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  1. <koike> ansgar, still about #821051, I didn't get the embargoed problem. We could only publish the signature when the embargoed package is publish, no?
  2. -zwiebelbot/#debian-ftp- Debian#821051: Need support for uploading and signing EFI executables -
  3. <ansgar> koike: That leaks the existence of an embargoed upload, even when the actual changes are not disclosed.
  4. <ansgar> koike: We don't want people to know "there will be an (embargoed) security update for grub soon".
  5. <koike> ansgar, right, but we could only publish the signature after this (embargoed) security update for grub is published, no?
  6. <jcristau> ansgar: it's not clear how to avoid that though
  7. <ansgar> jcristau: Well, if you do the evil thing and have dak build the source package...
  8. <jcristau> koike: no, because you need the signature to update the grub-signed package, which is what people are installing
  9. <ansgar> That would also reduce delays and work without maintainer interaction (say binnmus).
  10. <jcristau> so there's a catch-22
  11. <jcristau> ansgar: that thought did occur to me, but, eww
  12. <ansgar> When you have per-arch source packages (linux-signed-amd64), otherwise you have to wait for all builds to finish (but that is not nice either way).
  13. <ansgar> The generated package would also go to embargoed, so no problem with disclosure.
  14. <ansgar> The ugly part is: having automatically build source packages; having per-arch source packages.
  15. <jcristau> would need yet another signing key
  16. <ansgar> Yes, that too.
  17. <jcristau> or i guess it could reuse the archive key...
  18. <ansgar> Debian automated package building key :)
  19. <ansgar> I don't like reusing keys for different purposes too much.
  20. <jcristau> ack
  21. <ansgar> But it needs to be in (some) keyring too and allowed to upload source packages (whitelisted like DM upload would be enough).
  22. <jcristau> i'm also not sure we can get that all done and tested in time
  23. <jcristau> and leaking the existence of a linux security update is maybe not too much of a leak, there are linux security updates all the time
  24. <jcristau> ansgar: btw any thoughts on the timing issue, what with signing 3000 kernel modules with a yubikey needing almost half an hour?
  25. <ansgar> jcristau: Hmm, that is quite long. Probably should run outside of cron.unchecked then.
  26. <ansgar> Throw the .tar.xz somewhere, have a .path unit pick it up and start the-efi-signer.service ;)
  27. <jcristau> the other option was to use an on-disk key for kernel modules.  i'm not sure i like that too much.
  28. <ansgar> Well, eventually it won't matter either way.  Once the first priv escalation to kernel space in any module is found ;)
  29. <ansgar> Unless one forbids rollbacks to older versions...
  30. <jcristau> adding to the blacklist on upgrade should be possible i think
  31. <ansgar> Is that a blacklist of all things? Or can you say everything earlier than version ${x} and include version numbers?
  32. <jcristau> you blacklist specific binaries aiui
  33. <jcristau> not sure if that actually works today...
  34. <jcristau> (you can also blacklist a signing key of course)
  36. ...
  39. <jcristau> koike: the signature needs to be part of the grub-signed source package. so you need the signature before you can update grub-signed. so you need a mechanism to get at the signature before the package is published.
  40. <jcristau> what ansgar was suggesting was to build the -signed package in dak directly, rather than go through the "publish the signature, have a human grab it, make an updated -signed package, and upload that" process
  41. <jcristau> which would mean signing that package with some gpg key
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