, “I was curious about something.”
  95. >She squeaks a bit more as your hand rubs around her flank where her cutie mark would be.
  96. >“Mmm~ and that would be?” She asks, reciprocating the kisses now.
  97. “It’s just going to be the two of us for the night. Feeling adventurous?”
  98. >You accentuate that question by taking the whole of one side of her rump into your hand and squeezing with just enough force to get a response from her.
  99. >“Oh!” she yelps in surprise, “does it have anything to do with that thing that’s been poking my rear since we started making out?” She grinds a little into your crotch, and you feel yourself becoming quite uncomfortable in your clothes.
  100. “Tell me Sweetie,” you stroke her mane with the hand on her head, “have you ever thought about taking our relationship further?”
  101. >“Are you talking about,” she pauses to gulp, “rutting?” Now it’s your turn to widen your eyes in surprise. You had expected her to be clueless on even the word itself.
  104. “Are you afraid?”
  105. >“No, it’s just… I’ve never thought about it before. Ms. Cheerilee taught us a little about it when she explained where foals come from, but that’s all I really know.” She fidgets a bit in your lap, obviously uncomfortable.
  106. “It’s okay. We can stick to making out and stuff if you’re not comfortable. I was merely curious is all.”
  107. >You nuzzle her again in assurance.
  108. >“Well,” she looks down for a moment before looking back up at you, “I actually have thought about it. Ms. Cheerilee said it was something only special somep0nies do.”
  109. “You have?”
  110. >“Yeah, I was going to ask about it sometime, but I wasn’t sure when. I mean, we are special somep0nies, right? Shouldn’t we do everything that couples do?” She’s so naïve it hurts.
  111. “Rutting is only something you should consider with somep0ny you truly love. It’s quite the important step in a relationship.”
  112. >“I wouldn’t have let you grab my rump if I didn’t love you, Anonymous.” She giggles. “I know the difference between a good touch and a bad one.”
  113. “Oh, so you put up with it just because it was me? You don’t like it?” You squeeze again.
  114. >“I didn’t…” she stops to push into your hand a bit, “I didn’t say that. It actually feels kind of good, but only because it’s you.”
  115. “I’m glad. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t want to feel more of your body against my skin.”
  116. >“I love you,” she sighs, resting her head on your shoulder while you continue playing with her flank.
  117. “I love you too,” you nuzzle your head into hers, “so what do you think? You have to be absolutely sure.”
  120. >“I’m kind of scared,” she doesn’t look up, “but you’ll take care of me the whole time, right?”
  121. “I can’t guarantee it won’t hurt at first, but I’ll be as gentle as I can and we’ll only go as far as you say.”
  122. >“I want to. I want to prove to both of us how much I love you. You said it was the next step in our relationship, right?”
  123. “You don’t have to prove anything to me. Regardless, I did say that, so I’m ready to move on whenever you are.”
  124. >“Anonymous,” she pulls back and locks eyes with you, “will you rut me?”
  125. >Never has a question sparked such a response from you. The two of you stare into each other’s eyes for what feels like hours. Desire, adoration, and plead dominate the view inside those green orbs. You won’t be rutting her now, you’ll be making love to your special somep0ny. Your heart belongs to her, and soon your body will too.
  126. “As you wish, Milady.”
  127. >You lean up and peck her on the horn.
  128. >She giggles at that, but starts giggling more when you stand up. Every noise she makes is music to your ears when it’s not the sound of her crying. Celestia help those who would enjoy such a sound.
  129. >“Where are we going?” She asks when you start walking.
  130. “Things like this are best done in the bedroom. Trust me, it’ll be much better there.”
  131. >She seems to accept your answer and takes to looking ahead. You had her cradled in your arms as if you were newlyweds and you were carrying her across the threshold of your house. Saying you were carrying her like a child just felt too weird, despite that being what she is.
  134. >When you reach your bedroom door, you stop and look down at her. She notices and meets your gaze with her own.
  135. “There won’t be any going back after this, Sweetie. This is for keeps.”
  136. >“As long as it’s you, I don’t want to turn back.” There’s such determination in her eyes.
  137. >With one last nod, you open the door and walk into your sanctuary. Your bedroom isn’t much since you haven’t exactly had time to decorate with much more than necessities, but it still has a few furnishings; bed, dresser, nightstand, and even a curtain on your window to keep the damn sun out in the morning.
