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Gen Prime v Bright Ideas

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  1. GeneralFreedom: A few miles outside of Millennium City, it seemed to be shaping up to be a fairly average day in Haldale, Michigan when quite suddenly, it seemed like the sunny day just kept getting brighter. And brighter. To the point where people were forced to retreat indoors or be blinded and cooked! Not too long after a mysterious message went out from the mayors office by a strange looking man with a glowing head. "Unless you want Haldale to get cooked like an egg, you'll deliver five million dollars to the mayors office by eight sharp! Don't even think about busting in and trying to ruin my plan! I assure you, it's foolproof!" Since Haldale doesn't exactly have a big hero population... it's time to call out for some help! Tutor, piloting a sleek low profile VTOL, has let the members of Gen Prime that accepted the mission in on what's happening on the way! "How lame," Bom-Pom sighs. "It's not even in the city! How many people are even in Haldale? A couple thousand? At most?"
  3. silverswede: "... Why does that matter?" he asks, having not yet transformed into his berserker form for obvious reasons, though the sword rests over his knees with his fingers around the handle.
  5. Fenel: "It's not the number which matters, yeah?" Weaver speaks up, huddled into a corner with her hands placed on her lap, spider limbs folded up along her body, hugging her. "But it'll get exposure, not on any front pages... but online publications will note the event." She points out, hoping to sate Bom-Pom if only somewhat. "But yes, let us focus on helping. What do we know, Tutor?"
  7. Palanius: Leans back comfortably in his chair, fiddling around with his deck of cards "I'm sure you'll end up right on the local front page, next to the big turnip sale and mud wrestling articles"
  9. Keioseth: Isn't saying much as he goes over the information they have.
  11. Oboeshoes101: Canopy pulled on her bowstring, checking its tensility. She made sure she had enough arrows and a variety of them for the situation at hand. She checked her leg pouch, there was enough utilities. "You wanted to this to be the best team, well not everything is going to be glitz and glamour. Gotta start with the small stuff."
  13. Realsorceror: Charlotte was already up and out of her seat, her sticky shoes ensuring she didn't fall down from the movement of the vehicle. "I'm ready, coach! Just give me a chance!"
  15. GeneralFreedom: "I guess. I was hoping for something bigger... like that fight with VIPER we had a few weeks back," Bom-Pom tsks. "Population is twelve thousand," Tutor states from the pilot seat. "And Weaver is correct; it's not about numbers. Remember that." As the VTOL touches down outside the city Tutor stands and projects a holographic display from his palm. "The villain is a newcomer and we have little information on his abilities. According to my readings there are unusual energy signatures coming from the rooftops of two buildings nearby. Visual picked up nothing though. Puzzling."
  17. Fenel: "...I see. I will report back what I pick up when we land, for the record. Any contact from within the town?"
  18. "The citizens are bound to know something, yes?"
  20. Realsorceror: "Maybe he makes little suns or something? It's really bright outside. I should be safe with my optics."
  22. silverswede: "Mm..." He mutters, agreeing with someone as he looks outside. "... It's hot. Very hot." He says, rather convinced.
  24. Keioseth: Takes off his mask and swaps it for a set of tech shades, "Bring water." He heads for the door.
  26. GeneralFreedom: "This is a crisis situation with most of the civilians advised to stay inside. News coverage from local sources is high, but they don't know much either. Local police aren't equipped to deal with this kind of situation and have been repelled from the mayor's office by unknown assailants. It's safe to assume he has underlings." As Bom-Pom moves to get up, Tutor stops her. "You're staying with me to gather information. Our team should be more than enough and we will provide backup if needed." It looks like she's about to argue and a little spurt of red energy flashes across her eyes but she shrugs and she takes her seat. "Whatever... good luck. I know you guys will need me, so don't be afraid to call."
  27. As the door opens, Cobalt will notice that it is indeed, amazingly hot. Well over a hundred degrees. And bright. So bright it washes out the color of the city! The rest of the team can feel the heat wash over them from the doorway.
  28. Palanius: "We'll buy you a souvenir when we're done" smirks and winks at Bom-Pom.
  30. Fenel: Standing, Weaver stares into the light, the cyclopean eye of her mask making a few quiet 'clicks' as something adjusts. Really, it was just some tinted glass helping to try and block out the worst of the light. "Ach! Light Emission with the side effect of heat generation. Sun analogy, not too incorrect."
  32. silverswede: "... It's like summer in Scania. I don't like it." He mutters dejectedly as he rises from his seat, covering his eyes somewhat at the bright light.
  34. Keioseth: Hums, "Might as well be walking on the sun." He gives a dismissive wave to Bom before stepping out into the sun washed hell. His shades darken to counter the brightness and he starts taking readings and feeding them back to Tutor.
  36. Palanius: "Look at the bright side, it's a lovely spring day," He coats himself in a shadowy aura.
  38. Oboeshoes101: Canopy puts a hand over her eyes to provide some cover. The heat doesn't seem to bother her too much all things considered. She steps out from the jet and into the town.
  40. Realsorceror: Charlotte pulls up the lower half of her mask, none too pleased with the heat, "We can't stay out in this too long or we'll bake like cookies." All eight of her eyes squint at the light.
  42. Fenel: "Correct. With the intensity of it, I would say an hour at best."
  44. GeneralFreedom: "I will sync up a location beacon to your comms and visual systems, if you have them. You will be alerted when nearing the energy sources. I suggest splitting up so that you may effectively deal with the situation before it gets out of hand. One team to the mayors office, two teams to investigate the energy sources."
