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  1. # Express one or more of your characters' backstory.
  2. #### Ricardo Perez is an ex-military. Kicked out from the army due to being impulsive and trigger happy. He became a mercenary right after that. Fighting in civil wars and killing underage soldiers are two of his favorite. But things changed when he participated on a raid in a Thailand settlement. At first he was delighted because he saw an army of strong women soldiers. He was pumped up to battle with them and mess with them. Ricardo loves strong women. But when the battle almost reached its climax, and victory is almost at hand. One female provoked Ricardo to a 1v1 hand to hand combat. Ricardo was confused on how strong his foe was. Dominating him in less than 3 seconds. Ricardo was tied. Stripped. And was paralyzed when he saw the women strip with her rock hard 12 inches SCHLONG hangin ready to penetrate him the moment he blinks.
  4. Ricardo has PTSD now and decided to take a break for a while and try something new with his life. His Perez relatives invited him to come to Los Santos and become a police officer. Ricardo's combat experience is necessary in keeping the peace in Los Santos.
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