Rarity's Night Out by DCFTEF (Pearl & Magnum/SB & Rarity)

Jan 30th, 2014
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  1. Rarity's Night Out by DCFTEF (
  3. ---
  5. >"But Mother! It'll be the biggest party of the decade...of the century!"
  6. Rarity's mother was as unshaken as the Applosian mountains. She sipped her morning coffee and tried to read the Ponyville Express.
  7. >"Rarity, dear, morning should be a peaceful, relaxing time...not a time to whine about things we've already discussed.
  8. >"Your father and I have looked into that party and it is not appropriate for a young mare your age. Alcohol? No adult chaperones? Colts from the University? I'm sorry Rarity, we said no and that's final."
  9. The teenaged filly stomped her hoof defiantly in protest;
  10. >"But it's not even a school night!"
  11. Her father had heard enough. Like his wife he preferred a relaxing breakfast. He stomped down his own hoof; the thundering boom dwarfed Rarity's mini-tantrum. Everypony stopped eating...little Sweetie Belle was frozen with a wedge of toast half inside her mouth.
  12. >"That doesn't mean you won't be spending time studying this weekend! Don't think your mother & I haven't noticed your grades slipping. Too much time spent worrying about socializing & fashion. Your final exams are coming up soon; you need to buckle down and get serious about them!"
  13. Her pretty face twisted up in frustration Rarity continued pressing her case;
  14. >"But Father...I'll be entering a career in fashion! I need to network, I need to mingle with my public!"
  15. He snorted gruffly and answered;
  16. >"You need to pass your final exams with good marks or you won't get into a good fashion college. Even if you choose to skip college & open a boutique you'll need those grades as a good reference for loans. Ms. Good Balance at the bank considers that sort of thing!"
  18. Pearl stopped the debate right there.
  19. >"Rarity, we've both told you no and that's final. We expect you home by your curfew tonight...studying. Now it's getting late. Finish your breakfast and get ready for school. You need to walk your sister to her school first so eat up."
  21. After dropping Sweetie Belle off at Ponyville Elementary Rarity met up with her own friends. Cheerilee looked downbeat, so it was pretty clear what her parents had said.
  22. >"Heya Rare. Any luck?"
  23. Rarity grunted in frustration.
  24. >"They're being obtuse."
  25. Pinkie Pie, a bubbly filly one year younger than the other two cocked her head sideways in confusion.
  26. >"Ob-what?" she asked.
  27. >"They said 'No', Pinkie." muttered Rarity.
  28. Cheerilee pawed at the grass with her hoof. She'd been counting on Rarity being successful, so she could say to her own parents "Well my friend's folks said SHE could go!". That always worked, right?
  29. >" party tonight?" muttered Pinkie Pie in dismay.
  30. >"Oh, there's going to be a party" Cheerilee grumbled, "we're just not allowed to go."
  32. To the surprise of the other two Rarity reared up and announced;
  33. >"I simply will not accept failure! This party is far too important to miss and we SHALL attend even if we must defy our parents!"
  34. The other two gasped. What Rarity proposed was scandalous! More important it was dangerous if they were to get caught.
  35. >"I dunno Rarity" muttered Cheerilee "I really want to go but if I get caught my folks will give me one heck of a spa...umm...grounding. They'll ground me if we get caught."
  36. It was clear that Pinkie wanted to go as well, but she had plenty of reason to be nervous too.
  37. >"My folks are all the way back home at the Rock Farm but my host family here in Ponyville is allowed to...umm...ground me too."
  38. All three fillies were silent for a few minutes, like there was something else that worried them but none of them wanted to admit to it.
  40. Rarity knew she had to sell the idea; she didn't want to go to the party without her friends.
  41. >"Girls, I know there's a bit of risk involved but all worthy ventures carry a degree of danger. We won't be doing this recklessly...we have a whole day to plan our strategy for >sneaking out...
  42. >meeting up...
  43. >attending the party...
  44. >and most important, sneaking back in without our parents or legal guardians finding out. Girls, we can do this!"
  45. Both were nervous...even Rarity was nervous. Defying adults was a BIG deal.
  46. >"I...I'll do it" Cheerilee finally said, "but only if both of you make it to the rendezvous point. If anypony flakes out we call it off, okay?"
  47. Rarity nodded in agreement.
  48. >"Okie Dokie Lokie!" chimed in Pinkie Pie, "Hope we don't all get locked up in the Pokie!"
