Goons Guide to Become Wildlife Preserve

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  1. Querious Fight Club
  4. More detailed rules:
  5. Membership:  Membership is granted by the applying to the administrators for the program (listed at the end).
  8. Member rights: Members are whitelisted to own sov in Querious. Groups who want to join the QFC and are approved will be given 1-3 systems based on their size.  Space may be awarded or taken away based on fight participation over strategic goals but in general should be taken using the mechanisms herein.   They have rights to all the infrastructure, including all non-r64 moons, in their sov space.  The sov of the capital system for each member alliance as designated in the QFC member sheet may not be attacked.
  10. Member Duties:  If any non member alliance attempts to take sov in the fight club region all members are to act for mutual defense of the sov.  That is to mean, all members must help defend the sov of any member from external threats and under no circumstances may they assist a non member in taking sov.
  12. The Imperium will engage any external invasion forces we deem inappropriate for the Querious region or interests in tandem with QFC
  14. All groups who join the QFC agree to the following sov stipulation: outside of your capital system you will anchor a medium pos on the lowest moon (ie planet 1 moon 1) in each system you own that is the key to sov in that system. If an enemy group destroys your pos and anchors their own on that moon then you agree to self destruct any sov structures and allow the winner to anchor them (if they desire).  
  16. Any group found advertising their space in Querious as primarily ratting/industrial space will be removed from the QFC and expelled from the space. All groups are encouraged to recruit PVP focused players! There is nothing wrong with making money to fund your PVP but money making shouldn't be the end goal of your players.
  18. Moons r32 and down are available to groups in space they own. If you wish to claim moons in another group's sov you must follow the procedure for taking the system from them, at that point you may take control of the moons. Aside from the “TCU POS” members may not attack or defend infrastructure outside their sov systems.
  21. QFC members may not cloaky camp other member's space.
  24. Capital ships:  For fights between members no one may deploy more than 3 capital ships at a time.  Repeated violations of this rule will cause an alliance’s membership to be revoked.  Trying to rules lawyer this will not be tolerated. Force auxillary (FAXES) are strictly prohibited in all combat scenarios. This rule only applies to members of the QFC, when fighting outsiders you may use whatever you wish. You may use FAX outside of combat for repping POS.
  26. Anchoring of  SCSAAs, Keepstars, and Sotiyos is not allowed.  Members may not cynojam systems.
  28. Entosis'ing should only be for initial capture of space from non QFC members, after that you should follow the mechanics laid out herein for taking space.
  30. Diplomacy is encouraged! You can build alliances to fight in QFC, go for it. Just be careful that your enemy doesn't do so as well. If one group of alliance becomes too dominant GSF reserves the right to request you dissolve your bonds and reset each other.
  32. Fake Querious: The area known as “fake Querious” or “fake Delve” is excluded from the QFC as it is not contiguous space.
  34. For membership, or other inquiries contact the QFC management team
  36. ___________
  38. QFC Management Team
  40. Izalis
  41. Darkwing Fiftytwo
  42. Plexedlive
  43. Djan Sma
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