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  1. Shawn: 0\n\nGonna film water ride. Phone is gonna get soaked
  2. AJ: Bad idea
  3. Shawn: Nup u r
  4. Shawn: Doing..
  5. Shawn: !
  6. AJ: YouTube
  7. Shawn: Lies
  8. Shawn: Wait till you see this video on YouTube
  9. AJ: U
  10. Shawn: Lol
  11. AJ: Lol
  12. Shawn: Put my case on upside down
  13. AJ: Lmao
  14. Shawn: Phone is fine neither two external sensors are tripped. Video is awesome wait till I upload it
  15. AJ: Nice
  16. Shawn: Yeah
  17. Shawn: Why don't you say anything
  18. Shawn: Just "nice" you're so bland dude. Like.. Najaxsnzoxksjskxksk
  19. AJ: O.o
  20. AJ: Didn't get anything
  21. Shawn: Whatever
  22. AJ: Meh
  23. Shawn: Yeah
  24. Shawn: Seriously?
  25. AJ: Idk
  26. Shawn: Wow
  27. AJ: Not having good day
  28. Shawn: So don't talk to me? You been like this for a couple of weeks.
  29. AJ: Idk. Bubbies going to a rehab center tomorrow. I'm worried about her and my moms driving me insane
  30. AJ: Dad doesn't seem to care either way
  31. AJ: He's always bitching that he's tired from watching the puppy
  32. Shawn: Ha
  33. AJ: And how hard his day was. My moms been working her ass off and he won't even acknowledge it
  34. Shawn: So I galette wrath.
  35. Shawn: So I take the wrath
  36. AJ: I just don't know anymore dude. It's taking a toll on me where I want to be secluded
  37. Shawn: K you got it. I'll go away then.
  38. AJ: No Shawn
  39. AJ: I don't want you to go away. Idk what I'm feeling dude
  40. AJ: I'm just upset and I don't know what to do
  41. AJ: K
  42. AJ: .
  43. Shawn: What
  44. AJ: Doing
  45. Shawn: Nothing
  46. AJ: -.-
  47. Shawn: Nite
  48. AJ: K nite
  49. Shawn: Seriously
  50. Shawn: Wow
  51. AJ: Yes
  52. AJ: -.-
  53. AJ: When I said I've become seclusive I didn't mean for you to not talk to me
  54. AJ: I was explaining why I was being quiet
  55. Shawn: You've been quiet.
  56. AJ: I know
  57. AJ: Nite
  58. Shawn: Wow
  59. AJ: Shawn idk what you want me to say
  60. AJ: Ok
  61. AJ: So
  62. AJ: Good night
  63. Shawn: Ha wow… Seriously
  64. AJ: I'm not in a good mood and I just want some sleep
  65. AJ: Fine
  66. AJ: Be a dick all you want
  67. AJ: Bye
  68. Shawn: What
  69. AJ: A true friend would listen to their fucking friend when something is wrong. You fucking say im taking it out on you? I feel like you're reflecting it back onto me. Hell you even said yourself that we weren't best friends anymore.
  70. AJ: That spot in your life was replaced back in November.
  71. AJ: So fuck this
  72. AJ: I'm done
  73. Shawn: Maybe if you didn't treat me any less just because your life isn't perfect…
  74. Shawn: You're flipping out AJ
  75. AJ: I try my fucking hardest. I guess it's not good enough for anyfuckingone
  76. AJ: All this time I still thought I was at least one of your best friends. You informed me I wasn't the other day
  77. AJ: How the fuck do you think I feel about that?
  78. Shawn: I told you, that's a position you're going to have to earn back after you treated me like crap. This is definitely not helping.
  79. AJ: And now the person who practically fucking raised me while my asshole father was drinking and getting high off his ass is near dying I don't get a fucking ounce of sympathy out of you. Hell I could even lose my mom out of this shit. My moms fuxking crazy enough to kill her self if something happens to bubbie
  80. AJ: You know what. Fuck off Shawn. Im tired of hearing that pathetic line of complete bullshit from you. Go have a fucking blast with jakob all you want. Watch me not give a shit. Hell go ahead and drink like you've been bragging about doing so much lately.
  81. AJ: Go ruin your fucking life with that shut
  82. Shawn: Maybe if you'd stop saying fuck every three seconds you'd see me being sympathetic.
  83. AJ: Fuck you. Bye
  84. Shawn: Drink ? What? Are you fucking smoking something dude?
  85. AJ: Mikes hard lemonade. I remember you bragging to the fucking chat
  86. AJ: You know I hate alcohol.
  87. AJ: You know what it's done to my family
  88. Shawn: Never said I (fucking) had one.
  89. Shawn: Just because life is rough for you doesn't mean you have to trash the best thing in it. Later dude. Hope things turn out better for you.
  90. AJ: Yeah fuck you too asshole.
  91. Shawn: Wow seriously?
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