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Social Event: Mercy Me

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Tutor has brought another speaker to the Prodigy Center. In the meeting room the android is already waiting with Bom-Pom, who looks less than thrilled. At the head of the room is a somewhat nervous looking young woman with bright pink hair and eyes. She has a few pages of notes she's looking over, but she looks up when anyone enters and gives them a brief smile.
  3. Fenel: Ever the eager individual, Weaver arrived relatively early and unsurprisingly in full costume - as tended to be the case with the girl, she was never spotted around the building out of it. She gave Tutor, Mercy and Bom a nod each in greeting once she had arrived. They couldn't see it, but there was likely a smile under there... past the creepy one-eyed helmet.
  5. machinegunblues: Psyke, or Rob as he was known to folks in his 'normal' life,  was slouching against the rail boredly. It takes him a second, but once the new girl's in the room his face suddenly shoots up. Empty gaze 'looked' just near or past her. "...Mercy?"
  7. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon seems more interested in futzing with her arm computer then paying attention to whats going on. Full uniform, She didn't really know why she was at this meeting, but she missed the last one so felt she should show up.
  9. Palanius: Enters the room, hands in pocket and whistling to himself. He looks between the newcomer and the two more familiar faces of Bom and Tutor with an intrigued smirk.
  11. Swixer: *Patricia enters the meeting room with headphones in her ears, bopping along to some beat. As she enters, she casually flicks Cobalt's nose and pulls out her headphones.* "This the speaker?"
  13. Keioseth: Grins as he sees Mercy, "Hey Boss lady! Long time no see."
  15. GeneralFreedom: "Oh! Ah, hello," she says to Psyke and Cobalt. She speaks quietly, as if she's going to disturb someone. "It's nice to see some familiar faces. I've heard there were a few around." Tutor waits for everyone to settle in before speaking up. "Today we have the former leader of New Vigil, Charity Corren, also known as Mercy. Please give her your full attention."
  17. Keioseth: takes a seat and kicks his legs up on the table.
  19. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon looks up from her wrist computer, her eye's aperture snaps shut and open again, like a camera snapping a picture. Wordlessly she looks back to her computer, waiting for this to begin quietly.
  21. SomethingWitty: Raikiri arrives to the party fashionably late, doing her best to fix her hair, which is more toussled than is normal, even for her. "I apologize for my tardiness. My mother insisted I attend dinner this evening. I did my best to hurry but... ah, she was not having that very much."
  23. CapsLockRAGE: With the last comment, Cannon looks up at the speaker. "...Recording."
  25. Swixer: *Pat crosses her legs, levitating above the ground.* "You're not the only member of the tardy party, hornhead."
  27. machinegunblues: He does so, but first interjects: "How you guys been?" before clamming shut and realizing he shouldn't have.
  29. GeneralFreedom: Tutor gives Raikiri a short nod. Charity takes a moment before speaking up. "Hello everyone. I'm glad to be here, speaking to other young heroes. It's been a while since I've done any superheroing myself, but I'm always glad to see people taking up the torch!" She glances down at her notes and her left ear gives a little twitch. "Ah, as mentioned I was the leader of New Vigil for over a year and before that I served as co-leader alongside my friend, Galactigal."
  31. SomethingWitty: Raikiri folds her hands together at her waist, watching Mercy and hanging on to her every word. Mercy has her complete attention.
  33. GeneralFreedom: "I'm sure some of you know New Vigil by reputation, at the very least... Today I'm here to talk about what worked and what didn't."
  35. Palanius: Listens in challenge, shuffling his deck of cards
  37. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon stands at nearly full attention, Watching intensely. She's not terribly interested yet. "I've never heard of New Vigil."
  39. Swixer: *Patricia is obviously already kind of losing her focus, leaning slightly to the side and eventually just slowly spinning clockwise in her floating seated position.*
  41. SomethingWitty: Raikiri raises her hand. "Apologies, but I'm relatively new to Millennium City. May I receive a small introduction to what New Vigil was?"
  43. Keioseth: "Teen super group, worked well but we had a nasty reputation for collateral damage."
  45. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon looks briefly to Raikiri, then back to Mercy
  47. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom snorts to herself at this, but she does pay attention as Charity goes on. "I... oh, well. For those that haven't heard of it, we were a 'teen hero' group that was active a few years ago. It was..." she grimaces slightly and nods towards Cobalt. "Yes. An unfortunate reputation. One that tends to follow people."
