Achieve vs TheNewAli (4/28/2021

Apr 29th, 2021
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  1. Achieve vs TheNewAli
  2. 4/28/2021
  4. R1:
  5. Both fighters begin approaching each other.
  6. Both fighters exchange jabs and cross swords, unable to hit each other.
  7. Ali tries to come up with a cheeky short short short hook but barely makes contact.
  8. Achieve responds with a right hand but is met by the guard.
  9. Ali comes up with a right roundhouse but meets the guard.
  10. Ali then spins all the way around and comes in with a wonky hook kick that makes contact to Achieve's head.
  11. Achieve bangs up Ali with a left uppercut while Ali is on the way down. He follows up with a right hand but is out of position.
  12. Ali responds with his own right hand but is cut short by Achieve's pull.
  13. Ali tries another kick but does not make contact.
  14. Achieve steps back.
  15. Ali tries to kick again but meets the guard of Achieve.
  16. Achieve launches to the front leg skipping front leg roundhouse and intercepts Ali trying to come in with a right cross; but, Ali follows up with a devastating left hook.
  17. Ali then tries to Eddy Gordo his way out of falling down but falls right onto his butt.
  18. Achieve tries a cheeky front kick to put Ali on his back as he guards it.
  19. Achieve then dick punches Ali.
  21. 10-9 Achieve
  23. Considering the severity of Ali's strikes, it's arguable that they were even up until Ali decided to fall to his butt and then to his back, allowing Achieve to begin taking control of the positioning.
  25. R2:
  26. Achieve comes darting in with a rear left lead but is intercepted by a jab landing downwards toward the chin from Ali.
  27. Ali throws a follow up right hand that hits around the ear region of Achieve's head
  28. Ali tries to follow up with a left hook but Achieve ducks it while posting out with his right arm in what appears to be a save from an off balance position.
  29. Achieve seems to look for a leg but instead get ups.
  30. Ali clinches up and uppercuts Achieve on the release.
  31. As Achieve is reeling back from the uppercut, he's caught in the back of the head from a follow up right hook from Ali.
  32. Ali tries to finish with a left elbow but Achieve ducks it
  33. They both fall over.
  34. They both get up and restance, Ali in a seemingly lower stance.
  35. Ali hits an overhand right to the ribs of Aciheve as Achieve spins for an attack.
  36. Achieve tries to reverse his spin to hit a backfist but misses.
  37. Ali tries to get a double leg but can't figure it out, he then tries to get a head outside single and somehow gets Achieve down.
  38. Ali then Brazilian wrist punches Achieve square in the chin.
  39. Achieve upkicks Ali away and stifles the position until the ending of the round.
  42. 10-9 TheNewAli
  44. TheNewAli controlled this round thoroughly with his striking and landed what he could in every exchange. He barely took any significant damage back and ended the round in top position.
  46. R3:
  47. Both fighters jump in from the get go, this time, Ali comes in with a left roundhouse while Achieve reaches with the right hand.
  48. Achieve grazes the pec of Ali up to his chin with a upcross.
  49. Ali tries to do some cheeky stuff with his ankle to separate his foot and touch Achieve's head with it, so we'll just ignore it.
  50. They both restance, Ali tries a left hook but is met by the guard of Achieve whilst Achieve picks up his left leg for a quick roundhouse to the exposed body of Ali.
  51. They both fall back and launch off at each other.
  52. Achieve jumps to the Chev special skip kick but is blocked by Ali.
  53. Ali tries to counter with a right hand but Achieve pulls his head out of position and responds with his own.
  54. Both just barely miss their target.
  55. They both just decide to trick for a second I guess.
  56. Ali messes up and Achieve seizes his chance to run in for top position but some how runs face first into a knee and gets knee'd again in the face.
  57. He then gets up kicked and decides he wants to try a kneebar before the timer runs out.
  59. 10-9 Achieve
  61. Despite running face first into those knees, Achieve still landed his strikes first and ended up on top to finish out the round. Achieve won positioning and pushed the action.
  63. 29-28 Achieve
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