  138. >You walk over and gently lay her down on her back on the bed. Sitting down, you take in the sight of her form as she stares up at you. To you, her body is perfection at this moment. Her mane, those beautiful eyes, and the soft feeling of her coat against your skin. Everything about her body entices you because it belongs to her. That feeling intensifies as she spreads her legs and presents her forbidden treasure trove to you.
  139. “Sweetie…” you trail off as you behold her precious slit.
  140. >“Aren’t you gonna get undressed first?” She stares at you in confusion.
  141. “Right, of course. I guess I got distracted by your beauty.”
  142. >You chuckle at the end and she blushes.
  143. >“Do you… really think I’m beautiful?”
  144. “No artist could create something as breathtaking as this.”
  145. >You run a hand along her side before standing up.
  148. >She watches you undress, but doesn’t sit up. Her eyes focus intently once you get down to your underwear. She has never seen what you look like without your undergarments on. Since the two of you weren’t special somep0nies, you took great care not to be indecent in front of her. Now, it would be rude to keep yourself hidden after she revealed all of herself to you.
  149. “Well,” you drop your underwear to the floor and present yourself, “how do I look?”
  150. >“That’s your…” she trails off, staring into the eye of the rigid length of flesh that stands ready for duty. Ever since seeing her slit, you’ve become quite excited. Your body knows what’s about to take place, and it’s very much at the ready.
  151. “Do you know what it is?” You ask, walking over so she could get a close look.
  152. >“It’s your penis, right?” You marvel at the bluntness of her response as she sits up and eyes it curiously. Her inquisitive mind must be bombarding her with thoughts and questions.
  153. “Yeah, this is what it looks like for a human.”
  154. >She reaches out a hoof and gently touches it. It twitches, and she recoils in surprise. The feeling of her hoof against you at that moment almost sent you over the edge. Noticing that you hadn’t pulled away, she attempts to touch it again. Being more adventurous, her hoof begins feeling the tip all over. She recoils yet again when you let out a slight moan due to her stroke down your shaft.
  155. >“Did that hurt?” she sounds very concerned.
  156. “No,” you chuckle and smile warmly at her, “it actually felt really good.”
  159. >You stand next to the bed with your rod reaching out towards her as she sits in front of it. She decides to use both hooves and continues her examination by rubbing the tip and length. The softness of her hoof and the carefulness of her attention feel heavenly on your flesh. It’s almost like a grand tease since you don’t want to spoil the moment by coating her with your seed like this.
  160. “Okay Sweetie,” you break her from her concentration, “it’s starting to feel too good. If that happens, I could end up making a mess.”
  161. >“What do you mean?” You thought Cheerilee told her about this stuff.
  162. “You know what sperm is, correct?”
  163. >“That’s what the stallion puts in the mare to make a baby.”
  164. “Right; however, the stallion has to feel real good before that can happen. That’s where rutting comes into play.”
  165. >“Does that mean we were rutting just now?”
  166. “No,” that’s a lie in a way, “but I was feeling good from that. If you had kept going, I would’ve released my sperm.”
  167. >“Oh no, that’s supposed to go in here.” She points a hoof at her nethers. Is she not even worried about the fact you would have given her a facial?
  168. “Uh… yeah, that’s right. It can go in there. Once the stallion goes to release his sperm, it’s going to come out wherever he’s pointing himself at.”
  169. >“It can go somewhere else?” She would ask that.
  170. “Not at this stage in our relationship.” That should satisfy her.
  171. >“I thought rutting and marriage were the only stages left.”
  174. “We can talk about it some other time. It has to do with rutting more or less, but we don’t need to go that far for our first time.”
  175. >“I don’t understand.”
  176. “That’s fine. Look, there’s different ways of rutting, but let’s just focus on doing it as we go. There’s no reason for us to do all sorts of things to achieve the same result all at once. Besides, it takes a lot out of you afterwards, so we wouldn’t be able to anyway. If you end up liking it, we can try different stuff later on.”
  177. >“So… what way are we going to rut?”
  178. “Hmm, I’ll take the lead and you follow my directions.”
  179. >“Just like when we first kissed?”
