A Friends Death

Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [23:01] Aldrah Leverd says, "Ascalon, you are under arrest."
  2. [23:02] Ascalon Zanders asks, "For what?"
  3. [23:02] Aldrah Leverd says, "You attacked my undeads, undeads under the oder to protect a prisoner."
  4. [23:02] Ascalon Zanders says, "They tried to force themselves in my house."
  5. [23:03] Ascalon leaned against the frame of their door. Looking at the gathered undead, Aldrah and Sanu.
  6. (Ascalon Zanders)
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. [23:03] Aldrah Leverd says, "Lying will not change anything, come willingly or get punished now."
  10. [23:03] Lirien Nina Leverd exclaims, "Dad.... What're you doing?!"
  11. [23:03] Aldrah Leverd says, "Lirien go to our house. Later we talk."
  12. [23:03] Ascalon scratched his chin, looking at Sanu and then Aldrah.
  13. (Ascalon Zanders)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [23:04] Ascalon Zanders says, "I'm going to say, get off of my lawn."
  17. [23:04] Sanu was keeping quiet, his nyeshk fists grinded idly as he waited for the que, he had little knowledge of what was truly going on but Aldrah was a higher up, a Paladin, he had to listen.
  18. (Sanu Ultovex)
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. [23:07] Aldrah shook his head from side to side, Ascalon did not listen, did not accept the offer.
  23. "Sanu, let's capture him and throw him in prison for later punishment. He will come in one way or another." Aldrah stared at Sanu, then pulled Thanatos from his back, pointing at Ascalon.
  24. (Aldrah Leverd)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [23:11] And the que was given, the undead kitsune slammed his nyeshk fist together creating a horrible clanking sound of nyeshk to rattle the ears of all who're present.. even Aldrah.
  29. Aldrah would figure out despite Sanu being here to help him, Sanu was rather wild wit his attacks and magic and the fire that burst from the kitsune's figure would burn all their skins subtly, hopefully people had a way to counteract that.
  31. With his skill in shaping the flame a fiery sword slowly formed within his hand, the manipulation of heat and flame made a sword elongate from the left fist.
  33. The sword's heat condensed to make it explosive, heat swirls around Sanu and he takes on the ifrit stance.
  35. "Surrender now or you will be brought to a burning hell for years on end, Sors /will/ not tolerate resistance and traitorous acts."
  36. (Sanu Ultovex)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [23:28] Tenko walks up behind Sanu, turns out there might be something to watch after all. His arms folded on his sleeves in his new labcoat and high quality silk shirt.
  40. (Tenko Ultovex)
  41. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. [23:34] Her father Aldrah was really a hopeless one wasn't he? He couldn't understand why the family hated him, yet when the one who obviously hated him the most tells him the exact reasons why and even offers to help... He doesn't care and continues on in his ways without so much as the slightest change. She couldn't help but laugh about it. Her dad was attempting to arrest her friend simply for trying to come over without those annoying guards sent to be by her side at all times.
  45. "It was funny, wasn't it? I thought you'd change, and it was why I forgave you. I guess I made a truly stupid decision here, didn't I? Yes. Yes I did. When you said I could have killed you in the house? I should have. I Should. Have.
  47. She figured it was all lies told to sweet talk her and soften her up in the house, but that part of her that loved her dad told her those words were true. Well, that was obviously a lie.
  49. Every time. Every time he did this, she'd believe it. She knew it was going to end up bad, and she believed it anyway. That apology in the house was nothing new, Aldrah accepting all the blames and asking for forgiveness. It had been used nearly a dozen times by now, and it worked on her every time. Perhaps it was close to failing with the latest try, but those waterworks of his were an effective mind changer.
  51. "There's no saving Dawn in your 'Re-education' and there's no helping you. Dawn is dying slowly and painfully, its children leaving while its old are dying, the occasional fight being in-between. I really hope you're its next victim."
  53. Lirien clenched a fist as mana in the form of energy shrouded her. She had no weapon, but that didn't matter to her. Right now, dying seemed like it'd be a considerably better choice in her eyes than continuing to deal with Aldrah in her life.
  55. "It was a mistake of mom to ever have any of us with you."
  56. (Lirien Nina Leverd)
  57. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  59. [23:41] Sanu Ultovex whispers something.
  60. [23:42] Tenko Ultovex whispers something.
  61. [23:42] Tenko Ultovex whispers something.
  62. [23:43] The man had been honest in his words to Lirien at his house. But she did not want to know anymore. He thought he liked his children.. That they filled a hole in his soul, they did.. But now, Aldrah was lost. For only death is satisfying.
  64. "Well, you do not give me any more choices Lirien. I was the most honest, I tried my best. But well, it does not matter anymore. You're a weak head, you never understood." A look of rage took Aldrah's face, where he turned to Ascalon, "You are considered a traitor and will be punished as one. All the guards of the city must arrest you if needed!" Aldrah shouted, so that even the guards of the nearest tower could hear.
