Amputee Pone (SPG)

May 9th, 2017
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  1. >You are Dr. Daniel Cho.
  2. >Honorary half-asian, Psychologist, and lady’s man.
  3. >And you did not expect your evening at the bar to go this way.
  4. >The second you set foot in the door, you saw her, and instantly fell head over heels.
  5. >Her short, pixie cut hair was dyed an aquamarine with snow white streaks cutting throughout. You thought it was a little weird, but her odd hair color really made her azure eyes pop, and provided a nice contrast to her skin.
  6. >In the dimmed bar light, you couldn't quite tell if she was white and had an affinity for beach-going, or had some kind of hispanic heritage.
  7. >It didn’t really matter to you.
  8. >As long as she wasn’t from Jersey, you couldn't care less.
  9. >You didn’t even mind that she was drinking a margarita with a silly straw. It was actually kinda adorkable.
  10. >And her evening attire?
  11. >Unf.
  12. >It was a flowing light green gown with a leg slit that hugged her decidedly non-curvy body. The dress, as tight as it was, only accentuated those petite hips and the small lumps on her chest. >She was also noticeably smaller than you, and you were only 5’9.
  13. >If you had to guess, you’d say she was about 5’2, maybe 5’3.
  14. >And she was in heels!
  15. >Normally, you had a thing for taller women, but damn if those colors didn’t pop out at you for some reason.
  16. >You slicked your hair back, experienced what it's like to chew 5-gum and strutted up in your fancy suit, putting the moves on her.
  17. >Too bad “the moves” amounted to spilling a margarita all over her lap.
  19. >After apologizing profusely, she promised to forgive you so long as you agreed to hold her drink for her as you conversed.
  20. >A little odd, but what the heck, it’s not like you were much better than a glorified cup-holder at that point. You purchased her another margarita, and she seemed to find a particular joy in sipping from her oversized straw as you held onto her drink.
  21. >You babbled on to her about life and work, while she occasionally jumped in with her own pieces.
  22. >She claimed to have once been a star athlete, setting new records for running times across the globe, bringing her great fame and fortune. Then, things took a dark turn.
  23. >About seven years ago, she couldn’t remember exactly how, she found herself wrenched from her family, kidnapped and sold into slavery. Refusing to accept the shit hand life had dealt her, she broke free and used her impressive speed to run away.
  24. >She lasted five-seconds before they shot her.
  25. >Seeing your skeptical face, she had parted the slit in her dress along her legs and showed you quite a bit of skin. That skin however, happened to be covered in scars of all varieties, knife wounds, whip marks, a bullet hole. You could even see the edges of what looked like a brand on her partially visible cheek, but she quickly covered up the evidence before other patrons could see.
  26. >The slavers kept her tied up at all times afterwards, and quickly sold her off at a “flight-risk” discount. Her new “master” proved to be either a sadistic or psychopathic bastard, inflicting heavy mental and physical damage to her.
  27. >Despite how hard she tried, her legs never healed after his sadistic torture of them, and her athletic career was ruined.
  29. >It was at this time your phone decided to ring, the annoying bell chime ringtone embarrassing you to no end. You do your best to ignore it and focus on the woman who was spilling out her life story to you, only to find her making chiming sounds with her mouth and staring at you with blank, non-expressive eyes.
  31. >Feeling a chill on the back of your neck, you glance around to see every single person staring at you, emotionless, while they chime in tune with the phone.
  32. >It was at this point, you woke up.
  34. >Your brain takes a moment to process the rapidly jingling brass bell right above your head, the sound doing your groggy mind no favors.
  35. >Your childhood comes back to you first, your parents, then your teen years, friends, job, the pony in the other room…
  36. >Oh yeah!
  37. >Your hand reaches out from under the covers and bats around in the air a bit, before finally managing to trap the bell in your grasp. You give it a slight tug to signify your understanding to her.
