Bitch Buddies

Aug 27th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >It had been another long, hard day at horse-people school
  3. >You of course, being of the mind that school was for nerds, had done your best to coast through the whole day
  4. >It had taken some doing--not a lot of teachers liked you sleeping in their class, guy or not-- but somehow, drawing from your deep inner strength, you successfully slacked off
  5. >Your reward was two days off to do whatever you wanted
  6. >And now, itwas the beginning of the weekend, and by god you were going to enjoy yourself
  7. >At that moment, you were partaking in one of your favorite activities, lying in your bed in a state of half-consciousness
  8. >The blinds in your bedroom had been closed
  9. >The air conditioner had been turned all the way down
  10. >Three very big, very warm blankets were on top of your body
  11. >You were wearing your favorite pajama bottoms and thick, fuzzy socks
  12. >Maximum comfiness had been achieved
  13. >A quiet, content sigh escaped you as you nuzzled your cheek into your pillow
  14. >This was almost the perfect way to end the day...
  15. >All it needed was just a little... something...
  16. >On the other side of your house, you heard someone knocking on your door
  17. >You made no move to get up to see who it was
  18. >And why on earth would you?
  19. >For all you knew it was a robber, or lord forbid a rapist
  20. >You'd be much safer if you just stayed put
  21. >So you did
  22. >Because fuck getting up
  23. >There were a few more knocks and then silence
  24. >You thought that would be the end of it, but then you heard a sharp click echo throughout the house
  25. >The doorknob was turned, and a moment later the door creaked open
  28. >"Anonymous? Are you there, dear?"
  29. >You lifted your head up a bit before letting it flop down onto your pillow
  30. >That was no master burglar or ne'er-do-well
  31. >In fact, you knew that voice
  32. >It belonged to your lady friend and clothing fetishist Rararararara
  33. "Yeah. I'm here in the bedroom," you called.
  34. >You heard your front door being closed and locked
  35. >"Is it alright if I leave my backpack on your couch, dear?" Rarity called
  36. "It always is," you replied, burrowing yourself deeper into your bed
  37. >You could see Rarity in your mind's eye
  38. >This wasn't the first time that she had been in your house
  39. >You knew her routine
  40. >She no doubt was placing her shoes right on the little mat you kept by the door
  41. >They'd be right next to your sneakers, and perfectly in the center of the mat to boot
  42. >After than Rarity would walk into your living room, drop her backpack onto your couch, fix her outfit and hair so she looked "presentable" and...
  43. >"Give me a moment, Anon."
  44. >You heard the girl quickly making her way through your house right outside your bedroom you
  45. >You heard her pause, quietly take a deep breath, before knocking
  46. "Don't come in, I'm indecent," you said, yawning.
  47. >You heard a very unladylike snort from the other side of the door before it was slowly pushed open
  48. >Cracking open an eye, you gazed upon Rararara in all of her glory
  49. >She looked both exhausted and a little upset
  50. >Her hair was as messy as her hair could get--a few stands sticking up and it wasn't as glossy as it usually was
  51. >Her shirt and skirt were also a little dirty, and you could see the beginnings of bags under her eyes
  52. >But most of all you could see her pleading, eager look
  53. >You had seen this look many, many times since she had been coming over here
  56. >For as long as you've known her, Rarity was a big bundle of nerves
  57. >She not only had a very successful dress business, but she still had high school to deal with
  58. >Then there was her crazy-ass little sister and her even crazier friends
  59. >That was a lot for an eighteen year old girl
  60. >It didn't help that Rarity was known for her "male tastes"
  61. >You knew that she was teased for making clothing all the time
  62. >Sure, the teasing was done very far away from her, and done VERY quietly, but every now and again she'd hear it
  63. >It also didn't help that she liked to gossip like the guys in this world, hated most physical labor, and had a general dislike for anything "girly"
  64. >You knew that she just wanted to be herself every once in awhile
  65. >She wanted to relax, get some things off her chest, bitch and gossip and just chat the day away
  66. >But she couldn't do this with any of her friends; not like she wanted to anyway
  67. >And no guy on this weird, not-horse planet wanted to sit around and listen to her bitch while they had bitching to do themselves
  68. >So that was where you came in
  69. >Lifting your arms up, you beckoned her toward you
  70. "Come on, before I fall asleep."
