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May 30th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Retrocraze takes a neutral stance on all non-gaming matters, creating a safe space where everyone can feel welcomed. We are a gaming culture that focuses on gaming matters. We love everyone and want to share our gaming passions as the sole common interest.
  3. All game related tags are available to its members. If people wish to use non-game related tags, and utilize Twitch for more purposes than game matters only then there are several other retro related teams which we could recommend.
  5. We have reached out to Twitch support concerning our policies and if Twitch deems any of our policies to be in violation of TOS we will comply with Twitch immediately and without hesitation.
  7. We firmly apologize if anyone felt discriminated against in any manner whatsoever and that people have felt hurt by our policies. We are a non-discriminatory, all-inclucive group of people who remain neutral regarding all non-gaming matters.
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  11. We understand and acknowledge that people are often attacked and marginalized and discriminated against and it pains us that we have been perceived as doing this to anyone. Please understand our deepest and heartfelt apology for any apparent offense that has been felt.
  13. Anyone and everyone who shares our vision for a retro team based in both inclusivity and neutrality are free to join Retro Craze. Anyone from any walk of life are free to share our gaming passions as our sole common interest. If this is your mission as well then we might be the team for you.
  15. All our policies have been and always will be our aim towards creating a culture where anyone and everyone can connect concerning games regardless of who they are, and to maintain an environment that aims towards the broadest audience possible.
  17. Any discrimination against any member for any reason or subject to targeted harassment for any non-gaming related matter will be banned, blocked, and reported. All people, including members of the LGBTQAI+ community should feel safe on team Retro Craze.
  19. This does not mean that no discussions could ever occur in relation to non-gaming subjects, but it does mean that we would avoid topics that are not aimed at the broadest audience possible, and there are conversational guidelines in place to help guide us in this regard.
  21. We firmly believe that neutrality is only truly achieved when we take a neutral position on all non-gaming matters, this not only aims at the broadest audience possible, but it also ensures that we do not promote, support, nor discriminate, or discourage anyone concerning non-gaming matters.
  23. We do hope that in the days to come that our policies are understood to serve a goal of both inclusivity and neutrality, and that we can build better relations with those who would prefer to be on other teams and use Twitch for more than gaming purposes.
  25. Index of Questions:
  27. Q1: How long was Lylovir a part of the team?
  28. Q2: When were the rules for the team developed and explained to the team?
  29. Q3: What was the message sent to Lylovir?
  30. Q4: Did Lylovir respond to your message?
  31. Q5: Did the non-gaming policy go through any development?
  32. Q6: What is a non-gaming related material policy and why do you use it as a criteria?
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  36. Q10: Why is Retro Craze discriminatory against certain people?
  37. Q11: Why are you controlling the content of team members?
  38. Q12: Are you not just catering to bigots?
  39. Q13: Could there be cases when non-gaming tags may be used?
  40. Q14: Why did you follow a lot of people with the Retro Craze twitter account?
  41. Q15: Why are you buying people for hosts?
  42. Q16: What is your overall perspective on recent events?
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  46. Q: How long was Lylovir a part of the team?
  48. A: Approximately 2 to 3 months. The team was created on January 17th 2019, and I sent the invite to Lylovir on January 18th, 2019, a day immediately after the team was created. The team member only discord was created on January 28th, 2019. The message I sent was on April 6th, 2019. I can't seem to find the email when he joined the team so I am not 100% certain how long he was on the team, but if we assume that he accepted the invite on the same day it was sent then from January 18th, 2019 to April 6th, 2019. I did send an invite for the discord server to him so I assume he was on the team by January 28th, 2019. So definitely through February and March.
  50. Q: When were the rules for the team developed and explained to the team?
  52. A: The interest form created March 25th, 2019, and the FAQs channel in team only discord was created the March 28th, 2019. This was about 5 weeks after the team was created. Myself and an admin thought it was important that we craft the rules around the intents that I had while evaluating the prospective team members, in other words, to make explicit to the team and possible team members the criteria I was already using in my assessment of streams. When I evaluated Lylovir's stream I do not recall recognizing any non-gaming related elements even if they happened to have been there at the time.
  54. On March 28th, 2019 an admin had tagged everyone in the announcement section, 6 days before my message to Lylovir, stating the following about our new FAQ Page. “New FAQ Page. Whether you are on the team right now or someone expresses interest in joining the team, the #retro-craze-faqs channel contains a collection of questions and information that everyone needs to be on the same page for at the time being, whether it's about content, behavior etc.” It was this FAQ page which I quoted to Lylovir in the beginning of my message.
  56. For my part, I apologize to Lylovir for not being thorough enough in my evaluation of his channel, and for not taking the time, at the bare minimum, to craft a starting criteria that I would make explicit to all the prospective team members at the time the team was created. I also apologize that I assumed that everyone in the discord could see the policies and understood how they applied if they had been seen. After the worldview conflicts I witnessed on Twitter back in December 2018 I was convinced that any team I created focused on retro gaming would be focused on gaming-related matters only, and I apologize that my intent was not made explicit. I also apologize for growing the team too quickly without having first given ample time for all the initial members to acclimate to the team rules which I should have also made clear. The FAQ page was the means to address any ambiguity in this regard. My apology also goes for the non-live policy which also upset at least one other former team member. While it is true that members could uncheck a box to not host reruns during team auto-hosts, there was no way that I could keep the team page itself free from non-live content if a team member engaged in non-live content.
  58. At the time Lylovir joined the team neither the interest form nor the FAQ section of the team Discord existed, I was helped with those aspects 5 weeks later by another admin who saw I needed help filling in some gaps. The team page originally introduced the team as:
  60. Original Version: “Whether it’s arcade, PC, or console, whether casual or speedrun, old school or retro style modern games, we love to play retro. This team was created as a way of helping smaller retro streamers grow together and support each other.”
