Pet Monster Manual (WIP)

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  1. Pet Monsters Manual
  2. Recently in the land of AltGX, it's become a popular sport and pastime of children and over-dedicated adults to capture wild monsters and tame them as pets, for the purpose of pitched combat. This sheet is for referring to monsters that the party has tamed for the purpose of assistance in combat, or for battling against other Pet Monsters. Each Pet counts as a minion. It is possible to gain additional Pet Mastery skills by battling against other Pet Monsters, or by training and upgrading the ones you currently have.
  4. Marrow Upgrades (And Zombie Dogs in general)
  6. The misnomered 'zombie' dog known as Marrow is a chipper skeleton dog jointly acquired by Rushin' and Bang at the entrance to the town of Hotbase. Part of a mass resurrection by a young necromancer, Marrow was one of the dogs that was just being given out to the young populace of Hotbase.
  8. Requirements for gaining extra Pet Mastery:
  9. 2 Store-Bought Upgrades
  10. Using at least 2 kinds of Plants
  11. Using at least 1 kind of Little Grave
  12. Equipping a collar with at least 1 Gem
  14. Store-Bought Upgrades
  15. Metal Teeth- +2 Normal Attacks- 300 Gold
  16. Leg Springs- -1 to Recover- 200 Gold
  17. Mega Fangs- -1 Critical Range- 300 Gold
  18. Steel Tendons- +1 DC for being attacked- 200 Gold
  19. Steel Plating- -1 Hits on taking damage(for a minimum 1 Hit)- 400 Gold
  21. Plants: Thanks to the necromantic life energy running through his bones and the clump of dirt permanently stuck to his spine, Marrow is able to quickly grow seeds that have been planted into the dirt into strange, mutated plants. These can be acquired by the party along their adventure. These plants are quick to grow and quick to die, necessitating a regular replanting. He is only able to grow one plant at a time, lest they come into combat on top of him and steal his necromantic energy to become botanical abominations.
  23. Roses- Grows a hearty rose bush, along with thorny vines. Allows Marrow to use Dual Wielding as an Instant action only.
  24. Poison Ivy- Grows poison ivy that spreads all over his body. After attacking an enemy, they take +1 hits on successful attacks next turn.
  25. Pumpkin- Grows a pumpkin that immediately turns into a grinning Jack O' Lantern Allows Marrow to cast Magic Bolt(Fire) as an Instant Action, with the same DC and damage as a normal attack.
  26. Almond- Grows a small, evil-looking tree that spits almonds from a grinning mouth. Allows Marrow to use a Ranged attack as an Instant Action that crits on 9+.
  27. Mandrake- Grows a bizarre root that resembles a human baby. Once per combat, it can be lifted out by a PC to be used as Wrath. All allied characters must roll to resist taking damage
  29. Little Graves- Upon defeating a monster, a part of them may be buried in Marrow. The necromantic energy contained in him will allow him to channel the monster's energy and mutate him so that he will be able to use the monster's powers in some fashion. This cannot be used in conjunction with the plants.
  31. Collars and Gems- While most dogs are required to wear collars, in Marrow's case it would be foolish not to, as the magical energy will allow him to channel the natural energy inside gemstones to enhance the strength of various spells he is able to cast. Up to 2 gems can be worn on the collar at any time. This can be used in conjunction with either the plants or Little Graves
  32. -Diamond: +1 to Elementalist spells that do not have any Elementalist effects applied to them. 100 Gold
  33. -Ruby: +1 to Elementalist-Fire spells. 200 Gold
  34. -Sapphire: +1 to Elementalist-Ice spells. 200 Gold
  35. -Topaz: +1 to Elementalist-Lightning spells. 200 Gold
  36. -Emerald: +1 to Elementalist-Air/Wind spells. 200 Gold
  37. -Blood Diamond: +1 to Lifestream. 300 Gold
  38. -Flashmatite: Allows a Spell to be cast twice in the same turn, with the same Recharge as normal. 500 Gold
  39. -Cosmotite: +1 to Elementalist-Gravity spells. 500 Gold
  40. -Dai-Diamond: Adds an additional +1 to any spell. 300 Gold
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