  66. Undeads with their wepons in hand began to head toward Ascalon. A frozen aura circled the necromancer, shielding him even from Sanu's heat.
  68. Before he started the fight, he withdrew a control from his pocket. He pressed the button, reactivating Lirien's anti-magic collar, the collar that was on her neck. That would make her feel a huge electric discharge, making her faint.
  70. "Sanu, let's get this over with." He said, now going to Ascalon.
  71. (Aldrah Leverd)
  72. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  74. [23:48] The collar... As he pulled out the remote, she knew what he was doing. It was a mistake to ever trust him with it again. She opened her mouth to shout immediately towards Sanu. She'd rather take that failure she called a dad with her.
  76. "Sanu, Sors neE-GH!"
  78. Unfortunately, she couldn't get the words out fast enough. Aldrah's shock had hit her hard and rendered her unconscious.
  79. (Lirien Nina Leverd)
  80. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  82. [23:56] The fight was complicated, Aldrah was old, could not take much. But grateful to his undeads and his armor, he had been able to take most of the fight.
  84. Violent blows were exchanged between the two. Ice scattered on the ground, spikes of Ice bursting from the ground at some points.
  86. In the end, Ascalon was defeat, he was dropped to the ground, now surrounded by several undeads.
  88. Placing Thanatos above his head he said, "I, Lord Aldrah Leverd, Paladin of Dawn, sentenced you to prison, for the crimes of assaulting the undeads of a paladin and conspiring with a traitor." He looked at Sanu and said, "Get Lirien and take her to jail." Aldrah nods to Sanu.
  90. Then, undeads go to Ascalon, removing his belongings and starting to take him to prison as well.
  92. "He will be used as a guinea pig for experiments." Aldrah smirked.
  93. (Aldrah Leverd)
  94. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96. [00:02] Ascalon hadn't been ready for it, not in the tight woods and semi-urban setting. There wasn't the space to dodge how he wanted, the room. Yet, in the end she wouldn't have the ability to bust through the undead and get to the Paladin.
  98. Beaten down, by the undead, by the chill, the winds, the gravitational force. It'd eventually put the young warrior down into the dirt. She'd struggle to stay up, but with the undead piling on and their gear being stripped they'd quickly find themselves robbed of that which was there.
  100. She'd glare at Aldrah as the undead collected her. Furious and vitriolic. If she'd had just a bit more. Just a little bit more strength she could have beaten the Paladin she knew it.
  101. (Ascalon Zanders)
  102. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104. [00:03] Tenko observed as was his task given by Sors to see exactly what was to happen between the two.And quite honestly it was an enjoyable show. A child tortured by her father, another attacked by him, clearly this man's mind had been tainted. It was wonderful drama, something that might be entertaining to talk over. He watched with a body of holy flames floating around his form, each wisp of golden fox fire bearing a pure light rune within, most of which were currently attuned to the prime rune of Light, generating a pale glow to light up the area and observe the fight with better clarity.
  106. His left hand lifts from atop his folded arms to his chin, thinking just what kind of actions this could lead to in the end, just what would Sors think? Probably entertained in full honesty. At least, if they shared that in common, finding entertainment in torment. Of course, prior to his undeath he never let himself indulge in such pleasures.. But why not now?
  108. He grins quietly, just waiting.
  109. (Tenko Ultovex)
  110. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  112. [00:09] He observed the fight silently, expecting the results that were made, and they were. Aldrah had subdued the traitor and his daughter? He was commanded to subdue her as well.
  114. "Remember what Sors said Aldrah? How not killing was weakness, how it would cause problems? Don't make that mistake again, you're a necromancer, be one." Of course Sanu had to add that comment.
  116. He approaches to grab her arm with his burning hot metal gauntlet, the heat of his gauntlet would sizzle her skin in a horrific pain if he was able to grab her, "Weakness is not tolerate Sanu, do not fail." his nethradin eye whispered into his mind. It made the kitsune try and grip Lirien harder and inflict more pain to stop the grief and feling of failure.
  118. "Come now, if you resist you will be hurt."
  119. (Sanu Ultovex)
  120. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122. (Put into Prison Cells)
  123. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  125. [00:13] Aldrah Leverd says, "I need to talk with him"
  126. [00:13] Tenko Ultovex says, "He is knowing of this situation."
  127. [00:14] Sanu Ultovex says, "Less and less faith in this place, so many traitors, so many failures."
  128. [00:14] Ascalon Zanders says, "I'm not a traitor."
  129. [00:14] Aldrah Leverd says, "Now I know that only death is truly satisfactory"
  130. [00:14] Sanu Ultovex says, "Death gives you the answers, the results."
  131. [00:14] Aldrah Leverd says, "Stay here. I going to see where is Sors."
  132. [00:18] Tenko takes a slow breath and folds his arms on the table.
  133. (Tenko Ultovex)
  134. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  136. [00:18] Ascalon, took a seat on the bed. Taking a few deep breaths. Frustration setting in.