  38. >A great yawn escapes your maw, and you smack your lips as you lie in bed for another moment. The second you release the bell, it immediately goes back to franticly chiming, even faster than before.
  40. >Something is wrong.
  41. >Your mind goes into overdrive as you rip the covers off of you and leap to the door. Yanking it open, you sprint across the apartment over to the guest bedroom, the din of the chiming bell growing softer in the distance.
  42. >Your olive colored walls and multiple paintings zoom past as you go by, coalescing into a blur of colors and motion.
  43. >Reaching the guest bedroom, you fling the door open and flip on the lights. You find your mare, Blazing Trails, thrashing from side to side, violently jerking the string tied to the bell in your room with her mouth.
  45. >Her once neatly folded bed sheets were scattered in disarray as she writhed around her makeshift bed. She bashed her body against the bars on the cage and tears were streaming down her face as she continued to jerk the string.
  46. >You could see why.
  47. >A carpenter ant somehow got in and was walking along her branded rump, it’s spindly legs likely tickling her light-green fur.
  48. >You rush over and yank the cage bars open, quickly swatting the offending insect off her rear before scooping up the slightly wet mare in your arms and retracting from the cage.
  49. >She apparently wet herself.
  50. >You hug her tightly to your chest as she buries her face in your neck and sobs loudly, her chest heaving with each rapid beat of her heart and frantic breathing.
  51. Hiking her higher up your shoulder, you support her rump with a single hand, using your other to seek out the ant. Upon finding it, you bring your fist down upon it like thunder striking the ground.
  52. >Too bad thunder doesn’t strike the ground.
  53. >Still alive and not noticeably wounded, it franticly skitters around the sheets, desperate to avoid the angry human. You flick it off the bed sheets and onto the hardwood floor, bringing your foot down upon it and snuffing out its life. The ant ended, you turn your attentions back to your mare.
  54. “Shhhh… shhhhhh, it’s okay, the ant’s dead, it can’t hurt you…”
  55. >Sobs continue to rack her body but her hyperventilating gets slowly replaced by deep, shuddering breaths. You comfortingly pat her back as you stand silently in her room.
  56. >Her bedsheets would need to be washed again, and the thought of diapers flashes across your mind yet once more.
  57. >No, she’s a grown mare. She deserves to have some dignity after all, even if that means you waste more money on fabric cleaner and such; you had plenty of money to throw around anyway.
  59. >The pristine white satin “socks” that you tied over her had been thrown off by her thrashing, giving you a clear view of the stumps where her four legs once resided.
  60. >Pink-tinted skin was visible next to the fur that grew near the stumps, their follicles long since destroyed. Her previous owner’s sloppy stitching jobs showed around the twisted flesh.
  61. >“I… I don’t w-want my own room anymore…”
  62. >She retracts her head from your now wet neck and stares into your eyes with her own large sapphires.
  63. >“P-p-please… d-don’t leave me again… I’m sorry…”
  64. >You originally kept her cage in your room, but she had wanted more privacy which led to the setup you had now.
  65. “Of course… whatever you want Blazing.”
  66. >You hug her just a bit tighter to your chest and finally notice the damp feeling just above your stomach.
  67. >Almost forgot about that.
  68. “Hey… let's get you cleaned up first, okay?”
  69. >She does nothing but sniffle and bury her head back into the crook of your neck, but you think you can feel her nodding in agreement.
  70. >You support her with one hand again as you move over to the room’s dresser, pulling out another pair of custom satin covers, which served as her socks. They were almost blindingly white with red string woven around the edges, which was used to tighten the fabric around her stumps. The covers themselves had decorative embroideries all over the satin surface, providing maximum comfort while also being fashionable.
  72. >Sitting down on the floor, you lay Blazing across your legs on her back as you go about tightening the new covers across her stumps and giving them a light tug to ensure they wouldn’t just fall off. Satisfied they wouldn’t, you once again cradle her against your chest and exit the room.
