Nov 23rd, 2017
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  1. > Be a twin brother with Scootaloo.
  2. > Like, as close to being twins as possible. Like a female version of yourself. And loving each other to death.
  3. > Developing secret sibling language by simply swapping the letters and remembering their place, might be 2-3 different letters for 1 letters just to keep it secured. Also some weird symbols to replace writing letters. Teacher hears you two talking nonsense, until she asks you two to prove it by writing stuff on paper, asking Scoots to tell to you what's written in your secret language, then you to write it on the desk. Which you guessed every time and freaked out the entire class at the end.
  4. > Caring for her health more than yours, always paranoid to keep each other safe.
  5. > Doing everything together. Homework, eating, shopping, sleeping, showering together.
  6. > Masturbating together.
  7. > One night she asks you to take her virginity, because you're the only one who she can truly trust.
  8. > Being as gentle as possible. Fell how to touch her in right places, just the way she wants.
  9. "I think... I think I'm in love with you, bro."
  10. > "Me too, sis. Me too."
  12. “Goddamn... you alright, Scoots? Does it hurt? Is there anything you need?"
  13. > You asked, carefully wiping away with napkins all the blood and cum from her wet twin pussy.
  14. > "No... I'm good. I knew you would make everything right. I'm... *hiss*... so grateful... so happy that I have you, brother."
  15. "We both do, sis. There's nothing more important in my life than you, and I'll always be there to try and make you happier. And god is witness-"
  16. > *hiss*
  17. > Another trickle of blood came from her little cave.
  18. "Scoots... I think we might go and see the doct-"
  19. > "Oh! No, no!"
  20. "I... you know that I want you to be healthy, right? Sister..."
  21. > "I said I'm fine, It's just still a little sensitive. And besides... what are we gonna tell the doctor? That somebody has raped me? Or did I accidentally fell... on something?"
  22. "We're just gonna tell him that you had sex with your boyfriend. You're only 13, but there's ain't nothing wrong with that nowadays."
  23. > "With my boyfriend, as if... you? What if they're gonna call the police?"
  24. > You pause, casually brushing her hair and pressing a fresh napkin and her slit with your hand, like trying to warm the aching place.
  25. "I... we have chosen a very difficult path to walk, sis. The road ahead of us is dangerous, not many people can understand on how we feel about each other."
  26. > "Well... if only they would find out, anyhow."
  27. "So you want to keep it in secret for now?
  28. > "Of course! You know that I do, bro. Like, what are we gonna do if someone in the middle of the school would... I..."
  29. > You've changed the napkin again and planted a soft smooch on her cheek, covering her with blanket.
  30. "Let's not think about it too hard for now, ok? Now hold it, while I'll run for the drugstore and bring you some tampons."
  31. > "Ok, bro. And... wait."
  32. > You were about to stand and get dressed, when she bend your neck with her hand, bringing you for a passionate kiss. Awkwardly twisting your tongues around hers and exploring her mouth, before breaking your lips part. Giving you both a moment to catch your breath.
  33. > She looked at you with the loving expression of her face and broke into a warm smile.
  34. > "Thank you..."
  36. > You are Anon and you truly love your sister.
  37. > You remember the darkest days of your life has only happened when you were dwelt apart from each other.
  38. > She was everything to you. You loved her. Until not too long ago, you both took the next step and confess your love to each other. She gave her trust to you. Her thoughts, her support, her feelings. And recently, her heart. And you can bet your life that you'll do your best to not let her down. Even if the whole wide world would be against you two.
  39. > You went into a local pharmacy and bought her tampons, grabbing some condoms as well.
  40. As you returned and opened the door, she is still sitting on a couch naked, with some random cartoons on background. Good thing your Aunt was still out somewhere.
  41. > You’ve seen your sister naked a lot of times before, but the thoughts of recent events made you heart skip a beat.
  42. “Are you okay, sis? Still bleeding’... from here?”
  43. > She turned off the tv sound a bit and changed her attention to you, smiling with a slight blush on her cheeks.
  44. > “Well… I guess. A little.”
  45. > Unsure of how the girls hygiene works, you gave her what she might need right now.
  46. “Here, big girl. I wasn’t sure about the size, so I get the “slender” ones.”
  47. > “Thanks! Oh, I’m… I’ve never tried these before, I have NO idea how they work. Do… you?”
  48. > Actually, you weren't. But let’s pretend that it’s not what you were googling right now on your phone.
  49. “Ok… don’t worry, sis. I’ll take care of this.”
  50. > You wash your hands and sit down behind your naked sister on a couch, placing her on your lap and opening a tampon.
  51. “So... I’m gonna put this inside of you... you have to deal with this one day, as if now. Are you ready, sis?