  49. SomethingWitty: "I see. Thank you."
  51. Keioseth: "Yeah... even if you weren't apart of said damages."
  53. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon was going to say something as a followup, Possibly negative, but she quickly calculated the estimated total of the damage she caused in the last few years, and decided to keep it to herself.
  55. GeneralFreedom: She gives Cobalt a lopsided smile before going on. "W... well. After that introduction, I think I'll start with what I feel we did right as New Vigil. New Vigil had a rather lax structure. It was supposed to almost be more of a club at first than a real team. But ah, I suppose that's both good and bad." She shuffles through her notes. "I felt that at first, when the membership was smaller though, it worked out. We were close and having a good relationship with your teammates is very important for working together effectively!"
  57. CapsLockRAGE: "I barely know any of these people."
  59. Swixer: *An upside down Patricia raises her hand.* "Did you fight any cool bad guys?"
  61. SomethingWitty: "I agree - when I still operated in Japan with Kitsunebi and my other team, we had frequent team-building exercises to ensure that we could operate with other as people AND as heroes."
  63. SomethingWitty: "Although, there were only four of us... and they were adults."
  65. GeneralFreedom: "Er, I'll save that kind of thing for later," she tells Patricia before going on. "Right! It's essential. And that worked out well, for a time. I also feel that our loose structure kind of kept the kind of arguments that can pop up about leadership and organization from occuring and allowed us to act quickly when necessary."
  66. "Small groups could form up quickly in response to problems without a lot of concern, that kind of thing."
  68. SomethingWitty: "Hm." Raikiri very much sounds like she disagrees, but the point here is to listen to what worked for Mercy's group, not second guess every one of her statements.
  70. GeneralFreedom: "We also didn't worry too much about who was coming in, as long as they wanted to contribute and find allies. This was one of our main goals: to provide help in case other heroes our age ran into problems they couldn't handle alone."
  72. Palanius: "And how did that work out for you?"
  74. Keioseth: "Very well actually." Looks over to Spell.
  76. Swixer: "Sounds like we've got a number one fan, here."
  78. SomethingWitty: "That is a noble goal, but in terms of organizing potentially unbalanced youth with remarkable powers, a certain amount of structure is required to ensure they don't hurt themselves, or others."
  80. CapsLockRAGE: "It sounds chaotic."
  82. GeneralFreedom: "To a certain point," Charity nods. "It... ah, yes. That was one of the issues. The lack of structure kind of... became a problem once we got bigger."
  84. CapsLockRAGE: "And possibly the reason why there was, As Cobalt Crush put it, A lot of collateral damage
  86. GeneralFreedom: "I did my best to make sure we didn't just let in handfuls of violent, unstable people, but we weren't exactly picky."
  87. "The collateral damage was definitely the result of having a lot of untrained people in one place at a time."
  89. Swixer: "Hey, so long as no lives were lost. Stuff's just stuff."
  91. GeneralFreedom: "And without some kind of vital structure in place to keep everything working..." she frowns. "Stuff isn't always easily replaceable. While yes, saving lives is important, you also don't want to say... smash someones car. Or wreck their home."
  93. CapsLockRAGE: "Stuff belongs to people, and some of those things cost years of work and investment.
  95. Palanius: "Still stuff"
  97. GeneralFreedom: "Breaking 'stuff' can have a huge impact on someone's life."
  99. machinegunblues: Rob folds his arms over his armored utility vest. "There's a reason my family pays out the ass to insure a car here, let's leave it at that."
  101. Fenel: "Cannot call someone a hero if they ruin someones livelihood while being a 'hero'."
  102. "Stuff is stuff, but that stuff all means something to someone, most likely."
  104. CapsLockRAGE: "It is best we do not argue this impasse at this time and move on.
  106. Swixer: *She leans back and gives a shrug.* "Hey, maybe it's because all I can do is fly."
  107. "You guys should definitely be careful with the super strength and whatnot, though."
  109. Keioseth: "I ain't even got that doll."
  111. Swixer: "You -are- the collateral, Blue."
  113. Palanius: "Ladies, it's not a competition"
  115. GeneralFreedom: "We tried to put some structure into the team later but... ah, it didn't work out especially well. And this was... well, I won't try to avoid responsibility; it was the result of poor leadership." She shakes her head. "When I was young, I was not ready to lead a team. Much less a team of very headstrong, very powerful people. My co-leader was, to put it kindly, a mess."
  116. "And... definitely contributed to the damage we caused."