  73. >Heading into your own room, you weave around the bed and dressers, going into the bathroom. It was a rather large room, beige colored walls with a few pictures of seahorses and tan tiled section around your walk-in shower, a lone marble countertop standing beside it with the sink. A silver towel rack stood above the porcelain toilet.
  74. >Moving over to the countertop, you reach over to the rack and pull out a towel, tossing it on the counter before laying the sobbing earth pony atop it. As you reassuringly stroke her aquamarine mane,tracing your fingers around the white stripes, you open a drawer below your counter, grabbing the tub of baby wipes there.
  75. >You drag the moist towelettes across her wet stomach fur, making sure the sanitizing liquid soaked in. Tossing the towelette to the side, you withdraw another one and rub the area around her nethers, gliding the moist fabric gently around her lips. She doesn’t blush or protest as you do so, she was used to you touching her privates by now. Grabbing the edge of the towel, you fold it around her body and dry off the once again wet and now lemon-scented fur.
  76. >Taking off your shirt, you bundle it up and throw it over the glass panel separating the shower from the rest of the room, making a mental note to clean it later. Another wet wipe across your own damp stomach later, and you were carrying Blazing back into your room.
  77. >You set her down on the bed and give her a reassuring scratch behind her ears.
  78. “I’ll be right back Blazing, I just need to get your cage.”
  79. >“N-no! Please… let me sleep with you…”
  80. >Back to the dilemma it seems.
  82. >You weren’t against letting her sleep with you, she was very comfy, but you didn’t want her falling off the bed, hence the cage, and you were slightly worried about rolling over on her; not to mention some other reservations. But as you gazed into her eyes, you knew she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
  83. “All right Blazing, but just for tonight.”
  84. >You can hear her squee of excitement as you crawl back into bed, gently hoisting her into the air as you roll onto your side, before settling the earth pony across your chest so you both faced the same direction. Tucking in the blankets around your bodies, you gently wipe away her tears with a thumb.
  85. >Adjusting the pillow, you angle it diagonally so she’d have a perch for her head. Your right arm supporting your head while your left brushes across her branded cutie mark as it finds its way across her barrel, your hand settling down on her chest tuft and embedding itself.
  86. >She coo’s softly in your grasp, enjoying the enclosed space as she was now frightened by open areas. For her, it all seemed far too big.
  87. >Those other reservations came back to you as your hand caressed the aquamarine fur on her chest, your dream coming back to you in all to vivid detail.
  88. >Clearly, her human-like mannerisms and characteristics had tricked your mind in believing it was okay to develop certain feelings for the mare in your arms.
  89. >It was not okay.
  90. >Just a few days ago you were at the bar with Becky, your former “girlfriend", but found yourself unable to connect with her.
  91. >Or rather, unwilling.
  93. >She didn’t have Blazing’s pixie cut mane, or her sapphire eyes. Her skin couldn’t even begin to compete with Blazing’s fur and they weren’t nearly as cute.
  94. >She dumped you that night.
  95. >It wasn't that big a deal though, you two had met at the bar just a little over a month ago and you managed to take her home after dropping your signature line on her.
  96. “Ain’t no time like Cho time.”
  97. >It works surprisingly well.
  98. >She was a little surprised by the bell above your bed but didn’t understand its significance until later on, after you had both fallen asleep.
  99. >Needless to say, she wasn’t happy when a bell chimed above her head at three twenty-seven in the morning, but Blazing needed to use the bathroom. Your internal clock had recently started to synchronize with Blazing’s own, as she typically woke up between three and three thirty each morning to use the bathroom. While she could walk short distances by herself, getting her up to higher surfaces was your job.
  100. >You had introduced them, and Becky was less than thrilled about the crippled mare you cared for. You didn’t blame her, it was a big responsibility, caring for Blazing was a full time job after all.
  101. >It’s a good thing you convinced your office that you could bring her in to see clients with you by classifying her as a “comfort animal”.
