Small Hobo Anon and Minuette Green text

Jan 6th, 2016
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  1. >The wind starts picking up
  2. >you bring the blue pony closer in your coat
  3. >She instinctily burrows her head in your chest, shuffling her legs that are tucked in the sweater wrapped around her
  4. >She needed it more than you did
  5. >It warms your heart more than any clothing could
  6. >It's going to be a harsher winter than last year
  7. >You bring your body closer to her as a gust of wind blows around into the alley way you call home
  9. >You pick up your cup to inspect the days 'earnings'
  10. >A dollar bill and some change
  11. >Your belly growls ferociously
  12. >Your pony's belly growls in response
  13. >you pick up your pony and trudge the nearby Mcdonald's
  14. >You stagger across the street, buffeted by the wind
  15. >Cars honk at you for interrupting their routine
  16. >The door gives a little *ding* signifying your arrival, you receive informal santions and nasty looks for your apperance
  17. >You wait your turn in line quietly
  18. >You step forward and order a hambuger
  19. >You and the cashier $1.01 and ask for a cup of water, water's free.
  20. >You walk back to your little alley, out of the eyes of on lookers
  21. >You unwrap the sandwich and pick out the onions
  22. >She doesn't like onions
  23. >You nudge her awake and hold the little hambuger to her mouth
  24. >She sniffs it and begins to nibble on it
  25. >She starts to hum
  26. >She finishes the burger and you eat the small handful of onions for your self
  27. >It's not much but you manage
  28. >You always manage
  29. >The pony starts humming more in tune as she pushes herself closer to you
  30. >You whisper to her
  31. "I think i'll call you 'Minuette'"
  32. >She rubs her head in her chest
  33. >You think she likes it
  34. >You think you can go on. Just a little bit longer
  35. >For her, anything
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