Talking Dirty with an Anubis

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  1. The anubis bites her lip as you plot into her, body grinding against sweat-soaked body, delicious bronze thighs jiggling in your hands as you thrust in and out like a beast possessed.
  2. But something's wrong. No, it's not that. But something could be... better.
  3. You disrupt the melody of heavy panting and breathing, catching your lover's attention with a murmured "hey."
  4. She catches your gaze, contented smile twisting into a gentle frown as she spies the look on your face. "What is it, love?"
  5. "Is it alright if I try something? Something new?" you ask between laboured breaths, the exertion of holding her fluff-covered legs apart starting to get to you.
  6. "Of course. ...Wait, what is it?" She raises an eyebrow, her air of serious concern in no way impeded by the jiggle and sway of her breasts as you pump into her.
  7. "Well, I jut thought we could try some, y'know, dirty talk? You avert your eyes from her as those words leave your lips, feeling a slight blush flourish across your face.
  8. Almost instantly you regret it. Your partner, an anubis, proud and noble and refined, partaking in dirty talk like those foul-mouthed akaname pornstars? "God, just forget I said anything," you think to yourself.
  9. To your surprise, however, your partner looks at you not with revulsion, but with a smile. "Dear, you are my soulmate. I'm willing to do anything if it means making you happy. Within reason, of course. And besides, something like that might actually be kind of fun..."
  10. You grin, leaning down to nuzzle your nose against hers, earning a giggle and a tender kiss, before rising back up with renewed vigor.
  11. "Okay, I'll start." You readjust your grip on those soft, perfect thighs, parting her legs to begin thrusting in and out of the heaven between them.
  13. "Oh, baby, these reports are so thorough and concise," you breath, feeling a happy twitch around your member as you speak.
  14. "Uh, honey, what are you..."
  15. "Your business approaches are so practical, but so effective!" That's it, you're in the zone now. On a roll. Your anubis lover behind milking you even more quickly, a sure sign that what you're doing is working.
  16. Caught up in the heat and passion of the moment, you don't even notice her incredulous stare, mouth agape until she recovers the sense to speak with it. "No, really, are you joking?"
  17. "Oh god, when I see you tidying your room it just gets me so HOT." You can feel the momentum build. Not quite past the point of no return, but you can feel it growing inside, a roiling heat aching to burst free, drawn up by the godlike massaging of your partner, lubrication flowing over her puffy vulva as it parts for you.
  18. "What- (pant) what are you doing?"
  19. "I want to see you organise other people's lives like the slut you are!"
  20. "W-what?!"
  21. "Schedule me like the disorganised layabout that I am!"
  23. "Ohhh... I don't- (gasp) -What the he- ah!" Desperation sets into her twitching body, words lost as her mind goes fuzzy.
  24. You barely have the breath to speak yourself, feeling your body crest the peak of the wave, but you have just enough sense in your head to carry on for a few more frenzied thrusts.
  25. "S-synergy! Filing systems! BUREAUCRACY!"
  26. Something clicks in your anubis lover, and she breaks down, the raw sexual energy in your words throwing her over the edge. Lubrication flows and muscles contract at full force, pulling you into the surge of orgasm with her as she milks you for every spurt of semen you can produce. Her eyes shut right, gasps and moans escaping her mouth in equal measure while her legs try in vain to break from your grip, clenching and unclenching furiously.
  27. When you come down from bliss, you're both gasping for air on the bed, lying in each others' arms amidst sweat-soaked blankets.
  28. When her own mind returns to her, your anubis partner turns to look at you, her crimson eyes taking up your full view.
  29. "I don't know what could possibly have compelled you to do that," she begins, serious as stone. "But you're going to do that again. And again, and again."
  30. "So... you liked it?"
  31. She nods, finally letting free the smile creeping back over her face. "As utterly stupid as it is, yes.
  32. I want you to speak tidy to me more."
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