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  1. group,Channels
  2.,Fr: BeIN Sport 1,
  3.,Fr: BeIN Sport 2,
  4.,Fr: BeIN Sport 3,
  5.,Fr: RMC Sport 1,
  6.,Fr: RMC Sport 2,
  7.,Fr: RMC Sport 3,
  8.,Fr: RMC Sport 4,
  9.,Fr: Sfr Sport 1,
  10.,Fr: Sfr Sport 2,
  11.,Fr: Sfr Sport 3,
  12.,Fr: EuroSport,
  13.,Fr: EuroSport 2,
  14. ext,Fr: Info Sport +,
  15.,Fr: Golf Channel,
  16.,Fr: Foot+,
  17.,Fr: Equidia,
  18. ext,Fr: MotorSport,
  19.,Fr: France 2,
  20.,Fr: France 3,
  21.,Fr: France 4,
  22.,Fr: France 5,
  23.,Fr: France O,
  24.,Fr: AB 1,
  25. ext,Fr: AB 3,
  26.,Fr: AB Moteurs,
  27. ext,Fr: C 8,
  28.,Fr: Arte,
  29.,Fr: Action,
  30. ext,Fr: 13 EmeRue,
  31.,Fr: 6 Ter,
  32.,Fr: Lcp,
  33. ext,Fr: M 6,
  34.,Fr: M6 Music,
  35.,Fr: M6 Boutique,
  36.,Fr: Nt 1,
  37.,Fr: Syfy,
  38.,Fr: Teva,
  39. ext,Fr: TF 1,
  40.,Fr: Tmc,
  41. ext,Fr: W 9,
  42.,Fr: RTL 9,
  43.,Fr: HD 1,
  44.,Fr: NrJ 12,
  45.,Fr: Animaux,
  46.,Fr: Tv Breizh,
  47.,Fr: Cherie 25,
  48.,Fr: Serie Club,
  49.,Fr: LEquipe 21,
  50.,Fr: Numero 23,
  51.,Fr: Tcm Cinema,
  52.,Fr: Chasse & Peche,
  53.,Fr: Disney Cinema,
  54. ext,Fr: E!ntertainment,
  55. ext,Fr: Paramount,
  56. ext,Fr: Paramount Decale,
  57. ext,Fr: Paris Premier,
  58.,Fr: C News,
  59.,Fr: France 24,
  60. ext,Fr: Euro News,
  61.,Fr: Tv5 Monde,
  62. ext,Fr: I-24 News,
  63. ext,Fr: RT France,
  64.,Fr: C star,
  65.,Fr: Canal+,
  66.,Fr: Canal+ Cinema,
  67.,Fr: Canal+ Decale,
  68.,Fr: Canal+ Family,
  69. ext,Fr: Canal+ Premier,
  70.,Fr: Canal+ Series,
  71.,Fr: Canal+ Sport,
  72.,Fr: Cine Fx,
  73.,Fr: Cine+ Famiz,
  74. ext,Fr: Cine+Classic,
  75.,Fr: Cine Polar,
  76.,Fr: Cine+ Emotion,
  77.,Fr: Cine+ Frisson,
  78.,Fr: Cine+ Club,
  79.,Fr: Ocs Choc,
  80.,Fr: Ocs City,
  81.,Fr: Ocs Geant,
  82.,Fr: Ocs Max,
  83.,Fr: Comedie+,
  84.,Fr: Bfm,
  85. ext,Fr: Bfm Paris,
  86.,Fr: Piwi+,
  87.,Fr: Gulli,
  88.,Fr: Boing,
  89.,Fr: Canal J,
  90.,Fr: Boomerang,
  91.,Fr: Disney XD,
  92.,Fr: Disney Junior,
  93.,Fr: Disney Channel,
  94.,Fr: Cartoon Network,
  95.,Fr: Nickelodeon,
  96. ext,Fr: Nickelodeon Teen,
  97.,Fr: TeleToon+,
  98. ext,Fr: L'histoire,
  99.,Fr: Histoire,
  100.,Fr: Discovery,
  101. ext,Fr: Discovery SC,
  102. ext,Fr: Discovery ID,
  103.,Fr: National Geo Wild,
  104.,Fr: National Geographic,
  105. ext,Fr: Planet+,
  106. ext,Fr: Planet+ AE,
  107. ext,Fr: Planet+ CI,
  108. ext,Fr: A La Carte 1,
  109. ext,Fr: A La Carte 2,
  110. ext,Fr: A La Carte 3,
  111. ext,Fr: A La Carte 4,
  112. ext,Fr: A La Carte 5,
  113. ext,Fr: A La Carte 6,
  114. ext,Fr: A La Carte 7,
  115. ext,Fr: A La Carte 8,
  116. ext,Fr: A La Carte 9,
  117. ext,Fr: A La Carte 10,
  118. ext,Fr: Alsace 20,
  119.,Fr: Altice Studio,
  120. ext,Fr: Astrocenter Tv,
  121. ext,Fr: Brava,
  122.,Fr: Crime District,
  123.,Fr: France Info,
  124. ext,Fr: Francophonie 24,
  125.,Fr: Game One,
  126. ext,Fr: Ginx,
  127.,Fr: Gong,
  128. ext,Fr: IL Tv,
  129.,Fr: J-One,
  130.,Fr: Kto,
  131. ext,Fr: La Chaine Normandie,
  132.,Fr: LCI,
  133.,Fr: Lucky Jack,
  134. ext,Fr: Luxe Tv,
  135.,Fr: Mangas,
  136.,Fr: OL Tv,
  137.,Fr: Qvc,
  138.,Fr: RMC Decouverte,
  139.,Fr: Science ET Vie,
  140.,Fr: Seasons,
  141.,Fr: Tfx,
  142.,Fr: Tiji,
  143. ext,Fr: TF Series Films,
  144.,Fr: Toonami,
  145.,Fr: Trek,
  146.,Fr: Ushuaia Tv,
  147.,Fr: Vivolta,
  148.,Fr: Voyage,
  149. ext,Fr: Weo,
  150.,Fr: MTV,
  151.,Fr: NrJ Hits,
  152.,Fr: Trace Africa,
  153. ext,Fr: Trace Tropical,
  154.,Fr: Trace Urban,
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