  46. silverswede: keeps his hand on his sword, but hasn't drawn it yet. "So let's get to city hall fast, then."
  48. Palanius: "Dibs on mayors office"
  50. Keioseth: "Energy sources."
  52. Fenel: "I volunteer to investigate the energy sources. I believe I lend myself more to any potential issues which should occur there."
  54. silverswede: "... Mayor's office. I'll go where the fighting is, regardless."
  56. Oboeshoes101: "I guess I'll go to the mayor's office."
  58. Realsorceror: "I'll follow Weaver. Us spider ladies gotta stick together! Get it? Stick together. Because webs...." She trails off as the universe stops listening.
  60. Fenel: Weaver pauses, looking at Charlotte quietly. The expressionless details of her mask appear damning at first, but she eventually just nods. "Yes."
  62. GeneralFreedom: "Don't bite off more than you can chew," Bom-Pom says over the comms. "If you get in trouble, speak up. I don't want anyone making us look bad!" Tutor feeds the group the location information, sending Spellslinger, Canopy and Tyrfing to the mayor's office and Weaver, Charlotte and Cobalt towards the energy sources. There are two separate sources located on opposite sides of the city.
  64. Keioseth: "Spidergals wanna check out one and I'll check out the other?"
  66. Fenel: "Poor split. Either myself or Charlotte should accompany you. That is your name yes?" She inquires, looking over to the aforementioned spiderlady as they move towards their targets.
  68. Realsorceror: Charlotte whispers to her team, "It's a good thing Spellslinger is going inside. I was worried he'd burn up in the Sun." Total straight face. Actual concern.
  70. Palanius: Walks up to his team with a smile, wrapping his arms around Tyrfing and Canopy's' shoulders "A warrior, a rogue and a mage, quite the perfect team-up I would say"
  72. silverswede: "I guess?." He looks towards Spell, before stepping forwards and wrapping a hand around the sword's hilt. With a quick draw, he transforms in a torrent of relatively harmless flames.
  74. Keioseth: "Which ever." He fires a line out of his gauntlet and zips up to the top of the nearest building.
  76. Oboeshoes101: Canopy brushes off Spellslinger's arm. "Right. Come on, mayor's not going to save himself."
  78. Fenel: "I don't disagree, but we are all prone to it at this intensity. Follow him, if you can. I'll handle the other source." Her spider limbs unfold at that, violently reflecting the light in this environment. The lurch and twitch in an almost creepy manner. "Call if you require aid. I will not engage immediately."
  80. silverswede: Tyrfing's aura has changed completely, and he's now sporting a vicious grin on his face, lips drawn up as he laughs heartily. "Aaaaalright! Let's go pummel this fucker into a bloody pulp!" He agrees.
  82. GeneralFreedom: Haldale is eerily quiet as the teams gets moving. The glare from the seemingly amplified sunlight and heat shimmer makes it somewhat disorienting, creating a mirage effect. It's a good thing Tutor is offering guidance from the nice, cool VTOL. As the teams approach their various destination the air grows tense... it feels like someone is watching. Someone unfriendly.
  84. Palanius: "Guess 'm the odd man out for once, need some Conan the Barbarian cosplay too"
  86. Realsorceror: She follows Cobalt, but walks backward to better watch Weaver's sweet spider arms. Oddly, she doesn't seem to have any issue, "So, CC. Crusher. What do you do? Super strength, right?" Her other four eyes scan her surroundings. Way too many eyes.
  88. Keioseth: "Usually I hit things with a stick or two."
  90. silverswede: was holding a rather rapid pace, despite the poor visibility and raging heat, as if it didn't phase him at all. When his instincts kick in and tell him someone is nearby, he stops short and looks around, eager and thirsty for battle. "I feel something... a fight? Yeeeees!"
  92. Palanius: "Haven't seen you around before, you new?" Spellslinger asks Canopy as they make their way towards city hall as casual small talk.
  94. Oboeshoes101: "I was one of the first people recruited. I just have been busy of late, I have responsibilities elsewhere."
  96. Fenel: Weaver paused mid-step, her spider limbs hanging around her menacingly. Her body tensed up, like a spring ready to be let go, and she spoke. "Heat and light are not metahuman in origin. Beware concealed targets anyone with audio based detection, I'd suggest relying mostly on that." She says through their channel. She continued approaching the source, fists balled up. As nervous as she was, the costume made her look more intimidating than jumpy.
  98. Palanius: "Haven't we all?" looks to Tyrfing "Well, go get 'em champ. We got your back" he says and gives him an encouraging pat on the back
  100. GeneralFreedom: A very timely warning! Suddenly each team finds itself being targeted by beams of searing light that seem to fire from thin air, from the rooftops around the energy source team's destinations and from the steps of the rather humble Haldale city hall!
  102. Palanius: Throws up a card in front of him that expands outward into a shielding ward big enough to cover himself and anyone behind him.
  104. silverswede: Tyrfing's eyes dilate for a mere moment, and on instinct his sword is raised, deflecting the beams aimed at it with precise parries, except for a few that graze his shoulders and sides. "Rooftops!"
  106. Realsorceror: Her all-around optics warn her of the incoming danger well in advance, and she flips sideways and lands vertically on a wall, "Well that's just terrific."
  108. Keioseth: He crosses his arms in front of him and a series of hexagonal hard light barriers appear and deflect the blast. He's pushed back a few feet, "Dirty trick."
  110. Oboeshoes101: Canopy immediately goes into a roll behind some cover. She nods to Tyrfing. "Got it." She reaches into her quiver and pulls out a specialized arrow. Nocking it, she looks around for a suitable target
  113. Fenel: heating up to an absurd degree. And with that, they dropped off. Spider limbs formed a cross in front of her, ready to take any more direct attacks.