  118. machinegunblues: "Galactigal? What happened?"
  120. SomethingWitty: "I see. That is /very/ problematic - when one looks at a team, they expect the leaders to be able to provide a firm foundation upon which everyone else can build."
  122. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom sits up a bit now that she's talking about leadership. "I know you didn't know her too well, but... She could be petty. Childish. She wasn't interested in actually leading, I feel and expected me to take most of the burden... something I was not ready for."
  124. CapsLockRAGE: ...And we have a chearleader.
  126. Keioseth: "She was also basically a space god whose parents kinda wants all of us dead."
  128. machinegunblues: "That's not ideal."
  130. Swixer: "I thought I had family issues."
  132. GeneralFreedom: "A very capable cheerleader," Bom-Pom tsks dismissively. "If you'd like to compare our skill sets and education..." Tutor shakes his head at her and she cuts off with a smirk. Mercy clears her throat. "Yes... Galactigal had many problems. And I won't hide it, I did as well."
  134. Palanius: "Sounds like something a fourteen year old would write up"
  136. machinegunblues: "Did we ask everybody here if their mom's Cthulhu or whatever? Just to be sure this time?"
  138. Swixer: "My mom's dead. Ask me again next Blood Moon."
  140. GeneralFreedom: "It was difficult to maintain a team when both leaders were not interested in leading and constantly battling personal demons."
  142. CapsLockRAGE: .... I'll keep my family problems to myself.
  144. Keioseth: "We all did. I mean, I was pretty blood thirsty back then."
  146. GeneralFreedom: Charity laughs softly. "We... all have our problems. The real test is overcoming them and growing from the experience. I feel that... as team leaders, we weren't fit to help people work through their problems."
  148. machinegunblues: He cringes a bit. Not sure if Pat's serious or just being super dark and is afraid to ask.
  150. SomethingWitty: "It is a tough burden to shoulder."
  152. GeneralFreedom: "I... wow, I'm coming up with a lot more negatives than positives. It's... likely why we dissolved. That and well... I moved on. In the end, the superhero lifestyle wasn't for me."
  153. "However, even if New Vigil did have problems, I feel that we did do some good. And that some people did grow from the experience."
  155. Swixer: "Big Blue, for instance, grew into a bigger douchebag." *She pokes her tongue out, jokingly.*
  156. SomethingWitty: Raikiri raises her hand again.
  158. CapsLockRAGE: {Looks at Cobalt Crush, likely attempting to evaluate whether or not he had, indeed, grown from the experience.
  160. GeneralFreedom: She shuffles her papers again and nods towards Raikiri. "Ah, since I'm going to move on to taking questions, we'll start with you!"
  162. SomethingWitty: "Thank you," Raikiri bows her head respectfully. "Having performed as a leader in the past, do you think the workload would have been less stressful had you appointed others to aid you in organizing and leading the team, so that everyone wasn't bringing their problems to you and you alone?"
  164. Keioseth: "I was always a douche, I'm from Brooklyn."
  166. GeneralFreedom: "I... yes, I think so. The position of leader was more or less dropped on me and I saw it as my responsibility to keep things working. It was... not ideal."
  167. "When I was younger, I certainly wasn't able to handle all of that."
  169. SomethingWitty: "What method do you think would be best utilized in identifying who would fill this role well?"
  171. CapsLockRAGE: "I don't think your place of birth directly relates to the equation of whether on not one is a...Douche.
  173. Swixer: "A man after my own heart." *She looks to Cannon.* "Well, that's just not true."
  175. Swixer: "Go Knicks."
  177. CapsLockRAGE: Kni-....A sports team.
  179. Keioseth: "Have ever been to New York? Trust me, douches are the nice people."
  181. CapsLockRAGE: She turns her head back towards Cobalt. She looks slightly confused.
  183. GeneralFreedom: "Hm... well. I think that if you're going to delegate that kind of responsibility, you should grant it to someone that can actually handle it, first of all," she chuckles softly.
  184. "Someone responsible, who's not afraid to deal with difficult issues in a mature fashion."
  186. SomethingWitty: "I see. Thank you."
  188. Palanius: "Douches come in all shapes and forms all across the country, though some area have larger quantities of them for sure"
  190. Keioseth: "No shit."
  192. SomethingWitty: Raikiri smiles at Bom-Pom. "I would not want you to have to handle all of these problems yourself. Your schedule seems to be busy as it is - you cannot always be available for everyone."
