Anonymous Experience - mun

Aug 1st, 2011
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  1. This piece is part of the shared #Voice project, and was written by: mun (original paste here
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  5. This is my story
  7. From the moment I reached above the physiological level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I felt ill at ease. There was something not quite right, I felt I was constantly being deceived, not necessarily lied too, but some deep instinct told me something was not right. They all seemed to do it; teachers, religious leaders, politicians, the government, the media and even my parents. I grew to accept what they said must be right; after all they couldn’t all be wrong, it must be just me.
  9. So this is where my journey to Anonymous begins. The search for truth and justice. It starts with Wikileaks. I was inspired by Julian Assange; the shear balls of this man to take on the most powerful institutions, corporations and governments on earth by exposing things they did not want exposed. Here was a man who started doing what the main stream media stopped doing years ago, exposing the truth without fear or favour. For the first time I felt the tide was turning, for the first time the truth was being told; and the uneasiness I had felt all my life started to disappear. But Wikileaks had thrown sand in the face of the bullies, and they didn’t like it. The first I heard of Anonymous was the Paypal, Mastercard and Visa attacks; who the fuck is Anonymous I thought. I quickly found Anonnews and then Anonops, I learnt how to make myself anonymous, learnt IRC, lurked, listened and asked questions trying not to appear too much of a nOOb. I got involved in Ops, wrote some propaganda, read a shit load of material and clicked on every link posted (I know I shouldn’t do that).
  11. I was and still am inspired by the dedication and passion of people like Sabu & Joepie91 and the willingness of others like heyguise and OpNoPro to share their knowledge about all sorts of shit. But the one person who stands out in my mind is CommanderX who, when talking in OpOrlando once said “I would die for anonymous”. I thought initially, “fuck, that’s a bit extreme” but then it dawned on me that he really meant that because he felt so strongly about Anonymous and the plight of the homeless at Lake Eola.
  13. I have written this the day after the PayPal arrests. My commitment to Anonymous has been strengthened by these arrests since it has exposed the hypocrisy of the US government and victimization of Anonymous by the FBI ( I am proud to call myself Anonymous; I am a stronger person because of it, and I will use every ounce of that strength to fight the battle that looms ahead. I no longer fear arrest or intimidation by our governments, I have found my path in life, I have a #voice and it is Anonymous.
  15. mun
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