  115. GeneralFreedom: Though the attackers are hidden from sight, there are a few tell tale signs for those with finely tuned senses! A slight shimmer in the air, the soft whir of energy weaponry, the sound of movement as the attackers shift to better positions. "Here we go. Can anyone get a read on how many there are?" Tutor asks as a fresh volley of shots streak towards the various heroes!
  117. Fenel: "Negative. One shot on my end - no damage."
  119. Keioseth: His shades run through various spectrums in an attempt to locate the attackers and before another shot hits him he drops a smoke bomb to give himself a little cover. While in the smoke he'd get his sticks ready.
  121. Realsorceror: "I'm on it, coach." She tries switching her optics to thermal vision but is immediately blinded, "Oh Hell-icopter, that hurts!" She rolls off the wall onto the street. She switches to detecting electronics instead, on the guess that it's some machine.
  123. SomethingWitty: Just as the party gets started... a mass of thunderclouds begin to roll in, promising to rain on everyone's parade. Thunder booms through the sky, shaking windows in their frames and sending rumbles down the street of Haldale. Lightning dances through the cloud, bright green against the grey blotting out sections of the sky. One errant bolt of lightning strikes down in the middle of the street, leaving behind a flash of light that coalesces into the form of one (1) singular Raikiri. Standing at her full 5' 3", Raikiri extends her hands towards the rooftops, arcs of electricity erupting from her fingertips to strike at whoever may be attacking them. "Sorry I'm late to the party - Father decided to pay a visit, and we had to rebuild our coffee table..."
  125. Fenel: The lasers hit their target once more, but only the four limps masking a barrier before her. In an odd interaction, the heat and light splintered off in arbitrary directions lightly assailing the area around her, leaving mild scorches on the ground. Weaver couldn't really make out Raikiri in this light, but she at the very least knew she wasn't an enemy. "Ah, well. That's fine. I think I required the help, in this situation. Thank you for the save."
  127. SomethingWitty: "We're a team! It is what members do for each other!"
  129. Oboeshoes101: Canopy lets her arrow loose after selecting her target. The arrow embeds itself into the ledge of the building. It beeps for a few seconds before exploding into a puff of grey smoke. If anyone happened to be in that area they would find themselves coughing and choking on some nasty gas.
  131. Palanius: "I'll let you have these, I'll give them something to shoot at!" Throws outs a dozen of cards in front of him, each one morphing into a shadow clone of himself. They start running around the street to draw in fire from the defenders.
  133. silverswede: growls angrily as the shots graze against him. "You bloody cowards are pissing. me. OFF!" He howls with rage, grabbing a nearby mailbox, ripping it from the ground and hurling it in the general direction from where the shots were fired.
  135. GeneralFreedom: The light and heat play havoc with most of the other visual spectrums, but Cobalt will eventually get a lock on the sneaky henchmen! It looks like they're wearing suits that let them bend light around themselves! He may also get a lock on what Charlotte has detected herself: the energy sources are coming from heavy duty machines that feature complex mirrors and panels. Pretty sneaky. Raikiri's electric justice highlights a few of the unfortunate henchmen as it strikes and arcs into them! Her thunderclouds are also serving to somewhat lower the temperature and cut down on the horrible glare! Spellslinger's clones elicit a response as the firing stops for a moment before the henchmen start firing wildly in an attempt to cut down the number of targets! Canopy's stink bomb arrow manages to catch a few of the goons unaware as well and they're making a nice, loud hacking and coughing sound that makes them easier targets. Which leads to one of them getting clobbered by a mailbox. They continue firing on the heroes as best they can but now that their initial ambush is over...
  137. Keioseth: His zip-line rockets out of the smoke and he flings himself up above the roof and into the air. "Hey hotheads, why don't you chill out?" He fires a pair of cryobolts out of one bracer before attempting to land on one of the lackeys.
  139. Realsorceror: She takes CC's lead and fires both wrist lines at the same building, pulling herself to the roof lightning-quick, "You know how to do quips! Hurray!" She aims a line at another mook and attempts to pull them off their feet.
  141. Fenel: "Now, if you'll give me a moment, I have to make something..." She mutters, extending a hand to the fallen shock-plate. It lifts from the ground at her call, the matter seeming to shift and change while parts of her spider-limbs parted from the main body to join the changing mass of matter. "Remove the SiO2..." She mutters while working, fixated on whatever it was she was making. It took shape after not too long, a layered reflective surface about the size of a wall mirror, magnifying glass layering the actual reflective area. "There we go. Ready."
  143. SomethingWitty: Raikiri lashes out, left and right, blades of lightning erupting out of her hands to cut the lasers out of the sky, the boom of thunder that follows rocketing towards their sources to give the soldiers the pummeling of a lifetime. "Take whatever time you need, friend - I've dealt with threats that far outstrip these underlings many a time!"
  145. Palanius: Leads his shadow clones into a charge at the city hall to clear out any additional ambushes or traps as he draws in fire away from his companions
  147. Oboeshoes101: Canopy continues to fire her gas bomb arrows towards the rooftops, hopefully both taking out and providing some targets for her companions to attack. All the while moving from cover to cover in a bid to get closer to the town hall.
  149. silverswede: "If you're not gonna come down and face me like warriors..." He growls as he lifts a nearby car over his head with some effort. "... Then I'll MAKE YOU!" He hurls the car at the edge of the roof aiming to make it collapse and bring the soldiers down. Or just smash them with the car. Works too.