  193. "... though I think I am the only one listening to this discussion anymore."
  195. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon raises her hand.
  197. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom snickers. "Are you trying to angle for Tutor's job?" Mercy looks around the room. "Are there any other questions about myself or about New Vigil?" She points to Cannon. "Yes?"
  198. Swixer: "I'm listenin'."
  199. "...Kinda."
  201. Palanius: "Moral of the story, keep a tight leash and crack that whip, got it"
  203. GeneralFreedom: "E... er, no, that's not what I mean..."
  205. Swixer: *PAtricia makes a whipping sound with her mouth.*
  207. Keioseth: "We don't need to hear about your bedroom life."
  209. GeneralFreedom: "It pays to be firm, but not overly so."
  211. CapsLockRAGE: "In your experience, How much did the respective pasts of the team, and leaders, cause issues with the team dynamics and your ability to preform your tasks.
  213. GeneralFreedom: "Oh dear, well..." she thinks back on her experiences a moment. "Every team has people on it that just don't work well together. I recognize that this was a major issue with New Vigil as it had a lot of clashing and incompatible personalities. The leadership, such as it was, wasn't really able to handle this."
  214. "In fact... my co-leader would often egg people on or antagonize them."
  216. CapsLockRAGE: "Did you separate the team into groups that got along? or did you attempt to work people through the issues in hand?
  218. machinegunblues: "No worries here. We're a biiig, happy family."
  220. CapsLockRAGE: "I barely know you people."
  222. GeneralFreedom: "While I was too meek to really stand up and tell people to calm down." She sighs. "We didn't have that kind of structure. It might have helped, but I didn't want to make anyone feel left out."
  224. Swixer: "I egg people on and antagonize them." *She looks over to Bom-Pom* "When do I get to be in charge?"
  226. CapsLockRAGE: "I will not...evaluate your leadership style, or Bom-Poms. Do you feel someone else should have been in charge of your team?"
  228. GeneralFreedom: "Well... It's possible that someone else could have led, yes. But people weren't exactly lining up for the job..." she grumbles. "And those that were, weren't exactly people I'd want in charge."
  230. SomethingWitty: "That IS typically how it goes, from my experiences."
  231. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom raises an eyebrow at the question. She obviously doesn't like her name being attached.
  233. CapsLockRAGE: "I see." She looks at Bom-Pom. Blinks once at her, noticing her expression. " I find nothing wrong with your leadership thus far."
  235. SomethingWitty: Raikiri raises her hand again.
  237. Swixer: "Smoooooth."
  238. (6:21:59 PM) Keioseth: "Like gravel."
  240. GeneralFreedom: "I would hope not," Bom-Pom snorts. "Tutor does most of the heavy lifting for me anyway, if I'm being honest. And he's a soulless machine." Tutor heaves a robotic sigh. "I live to serve." Mercy smiles crookedly at the banter and nods to Raikiri.
  242. SomethingWitty: "Do you feel like that, if you had received more firm but fair criticism concerning the leadership of the group, and suggestions on how to remedy the issues, New Vigil would have been more successful?"
  243. "It sounds as if being open with others was an issue that pervaded the group - and when someone has a problem and does not speak up, it stews, and becomes rancid and toxic."
  245. CapsLockRAGE: {Crosses her arms, metal parts clacking together.} If i had a problem, I would voice it.
  247. GeneralFreedom: "Ooh, what a question," Charity sighs. "I think so, yes. In the end, you shouldn't be afraid to criticize the leadership if you feel something is going wrong." Bom-Pom makes a face, but takes this in as well. "You can't let small problems build into big ones. And you can't let big ones sit... That will really destroy the bonds of your team."
  249. Swixer: *Patricia begins digging at the air, sinking lower from her flight as she does so.*
  251. CapsLockRAGE: I have made no attempt to...bond.
  253. machinegunblues: "OK, here's one."
  255. GeneralFreedom: "Probably more dangerous than any evil space mothers from distant galaxies," Charity jokes.
  257. machinegunblues: "If you could hit rewind, do it all over again, what's the first specific thing you'd do to tighten shit up?"
  259. Swixer: "Ah, he said a swear."
  260. "Is he allowed to do that in the classroom?"
  262. GeneralFreedom: "We'll try to set up more team activities in the future," Tutor comments towards Cannon. "If you feel it's something you'd like to work on, I'd encourage you to attend." Bom-Pom glances back at Tricia. "I'll allow it." Mercy takes a breath. "If I could go back... I've thought of this, actually."