  102. >You and Becky continued to see each other, she found you nice and you thought similarly of her, but you both knew you weren’t for each other. However casual sex happened to be a shared interest you both had.
  103. >Whenever Becky stayed the night though, Blazing seemed to want three times as much attention, which led to her breaking off the deal a few days ago.
  104. >Your hand idly traces the contours of the scars along her chest as you become lost in thought, your mind drifting back to how you found the beaten mare.
  106. >You were just driving out of the neighborhood, right after Mom tried to kill you with her Thanksgiving turkey again. You really needed to stop visiting on holidays, if you kept going back, she’d make you fat like your father.
  107. >Anyway, as you were leaving some drunken bozo had driven you off the main road and onto a long winding dirt trail, surrounded on all sides by pine trees. Normal people would just slap a k-turn but after backing into one to many trees during your initial driving lessons, you avoided them whenever possible.
  108. >You drove down the dirt pathway with the intent to circle around when you got into a clearing or reached the creepy wooden house in the distance. Ma and Pa said the old man who lived here was kind of a hermit, but you didn’t think he’d care if one dude drove up his pathway.
  109. >Finally exiting the pathway, you found yourself outside the man’s house. The house itself had clearly seen better days, what with it's rotting exterior. An older SUV resided out front, it’s sides beginning to accumulate a layer of rust. Although you couldn’t see any lights on through the cracked glass windows, the eerie feeling of being watched seemed ever-present in the gloomy atmosphere.
  110. >Were it not for the screaming you could hear, you’d have floored it out of there.
  111. >Throwing your muscle car into park, you hopped out and immediately set about locating the source of the screaming.
  112. >It wasn’t particularly hard, the thrashing metal trashcan duck surrounded by an oversized tire kinda gave itself away. You rushed over and peering inside to find the mare you’d come to know as Blazing.
  113. >Crying, legless, and being eaten alive by ants.
  115. >She was practically coated in them as they viciously attacked the softer skin on the stumps of her legs, as well as her genitals. There were groups of the ants eating her ears and nose as well, with a sweaty stream of them moving up to her eyes. The only thing stopping their progress was the sheer amount of tears pouring from her eyes made her face too slick for the ants to crawl on.
  116. >Thinking fast, you wrenched the mare from the can and ran back to your car. Setting her in the dirt and brushing the many ants that had accumulated on your arms as well, you reached into the car and pulled out your water bottle, dousing the mare’s head with it and swatting as many ants off the rest of her as you could.
  117. >You then threw her in your car, still covered in a few ants, and raced the crying mare back to your parents house. Upon arrival, you ran to their backyard, broke open the screen porch around their pool, and leapt in. The amount of ants that floated off the two of you and up to the surface of the pool disturbed you to this day.
  118. >After explaining to your parents and promising to pay for the screen, you had to drove her to the nearest veterinary hospital, which of course had to be fifty miles away. Thankfully, there was a nice vet and her daughter there with a pony of their own to help her.
  119. >The ant’s didn’t appear to cause any sort of permanent damage, aside from her ears getting a few nicks in them, but she did need a steady stream of antibiotics and other assorted medicines to nurse her back to health.
  120. >You still felt terrible that her previous owner got away with it. The vet had warned you against trying to press charges, as the laws protecting slaves were rather lax there. You’d still have gone through with it, had she not mentioned that you technically stole her from his property.
  121. >If you tried anything, her owner could simply claim you stole Blazing and could then reclaim her. You couldn’t even consider handing her back to that psychopath after that.
  123. >Today, you still “illegally” owned her, as you never had any adoption papers authenticated. You’d need the consent of her former owner for that, and you weren’t gonna risk her life for a piece of fancy paper.
  124. >Your eyes drift to your framed doctorate degree, admiring and at the same time despising how much power a piece of fancy paper held.
  125. “Hey Blazing?”