  50. Rarity, Cheerilee & Pinkie didn't pay much attention in school that Friday. They spent each class concocting elaborate schemes for making their plan a success and lived for the few precious minutes between classes when they could meet up to exchange ideas. The trio spent all of lunch period working on their plan and in the end agreed that the best thing to do was keep things simple.
  52. After school (and walking Sweetie Belle home) Rarity went to hang out with friends. The teenage unicorn even came home 4 minutes past her appointed time...not enough to get her punished but enough to show defiance and throw her parents off the scent of what was really going on.
  54. Dinner was ordinary. Rarity even complained a bit about not being allowed to stay out late this night...just so her parents would not suspect she was up to something. It was her night to do the dishes, so with Sweetie Belle's eager help (Sweetie was always volunteering to help big sister with her chores) she did them then excused herself to their shared bedroom to 'study'.
  56. Rarity actually did spend time studying. She wasn't dumb; she knew her father was right at breakfast, she'd been slacking off a bit lately with final exams coming. Soon Rarity would graduate and her real life would begin! But only if those exams went well.
  57. Soon Mom came in to put Sweetie Belle to bed.
  58. >"What story would you like tonight?"
  59. >"Can Rarity read me my story?"
  60. >"Let your sister be" Momma admonished gently, "she's very busy."
  61. From her desk Rarity listened to her mother & little sister read together. They alternated sentences, Sweetie, then Momma, then Sweetie again. Pearl helped Sweetie Belle with the difficult words, just like she & Dad had done when Rarity was that age.
  63. It was sometimes a real inconvenience sharing a room with her sister. Rarity was sure her parents could afford a bigger house, with bedrooms for both daughters, but when she suggested it Mom & Dad just said they liked this was "cozy."
  64. That meant Rarity had to make sure her creative space was cleaned up fully every time she left it. No leaving needles, scissors or her sewing machine where Sweetie could reach...she got into EVERYTHING and when she did it was Rarity who got scolded.
  66. Rarity thought about that sewing machine. It was absolutely top-notch...the best that could be bought in Manehattan or Canterlot. None of the mares in the Ponyville Knitters League owned its equal. Her parents had surprised Rarity for her 13th birthday, and she had certainly been surprised. What kind of parents trusted a filly that age with a staggeringly expensive piece of professional-grade equipment like that? Only the best parents in the world...
  67. For a moment Rarity reconsidered disobeying such wonderful parents. Maybe sneaking out to the party was not such a good idea. But Cheerilee & Pinkie Pie were expecting her, and the whole plan would be off if she flaked out. She absolutely MUST sneak out to the party...there was no other way.
  69. It was time.
  70. Sweetie Belle had fallen asleep hours ago and now Rarity saw the light under the crack of her door disappear. The parents had gone to was her chance. She snuffed the candle she'd been using and quietly opened the bedroom window. An unexpected rush of cool air entered which woke up Sweetie Belle.
  71. >"*yawn* Rarity? What's happening?"
  72. Rarity hadn't planned for this; she struggled for an answer.
  73. >"Go back to sleep, Sweetie Belle, you're dreaming."
  74. >"I'm not dreaming" she muttered, "when I dream you have a marshmallow for a head and I can fly."
  75. Rarity had to quiet her little sister down before their parents awoke.
  76. >"Just go back to sleep, everything is okay."
  77. But Sweetie Belle popped up in bed and protested;
  78. >"Rarity, you're sneaking out, aren't you!? Please don't! Mommy & Daddy told you not to go to that'll get in trouble!"
  79. Rarity hurried to the bedside of her young sister, desperate to quiet her down.
  80. >"Sweetie darling, they don't need to know. I'm just popping out for a bit to tell my friends I can't attend, it's polite. We're sisters, aren't we? Can I count on you to keep this secret for me?"
  81. That hushed Sweetie Belle. She was thrilled to be trusted with secrets, especially by her beloved big sister. Rarity continued;
  82. >"Dear, this is just what sisters do for each other. We help each other...we keep each others secrets safe. As you get older you'll understand & I'll be able to help you with so many things. Can you do this for me? Sister promise?"
  83. The little filly gasped. Sweetie could not resist the Sister was sacred.
  84. >"I won't tell, Rarity...Sister Promise...but please hurry back. I don't want you to get into trouble!"
