dq3 arrival

cleartonic Aug 4th, 2015 (edited) 594 Never
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  1. After giving my next (and presumably last) serious RPG RTA choice a lot of thought, I arrived at DQ3 SFC. For awhile prior to SGDQ, I was set on DQ4 PSX-J. Although DQ4 is a great game, it has some design choices that make it really bad for speedrunning (Chapter 2 is honestly the dumbest thing I've experienced in a speedrun setting for a RPG.) DQ3 SFC is superior.
  3. DQ3 SFC is a dynamic, difficult game with an enormous skill cap for game knowledge and menuing prowess. It is a fiercely competitive game. The top DQ3 speedrunners have inspiring ability, and I want to match them. Sub 3 hours in this game is an amazing feat and I hope to achieve it. Certainly it will take me awhile to learn the game thoroughly, but I will occasionally stream my segment practice and my research (including optimal menuing for situations, optimal movement on the world map and in dungeons, enemy weakness&resistances, etc.)
  5. After my previous projects and the experience I've gained for RTAs, I feel like I'm ready to tackle this game. I'll stream this and Rockman X2 into the future.
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