  126. >Your mare, who had just begun to drift off to sleep, feeling safe and secure in your grasp, cocked her head backwards at an awkward angle to look at you. The top of her head pressed against your collarbone and her upside down eyes strained to meet your own gaze.
  127. >Deciding that was uncomfortable just to look at, you rotate her around so she faces you, taking some strain off her neck.
  128. “Are you uhh… are you okay?”
  129. >“I am now Master.”
  130. >She snuggles her head into the crook of your neck as you cringe just a bit at the name. No sentient creature should have to call another master. It didn’t help that ponies were just as intelligent as humans. It wasn’t even a disputed fact that they were, people just didn’t seem to care. Well, some people didn’t.
  131. >You tried to get her to stop calling you master, but it wouldn’t seem to click in her mind. So you gave up. A project for another day as it were.
  132. >You were just glad you finally convinced her it was okay to ask for things. Trying to guess when she had to go to the bathroom was a pain.
  133. >“You’ll call the bug man in tomorrow again right Master?”
  134. >Bug man…
  135. >Pesticide guy. Got it.
  136. “Sure thing Blazing. I’ll have him do another sweep of the apartment.”
  138. >She pulls her head out of your neck and her eyes shine with a level of appreciation you’ll never get used to. To her, you were probably the only person in the world that mattered.
  139. “Did the ant manage to bite you?”
  140. >“No master, you saved me in time!”
  141. >She nuzzles your cheek and trills into your chest. It’d be adorable to you if she wasn’t so utterly terrified of ants that she meant every word with the utmost sincerity. Bringing up the fact that it was just one ant would only make her sad.
  142. >Time to change the subject.
  143. “Do you need to use the bathroom before we go back to sleep? Want a drink of water?”
  144. >“Some water would be nice…”
  145. >You reach over to your nightstand and grab the glass of ice water you kept there for this express purpose. Well, it was for when you got thirsty, but it seemed applicable here.
  146. >You turned Blazing on her back and propped up her neck as you brought the glass to her puckered lips. You pour slowly, letting Blazing drink her fill without spilling all over her. She sticks out her tongue, signaling you that she has finished, so you retract the glass and put it back on the nightstand.
  148. >Settling back on your side and facing her to you once again, you wrap your arms around her and hug her soft fur against your skin. Her covered nubs wiggle around in happiness as she cuddles closer to you, enjoying the warmth and safety you provided. It only lasts for a few moments before she grows stiff again.
  149. >“M-master?”
  150. “Yes Blazing?”
  151. >“When is Becky coming back over?”
  152. >Her eyes dart away from your own as she asks, obviously nervous.
  153. “I don’t think she’ll be coming over again. We broke it off.”
  157. >“Yes!”
  158. >You cock an eyebrow at her as she wiggles her stumps in victory, before she realizes her outburst and freezes in place. Like a deer caught in headlights, she can do nothing but stare at you and wait for the first strike.
  159. >It never comes.
  160. “Blazing, did you not like Becky?”
  161. >“N-no! BeckywasawonderfulpersonandI’msurethatshelovedyouverymuchandmadeoyouhappyI’msososorrypleasedon’t-”
  162. “Shhhhh, it’s okay Blazing, I’m not gonna hurt you.”
  163. >You place a finger to her lips and stop the babbling, your head tumbling around as it tries to process her word salad.
  164. “Why didn’t you like Becky?”
  165. >You were genuinely curious. Becky felt sorry for Blazing and brought her little toys and knick-knacks to play with. Her favorite was a stupid looking muzzle with a finger on the front that let her use touch screens and such. Honestly, you thought that was genius. Even though she needed your help to put it on and take it off, it let her browse what she wanted without having to tell you word for word and forcing you to sit there and watch cat videos with her.