  180. “Yeah, you learned real well after that. I was amazed at how good you got after our first make out session.”
  181. >“Okay,” she beams, “maybe I’ll get good enough to lead one day.”
  182. “I’ll gladly let you lead on that day.” You chuckle while she giggles.
  183. >She’s about to ask another question, but you cut her off by laying her back down. You lean down and start kissing her to distract her from your wandering hand. She fidgets a little as it trails down her body towards a certain destination. Once it reaches contact, her eyes go wide. She doesn’t struggle as your hand explores her nethers, but the moan she makes while you kiss only encourages you.
  184. >She just stares up at you with half lidded eyes when you break the kiss. She seems to be enjoying the feeling of your hands against her down below. You twirl your fingers around, spread her lips, and even tease a finger at the entrance. Oddly enough, she’s relaxed under your touch. You had imagined that she would writhe and such, but she seems to be enjoying it more than you originally assumed.
  187. “How does that feel?” You ask, not stopping your fingers.
  188. >“It feels unh~ nice. Your fingers are mmf~ making it feel good. Is this what is was like when I touched your penis?” You suppose she’s at the right age for that.
  189. “Your hooves felt incredible. I’m going to go a bit further and make you feel real good, okay?”
  190. >“Feel good? Does that ah~ mean I’ll release sperm too?”
  191. “No, but you will come like I can.” She won’t understand this part.
  192. >“Come?” Thought so.
  193. “When a stallion comes, that’s when he releases his sperm. When a mare comes, she releases juices. This can help make rutting easier since the stallion can slide his penis inside the mare more easily.”
  194. >“I get it. You’re gonna make me come first so it won’t hurt as much when you put your penis inside me.” It’s weird how she can catch on to things that quickly, but not others.
  195. “And who says my very special somep0ny isn’t smart?” You lean down and give her a kiss as a reward.
  196. >Her giggle turns into a gasp when you spread her lower lips again. You don’t release them as you prod a finger at her entrance again. Poking around, you begin to push your finger inside gently. There’s something in here that’s going to make this a difficult process. It would be better if your finger found it before your penis did. You can feel her tense up inside as she begins to groan a little and lightly squirm. If she had masturbated before, this is most likely a new experience. A little further in and you feel a barrier that causes Sweetie to squeak.
  199. “Found it,” you mutter, looking up at Sweetie.
  200. >“Found what?” She looks concerned.
  201. “Your hymen. If we rut, it’s going to be broken. I hope you’re okay with that since I’m certain that it will hurt.”
  202. >“We can’t rut unless you break it?”
  203. “I can’t put my penis inside you without breaking it.”
  204. >“Oh,” she looks sad for a moment before her ears perk up, “I guess we don’t have a choice then. If we want to take our relationship to the next level, I have to lose that thing.” Once again, her ability to be blunt astounds you.
  205. “It’s going to hurt you know.” You’re eying her curiously.
  206. >“I know, but you’ll be with me the entire time, right? I can put up with it if it means we get to be closer.” She’s scared. You can hear it in her voice, but you also hear determination. Does she still feel like she has to prove something?
  207. “Okay, if that’s what you really want, then I’ll take care of it. However, if it gets to be too much at any time, just say so and we’ll stop. It won’t feel good for me at all if you’re just in pain the entire time.” She has to know for sure that backing out is still an option.
  208. >“I will, but we have to do this sooner or later. Why not get it over with now?” She doesn’t get it, yet it makes her that much cuter each time. It’s like she thinks she’s just getting a tooth pulled or something.
  209. >With a nod, you get back to the task at finger. You give it another twitch insider her, and she tenses up a bit. Feeling the hymen once more, you look back into her eyes. As she returns your gaze, all you can see is the silent order to do it already.
  212. “Brace yourself, Sweetie,” you warn her, mentally preparing yourself for what you’re about to do.
  213. >Her eyes shut tight, ears fold to her head, and you can almost see every muscle in her body tensing up. Noting that, you begin pushing on the barrier. You increase the amount of force gradually, but gently, since you’re still a bit afraid yourself. It’s getting you nowhere fast, she’s starting to tense up further, so you decide to go for broke. Applying a sharper increase of force, your finger finally breaks through.
