Lovebug (random changeling drone)

Nov 6th, 2014
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  1. In some colonies, there are a few changelings who's duty is to receive and give hugs to distribute food.
  2. Particularly large deposits and withdrawals of love can involve nuzzling, cuddling, snuggling, kissing, spooning or even, a carapace-creaky hard rutting for hours on end.
  4. >Be a Love Bug!
  5. >No that's not my name, silly, that's my job!
  6. >We don't get names, its part of the territory
  7. >Everyone loves the love bugs but they can't know who is who or they'd love us a little too much
  8. >Day begins like it always does, I fly my little butt over to the collection areas and eat-eat-eat!
  9. >This is the tough part because you need to find one of the cocoons with a snugly type in them
  10. >Lust won't do for my line of work! I need the good stuff!
  11. >So I find one, she's a little chubby, like I'm going to be
  12. >They always have cute thoughts and stuff!
  13. >Settle in, and start to drink!
  14. >Drinkdrinkdrink!
  15. >Gotta get as much love in me as I can, the guys need me!
  16. >This is the best part now, when my body starts ahhh....filling up?
  17. >Not to mention filling out, hehe
  18. >My butt and my belly are getting rouuuuund!
  19. >Queen Chrysalis said that's normal and even suggested using magic to make my body look more vol...umm....that word for sexy curves!
  20. >My queen is a lot smarter than me!
  21. >Anyhow, still drinking up all this love from this cute chubby pony
  22. >My thighs are getting a little swishy and my cheeks are all puffy!
  23. >Urp! 'Scuse me!
  24. >Think that means I'm finished!
  25. >I try flying and my wings baaaaarely get my butt off the ground
  26. >Yup! I'm full!
  27. >Time for some huggin'!
  28. >First stop is the digging crew!
  29. >They're building new parts of the hive and Queen Chrysalis said if I keep them happy I get to pick first new room!
  30. >I'm going to try and find one with a window!
  31. >Can you have windows in a mountain?
  32. >Well, I'm here!
  33. >The foreman is the one with the red helmet and the rest have yellow
  34. >So I go to him first
  35. >He smiles and chatters at me
  36. >I wrap him up in my arms and squeeze him
  37. >I giggle when he pokes my rump with his leg
  38. >Plus its always so tingly when I let some of the love I was holding go for the foreman!
  39. >Like when your arm falls asleep but everywhere!
  40. >Feeling a little lighter now, he must have been working hard!
  41. >That means the workers must be hungry too so I buzz my way down to them
  42. >Some are ok and keep working, they don't give me much attention
  43. >Others I give little kisses on the cheek to and tell them that the Queen is happy with everything
  44. >Oh I don't know if she is or not but hey they smile and I feel my body tingle again
  45. >eeee!! so weird but feels so good!
  46. >A few of the workers, the really tired ones, get hugs and kisses
  47. >One special one gets a longer kiss and I even let him nuzzle into my fluff for a minute or two
  48. >Poor guy was staaaaaaarving!
  49. >When I let go he's all chipper and buzz-y again!
  50. >I feel great
  51. >But boy they really had their fill, I can see my feet again
  52. >My rump still is curvy and nice though
  53. >Gotta leave that for last stop, the soldiers!
  54. >They do love the booty
  55. >I flyflyfly over to the barrack quarter of the hive
  56. >All the solders are practicing with spears and energy beams!
  57. >So strong and they're all in lines and even are chanting stuff
  58. >Well, more like clicking stuff, we're changelings we don't really yell loud just click and buzz
  59. >I see some other love bugs buzzing around
  60. >Some are being all medic-y and helping out the hurt soldiers
  61. >It's so cute! Someday I hope Queen Chrysalis trusts me enough to learn ana...body parts!
  62. >I'd be a great nurse, I'd save all the changelings from hurts!
  63. >50 CCs of TLC, stat!