  85. The older sister kissed her little sibling on the horn to assure her that everything was okay. It satisfied Sweetie Belle, who was still worried but snuggled down into her blankets to go back to sleep.
  87. Getting her little sister to cover for her had never been part of the plan. Rarity felt bad about it but the deed was done and hopefully the questionable decision would not come back to haunt her. She slid down the steep thatched roof, leapt over to a tree and shimmied to the ground. Not very ladylike but it got the job done. Now to meet with her friends.
  89. Pinkie Pie was already there, hopping up & down excitedly as usual.
  90. >"Pinkie, dear, calm down! You'll attract attention!"
  91. >"Awww" complained the younger filly, but she subdued herself.
  92. They had to wait a while for Cheerilee and began to fear she wasn't going to come. That would have scuppered the whole plan. It almost would have been a relief to Rarity. Disobeying, sneaking out, involving her little sister...this was not much fun.
  93. At last the purple Earth filly appeared out of the darkness.
  94. >"Ohmygosh, I almost got totally busted!" Cheerilee panted, "I was nearly out the door when a floorboard creaked so loud I swear they heard it in Baltimare!"
  95. Rarity gave her friend a look over.
  96. >"You're wearing that?"
  97. Cheerilee was going through an experimental phase with big crimped hair, a checkered bandana and colorful leg warmers. She looked ridiculous. Rarity favored the tried & true classic looks. You can never go wrong with the classics.
  98. >"Yeah, isn't it cool?"
  99. Pinkie Pie agreed, so Rarity just kept her mouth shut. It wasn't that bad...and showing up with a friend looking like a trend-wreck would only make her look better. Without further delay they hurried to the party.
  101. The party was being held outdoors, at a gazebo on the outskirts of Apple family land. There was an Apple filly in their class at school, but she wasn't the type to be out at an all-nighter party...nopony expected to see Applejack there.
  102. Upon arrival a big, handsome colt thrust cups of cider on the three fillies, which they accepted because everypony was drinking. Rarity sipped hers slowly...she was already taking enough risks and wanted to stay sharp in case of trouble. The same could not be said of Pinkie Pie, who guzzled her cider and went in search of more. Cheerilee was more interested in dancing, so she downed her cup fast and did not look for a refill.
  104. Rarity mingled with the crowd. It was a bit uncomfortable. There were a few colts and fillies from High School there but the majority were older...students from the University in nearby Bridleburg. Some of the colts were very drunk already, most uncouth, but the college fillies seemed to think it was great so Rarity said nothing.
  105. >"You look uptight" a weedy looking young stallion said to her, "have a toke of this."
  106. The prim young Unicorn recoiled. She knew what that stuff was.
  107. >"Oh, that's very kind of you...but...umm...will you excuse me?"
  108. She hurried away. It seemed safest to hang around the bonfire where a group of musicians where playing guitars & bongo drums. Finally Rarity relaxed and began to enjoy the party, although with all the drinking and rowdiness going on she could understand why her parents hadn't wished her to come.
  110. Cheerilee was dancing with an older colt and Pinkie Pie was surrounded by several young stallions who encouraged her to sample every new drink they mixed up. Rarity worried that they might have to carry her pink friend home. But that was future Rarity's problem. She'd worked hard to get to this party and resolved to enjoy herself. If she had a good time it would be worth all the risks she had taken.
  112. Hours went by.
  113. In spite of all the rowdiness Rarity was having fun. Several older fillies complimented her on her lovely mane, and young stallions jostled for a chance to talk with her. Unlike Pinkie Pie she carefully nursed her one drink as long as she could before accepting a second...two colts almost got into a fight over who would fetch it for her.
  115. Cheerilee rushed up and bumped into her hard. She was hot & sweaty from dancing.
  116. >"Oh Celestia, it's past midnight and this party isn't even slowing down! How late do you suppose it's gonna go?"
  117. Rarity looked up at the moon. It was very late.
  118. >"Most of these ponies are University students" she observed, "I don't know when their parties break up."
  119. In truth neither of them had ever been to a party without grown-ups present to make that decision. They were in uncharted territory, which was both scary & very exciting.
  121. It was Pinkie who ultimately gave them a reason to head home. She was absolutely hammered drunk and college stallions were circling her like Timberwolves around a wounded deer. The last straw came when one of them brazenly put his hoof on her rump...which made the pink filly shriek.
