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  1. Druid Forms, the 300 iq revamp:
  3. Create a new interface for Druids.
  4. This interface will have options such as "slotting" forms for different game modes in a heirarchichal sense. First off we scrap Treeant / Stag form extra skills as actual skills.
  6. You start at the the top with specialization, possibly only being able to view current specialization.
  8. Further down we have game modes, such as Inside a Raid, Inside a Dungeon, In open world and so on. You then make your selection and set up your preferred "skin" for each form, possibly with restrictions, such as legendary items and treant form for restoration only.
  10. What does this achieve? Well it means we can add Treant as our human form. It means we can set preferred Arena travel form as stag form, and so on. It means we can do a lot more with this "ever growing" but "limited" situation we have now. Thank you.
  12. Also add Death Knight skins to all Death Knight races this isn't 2004 anymore.
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