  71. >A smile came to Rarity's face
  72. >Without a word, she made her way across the room, not quite running but coming very close
  73. >Closing your eyes once again, you threw back your covers and made some room for her
  74. >"Must you always have it so cold in here, Anon?" she asked, a shiver running through her as she climbed into your bed, throwing your covers over her body
  75. >The moment she did this, you struck
  76. >You reached out, wrapping your arms around her middle
  77. >Pulling her toward you, you buried your face into the nape of her neck and took a deep breath
  78. "There's nothing like snuggling under the covers while it's cold, Rare," you said
  79. >Rarity, like she always did, tensed as you touched her
  82. >All of that tension disappeared, however, the second you placed a kiss right on her neck
  83. >"Y-Yes, well, I would be careful if I were you dear. We wouldn't want you catching a cold now would we?"
  84. >Rarity wiggled backwards, pressing her entire body against you
  85. >You let out quiet hum, gently nipping at Rarity's neck
  86. "Oh, I think I know of a little miss that'll be keeping me nice and warm..."
  87. >While you had absolutely no problem with having someone unleash a verbal barrage on you, you weren't stupid
  88. >Different gender roles or not, you've seen guys get friendzoned even here
  89. >You had seen it happen with Flash and Sunset
  90. >More than once you saw superintendent Discord following Fluttershy around like some lost puppy
  91. >You had already dealt with that shit in an entirely different reality, you weren't dealing with it here
  92. >So you and Rararara had made a bargain
  93. >She could come over here whenever she wanted to just be herself, but in exchange you were allowed to keep your hands, mouth, and whatever other body part that fancied a little action occupied with her body
  94. >You planted a kiss on Rarity's shoulder
  95. "So how was your day, Rare?" you asked
  96. >One of your hands slipped under Rarity's shirt
  97. >Rarity squirmed as you let that hand stroke her smooth, firm belly, her nose scrunching up in indignation and frustration even as a blush worked its way onto her face
  98. >"Oh it was HORRIBLE, Anonymous," she wailed. "Mrs. Spitfire once again insisted that we run laps for the entire gym period!"
  99. "In that heat? She was lucky no one passed out," you said, giving her collarbone a few bites
  100. >"Oh I'm not ashamed to say that I was close to fainting from the heat by the end," Rarity said with a sigh. "And not only that but I'm positive that I sprained my ankle!"
  103. >You made the appropriate noises as your other hand slipped under her shirt as well
  104. >Rarity wiggled, firmly pressing her backside against your groin
  105. "Did you say something to the teacher?" you asked, letting your hands travel upward
  106. >"Of COURSE I said something, dear. But do know know what--"
  107. >Rarity giggled as you traced the outside of her belly button with your thumb
  108. >"--she said when I asked her to go to the nurse's office for some medical attention?"
  109. >A very quiet, very low growl escaped you as your fingertips grazed the bottoms of Rarity's breasts
  110. >Usually, unlike most of the other girls at school, Rarity liked to wear bras
  111. >Not for the comfort or support mind you, but because she made her bras herself and wanted to show them off
  112. >But, ever since she had started coming here, Rarity had started to go without them
  113. "What did she say?" you asked, cupping her firm, sizeable tits
  114. >Rarity grinded her ass a little more forcefully against your groin even as she let out a huff
  115. >"She told me to "grow a pair of tits and suck it up"," she said, doing her best impression of Mrs. Spitfire's gruff, no nonsense voice
  116. >You chuckled, giving Rarity's breasts a squeeze
  117. "You should have just lifted up your shirt," you said, giving her shoulder a nuzzle. "That would have shut that flat-board whistleblower up."
  118. >Rarity tittered, reaching behind herself to give you a playful slap
  119. >"Yes, I could have done that if I wanted detention for the foreseeable future, dear. However, I decided to take her advice and "suck it up" as it were."
  120. >Rarity gently frowned, rubbing one of her legs against yours
  121. >You stopped your groping for a moment to pick your head up and look at her
  122. "Do you wanna stop for a little bit so I can go and get you an ice pack or something?" you asked
  123. >"That's very kind of you, dear, but I believe that staying off my feet for a day or so will be the best thing for me," Rarity replied, looking back at you with a smile
  124. >You let your head fall back onto your pillow
  127. "Well, if you're hurting at all just go ahead and tell me and I'll get you something, Rare bear."
  128. >Rarity hummed as you kissed her cheek
  129. >"You truly are the kindest of gentlemen, my dear. And I shall. But that wasn't the ONLY horrid thing that happened today!"
