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Name / Title Posted Syntax
Jagged Alliance 2 Wildifire Registry fix 50 min ago REG
My Radeon tweak UPDATED. 5 days ago REG
AMD Disable Catalyst AI 26 days ago REG
Win10 Avalon.Graphics Disable HW rendering (untested) 29 days ago REG
[Win10] App Compatibility Engine Tweak 38 days ago REG
[Work in Progress] Stable* GameDVR .REG. 48 days ago REG
My first Radeon Tweak (apparently 'anti lag') 53 days ago REG
AMD Tweak (Lots of redacted options) 64 days ago REG
[AMD] Remove Xtreme-G Tweaks 90 days ago REG
[Batch, W10] RemoveW10Bloat.bat (NO STORE) 91 days ago REG
(Windows) Disable Win-S shortcut key 106 days ago REG
Possible Fix for Dyn 365 App for Outlook not starting 180 days ago REG
[AMD GCN] Personal Tweak 196 days ago REG
AMD - Force High 3D Clocks - GCN 202 days ago REG
Remove IObit Unlocker from Windows Context Menu 206 days ago REG
Add Custom IObit Unlocker shortcut to Windows Context Menu 206 days ago REG
[Win10 2004] Disable Fullscreen Optimizations - 22-09-2020 207 days ago REG
Remove Restart File Explorer 220 days ago REG
STUB.REG 241 days ago REG
Automatically Open All Batch Scripts as Administrator remove script 246 days ago REG
Automatically Open All Batch Scripts as Administrator 246 days ago REG
Windows #2 Tweaks 275 days ago REG
Legacy DotNet TLS Settings 284 days ago REG
Apps to Run 306 days ago REG
setup.reg 318 days ago REG
Disable folder thumbs 354 days ago REG
Remove Context Menu - Copy as Path with & without quotes 361 days ago REG
Untitled 1 year ago REG
Untitled 1 year ago REG
7zip-auto extract and open folder 1 year ago REG
AMD Radeon 'XG Tweaks' - 2020 20.1.2 - 1 year ago REG
Untitled 1 year ago REG
Unpause 1 year ago REG
Run (Start-Up).reg 1 year ago REG
Windows OS: Windows10Debloater 1 year ago REG
GUC Resources 1 year ago REG
Remove_Recycle_Bin_Properties.reg 1 year ago REG
layer 7 protocols 1 year ago REG
Clear_Reset_external_display_cache.reg 1 year ago REG
fix_v1.reg 1 year ago REG
Tweakmoar (AMD by oNnA) 1 year ago REG
Enable Compatibility Mode XP_SP3.reg 1 year ago REG
Template.reg 1 year ago REG
mp4_OpenAviDemux_remove 1 year ago REG
mp4_OpenAviDemux.reg 1 year ago REG
set proxy per Registry 1 year ago REG
hklm 1 year ago REG
PendingFileRenameOperations (PendingReboot).reg 1 year ago REG

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