Blur kernel generator

Nov 3rd, 2020 (edited)
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  1. %NOTE: the package octave-image (in debian and AUR) is needed
  2. pkg load image
  4. width = 23; %anything above 16 here is big and might cause slow rendering
  5. height = 23;
  6. sigma = 2*pi; %sigma is the standard deviation (i.e. the "width" or sharpness of the blur)
  8. h = fspecial('gaussian', [width height], sigma)(:); %generates the gaussian matrix
  9. [scale, index] = max(h);
  10. h = h / scale; %scales the matrix so that the max element = 1
  11. h([index]) = []; %removes the max element (the center one)
  13. fprintf('blur-kern = "%d,%d,', width, height)
  14. for n=1:size(h,1)
  15.     fprintf('%.8f,', h(n))
  16. end
  17. fprintf('";\n')
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