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  1. What is the worst experience you had at a movie theater?
  3. >Teenager boy, 16 to 18
  4. >Almost no social life, homeschooled since 14
  5. >Decide to go outside and so something, go watch The Avengers
  6. >Wasn't into capefun, only watched Ironman before
  7. >Enter into the theater, I didn't think exactly what I was doing but I do fine
  8. >Go to my place, there's a girl on my right and a fat dude on my left
  9. >At the back there are a few loud guys throwing shit at her and then to me
  10. >Get kinda upset but don't care much
  11. >In the front row there's this a woman with her 8 years old child
  12. >Movie takes long to start, people start to get mildly upset
  13. >The kid starts to ask her mother for something to eat (they finished a small popcorn bucket)
  14. >Mom refuses to go for more, kid starts to become really annoying
  15. >Suddenly she takes something out of a grocery bag
  16. >A fucking bell pepper
  17. >Gives it to him
  18. >Kid starts eating the bell peper like it was some random snack
  19. >At first I'm confused, the guy on my left chuckles
  20. >Think to myself "There's nothing funny about this"
  21. >Repeat loudly to myself "There's absolutely nothing funny about this"
  22. >A few seconds later I burst out laughing
  23. >Fat guy starts to laugh too, but eventually controls himself and stops
  24. >I can't
  25. >I even peed myself albeit minimally
  26. >I'm coughing trying to hide laughter and it makes everything worse
  27. >At this point the movie already started
  31. >Keep laughing and breathing, try to look at the girl next to me to see if I get nervous and stop laughing
  32. >It's looking at me confused
  33. >Try to look around to see if anyone realized about the kid, no one seemed to care
  34. >Then the guys behind me slap me hard and tell me to shut up
  35. >Manage to control myself a bit
  36. >Suddenly one of the guys behind tell the other 'Look at that kid he's eating a bell pepper'
  37. >Other guys behind start to laugh histerically
  38. >Lost my shit
  39. >Literally, peed myself worse (not badly but worse) and farted a juicy silent fart and thought I shat myself.
  40. >Some guy from behind shouts at us and tell us to shut the fuck up
  41. >Suddenly manage to control myself for like 30 seconds
  42. >Don't want to even make eye contact wiht anyone
  43. >Realize I must go, leave the room and go to my home
  44. >Cry on bus thinking I shat myself and how a failure I am
  45. >Once I come to my home and check I hadn't peed hard and there were no tracks of shit
  46. >Still ashamed
  48. I'm still ashamed to this day and since then I never went to a movie theater, just pirate stuff
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