  122. >"Whoa, easy there babe! Trust me, I'll be gentle."
  123. Rarity had seen enough. With Cheerilee to back her up she got between Pinkie and her lusty admirers.
  124. >"Chill out, Princess, we were just having a good time!"
  125. Rarity tried to look as serious & intimidating as she could. The stallion was older than her, and easily twice her size.
  126. >"YOU may be having a good time but my friend did not enjoy that. She's had too much to drink and I think it's time we were going home."
  127. Cheerilee stood shoulder to shoulder with Rarity, and the wolf pack backed off.
  128. >"Sheesh" scoffed one, "friggin' high schoolers."
  129. Rarity & Cheerilee collected their tipsy friend and made a polite exit from the party.
  131. Drunk Pinkie Pie was a hoof-full to get home and it worried her two friends.
  132. >"She's gonna wake up all of Ponyville!" muttered Cheerilee.
  133. Rarity nodded, but her worries went even deeper.
  134. >"There's no way she can sneak back into her host family's house in this condition. She'll be caught for sure."
  135. >"Well," Cheerilee grumbled, "it's not our fault that she drank so much cider."
  136. >"No," replied Rarity "but it is our problem if she cracks under questioning and tells her host family who she was with!"
  137. Even in her stupefied condition Pinkie was able to follow the conversation though.
  138. >"I'lllll never crack!" she slurred drunkenly "They can put me under the hot lights...they can put duh shcrews to me...dhey can torture me, but I promish I won't tell on you girlshhhh."
  139. Pinkie shook off her two friends help and stood on her own 4 hooves.
  140. >"And breaking a promish is the fastest way to loosh a fwiend...FOREVER!"
  141. The other two fillies cringed at her stupidly loud outburst.
  142. >"FOREVER!" she repeated.
  143. >"Pinkie, shut the fuck up!" hissed Cheerilee, "You'll wake up all of Ponyville!"
  144. Indeed, they saw lights flicking on inside the houses around them.
  145. >"Sorry" whispered the pink pony. "I think I'll go home now."
  147. With surprising sobriety she trotted off in the direction of her host family's house.
  148. >"Can we trust her?" Cheerilee asked.
  149. >"I hope so" muttered Rarity "we don't have much choice. We both better be getting home too. I had fun tonight...good luck!"
  150. >"You too!"
  151. The friends gave each other a good-night hug and hurried off to face their individual challenges.
  153. The house looked a lot taller and the roof a lot steeper when Rarity had to climb back up to her bedroom. She used the same tree to reach the roof but then had to struggle hard to ascend to the top. Luckily her window was still a tiny bit open. The young Unicorn took a look inside; it was dark but Sweetie Belle was fast asleep and the coast was clear. She carefully pulled the window open, grateful that her father was so vigilant about keeping every hinge oiled. There was no squeak at all, perfect silence. Rarity swung one leg over the windowsill. Her bed was just a few yards away...soon she'd be in it, safe & successful.
  154. But at the worst instant possible she lost her hoof on the thatched roof below and slipped. With a terrified squeak Rarity tumbled backward. Despite her panic a clear image appeared in her mind of what would happen. She would tumble down the steep roof into the bushes below, and even if she was lucky enough to escape injury she wouldn't escape being caught. That much noise would wake up the whole house.
  156. A miracle happened though. An instant before she fell a hoof shot out of the darkness to catch her. Big & strong, it held her own dainty hoof tight and pulled Rarity through the window to safety. Relieved beyond belief she looked up to see the face of her savior in the dim moonlight. It was her father. Rarity's miracle had turned into disaster.
  158. >"Umm...Daddy...I was...just...I mean..."
  159. She stammered in fear. This really couldn't get any worse.
  160. >"Shhhh" he rumbled, "don't wake your sister."
  161. Then it got worse. He sniffed the air around her muzzle.
  162. >"Cider on your breath, eh?"
  163. Rarity hung her head low. She tried to make words but they just came out as a whimper. Her father said nothing more, he just ambled over to the window and latched it tight.
  164. >"Bed. NOW young filly" he said quietly, "we will discuss this in the morning."
  166. It was a long, sleepless night for poor Rarity.
  168. The young Unicorn woke up alone...Sweetie Belle had already gotten up, but her bed was still unmade. For a few moments all seemed well with the world until she remembered last night. Feeling sick with worry Rarity rolled out of her warm bed and realized she might have a very warm bottom very soon.