  52. > “Of course! Don’t even ask, Anon. I trust you more than anyone.”
  53. > She never fails to flutter you nowadays.
  54. "Alrighty then... spread your legs a little bit."
  55. > You held her pussy lips with your fingers, spreading them apart, then held the tampon with the other hand and opened her labia, positioning the tampon in her little cave. She moans quietly and squeezes your leg with her palms. You gently push the tampon inside, then stop when your fingers touch her pussy. Once the applicator thingie is inside her twin vag, you push the inner tube into her vagina. Then you removed the applicator, when the string hangs outside of her pussy.
  56. “Well… that’s the way you do it. Hope I did that right."
  57. > Scootaloo looks satisfied with your performance, as she went right into kissing and snuggling. And you do too, while holding her hand and pluck her palm with your fingers, pressing her wrist against your lips with a little smooch, while your other hand is resting on her back.
  58. > After an half and hour, she looks irritated of something suddenly.
  59. “Uh, do you want to…”
  60. > “Oh… of course, bro. Feel like firing your stick again?.”
  61. "That's not what I meant. Sis, If you’re not sure if it's doesn't gonna hurt you again, then I'm gonna hold it for decades. I just want to know how you feel about it.”
  62. > “I… I don’t know. We'll see, I guess.”
  63. “Of Course. It’s ok.”
  64. > After another passionate kiss, you two fell asleep.
  66. > Another day, back in school cafeteria you a had a lunch break, chatting with your usual company of CMC.
  67. >Today was a chicken nuggets, which was your both favourite in the menu.
  68. > Then you look back at your sister again. Just a few years ago she had terrible table manners, always chewing out loud with her mouth opened. But you never mention it to her. Eventually, she just followed your example and starts eating quietly. Which is adorable. Becoming some tomboyish little lady she is.
  69. > “Hey, Scoot! Did you two hit the high scores at the yesterday test again?” - asked Sweetie Belle.
  70. > “Yeah! That was hard, put we’ve pulled it out!” - she responded with a happy grin.
  71. > “Oh. Well, they both both has good grades cauze they must be cheatin' with their twin language thingie - pointed out Applebloom.
  72. “We got a decent results because we were always doing homework together, AB."
  73. > "Yeah, like explaining stuff to each other If me or him is having troubles understanding anything."
  74. > “Of co-ourse. If ah had a twin to talk in the way no one would understand, ah would do just as good!”
  75. "And how that works, exactly?"
  76. > That annoying lil’ redneck…
  77. “Bloom, it’s not like a GOD decided to give this thing to us."
  78. > “We both spend days developing it.”
  79. “And besides, there’s nothing mindblowing about it”
  80. > “If we would tell you how it works…”
  81. “...then it wouldn’t be much of a secret anymore.”
  82. > “You were saying?” - sarcastically asked Bloom.
  83. > “Well… that was his idea at the beginning, actually.” - responded Scootaloo.
  84. “[Not without your help.]”
  85. ( [talking in their language] )
  86. > “But still, you both have-”
  87. School bell interrupted her.
  88. >”Well… see you in the class!”
  90. > Scootaloo quickly finished her food, then gave her reflection in the plate a sad look.
  91. >”Awww, Is that’s all? I kinda have some space left… well, whatever.”
  92. > Don’t wanna know she’s starving. Then a lil’ dirty thought has crossed your mind.
  93. > She was about to jump and run for class, when you catch her on her sleeve, making her sit back.
  94. “Not too fast now. Wait..."
  95. > "What is it?"
  96. > After about a minute there was almost any students around in the cafeteria.
  97. "Ok, here."
  98. > You said, offering her your chicken nugget from your hand.
  99. “Now, say “aaahhh…”
  100. > She grins immediately, then opens her mouth as wide as she could do.
  101. >”Aaahhhh… homf!” - she starts chewing with a big smile and her eyes closed.
  102. >”Fait, u don wannah anee?”
  103. “Neh, never liked that things too much to be honest.”
  104. >”Whhat?!”
  105. “Kidding, now shut up and say “aaaahhh…”
  106. > *giggle*
  107. >”Aaaahhh...nyomf!”
  108. >”M-m-m! Ya kno, other peeplfs food ees alwaysh tafts bettef shomehow!”
  109. “Other people’s food, huh? Am I “other people” to you now? You ungrateful little douchetard.”
  110. > *Bleh!*
  111. > There goes the last one.
  112. “Say “Aaaahhh…”
  113. >” Aaahhh… hom!”
  114. “Ow.”
  115. > Well, there we go.
  116. “I’m not a chicken, you know.”