  130. >You ran your hands along Rarity's tits
  131. >Just like the rest of her body, her skin was perfectly smooth and flawless
  132. >There were no bumps, or divots, or anything like that
  133. >Just jiggly, wonderful flesh with two very hard nipples in the center of it all
  134. >Once upon a time, Rarity would have froze up when you started playing with her boobs
  135. >Hell, the very first time that you did this, a few gentle bites on the neck and some squeezing caused Rarity to cum so hard that the poor girl had been left senseless for a good ten minutes
  136. >She vehemently denied that you made her cum her brains out without even going below the belt time and again, but you watched as she jerked and twitched against you
  137. >You saw her bite her lip as she tried her hardest not to moan
  138. >You even saw that look of horror and embarrassment after the fact
  139. >After that, you had done your best to get the same reaction out of this beautiful girl, and today was no exception
  140. "Oh? Were you having trouble with that thing with Twilight?" you asked, tweaking her nipples
  141. >"Y-Yes, Twilight's molecule acceleration compressor, or whatever silly thing she called it," Rarity said, trying her hardest to compose herself. "Apparently she needed help from myself and the rest of the girls to move the thing from the science hall to the main auditorium."
  142. >Giving Rarity's breasts a good squeeze, you bit down on her neck
  143. >Not hard enough to leave marks or bruises--she always told you she hated that, even if the look on her face said otherwise-- but hard enough that her back arched and she let out the quietest of moans
  144. "And how did you all do that?" you asked, kissing the spot you had just bitten. "Isn't that machine like two thousand pounds?"
  147. >You managed to get a few more gropes, kisses, and bites in before Rarity couldn't take it anymore
  148. >Reaching under her shirt, she pulled your hands away before rolling over so that the two of you were eye to eye
  149. >You couldn't help but crack a smile when you saw her furrowed brow and her red face
  150. >"You are INCORRIGIBLE. Teasing a poor young lady like this," she said
  151. >She let go of your hands which allowed you to reach around and grab her ass
  152. "Can you blame me? What guy would be able to keep his hands to himself when he has a masterpiece lying right next to him."
  153. >Rarity did her best to look irritated, though you could see a smile tugging at the corners of her lips
  154. >You took this as permission push her back against you while you gave her ass a firm squeeze
  155. >Rarity's eyes crossed
  156. >A twitch ran down the length of her body
  157. >She hummed, her eyes slipping closed as she buried her face into the nape of your neck and inhaled deeply
  158. >You nuzzled the top of her head, letting your hands slip into her pants so that you could touch bare flesh
  159. "So how did you get that machine out of the science hall?" you asked, your voice barely above a whisper. "Did you get a key for the elevator to get it to the second floor?"
  160. >"No. Unfortunately for us Twilight forgot to acquire a set of keys from the principal this morning," Rarity said, stroking her arms. "So the girls and I were forced to woman up and take it up the stairs."
  161. >Rarity's ass, while not as big or firm as some of her other friends, still had a wonderful springiness to it
  162. >You squeezed it, rubbed the cheeks together, even gave it a few light slaps
  163. >Rarity let out another moan
  164. >She darted forward, clamping down on your shoulder hard enough that it no doubt would leave a very visible mark
  165. >Your body jerked and your cock twitched
  168. >Rarity giggled, staring up at you with mischievous eyes, making sure to place a kiss on the spot she just bit before pulling away
  169. >"It was difficult to move the thing, even with Applejack's strength, but we eventually managed it," she said.
  170. "T-That's good," you said, giving Rarity's ass one more squeeze before letting your hands wander to her legs
  171. >Rarity smiled as you started rubbing her thighs
  172. >There was a very noticeable wetness near her groin
  173. >You could also feel the heat coming off of her womanhood
  174. >"It might be good for Twilight--I'm happy to help the girl after all--but I sincerely hope that I won't have to do something like that for a long while," Rarity said, exhaustion making its way onto her face as she groaned again
  175. "Oh you poor girl," you said, giving her forehead a kiss. "You had such a hard day."
  176. >Your hands left Rarity's groin and made their way to her crotch
  177. >Rarity's eyes fluttered closed as your thumb brushed against her lower lips
  178. >"Y-Yes, I've had a very long day," she said, kissing your neck
  179. >You felt one of her small, slender hands making its way down your chest to rub against the outline of your cock
  180. >Rarity lifted her head and looked up at you with hunger in her eyes
  181. >"But not hard. Not yet~"
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