  151. GeneralFreedom: Cobalt puts one of henchmen on ice before smacking another one down! Charlotte easily trips up another with her web-lines. They're not really great fighters. Or shots. But you get what you pay for. Though Raikiri does a good job keeping the goons down Weaver might find herself the target of a few shots while she works on her fancy mirror. At city hall the clones are taking the majority of the heat beams and with them charging forward it's quickly revealed the henchmen don't really want an up close fight as they retreat back towards the doors! Canopy's bombs further break their formation allowing her to get closer and Tyrfing to bring down part of the roof along with some of the henchmen. "Watch the collateral damage," Bom-Pom snaps over the comms. "Has either of the city teams spotted the cause of the unusual energy sources?"
  153. Keioseth: Cobalt quickly jabs one of his sticks down to try to knock the guy he landed on off, "It's the little things in life Spiderchick." He rushes at the nearest henchie still up and attempts to smack his weapon away with one stick and then aim for the ribs with the second.
  155. Realsorceror: "Okay, we need to find these sun-generator things. Do you have any detection powers? Super smell? Echolocation?" She ignores further fighting and climbs even higher. She flips through several settings on her all-around goggles to try and pick up some indication of what rooftop to look on, at the very least.
  157. SomethingWitty: "I'm... not even positive what we're looking for, honestly. Weaver, do you have a lead?" Raikiri makes a rookie mistake - she looks over her shoulder at her companion as she poses the question, direction her attention away from the fight at hand. She catches a beam in her side for her troubles, the laser leaving behind a nasty-looking scorch mark and some tattered clothing. Hissing against the pain, she focuses her attention that poor, unfortunate soldier in particular; she turns towards him and claps her hands together - the gesture results in complete silence, however, at least on her end. The air around the soldier compresses in on him, then explodes outwards into a loud boom, violently loud enough to echo through the city. Her powers are not exactly geared towards subtlety.
  159. Fenel: "Working on it. Just... making some cover." She responds to Bom-Pom, her mirror finished just in time as it lingers around her forearm like a shield, raised up in time to send a shot intended for her up into the the air. "Ahead - it's where the nearest source of heat is, I think. Some sort of machine, very bright and generating these temperatures." She forges on ahead with her laser-shield raised, catching up to Raikiri.
  161. Palanius: The closer he gets to the doors, the more clones bite the dust to incoming fire. When in range they all convey at his position. He takes a card out of his sleeve, the clones all "melt" into shadows crawling across the street, up his body and out on his arm into the card. He leaps forward, throwing his supercharged ace at the building. It explodes into a pitch black hole of dark magic to rip the doors of the building and blow aside any guards standing to close on the other end.
  163. Oboeshoes101: Canopy yells out to Tyrfing. "Hey, Conan, that's enough. No killing people with cars. Now get over here." Canopy gets up to the steps and goes to kick the door in, though Spellslinger seems to beat her to the kick. She rolls into the building and lets loose another arrow towards any resistance waiting at their feet. The arrow explodes, sending a putty like substance everywhere, sticking anyone around in place.
  165. silverswede: turns towards Canopy with an enraged snarl, but gets distracted as the door is (probably) blown away by Spell. He rushes at the door, past his friends and straight into city hall, howling angrily "You cowardly sod! Come out and be crushed like a warrior!"
  167. GeneralFreedom: While Cobalt keeps the henchmen busy Charlotte tries to get a visual on the machine causing all the real problems. Thanks to Tutor's beacon synced to the comms and visual sensors it's not too difficult to find a spot on the rooftops nearby. The air is too heavy from the extra heat and the there's something wrong with the way the air shimmers. Weaver and Raikiri may well notice the same thing in their area if they're not too busy eating laser fire! The poor goon Raikiri focuses on is blasted by thunder and collapses. The price he pays for getting a good shot in. Canopy stickies a few of the henchmen after the door is blown away and Tyrfing finds his challenge answered by a massive beam that smashes into him as he charges forward! "I didn't think they'd import heroes. This really puts a wrinkle in my plans. No good, no good," a voice echoes around the entry. There are several twinkles of light in the air around the room as another volley of powerful light beams lance towards the mayor team! The henchmen around the reflector machines have one last trick up their sleeves: a henchman wearing a backpack featuring large reflects de-cloaks at each sight to fire a wave of painful microwave energy at the heroes in an attempt to disperse them!
  169. Keioseth: "I don't have super powers, figured that was pretty clear by now!" He fires off a punch to the face at the guy he hit in the ribs. If downed he'd aim one stick at another henchman and click a button on the side of it. The other end of the stick rockets off like a bullet to the head though of course way less deadly. The end of the stick would reel back in with the wire connecting the two pieces. "So if you have any grand ideas just do it!"
  171. Realsorceror: She lifts a hand to block the light from her back-right pair of eyes, "What? You don't have powers? What a dweeb! Wait, I think I see it on that rooftop over there." She does some sick flips n shit as she leaps as close as she can get to the invisible burning thingy. "Uh, how do touch this without dying?" She tries to shoot with her web launcher.
  173. Fenel: The shimmer was all she needed - her understanding of her own power did the rest. Raising her free hand towards the slight disturbance, she tried to get a feel for the appropriate element within the machine. And that's when it all went crazy, the silicon within the machine warping and erupting within it, wires and circuits rapidly coming apart and turning on its self. Give her an inch and she'd take a mile.