  214. >This gets an instant reaction out of Sweetie as she cries out and arches her back. Your heart sinks as you listen to her wail of pain. Her forehooves move about in an effort to grab a hold of something, so you move your hand up to let them. She instantly grabs on to you as she squints one eye open to look down into your eyes. Her teeth are grinding and she has calmed down to hissing between them. Tears are flowing freely from her luscious green orbs, and you’re suddenly aware of the blood trickling out around the offending digit within her.
  215. “How bad was it?” You ask with a concerned tone.
  216. >“I-It *hic* hurt so m-much, but I-I think I’m *hic* okay now.” She isn’t fine. That must have hurt her more than she’s letting on. The tears haven’t even slowed down.
  217. “I’m so sorry, Sweetie. I wish there was another way.”
  218. >“D-Don’t be. I w-wanted this. It may hurt a lot, but I d-don’t regret any o-of it.” There’s a fine line between brave and reckless.
  219. “It still hurts?”
  220. >“Not as much as before.”
  223. >She lets go of your hand, and you use it to reach for the tissues on your nightstand. You set about the task of cleaning the blood from her nethers, taking care not to agitate her wound further. She does let out a few whimpers as the tissue rubs against her lips, and you can feel quite a few squeezes from her muscles on your finger. Once she’s mostly clean, you give your finger a few test wiggles to see how she’s doing. A harsh squeeze and a grunt is the only response she gives to that.
  224. “Did that hurt?”
  225. >“N-No, it actually k-kind of felt as g-good as before.” She’s still stuttering on a couple of her words.
  226. >She seems to have calmed down enough, so you decide to test her further. You begin pressing your finger deeper, and she only lets out a low groan. Once you reach as far as you can get inside, you move your finger about in an effort to get her muscles going. Pulling out, you note how she tugs at your finger and makes a squeaky moan. It was just as, if not more, adorable than her usual squeaks. Her half-closed eyes watching you as she makes that noise cause your member twitch a few times in eager anticipation.
  227. >Nearly out, you push it back in and begin a steady rhythm of pumping her with your finger. She lets out a quiet grunt each time you reach deep inside and begin retreating. Her inner muscles try to fight the foreign object’s exit every time, not wanting to let it go. Her body finally relaxes and her legs splay out, telling you that it requires more of the attention you’re giving it. Not to be rude, you answer the message by increasing the pace a little, but you still take care not to give her more than she can handle.
  230. >Her depths reward your efforts with juices that begin to emerge from the increasingly excited hole. They lubricate your motions so that you can now slide in and out with a lot more ease. Sweetie seems to like this new development as she tosses her head back with a moan and her ears clamp against her head. Your finger brushing against her walls at a faster pace seems to be filling her brain with pleasure signals.
  231. “Feeling better now?” You doubt she can answer.
  232. >“Unh~ don’t stop. It’s starting to unh~ feel really good!” She doesn’t even raise her head to watch.
  233. >Returning your gaze to her parted lips, you notice something poking out at the top. Her little clit seems to want attention too. You reach up and take one of her forehooves into your grip. She attempts to see why you took one of her hooves in hand, but she lets her head return to its position on the pillow and arches her back. Your thumb is now playing with her clit, and it’s eliciting greater moans from her.
  234. >Her walls start squeezing tighter and the accompanying juices get somewhat thicker. It’s still not enough for you, but she’s producing more and more which is good. Those cute little squeaky moans escalate and she tosses her head from side to side. You assume her current actions are signs that she’s reaching a peak.
  235. >“Anon, nnngh~ it’s starting to feel unnnh~ too good!”
  238. >Leaning down to flick at her nub with your tongue and give your thumb a break, she lets out a gasp and arches her back as high as she can. A few more licks and a torrent of juices start spurting out as she cries out. Well, there were more juices there than you expected, but it wasn’t as though you had opened some flood gates. One of her hind legs spasms a little and she once again takes your hand in both forehooves. Your finger doesn’t stop pumping and your tongue continues assaulting her clit.
  239. >Soon enough, her cry dies down and her body fully relaxes. You slowly pull your finger from her depths, which elicits a weakened moan. Panting, she just lays there and basks in the aftermath of what appears to have been her first orgasm. You lean up to her and plant a kiss on her nose. She opens her eyes halfway and smiles up at you. A silent exchange of words goes on while you two get lost in each other’s eyes. Without needing to hear it, you know she enjoyed that very much.
