Oct 6th, 2014
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  1. Suikoden 2 RTA
  3. Console: PS2 SCPH-90001.
  4. Fast Disk Speed: On
  6. JRTA/RTA timing?
  7. - JRTA is traditionally from power on until ending screen (in this category, the screen with Jowy at Tenzan Pass). RTA timing is from file creation to last input. Difference is somewhere under 10 minutes, mostly due to credits.
  9. What's with your "PB" final time?
  10. - During my last run, the game disc could not load the final dungeon. I wanted to save the other splits because I made it ~6h30m into a run. This run will clear that. I recently got a new disc of this game, so there shouldn't be any issues.
  12. General notes?
  13. - Decently challenging run with a few glitches and skips exclusive to the NA version. There are cutscenes, but it is possible to scroll text very fast. Runs have a chance of ending in the early game, but late game is pretty safe. Goal is around 7 hours.
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