  170. The single bathroom was empty, so Rarity took her opportunity to freshen up. She was surprised how smoky she smelled, but a quick shower remedied that. There was no time to style her mane...the parents were likely waiting downstairs and making them wait was sure to multiply the trouble she was in. A quick brushing was all she had time for and even in her less than flawless state Rarity felt she still looked better than most of the mares in Ponyville.
  171. >"Alright" she said to her reflection in the mirror, "let's get this over with."
  172. Rarity slinked down the stairs gingerly, not holding her head down low but not showing any unwarranted pride either. The smell of breakfast greeted her nostrils, and had it not already been churning with butterflies the scent would have set her stomach rumbling. How she wished she was heading downstairs for a peaceful Saturday breakfast instead of marching to her certain doom.
  174. But upon arriving in the living room Rarity found that she would have to wait for her parents' attention.
  175. >"Sweetie, you knew something bad was happening yet you did not wake us up to tell us. Can you explain why?"
  176. It was her little sister facing parental displeasure right now. Poor Sweetie Belle sat in front of both angry parents; ears flopped back, head hung low, tears already welling up in her eyes.
  178. >"Mother, Father, please don't be angry at Swe..." Rarity jumped into the conversation.
  179. She was cut off by a sharp rebuke from her father.
  180. >"Rarity, sit down over there and wait your turn."
  181. >"But..."
  182. >"NOW, young filly!" snapped Pearl before returning her attentions to her younger daughter.
  184. Sweetie Belle sniffled and mumbled a weak confession;
  185. >"I'm sorry...I didn't wanna be a tattle-tale."
  186. That answer did little to earn the sobbing filly any sympathy. Her father spoke next;
  187. >"That was the wrong decision and you know it, Sweetie. What if something bad happened to your big sister while she was out so late? We told her not to go out...but you decided to overturn our decision and let her go? Are you allowed to do that?"
  188. >"No Daddy...*sob*."
  189. Mom picked up the tag-team scolding next;
  190. >"Not telling the truth when it's important is the same as lying, Sweetie Belle...and what happens to fillies who lie?"
  191. The miserable little filly began trembling all over and tears ran down her muzzle. The next words were hard for her to say;
  192. >"They g-get...they get their...b-b-bottom spanked."
  194. It was too much for Rarity to bear. She'd been prepared for the trouble she was prepared as any teenage filly could be...but seeing her little sister punished for her own error broke the older sister's heart.
  195. >"Mother, please stop! I made Sweetie Belle cover for me...I tricked her, she isn't to blame! Please don't punish her for my mistake! Let me take whatever punishment she was going to get, it's my fault!"
  196. Both parents turned on Rarity with cool, controlled anger.
  197. >"Rarity, I told you to sit down and be quiet!" snapped Magnum, "Sweetie Belle will be punished, but not because of anything you did. She had the opportunity to do the right thing and she chose not to.
  198. >"Do you think we don't know you talked her into covering for you? Do you think we're stupid? Believe me, we know...and you added a whole lot to your own punishment by putting your little sister in that position."
  200. Pearl waited her turn and tagged in;
  201. >"We told Rarity she was not allowed to go out late to that party, but she chose to defy us and make up her own rules. Then Sweetie Belle had the chance to do the right thing but she chose to help Rarity break the rules. You're both being punished for the choices you made, and for making up your own rules because you didn't want to follow ours. Are you allowed to make up your own rules, Sweetie Belle?"
  202. The little filly squeaked out her answer;
  203. >"N-no Mommy."
  204. >"What about you, Rarity?" growled the angry mother, "Are you allowed to make up your own rules?"
  205. Rarity's voice was equally weak & feeble;
  206. >"No ma'am."
  208. There were a few moments of uncomfortable silence, filled only by Sweetie Belle's sobbing and the occasional sniffle from Rarity. Their parents exchanged glances, signifying that it was time and both fillies fearfully picked up on that.
  209. >"Sweetie Belle...I'm SO sorry I got you mixed up in this" Rarity whimpered, a first tear rolling down her cheek.
  210. Pearl reached out to Sweetie Belle and said gently;
  211. >"Come over here. It's time, honey."