  137. (Ascalon Zanders)
  138. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [00:23] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "Sanu, I have some information for you....."
  140. [00:24] Sanu Ultovex says, "... Quiet."
  141. [00:24] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "It's info for Sors."
  142. [00:24] Sanu Ultovex says, "This better not be a waste of time."
  143. [00:24] Tenko pulls free a small piece of paper.
  144. (Tenko Ultovex)
  145. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  147. [00:24] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "Not a complete one at least...."
  148. [00:24] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "When Aldrah took me out of the prison, he brought me home and undid the collar."
  149. [00:24] Sanu nods to Tenko.
  150. (Sanu Ultovex)
  151. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. [00:24] Sanu nods to Tenko.
  154. (Sanu Ultovex)
  155. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  157. [00:24] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "That 're-education' he spoke of, was a lie to Sors."
  158. [00:24] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "The only reason the collar is back on me was so we could fake me still being imprisoned."
  159. [00:24] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "There just happened to be a... Falling out."
  160. [00:25] Sanu Ultovex asks, "And how do I know this isn't some lie to get revenge on him?"
  161. [00:26] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "What do I have to lose now? Whether you think it's a lie or not is up to you."
  162. [00:26] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "I just won't let him do this without exposing him..."
  163. [00:30] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "I mean, just think about it..."
  164. [00:30] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "He 're-educated' Iral, but now she's in Gehenna."
  165. [00:30] Ascalon Zanders says, "I'm just over here, wondering what's going on."
  166. [00:30] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "If he really wanted to make me serve Dawn, I'd be a walking corpse."
  167. [00:31] Sanu Ultovex asks, "Mm.. tell me, do you know why he does this?"
  168. [00:32] Hisashi reaches into his coat pocket. Now was the time for the greatest of tests, his hand moving around a small vial of liquid hidden within the folds along with several other clinking glass bottles.
  170. "If you have written that down Sanu, my fianc� has crafted a truth potion in mastery of her alchemical skills. So, young lady, if you are willing to answer if each of those statements are correct. If any of those statements are found to be false, you will be executed on the spot. If you do not take the truth potion, you will be executed in the morning." His eyes staring emotionless at the cell door. "Do you accept?"
  171. (Tenko Ultovex)
  172. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  174. [00:32] Sanu Ultovex says, "No Tenko.. we will give the potion to Aldrah I think."
  175. [00:32] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "Yeah, give it to him."
  176. [00:33] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "Ask him of all his plans to 'reform' Dawn."
  177. [00:33] Ascalon Zanders says, ". . ."
  178. [00:33] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "Hear it from the mouth of the bastard himself...."
  179. [00:33] Ascalon scratched her head, she'd just been a horny teen out to have fun. What madness?
  180. (Ascalon Zanders)
  181. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. [00:34] Tenko Ultovex asks, "My statement stands, young lady. I am stronger than Sanu in terms of fire. I can have her craft another as well, so do you accept?"
  184. [00:34] Sanu Ultovex says, "You are not stronger in terms of fire."
  185. [00:34] Sanu Ultovex says, "You are stronger in terms of variety. Do not mix it up."
  186. [00:35] Lirien Nina Leverd says, "If you want to use one on me, then go ahead. I have nothing to hide."
  187. [00:35] Tenko removes his hands from his coat.
  188. (Tenko Ultovex)
  189. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  191. [00:35] Tenko Ultovex says, "Inquisit Aldrah."
  192. [00:36] Tenko bluffs like a boss, the vials of sludge jiggling within his coat.
  193. (Tenko Ultovex)
  194. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  196. [00:36] Sanu Ultovex says, "..."
  197. [00:37] Ascalon Zanders says, ". . ."
  198. [00:37] Ascalon Zanders says, "Lame."
  199. [00:37] Sanu writes on the paper with a random utensil he found on the table near, taking notes of this all, it was sloppy writing but he was never the best writer in life.
  201. "Weakness, lies will not be allowed in this city and among people, a Paladin as well, if that's the case then I'll bring these news to Lord Ultovex, if you're lying about this and it will be found out, expect more punishment." The undead turns from the cell door and back against the wall, finishing up his writing.
  204. (Sanu Ultovex)
  205. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  207. [00:37] Sanu writes on the paper with a random utensil he found on the table near, taking notes of this all, it was sloppy writing but he was never the best writer in life.
  209. "Weakness, lies will not be allowed in this city and among people, a Paladin as well, if that's the case then I'll bring these news to Lord Ultovex, if you're lying about this and it will be found out, expect more punishment." The undead turns from the cell door and back against the wall, finishing up his writing.
  212. (Sanu Ultovex)
  213. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  216. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  218. [00:43] Lirien's lips curled up to form a crazed smile. Lying? More punishment? She had no reason to worry for either. Before, her anger that was directed at Aldrah was just a child unable to understand their parent's actions. Now? It was real rage, rage she wouldn't mind dying for in her current state.