  175. SomethingWitty: Raikiri starts to dash forward towards the obvious source of the energy - then some big doucher with his super-microwave gun decides he wants to be relevant, his weapon doing well to dissuade her forward progress. She's forced to duck to the side, hiding behind a thick building to shield her from the blast. "Weaver, can you do anything to make an opening?" She calls out to her companion, completely unaware of the delicate work her buddy-in-arms is currently conducting.
  177. Palanius: Is struck by a lightbeam, his shadowy layer peals away revealing a nasty burn before growing back. He clutches his side in pain though remains standing "Don't you find it funny how all light sources "casts a shadow, creating darkness as well as light?" he says with a grin. Suddenly dozens of small tendrils shoots out from every tiny nook and cranny in the room covered in shadow. They try to wrap themselves around the man, each one individually not very strong but there's a bunch of them.
  179. silverswede: takes the blast on his chest (like a MAN) and ends up slung back a few feet, though he's just as quick to rise back up with his sword at ready. With a feral roar, he goes into a rampage and swings the blade wildly around himself, partly deflecting beams and partly wrecking the interior of the hall as he seems to act with complete abandon.
  181. Oboeshoes101: Canopy takes cover once again, behind whatever she can find. She peeks out over it, letting Tyrfing do his thing. She nocks some more arrows and fires them into the source of the beams. The arrows themselves make a horrible sonic attack as they fly through the air.
  183. GeneralFreedom: Cobalt continues with the hands on approach and is rewarded by a bold henchmen charging in to riflebutt him! Charlotte is able to sticky up the machine, which does seem to have a slight effect on its ability to project heat and light actually! They're both good targets for the microwave beam henchmen, who fires his weapon without worrying about his allies, who only seem to absorb the energy with their suits. Weaver's powers easily warp the delicate circuitry inside the big reflector and it shorts out in moments, quickly losing power and melting down. The whole bulky apparatus is quite visible now! The microwave man at the second site notices this and quickly sweeps his beams on the visible hero below! Spellslinger's tendrils flail through the room, revealing multiple copies of the man that made the ransom demand of the city... and easily passing through them. All light and no substance, but that doesn't stop them from firing beams in response to the attack! Tyrfing and Canopy fare little better, his blade and her arrows moving through wavering light based holograms that strike back with energy beams to counter. "Jeeze, that's loud," the voice of the ransomer calls out over the sound of the arrows. It still seems like his voice is coming from everywhere... but he has to be in the room! "You might as well give up. Bright Idea's big debut isn't going to be ruined by meddling kids!"
  184. Tutor calls over the comms, "These machines can produce tremendous heat, but their shielding has to have a limit. If you can make them overheat, they might just melt down."
  187. Realsorceror: Charlotte literally has eyes on the back of her head. Seeing the henchies take aim, she drops flat on her back, hoping the shots will hit the invisible globe instead. She hits the mini-sun with her other wrist-line before jumping to her feet. Then she....runs off the roof. Yeah. Obviously she's trying to drag the sun with her, but who knows how heavy it is. Maybe it'll asplode.
  189. Keioseth: "Could just blow it up too," He says to Tutor, "I've also got a gadget that can super heat itself not sure if tha-" The henchman hits Cobalt pretty squarely with riflebutt and he stumbles, "Sonuvabich!"
  191. SomethingWitty: "Weaver, I'll leave that one to you! I'll keep you covered!" Raikiri peeks around the corner, only to see that the soldier is bearing down on her partner! Electricity crackling around her body, she bolts forward through the sky like a lightning bolt, plowing into the soldier with a thunderous BOOM to try and tackle him to the ground.
  193. Fenel: Weaver said nothing in return as she worked at a distance. With the shielding now gone, all that was left was the actual generator its self which would, given time, make short work of its self. Not one to leave it to chance, she turned her power on the generator, hoping to fry the insides much in the same way she had the shielding. "Almost..."
  195. Palanius: Takes a card and throws it across the room controlling its flight. He rams it at all of the holograms present hoping that it will sort out the real one
  197. silverswede: "I tire of this charade!" He snarls, stomping off towards the further wall while sniffing the air. Acting on instinct, the slightest trace would send him off in whichever direction it originates from through a wall, if necessary.
  199. Oboeshoes101: Canopy nocks another arrow, aiming at one of the holograms. "Homing arrow, activate." The head of the arrow suddenly lights up with small lights. "Lock onto energy signature." She then fires the arrow, it would continue flying through the holograms until it hits something solid."
  201. GeneralFreedom: "Blowing up something with that much energy on a civilian building is pretty dangerous... If you have to do that, be careful," Tutor responds. The microwaves only seem to make the still mostly invisible machine hotter and Charlotte would find her web lines starting to melt even as the reflector struggles to keep power! The microwave man doesn't keep his fire up on the machine though, instead turning it on Cobalt as the lucky henchman moves in for another strike on the staggered hero! With a pop and a sputter, the machine's power source quickly succumbs to Weaver's powers and the whole apparatus leaks a black, smudgy smoke. Raikiri smashes into her slow moving target and he goes down like a ton of bricks. Unfortunately, hitting him from the front also gets her a full blast of the microwave cannon! Inside city hall, it seems like none of the holograms are the real one... but the arrow eventually locks onto a bigger energy signature. And shoots straight up. "Nonononono!" The voice cries out as the arrow sinks into something solid hanging from the ceiling! Bright Idea himself de-cloaks to reveal he was hanging from a grappling line he shot from his gloves! "Aaaaaaaah! You little creeps!" He takes aim with his free hand and fires a tremendous blindingly bright flare through the entryway, several times brighter than what was outside even!