  166. >“I do like Becky…”
  167. >You didn’t have to be a psychologist to know she was lying. You flip her around once more and position her back to your bare chest, both of your hands finding a perch on her chest and stomach. You had ways of getting information…
  168. >“M-master wait…”
  169. “I’m not going to be mad Blazing, I just want to know why you didn’t like her.”
  171. >“I… I did like her…”
  172. >Your fingers lightly dance around the fur on her tummy, just barely stimulating her. It wasn’t enough to cause an outright laugh, but it made your intentions and presence clear. Her little giggle fit it caused evidenced this.
  173. >“M-m-master please…”
  174. “Why didn’t you like her Blazing?”
  175. >Silence.
  176. >Your hand dances around her stomach fur again while your other one tickles the side of her ribcage You hold her tightly in your arms as she tries to squirm out of your grasp, her smiling muzzle desperately holding back her laughter.
  177. >Positing your hands into prime tickling position, but not moving, you give Blazing one last chance.
  178. >“Ple-he-hse Master! Don’t!”
  179. “Why didn’t you like her?”
  180. >Still silence.
  181. >Your fingers assume the position, but you drop it and tuck your arm back under your head, the other nestling back into her chest fur. She told you to stop so you would. For now at least. Blazing breaths a sigh of relief as she snuggles into your back once more.
  182. “You’re going to tell me the truth one day Blazing.”
  183. >“…I can’t. You’d hate me…”
  184. “Wha? I could never hate you Blazing. You’re too adorable.”
  185. >“T-t-then w-why do you still w-want to g-get rid of me?”
  187. >You crack your jaw at the question. It was true, you’d told her that you didn’t plan to keep her. You weren’t sure you were up to the task. That didn’t mean you were just going to drop her off at the pound or anything, you had been researching “pony-zones”, little places where you paid to house your pony and they could be free. “Free” being defined more in the fine print of course.
  188. >Now though, you had second-thoughts and also a new incentive to get rid of her.
  189. >She was beautiful.
  190. >Your previous dream just served as proof that you couldn’t keep her, you were falling in love with her. Pretty soon, you may not even be attracted to humans anymore! Papa Cho didn’t raise some backwoods beastiality-lovin hick.
  191. >That was Grandpa Cho.
  192. >Plus, Blazing could never truly love you. She was still afraid of you even now, despite her cuddly ways. Always scared you’d just decide to hit her out of the blue. Even if she could accept you, would it be real love? Or just false feelings generated by what was essentially Stockholm Syndrome.
  193. >To her, you were just the best out of all her previous masters. That didn’t exactly scream boyfriend material to you.
  194. “I… I can’t keep you Blazing. I’m sorry,”
  195. >“W-why?!”
  196. >Her outburst startles you enough that your grip loosens, allowing her to expertly flip her body over to face you.
  197. > “I-I don’t want any other Masters! I don’t want anybody else but you! First, Becky comes in and tries to steal you away, and now you’re just going to ditch me?!”
  198. >“I thought you said I wasn't a slave! You can’t just throw me out like my last Master! I thought you were different!”
  199. >You weren’t sure how to respond to that. Blazing didn’t like Becky because she was “stealing” you?
  200. >“I… thought I loved you…”
  202. >A familiar twinge of pain came from your chest. It started as a warm glow that grew into a wave that encompassed the entirety of your torso and spread out through your spine, sending shivers down your back.
  203. “Blazing… that’s why I can’t keep you. Because I think I love you too.”
  204. >“W-what? No! If you did, you’d keep me!”
  205. >Tears are streaming down her face again as you just stare at her with sadness. Happiness had never been so close yet so far away from you.
  206. “I can’t keep you because if I did, I’d trick myself into believing that you truly loved me. If that happened, I’d never let you go.”
  207. >“B-but I do love you!”
  208. “I’m not mad Blazing, but ask yourself this. Do you actually love me for who I am, and what I do, or do you just love your non-abusive master who treats you with some actual fucking decency?”