  220. "What reason do I have to lie? I hate nothing about Dawn....Except him. My life was great before he decided to intervene. Nothing was wrong with how I was living here, I was enjoying it with friends and siblings. Then...That bastard I have for a dad ruined everything. Anything I know is free for you to know as well if it means he gets what he deserves...And what do you know? Speak of the devil, and he shall return."
  223. (Lirien Nina Leverd)
  224. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  226. [00:43] Sanu Ultovex whispers something.
  227. [00:43] {Item} You picked up Robe. Dropped by Tenko Ultovex. .
  228. [00:44] Ascalon Zanders says, "Thanks for that."
  229. [00:44] Ascalon Donned the dress.
  230. (Ascalon Zanders)
  233. [00:53] Tenko Ultovex asks, "What is needed, young man?"
  234. [00:53] Ascalon Zanders says, "I'm not a traitor, Oscuri really. . . Can't be without black-lining. So, I wanted to ask about your status as an Artificer."
  235. [00:54] Time passed, Aldrah tried to change, but was unable. His children? Useless, unnecessary. His wife? She was never around when he needed her to help.
  237. He entered the cell, the place began to get cold to extreme temperatures. The bed and even the chicken that was there, froze, turned into a block of ice.
  239. "You're a traitor to Dawn, you tried to kill me and you would if I were weaker.. But even then, I tried to give you a chance to live, get back to Dawn, back to me and your family.
  241. But you denied it, wherefore I must fix my error.
  243. Therefore, following the laws of Dawn, I Paladin Aldrah Leverd, sentence you to death." He said, in a serious and loud tone, for all to listen.
  245. Aldrah reached out his arms, placing his hand on Lirien's head. An odor of death was hovering in him, the moment had come and he would not bother of thinking again, the time has come.. Only death was satisfactory.
  247. "You will serve me after death.. For only death is satisfactory. Only death is loyal.
  249. Sleep, Lirien Nina Leverd, my daughter. Part of me. Soon you will not feel anything more." Aldrah fixed his silver eyes on Lirien's eyes, looking into her soul.
  251. In the next moment the necromancer began to drain the life of the girl's body. She could feel a lot of pain and her strength fading. He would not stop, would not think twice.. The end of the girl's life had come. But a new would come after.
  253. Then, after a few minutes, Lirien's soul left the girl's body, her body falling in the floor like an empty shell.
  254. (Aldrah Leverd)
  255. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  257. [00:54] Tenko Ultovex says, "Ah, yes. I am yet to have anything directly to my name in creation, however I am currently helping with many of Dawns research projects."
  258. [00:55] Ascalon Zanders says, "Is he really..."
  259. [00:56] Ascalon Zanders says, "He can't kill someone withou the Warden's knwledge."
  260. [00:57] Tenko Ultovex asks, "Oh, no. No he cannot. That is very much against the rules isn't it?"
  261. [00:57] Tenko Ultovex says, "Only traitors would attempt such."
  262. [00:57] Ascalon Zanders says, "I was just fighting Levengards warriors with Warden Ultovex. Yes it is."
  263. [00:58] Sanu Ultovex says, "I'm not stopping him, let him face the punishments himself if he is breaking the rules, he is still my higher up."
  264. [00:59] Tenko holds up a hand towards Ascalon. What did it mean?
  265. (Tenko Ultovex)
  266. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  268. [00:59] Tenko holds up a hand towards Ascalon. What did it mean?
  269. (Tenko Ultovex)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. [00:59] Ascalon Zanders says, "..."
  273. [01:00] Aldrah Leverd says, "Will be no punishment. I doing what Sors told me to do. Fixing my error.. No weakness."
  274. [01:00] Ascalon didn't know what Tenko was doing, he did know someone was being executed.
  275. (Ascalon Zanders)
  276. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  278. [01:02] Tenko Seems to keep his hand up with a glance to the right. Perhaps a request of silence as the events that were transpiring to better hear and observe it.
  279. (Tenko Ultovex)
  280. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  282. [01:02] Tenko Seems to keep his hand up with a glance to the right. Perhaps a request of silence as the events that were transpiring to better hear and observe it.
  283. (Tenko Ultovex)
  284. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  286. [01:05] Sirocco raises an eyebrow at Tenko, his gaze going just beyond the cell for a moment, then it shifts to Sanu.
  287. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  289. [01:05] Sirocco Vishkar asks, "Young lordling Sanu, have you seen your father about?"
  290. [01:05] Aldrah Leverd whispers something.
  291. [01:05] Sanu Ultovex says, "I haven't, we're in need of him.. an execution has just been finished."
  292. [01:05] Sirocco Vishkar asks, "I see.. And you, nephew. What have you done to be put in a cell?"
  293. [01:05] Ascalon Zanders says, ". . ."
  294. [01:06] Ascalon Zanders says, "I refused Aldrah's undead into my house while I conseled his daughter."
  295. [01:06] Ascalon Zanders asks, "His daughter that he just. . . Did he really just execute them?"
