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Jul 30th, 2017
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  1. It's bad, really bad. Plot holes everywhere. and the worst of all is MC is an insufferable ignorant fool. Here's the plot summary
  3. * MC farmed his level until he reached level 100, earn a special skill [Villager's Wrath] - convert all MP into power to One-shot enemy")
  5. * Used said skill to defeat the final boss of the dungeon . Got [Divine dragon's blessing] - grants stackable x1.5 stat boost on activation
  7. * Author then decided it's a good idea to pull 'and then he trains and trains harshly for 2 years in dangerous places timeskip, and voila ! he came back lv200+ strong !'. This was a one paragrapgh journey
  9. * then we get an extra chapter explaining Lilith's past. It's basically > Once upon a time a male dragon got owned by Evil dragon Amanta and fled while badly wounded. > an ill lady found and treated his wound. > Dragon want's to repay the favor by curing an ill lady with rare Elixer > Unfortonately, her case was too severe and she's dying soon > Her only wish was for her daughter (Lilith ) to be rescued from being sold as slave and have her daughter find happiness > Dragon agrees and uses his All-seeing eyesight skill to eventually find and rescue her.
  11. * Unfortunately no explaination is given why this dragon thought Lilith would find happiness without finding solution to her sex-slave curse, despite being a supposedly inteligent dragon race. Then 10 years passed and he eventually died of old age.
  13. * Next Chapter was about Evil dragon Amanta ambushing & overpowering our female Hero Cordelia. Once the victor was decided, Amanta summons several Orges in an attempt to let them gang-rape Cordelia (Amanta apparently loves seeing female hero humiliated too much). She also threaten that human can get pregnant from orge > Cordelia tells Amanta she always kept suicide-pill inside the socket of her mouth, and would rather die than be humiliated. > Amanta goes 'That's a kill-joy, then at least let me kill you myself' and unleashes an attack > MC arrives and save the day, not suring sign of worry what could have gone wrong had he been a bit later.
  15. * MC's excuses? 'Oh the dragon king said his future vision allows him to see and Amanta would ambush Cordelia today so I came today !' basically no precausion to be at the scene ahead of time whatsoever, what would he have done if Cordelia decided to kill herself before he arrives? or what of she didn't have suicide-pill with her ?.
  17. * There's more. on volume 2, While MC was chit-chatting with Lilith at the bar (Around 2 years after where the manga is currently at), he just happens to overhear a conversation that 'Slave crest works by absorbing small amount of slave-owner's mana. So if Slave fled from its owner and the slave crest couldn't absorb slave-owner's mana for more than 10 years then the crest would fade, and eventually a self-destruction spell would be activated, frying the slave's brain in the process'.
  19. * MC then checked Lilith's slave crest and noticed it's fading, meaning she's got around 2 weeks before time's up. At this point MC decide to go 'Now that I think about this, I'm sure I saw something like that mentioned on the book I read with my wisdom skill on previous live'. Well yeah FUCK YOUR ignorant zero precaution MC. And now I question why the dragon that adopted Lilith didn't attempt to resolve and at least warn lilith of this issue? wasn't it mentioned that This dragon village adopted a lot of slave children. Then what did they do after 10 years have passed ? Did they have no knowledge of that !?!?
  21. * Also, author disabled comment & review on his Web novel page (Probably because too many people point out the flaws), so I cannot get my question answered.
  23. * Dropped, by the way. MC get this far without bad stuff happening to his friends (female Hero & Lilith) because he's lucky, and he didn't realise how careless he was.
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