  240. >While you share that moment, you begin collecting some of her juices and coating your length with it. She looks down between your bodies for a moment before returning her gaze to you with a confused look.
  241. >“What are you doing now, Anon?”
  242. “I’m lubricating myself so it’ll be easier to put my penis inside. When you started leaking those juices, it made my finger able to slide in and out with more ease.”
  243. >“Oh, so now you need to make your penis wet like your finger since it’s much bigger.” It better be bigger than your finger.
  246. “That’s right. Since I’m putting something bigger in there, it would be safer to help it slide in easier. If it’s not wet, it could hurt a lot worse than when I broke your hymen.”
  247. >“Wow, I didn’t know my special somep0ny was so experienced. Before we started dating, Rarity said you had never gone out with any mares.”
  248. “It’s not that difficult to figure out. Simply put, if we do this dry, our parts rubbing together like that will feel like peeling tape off your fur very slowly.”
  249. >“Oh, that really would hurt, especially since I’m still kind of sensitive down there.” She’s still sensitive?
  250. “I suppose that sensitivity made you respond to my finger much more. Perhaps you wouldn’t have had that orgasm so soon.”
  251. >“Orgasm? I thought it was called ‘coming’.” Oh right, she’s only had sex ed 101.
  252. “Yeah, that’s the technical term for it. ’Coming’ is practically a slang term.”
  253. >“And now you’re going to ‘come’ inside me, right?”
  254. “That’s the plan, cutie.” She giggles when you call her that.
  255. >“Okay,” she excitedly replies, getting up and presenting her exquisite plot to you. She casts her tail aside and assumes what you think might be a standard pony pose for rutting. She must have seen something during Cheerilee’s class on the subject. Either way, you almost can’t take your eyes off the sight. Her small bubbly haunches, the pucker they conceal, and that glistening filly slit nearly hypnotizes you. It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful sight you’ve ever beheld. It’s the equivalent of the ripest forbidden fruit your mind can imagine.
  258. >Stopping yourself from rambling about how beautiful she looks, you place your hands on her haunches and begin lining yourself up.
  259. >…
  260. >Well, you were going to line yourself up, but it seems she’s too short to accurately get inside properly. She’s just too low to the bed for it to really work. You don’t tower over her, but you can’t really thrust in this position.
  261. “Sweetie,” you get her attention as you get up, “assume that pose on the edge of the bed.”
  262. >“Huh, how come?” She looks at you confused. She even watches as you stand next to the bed and think about how you’re going to do this. She notices the twitch in your eager member as you come up with a possible solution.
  263. “It just won’t work with me on the bed. When I was standing beside the bed, my penis was the perfect height it seemed. Let’s try it that way.” Thinking back, it almost lined up perfectly.
  264. >“Well, okay.” She positions herself near the edge of the bed and presents herself once more. You want to sing the praises of her plot again, but you keep yourself focused. Your special somep0ny is awaiting service, and you’re not about to keep her waiting any longer. Besides, you’re just as ready to begin, if not more.
  265. >Placing your hands on her rump again, which elicits a cute coo from her, you note that you were actually right. Your reproductive organ stands proudly at just the right height to line up with her now quivering lips. That pony who sold you this bed doesn’t seem like a cheat so much anymore. You had thought it overpriced, but it’s about to pay for itself a thousand times over.
  268. >Your organ makes contact for the first time and a jolt of electricity rockets through your body. Her tail excitedly swishes back and forth along your chest as she tries to keep it away from her nethers. Juices begin leaking from her lips again as you prod the entrance.
  269. “Are you ready, Sweetie?”
  270. >“Uh~… y-yeah.” She’s definitely in the mood with a tone like that. It almost sounded like you roused her from a daydream to answer your question.
  271. >With that, you begin pushing into her. Both of you grunt a little as her folds don’t seem to feel like parting. Those lips are fighting you every step of the way now, but you’re not giving up. Increasing the amount of force a tad only earns you a longer grunt from Sweetie, as it appears she’s bracing herself and pushing back into you.