  117. >”Offcof you are” - she said, then slo-owly started to pull your finger from her mouth, until it came out with a quiet pop. The warmth of the inside of her mouth was quickly replaced by a cool air outside, connecting her lips and your pointer finger with a tiny strand of saliva that quickly disappeared.
  118. >”M-m-m-h! It's just as tasty as the roast crust! Lemme finish.”
  119. “Scoots, someone might… oh, jeez-”
  120. > She grab you by a wrist and puts your finger in her mouth right away, lapping it with her tongue this time, trying to get all the roasted chicken flavor from it, while all you could do is to stare at her seductive act, enjoying the warmth of inside her mouth once more and her tongue massaging your finger.
  121. > Then she quickly switched her gaze at you, bite it a little harder, then spits it out, buttslaps you back into reality and ran away giggling.
  122. >...
  123. > Oh right, classes.
  126. > Back in class, you two were lucky that your teacher's been late as well. In about five minutes the whole class started writing, when you left a few wet patches on your textbook with your sis saliva. Thirty more minutes passed and you noticed your sister fidgeting uncomfortably in place and blushing.
  127. “[sis, you ok?]”
  128. > “[sorta… maybe… I dunno…]”
  129. “[sis…?]”
  130. > “[I… might wanna use a girl's room right now. I think.]”
  131. “[Is that it?]”
  132. > “[well… not sure]”
  133. “[your problem is down there, is it?]”
  134. > ...
  135. >”[yeah.]”
  136. “Alright, enough.”
  137. With that you coughed to bring teacher’s attention and raised your arm.
  138. “Miss Cheerilee, can we please both go out… little quick?
  139. >”Why, at the same time?”
  140. > Shit.
  141. “I think we left something… important at ho- cafeteria! And we need to find that real fast before anyone will find and took it.
  142. > “Can’t you search for it yourself?”
  143. > ffs
  144. > And here goes the whispers all around.
  145. “We, uh… if there will be one of us, then… we might not to find it. That always happens, a… a twin thing. Always searching for stuff together to increase… don’t really feel like explaining it right now.
  146. > Smooth...
  147. > “Huh…”
  148. > "[you don't hate to]"
  149. "[hush]"
  150. “And besides, we almost finished. It won’t take too-"
  151. > “*snicker* You really can’t survive without each other, do you?”
  152. > And here goes the giggling all around.
  153. “We, uh, not… yeah, I think you can say that.”
  154. > You said, blushing.
  155. >”Oh, and who am to possibly separate you two? Go on then, and don’t run too far from each other.”
  156. “Thank you, Miss Cheerilee!”
  157. > You almost shouted, grabbing your sister by the sleeve, running from the classroom while Scootaloo shoots her teacher an apologetic smile.
  160. After running through the empty corridors, you both stop. Catching your breath, you approached her from behind and crossed your arms on her belly, while gently resting your jaw on her shoulder.
  161. “I’m not gonna make a bigger deal from this, sister, I swear. Unless I have to. So please tell me, what’s bothering you?"
  162. - you whispered in her ear.
  163. > …
  164. > “Thank you, brother. For everything you do. It really means a lot to me. I love you.”
  165. “Scootaloo…”
  166. > “But you really made a big deal from nothing this time. Like… there was no reason at all, I… I feel embarrassed.”
  167. “Heh. Embarrassed around me? Since when? Who are you?”
  168. > You said, hugging her closer.
  169. > “I… sorry, it's so silly. We might as well get back in a minute, sorry.”
  170. “‘kay, seriously, who are you? Do you have a secret fr-”
  171. >”Absolutely not! You know I never had any secrets from you! We always tell each other everything!”
  172. “Until today?”
  173. > “*Sigh…*”
  174. > …
  175. “You know, I shouldn't have asked more than once, sorry. You're clearly uncomfortable around from whatever is bothering you, so it’s ok if you don’t-”
  176. > “I’m…”
  177. > “...horny”.
  178. > …
  179. > “You know, thinking about yesterday and stuff. I told you it was silly, now let’s get back. And I’m OK, honestly.”
  180. “Scoots, do you think we need condoms? Because I left them back in my room.”
  181. > She stares at you with a slightly surprised expression.
  182. > “Pf-f-f, don’t be silly! You’ll get plenty of that snatch back at home, even if it’s gonna take us all night! You'll see.” - she said and winked.
  183. “Can you predict of what I'm gonna say or do next?”
  184. > “Maybe I can”.
  185. “And what would you do If I would be the one feeling like getting off?”
  186. > “B-bro, I get it, like... that’s crazy, you know? We can’t risk it from the day 1 of our relationship, do we?"
  187. “It’s more about me, I guess.”
  188. “Me being more selfish and not considering your opinion...