  263. "I wouldn't have volunteered to be team lead."
  265. CapsLockRAGE: "I feel it is unecessary, but I'll defer to your better judgement.
  267. GeneralFreedom: "Honestly, there were better candidates. Even early on."
  268. "The only reason I acted as team leader was because Galactigal was a friend."
  270. machinegunblues: "Ouch. Honest."
  272. GeneralFreedom: She laughs softly. "I'm being realistic. To be more idealistic... I would have tried to be more confident. More willing to sort out problems before they grew."
  273. "Maybe even have set up some kind of team structure early on."
  275. SomethingWitty: "Idealism tempered by reality is a powerful force."
  276. "My uncle told me that."
  278. GeneralFreedom: "This team... seems to have that figured out. It has a base, it has a leader and co-leader, both of which seem to be fairly proactive and not lacking in confidence..."
  279. "He's programmed with an abundance of optimism," Bom-Pom comments, grinning at Tutor.
  281. CapsLockRAGE: "Yet i didn't know we had a co-leader. Are you speaking of Tutor?"
  283. Swixer: "He's programmed with an abundance of somethin'."
  284. Keioseth: "Sass."
  286. GeneralFreedom: "Yes. I am co-leader of this team. You seem to be the only one that wasn't aware," Tutor says to Cannon.
  288. CapsLockRAGE: "I was not directly informed, and I do not make assumptions."
  290. GeneralFreedom: "That's what you get for never being around. You're out of the loop," Bom-Pom tsks. "Ah, any more questions?" Charity asks.
  292. SomethingWitty: "Tutor is an excellent foil to Bom-Pom. I have high hopes for this team."
  294. CapsLockRAGE: "I am generally busy running diagnostics and undergoing complicated adjustments to keep myself from undergoing surges of incredible pain."
  296. Palanius: "That sounds like a dangerous distraction to bring out into the field"
  298. CapsLockRAGE: "That is why I am always undergoing diagnostics and adjustments... so I do not.
  300. Swixer: "Surges of Incredible Pain would be a kick-ass band name, though."
  302. machinegunblues: "Well shit, remind me never to complain about having to see the psych doc every six months."
  304. GeneralFreedom: "I suppose that's a good enough excuse," Bom-Pom shrugs. "If there are no more questions, I'd like to thank you all for having me! I wish your team the best of luck," Charity gathers up her notes and takes another quick glance around the room.
  306. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon gives a nod.}
  308. SomethingWitty: "Thank you for visiting us, Charity. It's always beneficial to take advice from someone with experience."
  310. GeneralFreedom: "Thank you for taking the time to speak with us," Tutor says with a polite bow. "Yes, thank you," Bom-Pom manages to say politely. "It might as well be useful to somebody," Charity says with a quiet laugh as she moves towards the table. "I've come to terms with what happened during my time with New Vigil."
  312. machinegunblues: "Ditto. And, I'm sorry things didn't work out. Probably wasn't easy coming all the way out here to tell us all why."
  314. Swixer: "Yeah, we really appreciate it, Pinky. As far as I'm concerned, you're an honorary Gen Primer."
  316. GeneralFreedom: "Not officially, of course," Bom-Pom adds to Patricia's statement.
  318. SomethingWitty: "I don't think that is your call to make, Patricia Pan."
  320. Swixer: "Hence the 'as far as I'm concerned'."
  322. GeneralFreedom: "Hah, well... thank you," Charity laughs. "And Cobalt, Psyke, it was nice to see you both again. I hope this team works out well for you both."
  323. "I might have to give her a card..." Tutor muses and Bom-Pom gives him a dirty look.
  325. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon unfolds her arms with a mechanical whirr. "It was an acceptable change in my usual schedual."
  327. SomethingWitty: "Now, if you excuse me..." Raikiri bows to the others and hastily makes an exit.
  329. Swixer: *Pat watches her go.* "She's friendly."
  331. machinegunblues: Psyke grins a little. "Same. Maybe i'll look you up if I ever need to trade notes on this whole.."
  332. "Crazy bullshit brain powers.. thing."
  334. GeneralFreedom: "Now that I have more than enough experience with," she nods. "Don't be afraid to call me up. I'm more than willing to help." Tutor nods to the others. "If you wish to leave, you may do so. I will alert you to any future meetings. Or events."
  336. Swixer: *Patricia gives a lazy salute and floats towards the exit.* "If anyone wants me, I'll be in the kitchen making a really, really big sandwich."