  272. >Just a bit more, and finally you break through. Your member slides inside of her and she lets out a loud moan. You don’t stop to revel in the incredible tightness of her walls, thinking only of burying yourself deeper and deeper. Sweetie groans as your fleshy pole stretches her as much as it can, the process presumably massaging her sensitive muscles along the way. It’s a slow trek inside since you don’t want to hurt her, and her body’s guidance is out of this world. No man should be experiencing pleasures such as this.
  273. >Much to your surprise, you’re actually able to hilt inside of her before reaching what you believe to be her cervix. Rather unusual since you’re not that small by human standards. Once you hilt, Sweetie lets out the breath she had been holding in after her groan.
  276. >You take a moment to comprehend all of the sensations afflicting you now. She’s squeezing you like a vice using the warm tight wetness of her depths, the soft fur of her rump is like a warm blanket on a winter morning against your pelvis, and the sound of her pants causes your length to twitch a few times which elicits a squeaky “unh~” from her.
  277. “H-how is it, Sweetie?” You ask, waiting until she’s ready to continue.
  278. >“I-I feel so ungh~ full.”
  279. “No pain?”
  280. >“Unh uh.” She slowly shakes her head no. “It’s stretching and filling me, but it’s starting to feel a lot better than your finger.” You haven’t even started yet and she’s already feeling good? Hopefully, she doesn’t cum again too soon.
  281. “I’m going to start now.” You inform her, slowly withdrawing yourself from the sweet embrace of her insides.
  282. >Your motion stops whatever she was going to say as she replaces her comment with an “ohhhhh~”. Those noises from her aren’t doing you any favors since they keep causing a twitch from you which fires electricity to the pleasure center of your brain. All of that, combined with her body’s reluctance to let you go, gets a grunt from you. If you thought she was tight before, it’s much tighter now that she’s fighting to keep you inside.
  283. >Successfully pulled out to where the head is the only part inside, you invade her body once again in a very slight increased thrust. It’s mostly for her benefit, but you also want this to last a while. She makes a similar moan to when you pulled out as you moan in tandem.
  286. >Fully inside again, you pull out a wee bit faster and waste no time going back in. You begin to build a rhythm to your thrusting that will please both her and you without being too rough. She seems okay with it as her tail swishes back and forth along your chest as you go. Her squeezing has yet to die down either, yet it’s not impeding you too much due to how lubricated she is with juices.
  287. “So amazing,” you comment, gently squeezing and rubbing her haunches.
  288. >“It feels unh~ good for you ah~ too, Anon?” She looks back with what you believe to be her version of bedroom eyes. They’re a little caked with the look of intense pleasure though. She’s definitely feeling it.
  289. “Y-yeah, it unf couldn’t feel any better.”
  290. >It was true until you looked down. Watching your rigid and throbbing member slide in and out of her tiny form further excited you. Her rump had to part a little, as you stretched her love canal to its limits. You won’t lie, it was obscenely sexy to watch the flank and lower lips of her filly body do their best to accommodate your length. You even noticed how her folds would pucker as you retreated, almost as if they were trying to tag along.
  291. >As you continue to admire the newfound sexiness of her body, you don’t exactly realize at first what she has started doing. There’s intent in the movement of her legs. She isn’t just reacting to your thrusting, she’s pushing back into you harder and harder. This assumption is further supported by the increase in her moaning and the fact her ears are folding down onto her head as it turns up a bit.
  294. “Feel unf good, Sweetie?” You whisper in her ear after leaning down to her ear.
  295. >“Y-Yeah, don’t… stop… Anon. It unh~ feels… too unh~ good.” Your thrusts bumping into her rump kept breaking her response.
  296. >Nibbling a little on her ear, which gets a gasp, you take a hand off her flank and reach around under her body. After embracing her for a moment and telling her how much you love her, your hand travels down her belly towards its intended destination. She lets out a loud squeaky moan as your fingers come in contact with her clit. You get another squeaky moan when your length throbs in reaction to the first, and she increases her pushing into you as you rub her hardened nub.
  297. >“Uhhhh~ Anon!” She cries out as you begin kissing her neck.
  298. >It probably looks odd with you leaning over her while standing next to the bed, but you don’t care. You’ve lost the ability to give a fuck to the feeling of rutting the fil- no, -mare- you love. Never have you felt this good and happy to be with someone. It’s so good, in fact, you’re suddenly aware of your rapidly approaching peak. Her walls have started squeezing tighter as well.