  212. Trembling & weeping, Sweetie took those last few awful steps to her mother's hooves. Pearl picked up her foal and with efficiency that came from years of motherly experience turned the squirming filly over her knee. Sweetie kept her tail...a last defense against the pain that was sure to come...tucked tightly against her rump but momma carefully swept it out of the way and tucked it against her side. There was nothing between Sweetie's rear end and the terrible punishment she'd been dreading since the moment she'd learned Rarity had been caught and she was implicated in the crime too.
  214. Pearl took a deep breath and began...
  216. It did not take long for Sweetie Belle to begin crying in earnest. Her mother only used a hoof, but she knew just where to smack to send a naughty filly into a fit of bawling. Papa looked on in sad approval as that very hoof carefully painted a masterpiece of pink splotches on their younger daughter's quivering rump. Pearl went about her work with practiced efficiency...she spanked the same spot over and over again until she sensed that the howling filly on her lap could take no more and moved to another spot.
  218. Sweetie's cries were mournful and full of genuine regret; no anger or protest could be discerned from them. She'd been a naughty little filly and now her poor fanny was paying a terrible price. There was nothing cruel or unfair about it, this was just the cost of a bad decision, something she'd been raised with and accepted as a fact of life.
  219. That didn't mean she was enjoying it. Sweetie Belle bawled & cried at the top of her lungs, hoping her immense sorrow would convince Mommy that she regretted her poor choice and no more spanking was necessary.
  221. But Mommy had a system. She had a certain number of spanks in mind and no matter how hard Sweetie Belle cried she was going to get every one of them. Pearl never revealed how many spanks either of her fillies were going to receive...the terrible uncertainty of not knowing when it was going to end was part of the punishment. That was something she'd learned from her own mother and hoped the girls would pass on once they had foals of their own.
  223. For Rarity, watching her little sister being punished was a punishment in itself. Aside from the crushing guilt of knowing this was all her fault she knew that however bad Sweetie Belle got it, she'd be suffering much worse. She silently wished and implored Celestia that it would be over soon...both for her sister's benefit and that of her own bottom.
  225. By the time the last few painful spanks fell on Sweetie Belle's rump it had taken on an angry shade of hot pink. The poor filly was suffering intensely, every horrible smack stung worse than the one before.
  227. At last it ended.
  228. Sweetie was given a re-assuring hug and helped to her hooves. It took a minute to steady herself...her whole body was trembling in pain & the filly's short legs almost couldn't hold her. Each step hurt as her sore rump cheeks rubbed together.
  229. Heartbroken, Rarity tried to reach out and give her crying sister a hug, but her hoof was slapped away with an angry grunt. It was only half-hearted though; seconds later Sweetie Belle reared up, tossing both arms around her big sister and embracing her so hard she nearly couldn't breathe.
  231. Their parents permitted this for a while, but at last Magnum spoke up.
  232. >"Alright now...Rarity, it's your turn."
  233. But Sweetie Belle refused to let go. She sobbed into her big sister's fur and only clung tighter when Momma told her she had to let go.
  234. >"No!" she cried, "I don't want Rarity to get spanked!"
  235. She was only trying to protect her beloved sister, but Sweetie's act served to make Rarity feel even worse. The older filly pried her off as gently as she could.
  236. >"Sweetie Belle, you have to let me go. This is my fault...I deserve everything I get."
  237. Tears running down her muzzle, the little sister fought to hang on, as if holding on tight to her older sibling could save her from the terrible fate. It took her father's strength to finally pull Sweetie Belle away.
  239. At last free to move, Rarity took a step toward her mother, but Pearl shook her head and pointed away. Rarity gasped and took in a few ragged breaths when she realized that it would be her father delivering punishment this day. She began to tremble even more than Sweetie had when she saw the big wooden hairbrush he held.
  241. Rarity had been a fairly well behaved filly all her life, but like any foal she'd had her less than perfect moments and gotten spanked for them in due course. One thing she could count on was that only Momma used the hairbrush...and only when she had been naughty enough to deserve it. Papa spanked with his bare hoof and was strong enough to make it hurt just as badly as the brush when his errant daughter had achieved that level of misbehavior. This was a first. Nearly on the cusp of being a legal adult and being too old for spankings, Rarity had earned herself the ultimate, nightmare punishment; a hairbrush paddling from Daddy.
  242. >"Ooo-ooohhh, oooohhh, noooo" she whimpered, her voice warbling in fear.
  243. Rarity had no doubt that she deserved to be punished and was under no delusion that it would be anything but miserable, but this she hadn't been prepared for. All courage left the fearful filly as she shrank away from her father.
