Midori Ryou (Swimsuit)

Sep 10th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Ryou
  2. (Today I've come to the beach to collect data.)
  3. (Makino-chan is with me too, but right now I'm a part of another piece of action.)
  4. (Because... today's target is a dire scandal.)
  5. (To keep out of trouble, we can't stick together.)
  6. (A famous school couple seems to have appeared at the beach.)
  7. (Rumors are saying both of them have different lovers.)
  8. (Among the students, word is one of them is a teacher.)
  9. (Common speculation is flying around.)
  10. (If I can secure the truth here, the Midori Report will be even more popular.)
  11. (Well then, I wonder if I can expose it.)
  12. ---!?
  14. -A couple appear-
  16. Ryou
  17. (Target spotted!)
  18. (I see, a tent, huh? It's a little difficult to get a shot, however...)
  19. (I'm used to this much.)
  21. Ryou
  22. [Chatting while changing into swimsuits.]
  23. [Right now they just look like a normal couple, but...]
  24. [Come on, when will you throw me a scrap...?]
  25. [...These two are just getting along while eating yakisoba...]
  26. [From the edge, nothing looks suspicious.]
  27. [Is this just going to be a watermark...?]
  28. [Why did you come to the sea... wait, there's movement...]
  29. [Is this a quarrel...? If they grab each other this will be story material!]
  30. [Ooh, the guy jumped out...]
  31. [Now what will happen...?]
  32. [...Hm? Wait wait wait...]
  33. [A different boy just went into the tent...?]
  34. [I've got it! This guy is a scoop!]
  35. [How bold to be having a secret meeting like this.]
  36. [Hm? That is...]
  37. [The boy that went out first...? He went in the tent...!]
  38. [He's here he's here! There's no doubt this will be a massive bloodbath!]
  40. Ryou
  41. (Hm? Another girl from the beach...)
  42. (She went in the tent! What in the world will happen to... oh?)
  43. (All four of them came out of the tent in swimsuits...?)
  44. (.....Eh? Four person beach volleyball...?)
  45. (.....Haa, I see, it's just four good friends, huh?)
  46. (It was all... just a misunderstanding.)
  48. Ryou
  49. Haa, good grief. Is there no harvest after going through all of this?
  50. ...It should have been the main article in the next Midori Report...
  52. ~~~~~!
  54. Ryou
  55. ...Hm? That voice is...
  56. As I thought... it's Makino-chan.
  57. Flirting...?
  59. Ikumi
  60. Geeze! Kumi is getting angry! Seriously!!!!
  62. Ryou
  63. ---!?
  64. Sorry, but this is where Midori-san comes in.
  66. Ryou
  67. [Hey, mind telling me what's happening!?]
  69. Ikumi
  70. Yes! I was waiting for you! Master!
  72. [Click]
  74. Ikumi
  75. Kya! ...Ryou-chan! You scared me.
  77. Ryou
  78. No, I didn't think I could ever take such a good picture right at the end.
  80. Ikumi
  81. Hm?
  83. Ryou
  84. The title is, that's right.
  85. ["Makino Ikumi, age 19, picks up fans with flirting!"]
  86. How's that?
  88. Ikumi
  89. Fueeh! Ryou-chan was watchiiing!?
  90. It's a misunderstanding~ My rep is damaged!
  92. Ryou
  93. Ahaha! It's all because of my technique.
  95. Ikumi
  96. Wha! Technique!
  98. Ryou
  99. Ah, I'm just messing around.
  101. Ikumi
  102. ---!?
  103. Fu, fueeeeeh! Kumii, was so scared... sob sob.
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