  299. “Sweetie,” you grunt, “I’m gonna ‘come’ soon.”
  300. >“Unh~ me… too!” She squeaks, her horn lighting up with faint sparks. Those ears you were nibbling on have clamped down on her head as she shakes it about.
  303. >Her thrusting back into you picks up speed and you respond in kind. You’re creating an audible slap each time you hilt, and the bed begins creaking. These new noises accompany the squelching noise you’ve been making thanks to thrusting into her moist warm nethers. The pace has now grown to an all out race to the finish. She’s going over the edge right along with you if you can help it. Because of all this, her squeaky moans reach an all time high in volume.
  304. >“Anon!” She shouts, throwing her head up. Her muscles ripple along your length as if trying to milk you.
  305. “Here it comes, Sweetie. I’m gonna fill that womb of yours!” You grunt through clenched teeth, not stopping your almost brutal thrusting.
  306. >“Please!” Her insides are working overtime now. You challenge anyone to hold back against what her young depths are doing to you right now.
  307. >You’re about to answer her plea vocally, but you suddenly feel an orgasm rocket through her walls. It’s a much stronger ripple than before, even stronger than with your finger. Sure enough, she screams much louder than before, and her moment brings you to your own. Fortunately, that one was in pleasure. One more thrust to bury yourself as deep as possible, and you cry out in pleasure along with her. Your seed begins gushing out as if a dam had burst.
  308. >“So warm~…” She moans, still in the throes of her climax.
  311. >She gets more than she bargained for when you feel her womb beginning to overflow. You’re not close to done it seems, and she can’t take too much more cream filling. You subconsciously begin pulling out, much to the anger of her rapidly filling nethers. The juices she’s gushing aren’t helping the cause though as you find it more and more easier to slide out.
  312. >You manage to pull yourself out, but you still fire off a few more strands onto her quivering folds. A little more finds purchase on both sides of her rump. The seed on her lower lips begins slowly dripping downward as her juices drag it down with them along with more of you oozing out.
  313. >Feeling drained, you collapse onto the bed over Sweetie, but not before your hands catch you from smothering her. You just stand there over her, panting and sweating. She collapses as well in a similar manner, including the pants. The two of you are content to remain almost motionless as you bask in the feeling of satisfaction your bodies have started bestowing upon you.
  314. “How… was it… Sweetie?” You ask between pants.
  315. >“I… love you… Anon. I never… thought… rutting could… feel so… good.” She doesn’t lift her head, but you can barely make out the smile on her face.
  318. >You pull yourself together and turn to sit down next to her. Idly stroking her mane, a few thoughts about what you’re going to do now crop up. They’re quickly cast aside in favor of the idea that you’ve found true love. Thinking back, you were more enamored with her than her body. Sure, she has quite the body in your eyes, but that’s not all that draws you to her. The squeaks, her energy, that smile, and her adorable personality are just a few of the things she used to steal your heart.
  319. >“I feel so… full.” She breaks the silence as she rolls over. As she lies on her back, you notice the bulge in her tummy. You poke it a bit and she giggles. Placing your hand firmly on her, you can hear some light sloshing as you rub that sweet belly.
  320. “Sounds like it.” You chuckle as she giggles more.
  321. >“You came a lot in me. Does that mean we’ve advanced to the next step?” She looks up at you with a smile.
  322. “The proof is in the sperm in our case. How do you feel about it?”
  323. >“If it feels as good as next time, I can’t –wait- to rut again!” She squeaks in excitement. It seems she’s forgotten the part where you broke her hymen and how much it hurt. That image of her looking at you in pain isn’t going to go away easily.
  324. “Heh, well next time we won’t have to break your hymen first. I’m sorry it hurt so much, Sweetie.”
  325. >“Yeah it hurt,” she looks down a moment before her ears perk up and she’s smiling at you again, “but it was only for that one time. We only have to worry about not doing it dry from now on, right?”
  328. “That’s true. And you seem to leak enough that we won’t have to worry.” You lean down and playfully nuzzle her.