  203. Realsorceror: Whumph! Charlotte hits the outer wall of the building as her lines pull taught but the machine stays put, "Son of a Biscuit!" She turns around and plants both feet on the wall and uses the strength in her legs to try and pull the orb off the roof, not realizing that the grapple cords are slowly degrading. This will end poorly either way, probably.
  205. Keioseth: "Wait, did I actually join a team that isn't into massive amounts of destruction?" He spins from his kneeling position to attempt tripping the guy that hit him, "What a novel concept. Spiderchick, need some hel-" He sees the microwave guy eyeing him, "Crap." He'd bring up his shield to try and protect himself from a failed trip and whatever the new baddie is planning.
  207. Fenel: Weaver took deep breaths as her powers did their job, shorting out the light-heat device finally. "Device one, disabled." She speaks, sounding a tad tired for her efforts. "Device two, town hall?"
  209. SomethingWitty: Raikiri's too devoted to her maneuver to second-guess the decision - she just has to live with the pain she's brought upon herself! It's not an unfamiliar sensation, though; she's bathed in the gamma breath of many a giant monster before! It doesn't make her any more friendly, however - once she has her target grounded, she grabs a tight hold of his collar and raises her head, drawing lightning from the clouds gathered in the sky towards her, the electricity coursing through her body and into the soldier!
  211. Palanius: The aura of shadows creeping all over Spellslinger's body shields him from the light. He throws out a card that lands beneath the feet of the hanging man. Upon making contact with the ground it starts spinning, faster and faster, until it morphs into a black vortex pulling in the man
  213. Oboeshoes101: As soon as Canopy sees where Bright Idea is, she immediately fires a gas arrow in his direction before leaping over to Spellslinger and using him as cover from the massive light attack.
  215. silverswede: is, to everyone's big surprise, blinded by the sudden flash and responds with a cry of primal rage that definitely heralds a very violent vengeance. Knowing only the general direction of the villain he starts to rip and tear chunks of the wall, furniture and especially priceless art pieces that he hurls towards the man in a barrage of miscellaneous artifacts.
  217. (8:20:12 PM) GeneralFreedom: "We certainly don't believe in random destruction, no," Tutor replies. Unfortunately for Cobalt, the microwave beams might very well be able to completely bypass his shielding! Good thing he took down that mook. Charlotte is slooooowly dragging the machine, but her lines are probably going to give out first! Raikiri tasers her unfortunate goon into submission, leaving him a smoking wreck. Bright idea raises an arm and waves it frantically against the gas as he's pulled by the vortex and assailed by chunks of random junk! He disengages his grapple line and aims both hands to fire a powerful blast that very gently (and awkwardly) sends him drifting across the room. Which is also scorched by the heat from the energy wave. "Ugh, I should have stuck with my day job," the villain groans as he hits the ground and staggers to his feet.
  219. Keioseth: Cobalt would roll to the side, cooking a bit as the microwaves hit him. Seeing an H VAC vent nearby he'd duck behind it for cover. Popping out some shuriken from a belt pouch he'd stand briefly and fling a few sonic ones at the villain. While pointy and sharp the main draw is the ear splitting noise they emit.
  221. SomethingWitty: "No response, huh? That's probably not a good thing - the guys going toward's the mayors office should be okay. Lets go back up Cobalt and Charlotte - can you fly?"
  223. Realsorceror: The sticky end of the cords finally melt away, causing Charlotte to sort of fall on her butt while still sitting vertically on the wall thanks to her gecko-shoes and gloves. She stands up on the wall and replaces her grapple lines. She taps her comm-link, "Um, I don't think we have the muscle or fire-power to destroy our sun...so yea if you can help us that'd be swell."
  225. Fenel: "Not without some kind of help. But yes, let us go assist them. Fly ahead?" She suggested, looking to where the other source of heat and light was now that the other was down. With the light now less-
  227. Keioseth: "And I'm a little tied up with Microwave Dinner Man."
  229. Fenel: intense, it was evident what she'd done to make the mirror-shield, her spider limbs now much shorter. "I will join you shortly." She spoke to Raikiri, her voice polite.
  231. Palanius: Raises his hand into the air with an open palm, the black vortex morphs to mimic his motion though on a bigger scale "Hands up!" he shouts as he slams his palm down. Again the bigger shadow hand mimics his motion, slamming down at BI like housewife noticing a spider crawling on the kitchen table
  233. SomethingWitty: "Right. I'll make sure the way is clear, follow when you're ready." Raikiri offers Weaver a quick nod of her head and takes off, leaving a trail of crackling lightning in her wake. She travels in Charlotte and Cobalt's direction, her eyes scanning the rooftops for any additional threats on the way.
  235. Oboeshoes101: Canopy moves out from behind Spellslinger, nocking another putty arrow. She lets the arrow the arrow loose. If it hits Bright Idea would soon find himself in a sticky situation. Canopy activates her comms. "We don't need any help at the moment."
  237. silverswede: growls and slams a hand into the nearest wall. "Trickery and deceit, then you run away! How ashamed your mother must be that she gave birth to a rat and not a man!" He clenches his fist around his blade as he stomps after the villain. If he catches up to him, he'd aim to knock him out with a swift punch to the face.
  239. GeneralFreedom: Cobalt's microwaver staggers and drops to the ground, stunned by the shurikens! Raikiri sees that most of the minions are thankfully out of the game by now. But she can also see the partly revealed second reflector machine. Bright Idea raises his hands and sends a slashing light wave through the coming hand, dispersing it, but leaving him open for the putty arrow that spatters him good with goop! "Well now. That's just uncalled for..." He takes a big fist to the face and collapses to the ground. His glowy mask blinks then burns out, looking much like a spent light bulb. He's down for the count obviously, but city hall is trashed.
