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Event: 'Oh Fudge' (Stegoboy Introduction)

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  1. GeneralFreedom: An explosion shakes the buildings on the streets of Millennium City! While cops try to get everyone in the area to safety, a cheerleader in black faces down a rampaging monster! A towering beast of goop and sludge with a massive hole blasted through its body! Much to Bom-Pom's dismay, the hole quickly seals up. "What is this thing? It's so disgusting!" So far nothing she's thrown at it has stopped it... but she stubbornly refuses to call in help. Luckily, she's not the only person in charge... Tutor has sent out an alert to the potential Gen Prime members in the area!
  2. Hopefully someone knows how to stop this massive monster before it devours the city!
  4. Palanius: Strides out of the shadows of a nearby alley, whistling to himself and shuffling ha deck of cards in his hands. He looks up at the fight ahead with a sly smirk "Mind if I join this dance miss?"
  6. AceofFours: Normally, Moonbeam wasn't the sort to leap off a rooftop to fight a giant sludge monster, but when she received the call from Tutor, she knew she had to act fast.  Hopefully she'll come up with a plan of attack on the way down.  "Where did that thing come from?!"
  8. Keioseth: He peers down from a nearby building and activates the zoom function of his mask to get a better picture on the situation, "That meta-cheerleader again..." He taps the side of the mask causing the lenses to vanish. He fires off a line and swings down from the building to hit the sludge monster with a couple of cryobolts.
  10. Oboeshoes101: Coming from behind, what sounds like a truck rumbling down the road comes a large imposing figure. Before anyone can get a clear visual, the figure goes into a roll and slices through the road before flinging into the air and slamming into goo monster sending globs of it everywhere, eventually wearing it down. Though it seems to slowly reform itself again. The buzz saw reveals itself to be a human dinosaur hybrid. It looks to Moonbeam. "I can answer that."
  12. GeneralFreedom: "What are YOU guys doing here? I have this under control," Bom-Pom huffs and stomps her foot, the energy spheres circulating around her hands pulsing wildly. She gets a grip on herself and turns down the power as the mysterious dinosaur shows up! "...and what do you know about it?" She still sounds a bit pouty. Meanwhile, lumps of goop stir and twitch, slithering back towards a central point...
  14. Keioseth: "Yeah, about as under control as that VIPER invasion a week ago." He says loading up some more cryobolts into his bracers.
  16. Palanius: Looks over at the new people gathering around "I happened to be in the neighborhood, thought I'd stop by and say hello"
  18. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy seems a little shaken from Bom-Pom abrasiveness. He pushes his glasses back towards his face and clears his throat. "Um..ahem yes. It's name is Dr. Horatio Fudge. He was experimenting with ways to increase a human's durability." He looks to the slowly reforming sludge. "As you can see there were some side effects." He looks back to group finger raised in the air like he has a point to make. "But, I have managed to devise a cure. It's quite fascinating really, see. I reversed engineered the his DNA and separated the bio-genetic matrix to co-incide-" This could go on for a while if someone doesn't interrupt him.
  20. GeneralFreedom: Tutor's voice speaks up over the shared comm frequency. "Ms. Neven stated that she would 'level the whole block if she had to,' to stop it. Considering this, I thought it was a good idea to call in reinforcements." Bom-Pom starts turning red, both from anger and embarrassment. She turns it on the egghead. "Did you bring it with you, or what?"
  22. AceofFours: She thrusts her palms outward, firing bright burning beams of light at the lumps of unsettlingly mobile goop. "That was super informative.  Now shut up and cure him before he kills us all!"
  24. Keioseth: Readies several sonic shuriken.
  26. GeneralFreedom: The goop doesn't care much for the chatter either! The pieces not being attacked dogpile each other and start forming into the gooply terror again! It roars in puttyish rage!
  28. Palanius: "Now that would be most... unfortunate"  Slinger says somewhat unconvincing. He'd totally want to see Bom Pom blow up a city block
  30. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy looks sheepish, he was monologuing again. He reaches into his utility belt and pulls out a capped syringe. "Yes, but I need to inject it right in there." He points to a small object in the center of the goop monster, it looks like a brain. "If you can do enough damage to it to create an opening, I can inject the cure."