  329. >“Thanks, Anon.” She laughs a bit during your nuzzle. “I mean it. Ever since our first date, I was hoping my heart wasn’t lying to me when it said you were the one. I’m so glad it wasn’t.” She reaches up and hugs you around your neck. You let her have that moment before sitting back up.
  330. “I’m glad mine wasn’t lying either. Now then, we should get you cleaned up. We don’t want Rarity to find my sperm leaking from between your hindlegs.”
  331. >“How do we do that? Are we going to take a bath?”
  332. “Why not? Maybe we can fool around some more. What do you say?” You wink at her.
  333. >“Okay! You look ready to go again anyway.” She grins and points a hoof at your pelvic region. Sure enough, you’re not through yet.
  334. >Scooping her into your arms, you both head into the bathroom. After you sit her down, you go back to the living room and grab her bags. Returning with her essentials, you find she already started drawing the bath. She’s hanging over the side of the tub watching the water flow, and it seems she hasn’t noticed your return yet. Feeling sneaky, you carefully approach her after setting her stuff down nearby and poke her slit with your member. She gasps in surprise and it turns into a moan.
  335. >It doesn’t take any effort as you slide inside again. Her body seems already used to your size in a way and willingly invites you back in to the hilt. She groans a bit and looks back to see your devious grin. You don’t even care that she’s still full of your seed.
  338. >Her face falls to disappointment when you pull out with a smirk. The frown is quickly lost as you pick her up again and sit yourselves down into the tub. The tub water feels just the right level of warm and you lean back to relax, closing your eyes and idly stroking her mane.
  339. >Sweetie has other ideas apparently, as you feel something on your length. Opening your eyes and looking down, you’re met with an adorably evil grin. Before you can move, she impales herself on you, which elicits a moan. Without any effort on your part, she slides your length back into her body with only a small amount of squelching.
  340. “Revenge, or are you itching to go again?” You question, feeling the new warmth inside her.
  341. >It wasn’t really this warm before.
  342. >“Rarity always tells me not to start something I can’t finish. Of course, she’s usually talking about her dresses, but I kind of think she was talking to me too.”
  343. “She’s difficult to read at those times.”
  344. >“Not when you accidentally upset her.” Sweetie giggles mischievously.
  345. “So you’re punishing me for pulling out and not putting it back in?”
  346. >“Mhmm,” she gazes at you with half lidded eyes. She’s learned how to push your buttons it seems. The twitch that look provokes makes her gasp a little.
  347. >You chuckle and nod before letting her set her own pace. She begins to work you in and out of her as you hold on to her hips to help support her efforts, not caring that you’re still oozing from her nethers. It’s all being washed away by the bath water anyway.
  350. >An hour later, the two of you finally emerge from the bathroom as clean as can be. You needed more time than usual because she lasted a bit longer than the first time. She was also insatiable in her need to make you release in her again. Afterwards, you get her properly bathed and cleaned up down below. That didn’t stop her from making out with you as you dried her off, but you’re not complaining.
  351. >Gently lying down in bed with her in your arms, the two of you cuddle for a while. You want nothing more than to breathe in her scent as you relax. She sighs contentedly as you hold her close, and she nuzzles into you.
  352. “Have a lot of fun tonight, Sweetie?” You ask, softly stroking her mane.
  353. >“Yeah,” she sighs out, “I’ve never felt so good before. What about you?”
  354. “One of the best nights of my life, especially since it was with you.” She leans up and you give her a small kiss.
  355. >“Are you worried that Rarity or somep0ny might find out?”
  356. “I guess so, but the secrecy kind of makes it exciting, doesn’t it?”
  357. >Not precisely the way you thought about it, but it helps.
  358. >“Yeah, you’re right!” She squeaks.
  359. “It wouldn’t matter if you were a mare or filly anyway, I love -you-, Sweetie Belle.”
  360. >“I love you too,” she giggles, stealing one more kiss from your lips.
  361. >The two of you continue cuddling before sleep finally claims you. Worrying about her being a filly just didn’t seem to matter, not anymore. If it kept that beautiful smile on her face, you’d cross Celestia herself. It was that way the night of your ‘date’, and you wouldn’t change it for anything.
  362. >Yeah, you would take on the world for that smile; the smile of the sweetest filly you know and your special somep0ny.
  364. Fin~
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