  296. [01:06] Sirocco Vishkar says, "... You were jailed over exercising the rights of your home, prejudiced though they may be, against.. "
  297. [01:07] There it was, Lirien, now dead. Just an empty shell, her life was drained and her soul was no longer on that plane.
  299. Undeads came and fetched the girl's body, taking it away.
  301. Aldrah, for his part, showed nothing, felt nothing. Just the same emptiness as ever.
  303. He left the room, looking at Sanu, "The weakness had been fixed. Tell Sors." Aldrah stared at Sanu silently for a few seconds.
  304. (Aldrah Leverd)
  305. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  307. [01:07] Ascalon Zanders says, "..."
  308. [01:08] Tenko adjusts his new lab coat. It was sligthly hard to handle this new clothing piece, opposed to his old freeing kimono.
  309. (Tenko Ultovex)
  310. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  312. [01:08] Tenko adjusts his new lab coat. It was sligthly hard to handle this new clothing piece, opposed to his old freeing kimono.
  313. (Tenko Ultovex)
  314. [01:08] Sirocco scratches his chin slowly as he considers the implications of what his 'nephew' had told him there. It was a bit tricky after all.
  315. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  316. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  318. [01:08] Ascalon Zanders says, "He really. . ."
  319. [01:08] Sanu Ultovex says, "I will tell him these transcations. You've bettered yourself and fixed your faulty mistake Aldrah."
  320. [01:08] Tenko Ultovex whispers something.
  321. [01:08] Sirocco Vishkar says, "..."
  322. [01:08] Freya Vishkar says, "What's going on? "
  323. [01:09] Freya Vishkar says, "Ascalon? "
  324. [01:09] Sirocco Vishkar asks, "Paladin Aldrah, did you commit an execution without the Warden's approval?"
  325. [01:10] Aldrah Leverd says, "The Warden approvement was not needed for this case. Lirien was my daughter, a mistake. Sors said I should fix it and I did."
  326. [01:10] Aldrah Leverd says, "The Warden approvement was not needed for this case. Lirien was my daughter, a mistake. Sors said I should fix it and I did."
  327. [01:10] Freya Vishkar asks, "The fuck did you do?"
  328. [01:10] Watched through the bars, he really had just executed his own Daughter? Ascalon didn't know what to say. He'd just take a few steps away fromt eh cell door and lean against the wall. He didn't say anything, merely resting his head between his knees.
  330. There'd be silence from the young man, only the occasional sob echoing throughout the cell. What more was there to do?
  331. (Ascalon Zanders)
  332. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  334. [01:10] Sirocco Vishkar asks, "Very well, we are free to wrap up our own messes, but what of my nephew Aldrah?"
  335. [01:11] Sirocco Vishkar says, "I presume, from what he said, you were the one who imprisoned him. Correct me if I am wrong."
  336. [01:11] Aldrah Leverd says, "In addition to disobeying orders and trying to hide the traitor at his house, he attacked the undeads who were charged with guarding, following Lirien."
  337. [01:11] Aldrah Leverd says, "He helped a traitor, becoming one."
  338. [01:11] Freya Vishkar says, "Full-Stop. I want an explenation."
  339. [01:11] Freya Vishkar says, "-Now-."
  340. [01:11] Tenko Ultovex whispers something.
  341. [01:11] Sirocco Vishkar says, "I see. I believe my nephew can be rehabilitated given his transgression against you if that is true."
  342. [01:12] Sirocco Vishkar asks, "Will you release him under my custody?"
  343. [01:12] Aldrah Leverd says, "Yes."
  344. [01:12] Aldrah Leverd says, "Re-educate him."
  345. [01:13] A fist, burning green in Rieka, smashes through the table in front of her.
  347. She was pissed.
  349. "I asked for an explanation, and you continue to ignore me! EXPLAIN, ALDRAH!"
  350. (Freya Vishkar)
  351. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  353. [01:13] Tenko Ultovex whispers something.
  354. [01:14] Sirocco bows his head graciously toward Aldrah then his tar-rimmed violet gaze shifts over to Ascalon, his gaze unwaverning. He bears a slight frown on his lips, just enough to show lingering distaste aimed directly at them. His hand reaches down and undoes the latch sealing him in then pulls the door open with a creak.
  355. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  356. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  358. [01:14] Sirocco bows his head graciously toward Aldrah then his tar-rimmed violet gaze shifts over to Ascalon, his gaze unwaverning. He bears a slight frown on his lips, just enough to show lingering distaste aimed directly at them. His hand reaches down and undoes the latch sealing him in then pulls the door open with a creak.
  359. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  360. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  362. [01:14] Aldrah Leverd says, "I already did, do you not heard? I executed Lirien, fixed my error. And Ascalon was arrest, but he can go under Sirocco custody"
  363. [01:14] Sirocco Vishkar asks, "Come along, Ascalon. We are far from finished here, do you understand me?"
  364. [01:15] Sanu Ultovex says, "Wait."
  365. [01:15] Ascalon Zanders says, "..."
