Freaky Faerun, A Genderswap Story, Part 1

Sep 8th, 2013
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  1. FREAKY FAERUN, Part One
  3. or, A Tale of Four Fools, One Genderbelt, and all that Follows
  5. Grobknar the Barbarian roared with satisfaction as the final guardian fell, its stone skin shattered, its dry, stale dust spilling through the room as he pulled his axe from its death-wound. "Must you do that every time we clear a dungeon?" sighed Khadgar, the elven wizard and self-declared Red Mage. He pulled his long swirling cloak up, concerned about the dust getting everywhere. "At least they were golems this time. I used to aspire to be a White Mage you know, but that blood from those Hobgoblins never did wash off..."
  7. "You should of stayed as the Pink Mage. Suits you." smirked Skeever, the human thief, who was even now scurrying across the floor, looking for gems, traps, and any other loot he could pick up and put into one of his many, many satchels and purses. The only thing Skeever carried more of than little bags was daggers, and he retrieved the ones he had thrown in their now-concluded battle.
  9. "Enough of your impudence. Taniel, it was your fellows at the Temple of Sehanine who guided us here. Do you know if this is the final room, or just another diversion?"
  11. Taniel, the half-elven cleric of Sehanine, blushed awkwardly. He was in total awe of Khadgar, a trueblood elf, and everything the half-blooded young man aspired to be. He had lived a difficult youth, growing up in the care of the largely female clergy of the Sehanine temple, and had been relieved when he had been granted the opportunity to journey with these adventurers, and see some of the world. Though now he was free of their maternal influence, he found his...human, lustful, dirty side growing in strength, filling his mind with strange thoughts.
  13. "This is the final room, wise Khadgar. The Moonbelt of Sehanine should be ahead." He said, in the most formal High Elven he could.
  15. Khadgar snorted, and responded in Common, not really caring for Taniel's hero worship. "Whatever. Grobknar, stop humping the dead golems, and bust open that chest will you?"
  17. "Hey! I'm the chest-guy here!" cried Skeever.
  19. "I'm sure. You searched for traps pretty hard on that Yuan-ti, burying your face in her bosom."
  21. "And I did a good job too! You guys totally would have fallen for her charms If I hadn't pointed out her penis!"
  23. Everyone groaned, remembering -that- particular dungeoncrawl. "Just our luck, only women we meet are the ones with dicks." sighed Khadgar.
  25. Grobknar smashed open the treasure-chest, his huge axe making quick work. As the dust billowed out again, it cleared to reveal a small pile of silver pieces, and an intricately worked magical belt, with a strange symbol acting as a clasp.
  27. "OOH! Shiny-thing! Dis Moonbelt?" the half-orc asked.
  29. "I'm not sure. It's certainly reading as divine magic, but-"
  31. "GOOD ENOUGH FOR GROBKNAR! HAR-HAR! I BECOME GREAT WARRIOR!" He roared triumphantly, grabbing the belt and, in one smooth motion, clicking it around his waist.
  33. "COWER, PUNY THINGS!" He began to shout, only to suddenly double over in pain, roaring, clutching at his groin.
  35. "What the-?"
  37. They watched in horror as the Half-Orc began to change before them. Khadgar realised immediately what the strange belt was, and bit his lip to keep from laughing. The others simply watched in horror, wondering if the orc was exploding. His roaring in pain became...increasingly high-pitched, and 2 fleshy mounds erupted from his bare chest.
  39. Skeever began to smirk, too, though it took Taniel a moment to realise what he was looking at. "Oh, my..."
  41. As the half-orc's screams faded, he growled at them, only to find it came out as something of a purr. His pale-green cheeks reddened. No, he was a she now. A busty, double-D cup amazon stood before them, her loincloth having somehow transformed into a tight leather thong, leaving no doubt that Grobknar no longer had such a mighty axe to wield. The belt shone with a luminscent light, reminsicient of moonlight, before fading.
  43. Pushing strands of tawny long hair out of her face, Grobknar looked at her party members.
  45. "Well? Give shirt already!" she spat. Khadgar rolled his eyes, and pulled off his cloak, tossing it to the amazon, to the disappointment of Skeever.
  47. "Damn, you're hot now Grobknar!"
  49. "Thief-man will shut up or thief-man will have -his cock- cut off." Despite his own apparent transformation, Grobknar seemed to be taking the transformation with suprising diginity.