  241. Oboeshoes101: "Tyrfing! What the fuck!?"
  243. SomethingWitty: "The coast is clear, Weaver. You're free to come disable the machine at your convenience. City Hall team, how are things going on your end?"
  245. Palanius: "Smashing" replies over the comm
  247. Oboeshoes101: "...Not good. I think Tyrfing killed him."
  249. Fenel: "On my - what?"
  251. silverswede: "He pissed me off, that's why." He snarls. "I didn't hit him -that- bloody hard! Barely patted him on the cheek!"
  253. SomethingWitty: "What?! Canopy, can you confirm? I'm on my way there now - I might be able to provide some emergency CPR."
  255. GeneralFreedom: "He better not have," Bom-Pom says over the comms. "If he did I'll have to kill him and it will be an even bigger mess." Tutor is more even handed. "With the villain 'down' we'll contact local authorities. Don't panic."
  257. Oboeshoes101: Canopy pushes Tyrfing out of the way. Giving him an angry look. She kneels down next to Bright Idea and checks for a pulse.
  259. Keioseth: Cobalt leaps over the H VAC unit and rushes over to take the microwaver down. "I guess I spoke," goes for a spear tackle, "too soon."
  261. Palanius: "Did anyone ever check on the mayor?"
  263. Oboeshoes101: Canopy over her shoulder. "You two, go do that."
  265. silverswede: "What mayor?" Has completely forgotten their objective by now.
  267. Fenel: Weaver made her way over to the remaining machine, the trip taking her a bit longer than Raikiri considering her lack of flight. None the less, she arrived and in due time to take the last machine out with her ability, taking her time this time around instead of rushing it. A much cleaner deactivation from the previous one, less leaking and smoke and more powering down. "You two manage?"
  269. SomethingWitty: Raikiri changes her course to City Hall, touching down in front of the door and climbing through the wreckage, towards where she thinks the others are in the building.
  271. Palanius: "I think I'll do that. Try clean the place up a little Tyrfing, sweep the most expensive looking trash under the rug," Spellslinger wanders off to find the mayor.
  273. GeneralFreedom: Bright Idea seems to be okay, just knocked out. He's got a hard skull or his suit gives him some protection. Luckily. The mayor, a thin older woman with her hair in a graying bun peeks out from behind one of the still standing doors. "...is it safe?" The machine Weaver is working on offers no resistance to her powers and Cobalt easily takes down the woozy microwaver! Raikiri has little trouble finding the team. Just follow the path of destruction!
  275. silverswede: "Who the hell made you the boss, huh twiggy?!" He growls in response, not satisfied with the fight at all. But seeing as Spell probably won't humor him, he goes to look at the wreck he's caused.
  277. SomethingWitty: "God, it's like someone let a tornado loose in here. I can only imagine how much this is going to cost..." Raikiri mumbles, careful not to place her foot down on an errant nail sticking up from the ground. "It seems like it's safe... but we should evacuate the building, just in case. We don't know if this guy planted devices anywhere else in the city."
  279. Oboeshoes101: Canopy breathes a sigh of relief and stands up. He head shoots back to look at Tyrfing, she walks up to him and grabs him by his cape. "You, get out, go cool off. Now."
  281. Palanius: "Oh will you two just kiss and be done with it already?" Slinger snickers as he goes over to the mayor.
  283. silverswede: Tyrfing turns his head, still with an angry snarl behind each spoken word as he almost spits in Canopy's face, hand shooting out to attempt a grab her wrist as she takes a hold of his cape. "Don't try and order me around." He'd growl, and if he had managed to catch the arm he'd relinquish the hold afterwards.
  285. GeneralFreedom: Tutor and Bom-Pom soon arrive on the scene as well, followed by paramedics and police to clean up the defeated minions and villain and to check on the civilians that were inside during the crisis. "Temper, temper," Bom-Pom says as she notices the brewing altercation. Despite her cold tone her hands flare with energy. Tutor puts a hand on her shoulder and steps forward.
  287. Palanius: "Fear not ma'am, Gen Prime has answered your call of distress and saved the day!"
  289. GeneralFreedom: "Right... right," the mayor nods to Raikiri and Spellslinger. She looks around the building and sighs. "Ah, thank you, for your help." She's quickly escorted out as the building is cleared.
  291. Keioseth: "One mission and their at each other's throats." He says over the comm link while he helps the police with the guys on the roof.
  293. Fenel: With the second device deactivated, Weaver rocked on up to city hall to meet up with the rest, her spider arms back in working order and her chest plate once more appropriately in place. "Hello." She greets the others with a wave as she arrives. "Machines deactivated, but still where we left them. Satisfactory results."
  295. SomethingWitty: "What Weaver said. They'll be safe to pick up and dismantled in a more controlled environment. It looks like the only real issues took place here, in the city hall."
  297. Oboeshoes101: Canopy just stares Tyrfing down, she obviously isn't intimidated by him. She looks back to the others briefly and then backs off, leaving the building.
  299. Realsorceror: Charlotte decides to follow Weaver. Because she is totally awesome.
  301. GeneralFreedom: "Outside. Now," the robot orders Tyrfing forcefully. He's clearly not taking 'no' for an answer.
  303. Fenel: "...I believe I missed something." She notes, speaking to Charlotte although not looking at her while doing so.
  305. silverswede: stared back at Canopy, apparently contemplating picking a fight for reals. When the robot orders however, he scoffs and rests the sword against his shoulder, stomping off in a rage. "Grr..."