  209. >Her eyes water and her lips tremble, but she can’t bring herself to answer you truthfully. Sure, she may like you as a person, but she really only cared about the fact that you didn’t abuse her.
  210. “It’s going to sound selfish, it really is, but I can’t keep you because it hurts me Blazing. I look at other women now and just compare them to you! And they just can’t compete.”
  211. >Unable to resist the temptation any longer, you lean in and kiss her on the lips.
  212. >They seemed perfectly contoured for your own as you pressed your lips together. Soft, supple, and with a hint of mint flavoring from when you helped her brush her teeth a few hours ago.
  213. >You pull back and stare into her shocked eyes, her brain trying to process the information just as much as you.
  214. “I’m sorry…”
  215. >Recovering, she leans into you and tries to kiss back, but you hold your head away from her. Realizing she can’t reach, she begins whimpering and straining her neck as far as possible, yet still remains unable to reach her goal.
  217. >“P-please Master… let me kiss you…”
  218. >You continue to hold out against her distraught face, wiping the tears from her beautiful eyes once more with your thumb.
  219. “I can’t Blazing. It would hurt too much…”
  220. >Her whimpers turned into pitiful whines as she continues to strain her neck. Despite your best efforts, you can’t resist letting your eyes wander over her scarred aquamarine body, her cute little bootie things neither of you knew what to call, the stylized “S” brand that obscured her cutie mark…
  221. >It was at that point you realized you couldn’t get rid of Blazing Trails. Your heart would break.
  222. >Reluctantly, you crane your head down and push Blazing just a bit further up on the bed, letting her have access to your head. She quickly mashes her lips against your own before you have a chance to retract.
  223. >Her mouth opens and her tongue laps across your lips, poking and prodding for an entrance. Your hand finds its way behind her mane and you pull her close as your mouth opens, letting her explore the unfamiliar territory.
  224. >She moans as you force her tongue back into her own mouth, entering hers as you did so. Your muscle dances around her longer and thicker one, your tongue tracing over her teeth and minty gums.
  225. >She pushes back into your mouth and does the same, paying particularly close attention to your canines and shuddering as she presses into them.
  226. >The battle rages on for several more minutes, each team gaining ground before quickly losing it as the other retaliated in kind. It was you who surrendered first, letting the mare have her way with you as you simply ran your hand through her mane.
  227. >Eventually she too tires and pulls away with a string of saliva the only connecting bridge between both of your open mouths and flushed faces.
  229. “I… I’ll never get rid of you Blazing Trails. I won’t even think about it anymore.”
  230. >Even if she could never love you for being anything more than the nice slaver, you wouldn’t be able to release her anymore.
  231. >She can do nothing but nod and smack her lips together as she slaps her head back down on the pillow, exhausted from the unusual amount of straining she had done.
  232. >“Y-you said you were worried about me not truly loving you?”
  233. “I did say that Blazing. I still am worried, but I don’t think my heart could take losing you, so don’t worry.”
  234. >“I… have an idea for that Master…”
  235. >Your drooping eyes shoot to her own as you fight to stay awake, the comfortable mare against your chest definitely not helping you in that regard.
  236. >“W-why don’t we… date?”
  237. “Date? Little archaic don’t you think?”
  238. >She angrily bumps her head against your chin as you grin at her.
  239. >“I’m serious! If you want me to see you as someone other than just my best master to-date, show me that person.”
  240. >Her words struck a chord within you. It was a pretty good idea actually, you already knew her favorite places to eat and such. Perhaps you needed to see her in a different light just as much as you desired her to see you in a different one as well.
  241. “That’s… a very good idea Blazing, brilliant even. There’s just one problem.”
  242. > “What’s that Master?”
  243. “You said, ‘best master to-date’. You’re not getting another master so long as I’m alive.”
  244. >You lean down and kiss Blazing in the lips again as she blushes, before cuddling into your welcoming embrace and drifting off to sleep, with you following suit not long after.
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