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  1. ~Character Name: Naruto Uzumaki (Kyuubi Chakra Mode)~
  2. Role: Fighter
  4. Passive: Naruto can sense the negative intent of enemies, he gains sensory.
  5. Passive: Borrowed Power: Naruto, having forced the Kyuubi chakra out of Kurama, taps into his chakra reserves when he's low. Upon reaching below half chakra, he gains an extra +10 chakra regeneration.
  7. Fury: Tailed Beast Flash - Naruto channels for 1 second before creating an invisible 10 tile AoE barrier, Naruto begins teleporting to enemies inside of the barrier, dealing 10 damage whenever he teleports up to 5 times. Upon his 5th teleport, Naruto smashes the enemy with a Kyuubi chakra arm, dealing 15 damage.
  9. Jutsu 1: Rasengan (Dash) - Naruto dashes forward with a rasengan in hand, hitting an enemy deals 20 damage and knocks them backwards.
  10. +Effect: While Empowered, Naruto teleports behind the enemy as they are knocked back and he knocks them up into the air while dealing 10 more damage.
  12. Jutsu 1+: Rasengan Vacuum (AoE) - When this jutsu is held, Naruto creates a large rasengan above him that gradually pulls enemies within 5 tiles towards it. Any enemy that touches the giant rasengan is stunned and take 15 damage while being pinned until the duration of the jutsu. Lasts for 3 seconds.
  13. +Effect: While Empowered, this jutsu deals an extra 5 damage and cripples enemies for 3 seconds when it ends.
  15. Jutsu 2: Kyuubi Arm (Melee) - Naruto manifests a Kyuubi arm that extends forward up to 5 tiles, it deals 15 damage and grabs an enemy, suppressing them and Naruto in place for the duration of the jutsu. Within 3 seconds, Naruto can use the left and right arrow key to toss the enemy in that direction, or up to throw them up into the air, down cancels the jutsu early.
  17. Jutsu 3: Tailed Beast Bullet (Dash) - Naruto becomes intangible and lunges forward, delivering a quick attack if he goes through an enemy. Deals 5 damage, stuns, gains 10 fury when passed through an enemy. This jutsu has 3 charges. Landing all 3 charges on one enemy within 10 seconds causes Naruto to deal an extra 5 damage for a total of 20, knocking them into the air.
  19. Jutsu 4: Rasengan empowerment (Utility) - Naruto concentrates more of his chakra into his next rasengan based attack, Empowering it for extra effects. This jutsu also changes into Raserengan when casted again.
  21. Jutsu 4+: Raserengan (AoE) - If Naruto is Empowered, he can cast this jutsu again to channel for 1 second. If uninterrupted, he unleashes a 5 tile AoE that pushes nearby enemies backwards from himself and dealing 15 damage to them.
  23. Jutsu 5: Wind Release: Rasenshuriken (Projectile) - Starts charging for one of three jutsus:
  24. + Mini Rasenshuriken - If instantly pressed, throws a tiny rashenshuriken that deals 20 damage.
  25. + Rasenshuriken - After charged for 1 second and pressed, throws a rasenshuriken that deals 35 damage and chakra seals for 60 seconds.
  26. +TEXT: "Rasenshuriken ready!" when charged.
  27. + Odama Rasenshuriken - After charged for 3 seconds and pressed, throws a large rasenshuriken that goes through all enemies in its path. Deals 50 damage and chakra seals for 120 seconds.
  28. +TEXT: "Odama Rasenshuriken!" When charged.
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