  64. >I giggle and clap my front legs together
  65. >Makes my butt wiggle and that reminds me why I'm here
  66. >Start to buzz down to the overseers quarters
  67. >Today was Thursday so that means they had to do flying drills and it always tires them out
  68. >I knock on the door to their room thing and see ...
  69. >....umm....
  70. >I forgot his name again, shoot!
  71. >Must be something with a....oh doesn't matter, huggy kissy time!
  72. >We smooch and smooch in the doorway, my thighs tingling as they drain the love out of them
  73. >He's all perky now, yay!
  74. >He tells me he's feeling great and has more drills to run
  75. >But Overseer Emangub needs me
  76. >I remember him, he's one of the best fliers we have
  77. >He must be really tired
  78. >I'm glad I kept the leftover love in my tushy!
  79. >He likes that too, always compliments me on it
  80. >Or is that Overseer Yggub?
  81. >They get confusing!
  82. >No matter, few changelings don't tell me what a nice round bum I have when I'm all fed and ready to snuggle!
  83. >Overseer Emagub is in his bed
  84. >I smile my best and brightest as I buzz over
  85. >He looks so tired and weak and sleepy!
  86. >I give him a little shake with my leg and he smiles a little
  87. >He asks me to get in bed with him so he can take a snooze and eat up
  88. >So nice of him to let me use his bed too!
  89. >I crawl in, facing away so I can give my hips a little shimmy-shake
  90. >He pulls me toward him and drapes his wing over my body
  91. >mmm, I feel myself tingly already!
  92. >My hips wiggle on their own when he presses his body into my butt
  93. >Hehe, he was the one who liked that buttbooty~
  94. >Glad I remembered right, Overseer Psaw likes round bellies and would have been sad if he saw me all pear-y
  95. >And Overseer Yggub likes thin and young
  96. >So weird, how can you like a love bug who's nearly out of love!?
  97. >Oh well, right now Overseer Emagub is all cute and cuddly with me
  98. >I hear him snoozing already but my hips are still tingly-tingle!
  99. >So need to stay here and let him sleep-eat
  100. >He's even sleep-chirping!
  101. >It sounds so nice to hear, makes me kinda sleepy too
  102. >Queen Chrysalis is so lucky, I heard she falls asleep to dozens of changelings chirping for her
  103. >I can see why too
  104. >Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn
  105. >Maybe just close my eyes and let myself...
  106. >zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~
  107. >Think a few hours went by before I woke up
  108. >I was all thin when I did, and overseer Emagub was gone
  109. >He was a busy-bug, once he felt better he went back to work I'm sure!
  110. >I feel a little woozy as I get up, that's normal though
  111. >Gotta head back to the feeding areas and fill myself back up!
  112. >I look all thin and silly
  113. >Not a butt to be seen, hehe!~
  114. >I leave the barracks quarter and start flying back
  115. >I'm yawning as I fly, the hard work of a lovebug!
  116. >All the changelings I hugged and kissed today, and then the nice long cuddling I did
  117. >I better eat good so I don't get sleepy tomorrow!
  118. >On my way home, I fly over to this little ledge I know and look at the hive for a bit
  119. >It's so busy! Everyone is buzzing around!
  120. >Buzz buzz buzz!
  121. >I'm so happy to be a love bug, I help keep everyone going
  122. >Queen Chrysalis said love bugs were her favorite bugs
  123. >Especially when she calls one of us for private feedings
  124. >Someday she might call me
  125. >eek! What if thats today?!
  126. >What if she saw me all thin and hungry and passed me to cuddle with a different love bug!
  127. >No no gotta fly home quick!
  128. >Eat my dinner and then store more love for tomorrow!
  129. >Sometimes I fill up before bed so I can get super-soft as I sleep for the next day
  130. >Everyone loves a cuddly love bug!
  131. >Mmm, I can't wait for tomorrow now
  132. >I'm so excited I start chirping in the air
  133. >It's so great being part of Queen Chrysalis' hive!
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