Anonymous Experience - EFG

Jul 16th, 2011
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  1. This piece is part of the shared #Voice project, and was written by: EFG (original paste here
  3. "My #Voice"
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. My Experience with Anonymous -
  9. When I'm Anonymous, I develop a Dissociative Identity. I take on a false story and shroud myself in a cloud of nonexistence, the way only a fellow Anon could ever understand. In the past two years I've lived in London, Paris, New York, San Diego, Vancouver, Berlin, Dublin, New Dehli, Phoenix, and a place known only as "Bumfuck Idaho." I go to college, but not really. I've been an underaged n00b, and a 38 year old naysayer. I've gone from wealth and success to hunger and homelessness, I've been a hacker, and a programmer, and a newfag begging for a LOIC hive. I am a Socialist. And an Anarchist. And a Communist. And a Democrat. And a Libertarian. I am the all singing all dancing crap of the world.
  11. In short, I do not exist.
  13. None of us do. The notion used to scare me, because I feared that without identity, we were without value. When you don't exist, it doesn't make sense at first for your ideas to be important. Quite to the contrary, In Anonymous, your ideas are the only things that matter. There are no leaders. There are no police, no elite class, no bribers, no beggars, no thieves. There are only ideas. They course through the internet like blood through your veins. Your ideas are what push the movement forward. And the movement is reshaping the course of history.
  15. Freedom of thought and information are ravaging the old status quo set in place by the ancient rulers of meatspace. Every free thought you produce lays waste to another undeserving cell of power in this world. And without an identity, you don't rise above the rest of us for doing it. We are all one entity. We are all Anonymous.
  17. So what has my experience been? My dear fellow Anons, my experience was your experience. Together, we all have felt the same feeling. The thoughts we express are fired into the universe at the speed of light, and we know that we have taught someone, and we know that we are learning. And as our minds expand and our strengths and abilities grow, each of us has undoubtedly been overcome be the realization of the same thought: I WILL CHANGE THIS WORLD.
  19. And we will.
  21. My name is EFG. I am a writer. I am an artist. I am a revolution. I am Anonymous. And I am proud to make my #vOICE heard.
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