  32. Keioseth: "Right, hit it until the weak spot appears." He flings the sonic shuriken at the beast.
  34. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom perks up at this. "Oh, I can do damage alright," she punches her fists together and sends out a small shockwave. "Since we're all here, let's coordinate attacks!" The goo monster swings an arm down towards the group and Bom-Pom rolls to the side, springing up at the last moment to tag its arm. The delicate looking punch spatters the arm across the street!
  35. "Oh, and don't get crushed or absorbed or anything. That would be very lame of you guys!"
  37. Palanius: "Wear and tear, got it." Slinger says and releases his deck of cards into the air, each card morphing into a crowlike shadow midair swarming the sludgeman, pecking at him from all direction
  39. AceofFours: With swift, practiced motion, Moonbeam grapple hooks herself to safety, narrowly dodging the goo punch and going airborne once again. She grips her cape and glides around the creature and blasts it with laser beam eye blasts!
  41. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy goes into his buzzsaw spin again and zooms towards the goop monster, tearing away at it again. "It would be... lame as you put it. There is mostly likely gastric acid in the goop; to be absorbed would not be pleasant."
  43. GeneralFreedom: "Ugh, why do monsters like these have to be so disgusting? What he was working on can't possibly be worth a chance at looking like that!" The poor, transformed doctor groans and spits globs of itself around the area, trying to bury the heroes and bring them back for absorption!
  45. Keioseth: Cobalt slams his fist into the ground forming a hard light bubble shield to block the globs from hitting him, "Not exact how I saw my night going." He does a quick tally, "Should save the cryos..." He loads up a taser and napalm shot to fire at the goopy mass.
  47. Palanius: "I'd rather not get that stuff on my coat, acidic or not" pulls a card out of his sleeve and throws it across the street, as it lands he instantly blinks over to its location out of harms way
  49. AceofFours: "Whatever it was, I don't think his end goal was transforming into a giant pile of snot."  She tuck and rolls into hr landing before trying to burn away the monster's gooey exterior.
  51. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy discontinues his buzzsaw attack. He looks to Cobalt. "No, no. Are those cryo grenades? Use them, freezing him into a solid could be the solution, his hardened form would make regeneration slower and harder."
  53. Keioseth: "Okay but I've only got two shots of it left, get me an opening."
  55. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom gets splattered and lets out a high squeal of surprise! A brief flash of reddish pink can be seen around her body before she suddenly explodes! Pieces of the monster flying away from her. "NO! Inexcusable!" She smashes her hands into the ground and an eruption of energy tears towards the monster! All the accumulated damage has really slowed it down... Well, probably. It's hard to tell with something so big and slow! It shields itself with its good arm while its other slowly reforms!
  56. "Just get rid of that arm! It should be torn up enough for you to freeze him when its gone!"
  58. Palanius: Takes a card and throws it into the goomonster's shadow, morphing it into a mass of slippery tendrils that shoot up at it, pulling at its arm trying to pry it away
  60. AceofFours: "Right!  He'll probably reform with all his limbs when we cure him. Probably. I don't know, I'm not a monster expert."  She focuses her energy into one last burst of light and fires at the remaining goo arm.
  62. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy moves the arm and throws a massive punch to the area where the arm would connect to the should hopefully forcibly disconnecting it with the others help. "Fire the grenade in here, let it absorb it! An internal explosion should cause a chain reaction."
  64. GeneralFreedom: The monster gives a gurgly roar as it loses another arm. It looks from side to side at its remaining goop stumps. It almost seems upset.
  66. Keioseth: Firing off a hook and launching himself into the air to give him a clear shot and then fires.
  68. GeneralFreedom: Though the absorption process is slow, Dr. Fudge's body takes those tasty grenades right into his new body. Just as he starts reforming his arms too! He doesn't get a chance to use them as the trick grenades go off and the goop monsters skin starts freezing up!
  70. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy jumps up and over the goop monster, he takes out the syringe and shoves his hand through the now icy goop and attempt to inject it with the cure.