  189. > You both suddenly heard some crowd heading in your direction.
  190. " Alright, we don't have much time left!... NOW GO!”
  191. > You shouted, grabbing her by the palm.
  192. > “Whoa!-”
  195. > *click* *creeeeak*
  196. “Reporting. It looks like host is clear. Over.”
  197. > “Stop that.”
  198. “Shut up. We might wanna go in the most distant cabin. And make some sound proofing with the wet toilet paper. Or not. Or... god, why doesn't dude restrooms smell the same way? All air freshers and stuff."
  199. > “Bro, I... don’t know, that’s crazy! It’s not worth it, let’s just go back. Seriously.”
  200. “Ooohhh, thrill of getting caught, eh?"
  201. > “It’s... it's not that important, anyway.”
  202. “Nuh-huh.”
  203. > “Uh-huh.”
  204. “Nuh-huh.”
  205. > “Uh-huh!”
  206. “Nuh-huh.”
  207. > “Uh-huuuh!”
  208. “See, listen for yourself. You’re already in the right mood.”
  209. > You said, opening cabin and lowering a toilet seat and cleaning it with toilet paper.
  210. “Alright, this one looks good.”
  211. > “I would have hit you if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re my boyfriend, you know.”
  212. “Yah, go right ahead.”
  213. *thwack*
  214. “Ow! Hey, noise!”
  215. > “Right… sorry.”
  216. “Now, Sergeant Perky Tits, we don’t have much time. Proseed.”
  217. > “Huh?”
  218. “Sit on a toilet seat. And don’t worry. ♩ ♪ I'm a man with a plan. The plan is to get…♭♩ ”
  219. > You move to the side is a close space, trying to squeeze her past you.
  220. “♬ ♭... as deep… ugh, as I ca-an. ♫ ♮ There we go.”
  221. > “And how exactly do you wanna do that while I’m sitting?”
  222. “Have you been listening? I have a plan. A faster way. First, I’ll pull your panties down.”
  223. > You didn’t hesitate, sitting on your knees and watching as white-pink panties with a tiny wet patch slid down her legs.
  224. “Spread them, girl.”
  225. > And she didn’t hesitate either, showing her teeny-tweeny slit for you.
  226. “Move closer.”
  227. > “How are you gonna stick it in here without tiring your legs in a minute?”
  228. “I wouldn’t.”
  229. > “You… huh? Why?”
  230. “You are my priority, madame. And I’m gonna face it. Face… you get it.”
  231. > “But… but you never did that with me before! It’s all smelly in here!”
  232. “I’m not afraid. I’m looking at it in the eye.”
  233. > “So that was your plan?”
  234. “Of course! To get deep as… no, scratch that. Later. Not wearing a condom is stupid thing to do, that’s what I’ve heard alot. Now, move… scoot closer.”
  235. > “You know, I could just go there and do everything my…”
  236. “Time!”
  237. > *Sigh*...
  238. > “Right…”
  239. > She sits on the edge, spreads her legs a little wider and turns away, while you hug her butt from behind.
  240. >”They’re not that… perky.”
  241. “Lay back a bit.”
  242. > And she did, giving you the perfect view angle of her privates.
  243. > You’ve seen enough porn films to know how to please girls using your mouth. Also, that was your twin sister. So you might don’t even need those, you'll just feel what to do to make her feel good.
  244. “Hey, you don’t have to worry, because we always trust each other. Ain’t that right?
  245. > She gave you a little nod, while facing the wall with her eyes closed.
  246. “Scoots?
  247. “You ready?"
  248. >”Um… very ready! Ready as I'll ever be.”
  249. “Marvelous.”
  252. >”Wa-ah! Umph!…”
  253. “Noise…”
  254. >”Sorry… ah! mmph!"
  255. > You dive right in, giving her a long vertical strokes all the way to the clitoris at first, then start slowly lapping on it.
  256. > Poor girl is all twitching and moaning, not giving a clear idea if she’s in bliss or in pain. Certainly she reacted differently when she was using her hand. Maybe you should slow down.
  257. “Houston?”
  258. >”Don’t!... stop it, brother.”
  259. > Probing you tongue inside, she let out a quiet yelp and grabs you by your hair.
  260. > Next minute the whole room if filled with nothing but fast panting and muffled moaning. She tasted just the way you imagined it. You definitely should do this more often to her, you’ve never seen her being as soft and touchy before.
  261. > Her panting is increasing every second and her grip is becoming stronger.
  262. > “Umh!... I… I’m… ah!”
  263. > This is becoming too loud.
  264. > *creeeak*
  265. > ...
  266. > “Hello? Somebody in there?”
  267. > …
  268. > Well, fuck.
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