  366. [01:15] Sanu Ultovex says, "We are letting Ascalon out so soon? I don't think that's proper, not yet."
  367. [01:15] Sirocco Vishkar says, "I asked you a question, Ascalon."
  368. [01:16] Ascalon Zanders says, "Y-yes, I understand Lord Vishkar."
  369. [01:17] Sirocco Vishkar says, "Master Aldrah I shall see Ascalon suitably punished for his transgression."
  370. [01:17] Aldrah Leverd says, "Mhm."
  371. [01:17] Aldrah Leverd says, "Mhm."
  372. [01:17] Tenko remains a somewhat passive observer.
  373. (Tenko Ultovex)
  374. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  376. [01:17] Tenko remains a somewhat passive observer.
  377. (Tenko Ultovex)
  378. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  380. [01:17] Ascalon excited the cell, he'd still have streams of tears wetting his cheeks. The young Zanders showed the needed difference towards Sirocco. He didn't quite know how to process what'd happened. So, he retreated inward. Looking towards his memories and thoughts.
  381. (Ascalon Zanders)
  382. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  384. [01:17] Ascalon excited the cell, he'd still have streams of tears wetting his cheeks. The young Zanders showed the needed difference towards Sirocco. He didn't quite know how to process what'd happened. So, he retreated inward. Looking towards his memories and thoughts.
  385. (Ascalon Zanders)
  386. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  387. [01:23] All it takes is a spark.
  389. All at once, Freya's body exploded in enraged Rieka. Jumping across of the now-shattered table and unsheathing Colada. The sword is jammed in the space between Sanu and Aldrah, and the burning, hateful eyes of rieka looked deep into the soul of the Necromancer.
  391. "You son of a bitch"
  393. "You gave me a day. A day, to talk to Ascalon and fix this without bloodshed. To correct the absolute failure of your own parenting."
  395. "You don't respect me as a Paladin. I'm just an errand-girl for you, is that right? Someone to fix your own mistakes and let you abuse your own children? Kill your own children?"
  397. Her free hand began to fill up with verdant green energy. Rieka that was palmed and collapsed.
  399. "I've been too nice. Let too much shit slide for nothing. Watched my city burn to cinders because of people like you."
  401. "No more."
  403. That hand began to move closer to Aldrah's own face. (Freya Vishkar)
  404. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  406. [01:29] Freya's enraged words echo off the walls of the cramped dungeon and the tainted Sarradian takes a protective step in front of Ascalon, his staff rising up interim with a dull hum from his arm that reverberates off the walls with a sickening noise.
  408. A low bass note punctuates the end of the noise as an occult shield appears and he glances between the other to Paladins, Violet eyes calculating. Ordinarily he might oblige by such an action..
  410. The truth was Dawn had suffered too much already given the crushing defeat in the previous raid and the various deaths they had suffered thus far. Another Paladin falling so soon after the loss of Voss?
  412. It was simply too much.
  415. At this point it seemed unavoidable since his task was talking down a bloodlusting Oscuri, but still he had to make the attempt.
  417. "Paladin Freya, my niece.. Your oaths. Your dignity. Take this to the fields where it will be proper if you truly must pursue this."
  419. His attention shifts to Aldrah then back to his niece. He was ready to do what it took to deescalate it or at worst? Insure that it was at least ended efficiently.
  420. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  421. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  423. [01:34] Ascalon Zanders whispers: Lord Vishkar, Aldrah gave Sanu a note. . . Something that Aldrah was doing. She said he was working to 'reform' Dawn. She was willing to be truth potioned by Tenko.
  424. [01:34] Sirocco Vishkar says, "..."
  425. [01:34] Sincerely, Aldrah did not move, his eyes became fixous as Freya advanced against him. He did not move for a second, just standing still, staring at her with dead eyes. He was empty inside.
  427. After Sirocco create a shield in front of him, for protection, he just looked at the Paladin and then returned to Freya, remaining silent.
  428. (Aldrah Leverd)
  429. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  431. [01:34] Sirocco Vishkar whispers: Reform Dawn..?
  432. [01:34] Tenko Ultovex whispers: Aldrah is playing a very dangerous game, young man.
  433. [01:34] Tenko Ultovex exclaims, "Ah, Sors arrives, you've missed all the fun!"
  434. [01:36] Ascalon Zanders whispers: Something about his slaves. . . I couldn't see the note.
  435. [01:37] Ascalon Zanders whispers: Iral? Being in Gehenna? Some, kind of connection? I don't know.
  436. [01:37] "Freya!" He yells out at the undead.
  438. "You will not fight Aldrah unless he accepts an honor duel and even then.. he has fixed the mistake he made, Lirien should've been slain long ago, we have no room for traitors."
  440. His fires flare out in response to Freya's anger, he stands idly waiting for Freya's movements.
  442. "Speak to Sors about this, there's much we need to talk about Aldrah anyways." His eyes glance to Aldrah for a second and just as that happened the Lord himself hovered in with the plague bringer behind.
