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Feb 23rd, 2019
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  1. Rise of a Nation.
  3. Nathan was just getting off work. It was another boring day at the job. The cubicles at the office were full of people yammering about the latest talking points coming out of the media news cycle. Apparently another young white man went nuts at a school and shot up a bunch of teachers. The kid is said to have been screaming “Where are you Turner!?” before the police put 150 bullets in him.
  5. “How'd that boy get ahold of that book? I thought they'd scrubbed the internet of all that stuff a few years back,” said one of the female Jewish office workers to another black officer worker.
  7. “I don't know,” replied the negress. “Perhaps its in plain sight, you just have to know where to look on the internet. I heard the last shooter found *the book* in one of them torrent files.”
  9. The Jew and her negress friend were referring to the banning of The Turner Diaries from the internet. The collapse of the Republican presidential candidate several years back emboldened a group of hardened White Nationalists calling themselves the White Nation Liberation Front to spread cheap copies of this book to hundreds of thousands of addresses across the US. It caused dozens and dozens of cases of mass shootings, mostly done by young white men with nothing to lose. The US government finally found an excuse to censor “Hate Speech” critical of it. Today, mere possession of the book, in print or electronic format, if enough to get you a prison sentence. And in this political climate, being a White Nationalist in prison is worse than being a pedophile.
  11. Nathan put the conversation out of his mind as he entered the door to his apartment. He was a bit of a computer geek, and knew immediately where the young man obtained the file. It wasn't really possible to merely hide such literature in torrent files. You'd have to tell someone what file to download, and it was possible to get caught at that point, though it often did provide a convenient legal defense for those caught downloading the file.
  13. No, the young man likely got it from one of the various alternative internets that exist. Cells of the White Nation Liberation Front host these materials on versions of the internet that aren't really controllable by the US government and the foreign powers that go along with it.
  15. Nathan was in charge of running one such forum. Nathan often thought to himself that if pedophiles weren't so adamant about sharing their pictures with each other, such spaces wouldn't even really be possible. The pedophiles in the government allow such spaces to exist, but it comes at the price of allowing other content the System *actually* wants to suppress out, and as the System is unable to stomp out pedophiles (they're too close to the faggots) from its ranks, it can't ultimately shut off this space from White Nationalists.
  17. Nathan logged on to the forum. There has been a spark of posting activities, largely condemning the shooter. Nathan knew it was his job to go through the accounts of the people putting out messages like this, to see what kinds of signals the System was trying to send the White Nation Liberation Front. The System never negotiates with the WNLF directly. It always tries to infiltrate its ranks, to figure out where divisions exist, to exploit them, to promote cowardice and compromise with the enemy at all possible opportunities. The strategy never varies, but they will often prolong *revealing* themselves in order to better appear like they are a friend.
  19. When an account is suspected of being a government one, other users will approach them to test them. At first System propagandists were too stupid to realize how much information they were feeding the enemy. It was possible to discern System views on a whole host of international issues. The WNLF would often use these conversations in their communiques to foreign governments in order to establish a basis for mutual cooperation. Nathan knew that the WNLF was receiving substantial sums of *real* money from several foreign governments currently at war with Washington. Many of them would hesitate at first, half convinced of System propaganda themselves, but most could easily be coaxed into going along with money-laundering efforts. Counterfeit currency only gets the resistance so far, after all.
  21. After several hours, Nathan finds nothing of interest in the accounts, and purges them and their messages from the server. Checking the encrypted communiques, it appears this last incident has inspired many copy-cats that are not receiving much attention from the media. Central Command believes the media is going silent on these other incidents because we are starting to reach a high point in the struggle.
  23. to be continued...
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