Brainy and Kath's New Skill Stress-Test!

Jan 15th, 2020
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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Character Skills
  4. Now that you have your Attributes and Classes
  5. You can understand what your Character is capable of
  7. All Skills have a Maximum Score of 100, and a Minimum Score of 0.
  8. All Skills have a base score derived from your Attributes.
  9. All Skills have a Primary Attribute and a Secondary Attribute.
  10. A Skill's base score is equal to the Primary Attribute plus half of the Secondary Attribute, round up.
  11. Some Skills require conditions to be fully unlocked, they're Soft Capped at a certain score.
  12. A Soft-Capped Skill cannot be raised above its capped score, but it can be at a higher base score.
  14. A Score of 0 represents lacking the Concept.
  15. A Score of 1 represents recognizing the existence of it, but nothing else.
  16. A Score of 5 represents having a white/black Understanding.
  17. A Score of 15 represents the average of a Commoner from the Medieval ages.
  18. A Score of 30 represents having Competence to be Referred to.
  19. A Score of 50 represents being an Expert in the Field.
  20. A Score of 80 represents Mastery.
  21. A Score of 100 represents Incapability of Failing.
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. You have [Level*5] Free Skill Points to distribute how you want
  24. In addition, you have [Level] Extra Skill Points that can only be used on Extra Skills
  26. Don't forget to meet your Class requirements!
  27. DO NOT recalculate your Skills from ability/equipment Attribute bonuses.
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. Name Pri Sec Description
  30. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. Base Skills:
  33. [Athletics] CON CON - Determines Stamina usage efficiency for movement and Resistance to Fatigue from Stamina depletion.
  34. [Balance] DEX CON - Determines movement speed and ability to remain stable while on unstable surfaces, like when Wall Walking.
  35. [Climb] STR DEX - Determines movement speed, ability to prevent falls and maintain stability while on a vertical surface.
  36. [Jump] STR CON - Determines how high and far you can jump.
  37. [Tumble] DEX CON - Determines ability to mitigate Fall Damage and reduce damage from AoE effects.
  38. [Investigation] INT INT - Determines ability to make deductions based on circumstantial evidence.
  39. [Insight] WIS INT - Determines ability to passively label targets as an Enemy.
  40. [Perception] WIS WIS - Determines range at which you can detect targets.
  41. [Medicine] WIS CON - Determines Effectiveness of Healing and Regeneration Spells and Consumables.
  42. [Survival] WIS CON - Determines ability to recognize natural circumstances, such as changes in weather
  43. [Deception] CHA WIS - Determines ability to avoid being labeled an Enemy by a Target's [Perception]
  44. [Intimidation] CHA STR - Determines ability to inflict fear through Physical Actions
  45. [Leadership] CHA CHA - Determines effectiveness of Auras or Abilities that provide benefits to nearby allies
  46. [Persuasion] CHA INT - Determines ability to issue simple commands to not-allied NPCs
  48. [Flight] DEX STR - Determines flight speed, stability and ability to control Wings or Supernatural Flight.
  49. [Soft Cap:50] Unlocked by: 'Have Wings and can fly as easily as running' ability
  51. [Ride] DEX STR - Determines ability to guide, control, and stay on a mount.
  52. [Soft Cap:50] Unlocked by: 'Can issue simple/complex commands to Beast NPCs' or 'Spoken words can be understood by All Beasts' ability
  54. [Swim] STR CON - Determines movement speed and precision while submerged underwater or while levitating.
  55. [Soft Cap:50] Unlocked by: 'Can Breathe Underwater indefinitely' ability
  57. [Grapple] STR STR - Determines success chance when grappling and escape from grapples
  58. [Soft Cap:50] Unlocked by: any Grapple ability
  60. [Thievery] DEX DEX - Determines ability to lockpick and discreetly steal loot.
  61. [Soft Cap:50] Unlocked by: any ability with 'while undetected can access Inventory'
  63. [Stealth] DEX WIS - Determines ability to conceal presence from a target's [Perception] and conceal small weapons
  64. [Soft Cap:50] Unlocked by: 'Know how to Sneak attack to deal increased damage to Targets who have not Detected them' ability
  66. [Spellcraft] INT INT - Determines ability in learning new Arcane Spells
  67. [Soft Cap: 5] Unlocked by: 'Have Arcane Spellcasting (INT)' ability
  69. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. Name Pri Sec Description
  71. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  72. Extra Skills:
  74. [Craft] INT CON - Determines ability to create Objects using a particular technique:
  75. [Alchemy], [Artifice], [Basketweaving], [Calligraphy], [Clothweaving], [Construction], [Cooking], [Glassblowing], [Jewelry],
  76. [Leather], [Mechanisms], [Papermaking], [Painting], [Pottery], [Sculpting], [Shipmaking], [Smithing]
  77. Each [Craft] is a separate Skill
  79. [Knowledge] INT WIS - Determines amount of information depicted on in-game tooltips:
  80. [Arcana], [Dungeoneering], [Engineering], [Geography], [History], [Local], [Monster Lore], [Nature], [Nobility], [Religion]
  81. Each [Knowledge] is a separate Skills
  83. [Profession] WIS CHA - Determines ability to Perform the functions of a Profession, and gives better prices or deals:
  84. [Architect], [Baker], [Barrister], [Brewer], [Butcher], [Clerk], [Cook], [Courtesan], [Driver], [Civil Engineer], [Farmer],
  85. [Fisherman], [Gambler], [Gardener], [Herbalist], [Innkeeper], [Librarian], [Merchant], [Midwife], [Miller], [Miner], [Porter],
  86. [Sailor], [Scribe], [Shepherd], [Stable Master], [Soldier], [Tanner], [Trapper], [Woodcutter]
  87. Each [Profession] is a separate Skill
  89. [Performance] CHA INT - Determines effectiveness of Perform actions with:
  90. [Acting], [Comedy], [Dance], [Oratory], [Singing], [Keyboard Instr.], [Percussion Instr.], [String Instr.], [Wind Instr.]
  91. Each [Performance] is a separate Skill
  93. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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