  444. "Lord Ultovex.. lots has happened as you can tell, there is a /lot/ of information."
  445. (Sanu Ultovex)
  447. [01:40] Sirocco continues pointing his staff at the space between Aldrah and Freya waiting for any sudden movements to begin participating. His posture does not budge an inch as Lord Ultovex enters save to offer a passing acknowledgement.
  449. "Lord Ultovex.." He begins in a soft tone then gingerly his gaze shifts over to Sanu, "I heard Sanu has a note from Aldrah that is of great interest detailing his plans to reform Dawn."
  451. The lapse in attention was brief as he was reluctant to break focus that the two might break into violence at any moment without a watchful, and threatening, eye upon them.
  453. "Perhaps the truth can surface now."
  454. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  455. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  457. [01:41] Sors Ultovex says, "I ain't informed wit' wha' all happened. Sanu, status report."
  458. [01:52] A hand brimming with continued to inch closer, and closer to Aldrah's face. Face and eyes brimming with hate, sword still imbedded into the stone work. She wanted blood.
  460. "You're scum. Worse than scum. Not fit even to grovel at my feet like the worm you are. A disgusting snake that only exists to kill the children they raise."
  462. "You are unworthy of being a paladin. You cannot even be a father. I will crush every bone in that hobbled body of yours, and make you suffer a thousand fold for killing a potential conversion. All because you are a failure."
  464. "A failure as a Paladin. A failure as a father. A pathetic, spineless worm that needs to die."
  466. She hasn't stopped moving a Rieka-covered hand to his face.
  467. (Freya Vishkar)
  468. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  470. [02:02] He stops his fires to take out his notes, the tensions between Aldrah and Freya were rising, he'd begin to read them out quick.
  472. "Notes! Aldrah apparently uncollared Lirien after he was suppose to 'reeducate' her, not enforcing the ideals of Dawn onto the girl and had only put the collar on to fake the reduction. Aldrah has plans to 'reform' Dawn, though I was not given any information as to /what/ he wants to do."
  474. "What is interesting is Aldrah's response, he was swift to execute her, not letting her speak anymore, that speaks something and I do believe he fixed a mistake but more than one mistake, the mistake to not kill her and silence her sooner." The paper would be put away and his fires light up again.
  476. While he spoke Freya was again at it, ready to beat up Aldrah or try at least. "Freya! Stop your idiocy and wait!"
  477. (Sanu Ultovex)
  478. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  480. [02:04] Valerey, who was clueless as one could be regarding what was going on would be seen pressed against the wall, her mouth widened in awe at peculiar individuals she had seen present around the table. All but two were people she had previously seen in Dawn's square, yet she only had the pleasure of formally speaking to one. It was obvious though, even to someone like her that she was standing before the very people who were considered "High Rank" in Dawn, yet she felt somewhat at ease. Almost as if she was sure she'd be alright.
  482. She'd still not utter a single word though, for she knew whatever going on here was important and was best left undisturbed.
  483. (Valerey)
  484. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  486. [02:08] It didn't even question it. The voidling creature reached out to snag the pink-haired child by the collar of her shirt with a clawed 'hand' and nudged the door open. Unless she struggled? It would drag her along, pulling her out and away from the dungeon.
  488. Far as it knew, children weren't supposed to be here. There was a hostile situation going on. It didn't care for her safety, it just cared that she wasn't supposed to be there.
  489. (Mertaisyl)
  490. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  492. [02:09] Undeads stood in front of Freya, if necessary to defend their master. They would use their bodies as shield for the necromancer.
  494. After Sanu spoke, Aldrah took a step back and in a very calm voice said, "She went through the first part of re-education, where I left her walking around, but the collar remained on her, you saw it Sanu.
  496. And as I told Sors before, if the re-education had failed? I'll fix my mistake, where I did it. I killed Lirien, it is done." He paused, breathing.
  498. "This thing you said, 'reform', should be about one of the things discussed at the Paladins' meeting. Sors already knows, if that's what it is." Aldrah turned his head to Freya and said, "Freya, do you judge me? The person who killed ya own mother? I just fixed my mistake, that's all."
  500. He leaned against the wall, now turning his gaze to Sors, seeing what he would say.
  501. (Aldrah Leverd)------------------------
  503. [02:10] Hisashi watched the affairs with a faint smile. This was all too entertaining. He would remain still unless sors commanded him to do something. Why spoil a good show?
  504. (Tenko Ultovex)
  505. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  507. [02:12] The situation was getting more crazy by the moment, it seemed. Freya had not slowed her advance in the least, Sanu was piping up trying to offer information that was difficult to decipher at the moment..
  509. Especially give the context of what he had already heard about the older necromancer. The entire situation was conflicting and his liege made no move to stop it.
  511. That meant it was going to reach its natural conclusion. Lord Ultovex always said he loves to see what his Paladins will do in difficult situations.
  513. He grits his teeth and white smoke begins to pour out from his mouth, eyes and nose, as the null energy begins to diffuse the air into ozone with lightning-like manifestations.