  72. GeneralFreedom: Even on a good day, a sludge monster isn't fast. It has no way to stop the scientific saurian as he punches through its now rigid mass and gives him his medicine! The whole creature starts to tremble and it quickly starts to shrink! "I guess this is better than accidently turning him into little bits of burned up gunk," Bom-Pom tsks as she watches the rapid change!
  74. Palanius: Recalls his cards back to his hand, disappearing up his sleeves
  76. AceofFours: "Right.  We're here to save lives, not end them."  MB's stomach turns slightly at the sight of the transformation.  "Ugh.  Good thing, I didn't eat before I came here."
  78. GeneralFreedom: Soon all that's left of the once towering sludge thing is a pale, chubby little man. One without clothes. "...does anyone have a spare coat. Or something," Bom-Pom asks, wrinkling her nose and looking away. "Oh, and I guess we should check and make sure he's okay. Not it."
  80. Oboeshoes101: Stegboy moves forward. He holds out a hand for the reformed scientist. "Dr. Fudge, you alright?"
  82. Palanius: Takes a card out of his sleeve and flings it at the naked man, covering up his shame in a coating of shadow
  84. Keioseth: Cobalt gets up onto a ledge and looks down at the gathered group.
  86. GeneralFreedom: "I had the weirdest dream that I was huge. And very hungry," the scientist says drowsily as he accepts the hand up. "...why am I not in my lab?" He looks down at the fashionable shadow clothing and pales even further. "Oh no, not again!"
  88. AceofFours: MB kneels next to the former glob of goo and checks him for injuries.  "Again?  You do this sort of thing a lot?"
  90. Oboeshoes101: "You didn't carry the one, sir. I looked at your notes, your math was off by 0.00001%. But I suggest you see the EMT's for now." He points him to the gathered police and emergency services that are now arriving.
  92. GeneralFreedom: "Uh... forget I said anything about it happening again," Dr. Fudge coughs. "Th... thanks for the help! I'm sure I'll be fine! I'll be sure to check my notes more carefully next time!" He quickly scurries towards the authorities and Bom-Pom looks back to the others. "Well... That was something, wasn't it?"
  93. "You all did not a horrible job. Good even."
  95. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy looks to Moonbeam. "Science is about collective ignorance. It's about trying to eliminate pockets of ignorance. If we don't experiment, we won't get an answer."
  97. Palanius: "Yup, that's science for ya"
  99. AceofFours: "I won't argue against that.  I just hope Dr. Fudge will be more careful next time around."
  101. Oboeshoes101: "Hopefully."
  103. GeneralFreedom: "It was good seeing some of you in action for the first time... and seeing you again," she gestures to Cobalt. A slick black sports car pulls up and an advanced robot steps out. Some of the heroes will recognize it as Tutor. "And you..." she points at Stego. "Are very interesting. How would you like to join what's going to be the coolest hero group in the city?"
  105. Keioseth: Cobalt gives a wave before disappearing from sight.
  107. Palanius: "And remember to bring an extra pair of pants. That reminds me..." calls back his card, leaving poor Fudge left exposed again over at the emergency crew.
  109. Poor Fudge. Today is not his day. The EMTs hurry him into an ambulance and throw a blanket over him for modesty.
  111. AceofFours: "You can never have too many geniuses around."
  113. Palanius: "The same goes for dinosaurs"
  115. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy raises a scaly eyebrow at Bom-Pom. "I suppose, I could." He looks up to where Cobalt would most likely be. "It would be good to work with old friends again."
  117. GeneralFreedom: She smiles and snaps her fingers for Tutor. Who doesn't act. She sighs and turns to whisper to him and he nods and moves to give Stegoboy a Gen Prime card! Fancy!
  119. Oboeshoes101: Stego gently takes the card from Tutor, looking it over. "Very well. I look forward to working with you."
  121. GeneralFreedom: "Why do you have to act like that?" Bom-Pom whispers loudly to Tutor as he walks back to stand beside her. "I'm a co-leader, not a servant." She gives him a dirty look then nods to Stegoboy. "We'll be in touch! Moonbeam, Spellslinger, take care." She gives a little wave before she and Tutor get into the car and drive off!
  123. AceofFours: "... she could have at least offered us a ride."
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