  244. >"Daddy, please, please not that! I've learned my lesson! Please don't use that, please!"
  245. Magnum was unshakable though. With a stern face he motioned for his terrified daughter to come forward. She could not; her legs felt frozen in place.
  246. >"Rarity," growled her mother, "we thought you were more mature than this. You know you deserve this, you know you can't beg your way out of it. Now obey your father and get over his lap."
  248. With a pitiful whimper Rarity at last forced herself forward, not quite to her father's knees but close enough that he could reach out and guide her the rest of the way. Already blinded by tears she allowed herself to be maneuvered into position across his left knee, then responded with a squeak of fear upon feeling her legs pinned down by Daddy's right leg. Trapped, as helpless as a blank-flank foal, Rarity whimpered in anticipation of the first spank.
  250. A lecture came first;
  251. >"Rarity, what you did last night was very disappointing. You are a bright, beautiful, generous filly with unlimited potential and it hurts us all to watch you make such a bad decision. What if something terrible had happened because you snuck out and went to a party like that? You're not naïve, young lady, you know what I'm talking about...and don't say it it couldn't happen because I smelled the cider on your breath last night. That stuff can take away your control and ability to protect yourself."
  252. Pearl interrupted her husband, surprise evident in her voice.
  253. >"You were DRINKING last night, young filly? You didn't tell me about that, Magnum."
  254. She snorted angrily and added;
  255. >"Rarity, you're lucky it's your father holding that hairbrush. You better pray he does a good job or I might decide to give you a second dose myself!"
  257. Things really couldn't get much worse for Rarity. Her father finished his lecture;
  258. >"We'll have lots of time to talk about what could have happened...later. Right now you've got to pay the price for your fun last night. You may have thought you'd get away with it, or that it would be worth the punishment, but you're wrong on both counts. No amount of fun will be worth the spanking you're going to receive."
  259. Papa went silent, and from the way his body moved Rarity knew he was raising the brush. She cringed and tensed every muscle in her hindquarters...not that it would matter much. This was gonna hurt.
  261. Magnum brought the wooden hairbrush down on his daughter's rump with terrific force, hitting right at the crease where her legs met her buttocks. The effect was like electric shock shooting through her entire body, jerking all young Rarity's muscles at once from her hind-hooves to her jaw. She gasped, and only then became aware of the burning pain in her rump, worse than any she had ever felt before. That was only the first one.
  263. The suffering filly screamed in agony as the hairbrush smacked into her bottom again and again. Each sharp spank hurt as badly as a bee-sting, but with the hairbrush in play there was an awful burning to endure as well. With each whack that fire grew more fierce, and like fire in was unendurable. Rarity struggled and twisted in spite of herself, unable to overcome her body's need to escape the merciless punitive pain. All her strength yielded no relief though...her strong father had the young Unicorn pinned down tightly so that she could not move more than a few inches in any direction. It was misery, the likes of which Rarity had never experienced but all she could do was cry her eyes out.
  265. Time had no meaning at this point. Rarity would have given anything to end the agony after the very first spank, and since that moment countless others had fallen. Each one was worse than the one before...each one added to the fiery pain that made her howl and wish she had never even heard of that stupid party. Guilt & innocence had no meaning at this point, those were concepts to mull over later. Right now there was only terrible pain and the awful awareness that she had done this to herself...nopony else was to blame.
  266. >"Daaaddddeeee! PLEASE, whhhhaahhhh, PLEASE NO MORE! BWHAAAA!"
  267. Magnum was putting a mighty effort into this spanking; at Rarity's age it might be her last. He hoped so, it broke his heart to see either of his daughters suffer so but that just made it worth the effort to make sure they feared letting it ever happen again. There was pity in his heart, it had been there ever since he'd checked the fillies' bedroom and found his older child absent. He'd known from that instant that Rarity would have to be punished, and punished severely. That pity tugged at his fatherly heart every time he heard his little girl scream, but his resolve to make this lesson memorable was greater. He owed her that.
  269. It took Rarity a few seconds to realize it was over. Her bottom was still in blazing pain but the sharp stings of the hairbrush had stopped. If anything she cried louder, not caring if the neighbors heard, or even Princess Celestia in Canterlot. Still perched over her father's lap she poured out all her anguish and guilt, letting it escape in great choking sobs.