  515. The fog of confusion was parted in a split-second and his duty became clear. The two were going to clash, in lethal fashion, and Freya had a leash. Aldrah did not have one yet which meant..
  517. Lord Ultovex could sort him out later.
  519. His staff swivels slightly just enough to point at Aldrah.
  520. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  521. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  523. (There a lot of white-text in between this and the last scene but all it amounts to is a mock-trial for Aldrah and a sentencing to an honor duel. The rest of the log take's place shortly after in a different scene.)
  525. [03:55] The tainted Sarradian leads Ascalon to the snowy mountaintops near the Inn, a favored spot of the aging Paladin, and his gaze peers out towards something over the horizon for a moment.
  527. Then he pivots and turns to face his nephew, tar-rimmed amethyst orbs examining the young lad. His visage was something out of a nightmare, clearly unnatural.
  529. For most his inability to be read had only been furthered and the corrupt energies about him often lent overall impressions and interpretations a negative, almost evil, connotation.
  531. Black blood visibly coursed through skin that was too pale and sickly to be alive and the wrinkles of age gave him a weary appearance that stood out against the predatory danger in that gaze.
  533. He raises his single hand towards the boy, black nail withdrawing then launching forward as he moves to thump the teen's forehead playfully.
  535. "Passionate idiot."
  537. The nail smacksinto his forehead and then he lowers his hand back at his side and sighs, deflating. His height visibly deflates a few inches and his eyes shine as he looks over the boy.
  539. "Just like your father, may his soul rest in peace."
  540. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  541. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  543. [04:00] * You have been awarded 1 Roleplay Points! *
  544. [04:06] The young Zanders followed along with a clear sense of unease. Each step up the mountain feeling like pushing a boulder up-hill. The weight of Lirien's death outweighing the impeding punishment. She'd been the first person to befriend him when he'd came back to Dawn. Now, now she was gone.
  546. Ascalon nearly walked into the Sirocco's back once they'd stopped. The sudden movement, as the truthfully nightmarish figure of his 'uncle' turned to him. The young teen faltered, hard. Nearly falling backwards as they attempted to stop. Their eyes looked up at the paladin, still wet from the hot tears that'd graced them not long before.
  548. They'd visible flinch as the hand raised, they'd been ready to charge into certain death with Aldrah. Yet, here there was nothing stoking his anger enough to ignore danger. When he felt the tap upon his forehead ring, instead of an teeth chattering struck. The teen glanced up, listening to thewords being spoken to them.
  550. "Um, was that it?" They look of doubt was as vivid as the red hair upon their head. They'd not missed the reference to their father but surely there was something worse coming.Yet, whatever his fear of himself was he couldn't disrespect his dead. "May his soul rest in peace."
  552. (Ascalon Zanders)
  553. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  555. [04:16] The Sarradian stares back at Ascalon, his eyes betraying a faint hint of sadness. Chroma had been such a strong presence in Sirocco's 'childhood' as it were.
  557. It was only a couple years, a few drops in the bucket that had seemed akin to eternities back then, yet he had taken on the role of the older brother, the mentor.
  559. And in the end the greatest Paladin that Dawn had ever seen was the result. A man of honor, courage, action, and passion tempered by the calm logic and compassion Sirocco had instilled in him.
  561. Both of them were dead now, but the Windwraith Paladin was doomed to walk the earth yet. He was clutching for the memories of someone else trying to grasp a feeling to make his existence more real.
  563. Feth, Freya, Ascalon, and the others.. They were the shadows of spirits and despite his common indifference to the denizens, where once he had held deep love for the people, there was a resonance.
  565. Dying memories..
  567. "Ascalon I trained your father, you know? ..I was his mentor for years. I used to send my regards and gifts always wishing love to you and your sister when he would leave to read you bedtime stories."
  569. If he clutched them tightly enough he could retain himself.. Salvage his will he held so firmly when first he swore the vows. It was easy to lose oneself in the rhythms of servitude to the masters here and beyond.
  571. "Perhaps I could train you as well."
  573. (Sirocco Vishkar)
  574. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  576. [04:23] The young Zanders was silent for a moment. They didn't truthfully know what to say to the statement. For that was what it'd been, not a question or a request. Musings of an man who'd long since shed the word.
  578. The teen's mouth opened for a moment, "I knew, I mostly remember the gifts when I was little. Mostly." As he spoke he'd run a hand down the now poorly fitting dress. Attempting to smooth it out.
  580. "I've always strove to learn, what I can. If you're willing, but I am squired to Freya or I was. . . Aldrah stripped me of my status in the legion. . . Does that still count?"
  583. (Ascalon Zanders)
  584. [04:25] Sirocco Vishkar says, "His stripping is revoked and you retain Legion status unless Lord Ultovex says otherwise."
  585. [04:25] Sirocco Vishkar says, "As for who you squire under? It can still be Freya."
  586. [04:26] Sirocco Vishkar says, "In this life we have many masters or we die, I've found."
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