  51. "Well, Taniel? Is this what we came all the way for? A Gender-swapping belt?"
  53. "Um, no, wise Khadgar...I mean, yes, but...It seems I misunderstood what the Preistesses meant by a Moonbelt. It seems that the belt in fact, depends on moonlight for its charge. It will be removable in about 12 hours, I'd estimate, when the moon is at its highest point."
  55. Khadgar sighed. "Fine, we're going back to the Tavern. Damnit Skeever, stop drooling as if you've never seen a pair of tits before. We'll wait this out then sell the damned belt to some cutters in the morning. Mystra knows we could use the coins."
  57. Returning to the tavern in town, Grobknar had managed to fashion a crude bra out of Khadgar's cloak, which had left him sighing deeply. "My fine cloak. Ruined! Now I'll have to buy another one, and call myself something else. Red Dye is so expensive..."
  59. Skeever kept trying to hit on Grobknar. "Damn, girl, are those Mystra's tears stuffed into your shirt, or just the finest pair of breasts I ever seen?"
  61. Grobknar was visibly seething, restraining a building rage, but seemingly cowed by the loss of his weapon.
  62. After settling their account for the night, the heroes resolved to pass the night in silence. Grobknar, in deference to his condition, had been allowed to have an extra room, whilst the rest of them would bed down in the commons. It was an undignified way to spend the night, but Khadgar was determined to avoid spending their meagre saving untill they could sell the damn belt.
  64. Grobknar sat in his/her room, furious, getting angrier and angrier, first at the belt, then at that damn Skeever for treating him like a breeding sow. The damnable thing of it all was that this new body was making him feel more emotional in ways he didnt know how to handle. He was having to think and feel, and these were things Grobknar did not understand. He thought about simply murdering the human rogue, but he had sworn an Oath to follow the others as Adventurers, and this was something he still held sacred, whatever had happened with the belt.
  66. There was a knock at the door. "Hey, babe. Listen, let me lay it on the line for you. We've both not seen any action in months, if not years. I know you're a big believer in blood-brothers and all that, right? If your brother was in pain, in desperate need of something to drink, you'd satisfy his thirst, right? Well, we're both thirsty, and you have a means of satisfyin' that thirst, and without eating into Khadgar's damn budget, either. Think about it." The rogue whispered, rolling high on his persuasion check for once.
  68. Grobknar thought about the truth of the man's words. It was true, in his tribe, sworn-sisters not of one's blood would sometimes...relieve the strain of their male kin, in order to ensure that they went into battle with the bloodlust, and not the other kind. He thought about this, scratching his now somewhat feminine chin. He patted his smooth face, and ran a hand along his slender neck. It...felt good to feel a woman's body, after all this time. He looked down at his sizeable breasts. He grinned, beginning to fondle them. He could indeed have a little fun himself, perhaps. There was time yet.
  70. ===========================================
  74. The Half-orc began to explore his new sex, his slender fingers delving and caressing every part of his new pussy. He began to feel warmth, and as she experimented, she began to feel a building need. He began to build tempo, rubbing his clitoris and feeling the warmth vibrate through him. A blissful smile appeared on her face, as she remembered that women could have multiple orgasms. This was going to be good.
  76. Quickly she jilled herself harder, at first the tip of her fingers but then the whole digits slipping deeper and deeper into her warm crevice. Juices began to sluice out as she rubbed and pressed at the new organ, pressing deep into the thin hymen and beyond.
  78. She groaned loudly, feeling her first orgasm as a woman building, the slow pressure rising. It was all so wonderful and new, nothing like the cursory pressure release he had indulged in in between killings and looting as a man. Perhaps there was something to this new form, after all.
  80. She began to bark and yelp, feeling this cresting wave of pleasure wash over her. She finally let loose with a long, low moan, as the orgasm burst forth, almost fisting herself with ferocious need. A spray of juices trickled down, running down her pale-green skin, her dark sex fountaining as she fingered herself to climax.
  82. "YES! YES! BY TEMPUS, YESSSSSSSSS!" She shouted, arching her well muscled back, soaking the cheap bedsheets with a pool of fresh-spilled juices. The Door burst open, Skeever at the ready with a dagger, alarm on his face. "Are you Ok in here Gro- Oh Gods!" He exclaimed in suprise, gaping openly at the sight before him, his own manhood swelling.