  271. Over on the other sofa Sweetie Belle was crying too. Her mother held the little filly tightly, stroking her mane and reassuring her that Rarity was a big girl who could take such an awful spanking, and that Daddy would never give her a punishment she could not endure. It was still traumatic for the little sister, who loved her big sister more than anything in Equestria.
  272. At last Rarity had recovered enough to sit herself upright. Even the soft couch cushions felt like torture to her, pressing on her tender fanny and trapping the terrible heat which had not died down a bit, but her desire to be held in her father's arms & cry it out overrode the pain. Burying her face in his chest she babbled out apologies, only half of which could be understood through her sobs.
  273. >"It's alright" cooed the stallion, rubbing his teenage daughter's back and petting her mane, "it's all over. You did well."
  274. Pearl hugged Sweetie Belle tight and tossed out any notions of delivering that 'second dose' she had threatened earlier. Magnum had done a stellar job of delivering their older filly's had never been much more than a bluff anyway.
  276. It was nearly an hour before both fillies had recovered from their spankings. By that time breakfast was ice cold, so together the family re-heated what was salvageable and re-made what could not be saved. They all sat down to a big breakfast (the girls were both allowed to bring pillows down from their bedroom to sit on), but before they dug in Pearl declared;
  277. >"There's no sense spoiling our breakfast with talk of what just happened. We're not done talking about it, but just for a little while let's put it out of our minds."
  278. And they all enjoyed their well earned repast.
  280. Later that day both fillies were taken aside for private lectures about what they had done wrong. Both parents wanted to stress to their older child how dangerous drinking around a large crowd of older colts had been, and how easily she could have been raped. Sweetie Belle's lecture alluded to 'bad things' that could have happened, but neither parent went into any graphic detail about drugged cider or forcible sex. It was decided that Sweetie would have her toy-box locked for a week as additional punishment, while Rarity, having committed the graver crime, would lose her sewing machine for an equal amount of time and be grounded until final exams were over. The fillies accepted their restrictions with disappointment but no complaints.
  282. Monday arrived. Both fillies got up earlier than usual to inspect their backsides before venturing to school.
  283. >"Can you still see any marks?" asked Sweetie Belle.
  284. >"Only if I look really hard" her sister answered, "how does my tushie look?"
  285. The little filly cringed.
  286. >"Umm, not so good. You can still tell."
  287. >"Well then," Rarity declared, "I suppose it's time for your first makeup lesson!"
  288. Sweetie was puzzled, but Rarity patiently explained the benefits of white concealing powder, and they both had great fun dusting each others' rumps, making an horrendous mess of the bathroom.
  290. At school Rarity saw Pinkie & Cheerilee of the first time since their adventure.
  291. >"So how did it go for you?" asked the purple Earth pony.
  292. >"Dreadful" Rarity confessed, "Father was waiting for me in my bedroom. I never had a chance."
  293. >"Me neither" sighed Cheerilee, "I got busted trying to creep up the stairs. How about you, Pinkie?"
  294. The normally cheerful filly blushed an even deeper shade of pink than her usual color.
  295. >"I sorta wandered in and crawled into the wrong bed. I was so sick the next morning...I'm NEVER gonna drink cider again!"
  296. Sheepishly, Cheerilee ventured her next question;
  297. >"So, did you get in big trouble?"
  298. Both her friends nodded.
  299. >"I'm grounded like...FOREVER" groaned Pinkie Pie, "no parties or anything."
  300. >"Myself as well" added Rarity, "until final exams are over."
  301. >Cheerilee admitted to the same "Next time I'm allowed to have any fun will be the graduation dance."
  302. The three stood in uncomfortable silence for a while, as if there was more on their minds but nopony wanted to admit it.
  303. >"So...anything else?" Pinkie asked, "Was that the only punishment you girls got?"
  304. Once again, all of them were silent, nopony confessed a thing, but all three of them lowered their rumps a bit and discreetly covered them with their tails. Years later they would each admit to having gotten the spankings of their lives, but for now all three young mares kept that information to themselves.
  306. A few weeks later Rarity & Cheerilee took the graduation march, with Pinkie Pie (who was younger and still had her final year ahead of her) cheering wildly in the audience. There was a party in the school gymnasium that night to send their departing graduates off in style...the first party any of the 3 fillies had attended since their disaster night. Surrounded by friends & well wishers, the trio had much more fun at this celebration than at the last one.
  308. THE END
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