  338. Palanius: "You never did tell us about those awesome adventures you all had"
  340. GeneralFreedom: "Oh, Ms. Corren. If you would, Bom-Pom and I would like to speak with you in private before you leave the building." Charity nods to Tutor before answering Spellslinger. "Well, that wasn't really what I was called in for. We had quite a few big incidents. The... complications with Galactigal's mother were mentioned."
  341. "That involved fighting a cosmic entity that was capable of using the energy of stars and surrounding planets to make her 'children'."
  343. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon just stands there quietly, She didn't have anything else scheduled, and felt this would take longer. So now she's wasting time till her next scheduled task.
  345. Palanius: "Hardcore"
  346. "We got to go into a bumfuck town in the middle of nowhere to fight a bunch of dudes with flashlights, that was pretty sweet too" winks at Bom-Pom
  348. GeneralFreedom: "It was fairly taxing for all involved. Mother was a powerful and spiteful entity. Very dangerous," Charity nods.
  349. Bom-Pom snorts. "They were heat beams. Those are pretty dangerous on a local level." She taps Tutor's arm and the android follows her out of the room.
  351. CapsLockRAGE: {Silently watches, listening....judging.}
  353. Palanius: "I can imagine, family drama on top of that. Nasty"
  355. Keioseth: "Yeah still glad I never fought the space gods."
  357. GeneralFreedom: Charity sighs. "We also defeated a group of... mad scientists? A science organization dedicated to stealing powers and transferring them to other people... I feel that one was more our speed!"
  358. "But then again, we did have some rather powerful members."
  360. Keioseth: "They had the robots right? Attacked us in the warehouse?"
  361. "Which now that I think about it has happened to me more than once."
  363. GeneralFreedom: She thinks for a moment. "That might have been some other group. These guys, MetaCorp, had mind controlled soldiers and a few mutants and metahumans on their side."
  365. Palanius: "You said you where active a couple of years ago, and you where a part of the group Cobalt. How old does that make you?"
  367. GeneralFreedom: "That does happen quite a bit..." she laughs. "Robots make good minions."
  369. Keioseth: "I need to avoid warehouses."
  370. "Old enough purple people eater."
  372. CapsLockRAGE: "Diagnostics state he is between the ages of 19 to 21."
  374. Keioseth: "Four stalkers."
  376. GeneralFreedom: She chuckles. "Nothing good ever happens in old abandoned warehouses."
  378. Palanius: "I don't eat people, babies are much more tender" grins wickedly
  380. GeneralFreedom: "If it's not supervillains its mold and splinters."
  382. Keioseth: Laughs.
  384. CapsLockRAGE: "That is only a three second diagnostic. I could give you an exact number with a bio sample."
  386. GeneralFreedom: She glances over at Cannon a moment then looks back. "Ah, anyway, I'm not going to keep your team leaders waiting! I'm sure they're very busy too!"
  387. "I know I am..."
  389. Keioseth: "If you just wanted to get to know me, you could've just asked darlin'." He gives a big obviously mocking wink to her.
  391. CapsLockRAGE: "...My name is Megan, or Cannon. Not Darlin'"
  393. Keioseth: He walks over to Mercy and gives her a hug, "Seriously good to see you."
  395. GeneralFreedom: She hurries towards the door and gives a quick wave. "Have a good evening!"
  397. Palanius: "Well Megan, what brings you to our jokky cooperation of freaks and the like?"
  399. CapsLockRAGE: "...Convienience and resources."
  401. Keioseth: A chime comes from his pocket, "Welp, that's work." He heads for the exit, "Peace!"
  403. Palanius: "I see, you're in it for yourself too. I like that"
  405. CapsLockRAGE: "I see no reason not to take advantage of an obvious benefieting resource with very little collateral drawback.
  407. Palanius: "You don't need to explain yourself, we all got our precious time here on earth. Better take what you can and get out on top"
  409. CapsLockRAGE: "Hm, I don't do it to be... selfish. I need a lot of resources for...Upkeep."
  411. Palanius: "You telling me our are you telling yourself?"
  413. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon Shrugs} "Perhaps both."
  415. Palanius: "We're all in it together, no matter the reasoning. Looking forward seeing that big boomstick of yours in the field" walks past Cannon towards the exit giving her a friendly tap on her shoulder.
  417. CapsLockRAGE: {Glances at the shoulder tap, but gives no other physical sign. " Farewell."
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