  84. "Skeever? YOU PERVERTED AUROCHS! I'LL HAVE YOU FOR THIS!" She roared, furious that her pleasure had been interrupted.
  86. Skeever was mesmerised by the sight of a shapely amazoness running at him, wet honey still running down her legs, dark nipples swollen, and was unable to resist when he was grabbed and thrown to the bed.
  88. "Oh, Gro, you only need ask..." He nervously joked, still not quite believing what was about to happen.
  90. "SHUT UP, NO TALKING. BY TEMPUS, I NEED THIS!" She roared, lust thundering through her veins. She grabbed Skeever's belt and yanked his leather pants down, revealing his already hardening prick.
  92. "Oh man...Sune's Festival must have come early..."he breathed. Grobknar slapped him. "No talking. Obey only."
  94. Skeever complied, as Grobknar began to roughly yank on his prick, her slender fingers still wet with her own juice. She began to jerk him off, hardening him, as Skeever looked down into her yellow eyes, awestruck by her masculine beauty, her almond lips, and her magnificient bosom.
  96. Skeever bit his lip to contain his moans, as Grobknar applied her own memory of what felt good to bring him to maximum hardness as quickly as possible. Then, on a whim, she decided to go down on him, plunging full down on his shaft, taking the whole thing into her mouth with reckless abandon. She almost gagged, choking and coughing, but determined to take the whole thing like a true barbarian.
  98. "Oh! Oh man..." Skeever couldn't help himself. Gro began to slowly slide her tongue up and down the cock, finding that despite expectations the taste wasn't too bad. She began to suck and slurp, her hands cupping his balls as she did so. Skeever felt himself on the brink of ecstasy. "By Sune! Yes! All of it baby!" Gro gave him a fierce glare, and he shut up quickly. Best not to piss off the half-orc with your junk in her mouth. Just as he felt himself on the cusp of climax, precum bubbling forth from his tip, Grobknar yanked herself off, leaving him yearning for more.
  100. "Please! Please finish! Oh gods, I'll never make fun of your low intelligence ever again!"
  102. Grobknar smiled triumphantly, wiping his precum and spittle from her mouth. "Now you will serve me." She gestured to her wet, sopping pussy.
  104. Skeever eagerly complied, his aching cock ready. He moved to penetrate her, but she grabbed his cock in a her hand and pushed it away.
  106. "No. You will eat me out."
  108. He groaned, desperate to find release himself, but she squeezed on his painfully erect shaft, and he squealed, compliant. Running his tongue around the edge of her dark pussy, he was suprised at how hairless it was. Clearly this virginal pussy hadn't had time to grow hair yet. He marvelled at the smoothness of her pale green-skin, his tongue running over her rippling folds, delving into her deep cleft. Her taste was powerful and musky, and only heightened his lust. He began to lap at her, as she moaned and roared in turn.
  110. "More, yes, More!" She cried, gripping his cock in one hand and jerking him to keep him on the cusp of climax, whilst also squeezing her breast, fondling the perky nipple. As he licked and sucked greedily at her clit and labia folds, a powerful gush filled his mouth, almost choking him. She quivered and shook, and gave forth an even more powerful moan as she climaxed and shuddered to his touch. Her hymen broke, and Skeever felt the coppery-tang of blood. He began to spit it out, gagging, as Grobknar fell back onto the bed, sighing contentedly.
  112. "Okay, okay, I gave you what you want. Now please can I have some release?" He said, whining, eager to wet his cock.
  114. She looked up at him, and nodded assent, when suddenly she doubled over in pain, groaning and roaring again, much louder this time, and growing deeper.
  116. "No! Not already!" Skeever cried.
  118. Her breasts shrunk, falling away as her chest became broader and more muscular, her areolae becoming hairy and small. Her jaw jutted forth, fangs shooting forth once more. Her clitoris elongated as his cock regrew, four inches, five, six, before topping out at a mighty ten, two hairy balls erupting forth as his vagina disappeared.
  120. "Gods be damned! Fuck you Cyric, last time I make any offerings to you!" Skeever swore bitterly, sure that the God of Betrayal had managed this whole thing to tease him personally.
  122. Grobknar stood, a proud six foot seven half-orc warrior, his cock still stained with juices from a vagina no longer there.
  124. Skeever felt himself growing flaccid rapidly.
  126. Grobknar grinned at the sight, and then picked up the Moonbelt which had fallen to the side.
  128. "I'm not done with you yet, Rogue."
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