  307. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom smirks as Tyrfing leaves then gives a quick nod to Weaver. "I'll take care of it while Tutor handles this mess. It's a fair job. I mean, I probably could have done it better."
  308. "But you guys are still impressive!"
  310. Palanius: "I find this whole experience to have been quite "enlightening" Insert stupid grin
  312. Keioseth: "Yeah with you half the city would but blown up, Bom." Back on the street he'd go over to an EMT to get his burns looked at.
  314. Fenel: "Your abilities would have been appreciated, yes. Less so for the actual machines - I believe the reaction would have destroyed a building."
  316. silverswede: "I'm going to punch him. I'm going to punch him real hard. In the face."
  318. SomethingWitty: "Perhaps. Though the issue is less what you could have done, and what Tyrfing should not have done. Power without discipline is dangerous."
  320. GeneralFreedom: Tutor moves after Tyrfing, arms behind his back. "Get a handle on yourself. You will learn discipline or you will be removed from the team." Bom-Pom huffs at the others' comments on her powers, but eventually shrugs it off. "Well... I'm sure I wouldn't have blown up city hall at least. I have control."
  322. silverswede: didn't quite manage to catch Rai's or Tutor's comments before he had sheathed his sword, and in a flash he's back to his usual self. He looks pretty... ashamed, actually, as he nods to tutor.
  324. GeneralFreedom: "Your powers make you unstable. Hopefully you can work on that. I would rather help than send you off. Understood?"
  326. silverswede: "Yeah, uh... sorry. I'll try harder next time." He says, scratching his neck and sighing deeply.
  328. Fenel: "None the less. I think this deserves to be considered a positive event!"
  330. SomethingWitty: "We will have to keep a careful watch on him in the future. Perhaps he should be paired with someone who won't exacerbate his anger, while helping to keep it in check."
  331. "If he cannot get a hang on it, however..." Raikiri trails off, preferring not to make any disrespectful comments towards her teammates - or any comments she views as such, anyways.
  333. GeneralFreedom: The robot nods and moves in to start helping with the clean up. "Yes. That's a good idea. We're figuring out team dynamics still," Bom-Pom grins. "The fun way, not the dull simulated way. Though I suppose that's less dangerous."
  335. Palanius: Calls back his shadow aura now that the coast is clear, revealing a rather impressive burn in his side.
  337. Fenel: Weaver claps her hands together, sounding positively giddy - or trying to, in light of the tensions. "After all, if we had not intervened, the town piping would have burst with the boiling temperatures of the water, and likely killed someone, on top of severe heatstroke and potentially cancer. We did good!"
  339. GeneralFreedom: "If you're injured, see the paramedics. If it's not life threatening, you can return to the Prodigy Center for treatment," Tutor advises the team.
  341. silverswede: "And uh, sorry for calling you "twiggy"... and for the grab and stuff." He says apologetically, though very unenthusiastically so, to Spell and Canopener respectively.
  343. Palanius: "Oh overreact some more, it's not like we killed anyone or smashed anything of value" he says as the walls
  344. of the city hall crumbles some more
  346. Oboeshoes101: "I'll be waiting in the jet."
  348. SomethingWitty: "Weaver is correct, however. Overall we came with a goal in mind, and accomplished it soundly and in a short period of time."
  349. "And few, if any, civilians came into danger due to our actions."
  350. "I hardly think it is an overreaction, sir."
  351. "Do you not think it best to solve a problem /before/ it results in a tragedy, instead of after?"
  353. silverswede: returns to the jet as well, after the apologies, settling into his seat with the sword's hilt resting against his shoulder, somewhat slumped forwards.
  355. GeneralFreedom: "Yeeeah, this place looks great," Bom-Pom snorts. "But I like your attitude. Very peppy," she says to Weaver. "Tutor activated the autopilot. if you guys want to take off just hit the controls!"
  356. "I'm sure you can figure it out," she says dismissively as she calls into the Prodigy Center for a pickup on the machines.
  358. Palanius: Doesn't seem to be bothered much by the large burn in his side, he strides on with a pleasant smile as always and takes a relaxed seat in the jet, taking out his deck of cards.
  361. SomethingWitty: "Thank you for the offer, Bom-Pom, but I will have to decline. I have to have a discussion with Father about his drinking habits."
  363. GeneralFreedom: "Have fun with that," the cheerleader wrinkles her nose.
  365. Fenel: "I figure it is best to focus on the positives. I shall head on back... really need a shower." She sounded a tad disgusted, cringing behind her helmet.
  367. SomethingWitty: "I promise I won't. But he almost collapsed a wall this time, and Mother refuses to talk to him..."
  368. "... but you guys don't have to worry about that! I will see you later."
  370. Fenel: "Ah, well. It was nice meeting you, Raikiri." Weaver extends a hand to the red-masked heroine.
  372. SomethingWitty: "The pleasure is mine." Raikiri takes the hand and gives it a firm shake.
  374. Palanius: "We hope to see more of you in the future." winks and gives a thumbs up to the horned girl
  376. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom nods absently and Tutor gives a quick wave. Haldale is safe! And Gen Prime is starting to get its name out there! What lies in store for the team down the road as they encounter bigger and badder villains?
  378. SomethingWitty: Raikiri offers everyone a respectable bow and moves to exit the mayor's office, looking around in the sky for... who knows what, really.
  379. Apparently satisfied with her search, she's suddenly struck by lightning and, when the flash dissipates, Raikiri is gone as well.
  381. Keioseth: Finally joins the team with his arm properly bandaged up, "Like a big happy dysfunctional family."
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