Anonymous Experience - Tylasaur

Jul 19th, 2011
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  1. This piece is part of the shared #Voice project, and was written by: Tylasaur (original paste here
  3. "My Experience with Anonymous"
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  7. What do you think of when you hear hacker? I used to think of computers, smarts and patience. Now I think freedom, liberty and lulz. Ignorance is a strong setback in the world but without it, there are no winners or losers. We cannot have everybody equal, there are always baddies out there trying to take away what fuels your existence. Whenever people talk about Anonymous they think of it as a "group" of hackers set on beating out everybody else in the world. Even an article in Time Magazine (in which I stumbled upon at a Dentist appointment) negates the fact that Anonymous isn't a group against everybody and even a group at all. Do you think Anonymous is trying to scare people? Expect Us. That sounds scary but it isn't geared towards the root of spine tingling speeches. No, it is geared towards all Nay-Sayers and people with power levels of 9000 and under. How do people react to Anonymous? Blame them for Sony attacks, blame them for every attack that happens in this generation. Liberation is all we want. Liberation is all we need. The Nay-Sayers are corporate slaves set on taking over the world of business, media and politics. Anonymous has opened my eyes to a world of enlightenment and freedom, where you can broadcast gaming streams and videos. Where you can say what you want without extra parents behind your back screaming CENSORSHIP. That world is impossible to find, but we can get as close as possible if it kills us.
  9. Anonymous has personally changed me for the better. I more easily understand how the media's food chain works. Big shot white-hats rule the world with not a bit of courage. "Underdogs" like you and me, the people, work hard and get little. I've learned that that as well as anything can be changed. What if the world ended tomorrow? Not by global warming, and I don't mean the planet blows up. I mean civilization comes to an end in the way of freedom and rights. For example, Bill S.978 negates all payments made to YouTube partners in the field of gaming, possibly evicting a poor nerd like ourselves from their own apartment? Now the fact that an apartment resident gets paid for posting video game related videos on YouTube is a mere variable. That is an important word in life, variable. It changes everything, it makes you contemplate whether you should act or not. There are variables when dealing with Anonymous or LulzSecurity. Will they respond? Will they take action? What kind of dangers may be included? Anything like that. There are variables in the end of civilization. For example, will the US make another enemy? Will they make another bad decision? It's information that you don't know of that counts. I understand that anything has a weakness and anything can be taken down. The whole structure of USA's economy could collapse with a wrong move. Anything can. Now baddies, media and politicians can effect civilization in a rapid succession. They can wage international war on each other. They can wage metaphorical war on each other. Anonymous comes to understand the difference between right and wrong. None of this corrupt government mumbo jumbo. None of this conspiracy bullshit. It's about freedom, justice, rights, independence and all things that fuel the good world today.
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