  62. At the time the interest form was created I included an additional description of the team to explain my criteria, this was on March 25th 2019:
  64. Additions: “Retro Craze team is a group of people dedicated to live retro gaming content with members who generally utilize twitch for the exclusive purpose of retro gaming related material.”
  66. Retro
  67. Live Only
  68. Gaming-related elements Only
  70. Q: What was the message sent to Lylovir?
  72. A: The following is my message to Lylovir:
  74. “For your convenience I am pasting the behavioral expectations that can be found on the discord:
  75. Behavioral Expectations – Albeit a sensitive subject to many, I think it's important to set the expectations on behavior right away as we continue to grow as a team. We all want to be on the same page on this. We like to use the phrase 'Be the Lighter Version of Yourself'. We encourage that you be who you are (after all, that's what got you here in the first place) but we also want you to be mindful that you will be presenting yourself and your content to a wider variety audience and we want to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and respected. We strongly discourage controversial or sensitive subjects such as politics, religion and many more. We all just want to share our mutual passion – Video Games. Liquids, Foods, and smoking are also permitted on stream with reasonable consumption.”
  77. “I like to encourage all team members to use twitch exclusively for the use of gaming, and to only have game related content on their stream. Non-gaming purposes such as using the LGBT tag, or promoting another streamer and describing them specifically as “Trans, political, variety streamer.” give people the impression that you are using twitch for more than just gaming purposes. I have seen controversy and I have seen extremely sensitive issues like this ruin friendships and cause great harm and division on Twitch. I am sure you have great intentions for wanting to try and make everyone comfortable but I can assure you there are people on the other side who feel uncomfortable when they see this tag and it can turn people off from your stream. Per the expectations it is important for all elements of your stream to be and remain exclusively game related. If for some reason you wish to use twitch for non-gaming purposes then there might be some other teams out there who don't mind the non-gaming stuff. Let me know, no worries, no rush, no hard feelings either way, whichever you decide is best for you and your stream.”
  79. Because everyone was tagged in the discord for the new FAQ page, for Lylovir's convenience and for the purpose of my message I posted the criteria that related to the discussion. And I made sure to apply the criteria to the present situation “Per the expectations it is important for all elements of your stream to be and remain exclusively game related.” I made sure to leave the door open for Lylovir to “let me know” what they decide or any thoughts he may have had, and made sure to emphasis that this was his decision “whichever you decide is best for you and your stream.”
  81. Q: Did Lylovir respond to your message?
  83. A: Yes. His response was not included in the Discord snapshot:
  85. “Yeah, that's not gonna fly with me. I will use my channel to promote the content that I enjoy whether or not someone finds it 'controversial.' My identity, nor anyone else's is not a 'controversial' topic to anyone but bigots. I'm incredibly embarrassed to have been affiliated with you and this team. Do not contact me again.”
  87. I initiated contact with Lylovir to help explain our non-gaming related element policy. I remained open to further discussion and any suggestions or concerns this individual may have had during their decision process. I invited their thoughts, to “let me know”, and gave them all the time they needed to consider their thoughts and share their feelings with me, “no rush”. When I was told that they were “incredibly embarrassed to have been affiliated with you and this team” I understood this to mean that he had decided to no longer be part of the team. I also respected his request to “not contact me again” so I did not continue the conversation as I had hoped. It is important to clarify that it was Lylovir who no longer wished to be part of the team and no longer wished to be in contact regarding the matter. Importantly, it was only after his message of non-interest that he had officially severed ties with Retro Craze and therefore officially ceased to be a member thereof.
  89. Q: Did the non-gaming policy go through any development?
  91. A: Yes. The Retro Craze team is described as “a group of people dedicated to live retro gaming content with members who generally utilize twitch for the exclusive purpose of retro gaming related material.” As the team grew and developed it was necessary to be more explicit concerning who we are; what is our identity. As the creator of the team and as time progressed the implicit intentions of the team were made more explicit and clarified. After having an internal discussion between admins I modified the behavioral expectations.
  93. Original Version
  94. “We strongly discourage controversial or sensitive subjects such as politics, religion and many more.”
  96. Altered Version
  97. “We strongly encourage everyone to avoid controversial issues, sensitive subjects, or any non-gaming elements such as politics, religions, worldviews, etc.”
  99. After receiving the “do not contact me again” response I wanted to make sure that I added further clarification that we wish to avoid “any non-gaming elements”. Back in December there was another incident on Twitter that opened my eyes to how people can act and speak hatefully against others who do not share the same worldview. While I appealed for us to responsibly critique ideas while radically loving people I saw how easily hate that was directed towards one person soon became directed towards me and others. Even within the last few days I have received hate messages even through our team interest form. These examples are the very reason why I decided to make all my gaming related projects to be game related only and it is why I crafted the team's purpose as “members who generally utilize twitch for the exclusive purpose of retro gaming related material.”
  101. Although the team has not officially agreed upon any clarifications regarding any of our policies, which we shall be doing in the near future, we might as well state something similar to the following. “Members of Retro Craze will avoid all non-gaming related elements such as panel information, tags, stream titles, etc, and are to direct conversations on their stream away from controversial issues, sensitive subjects, religions, philosophical systems, social movements, activism, hot topics in our culture, contentious ideas, worldviews, agendas, ideologies, morality, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, or any other aspect of human thought that is not directly related to retro gaming.”
  103. At this time we are still working on rewriting our rules and policies in order to ensure that retro gaming which is already all-inclusive of everybody remains as such.
  105. Q: What is a non-gaming related material policy and why do you use it as a criteria?
  107. A: The non-gaming related material policy describes the type of team we are and people who are part of it wish to only use Twitch for gaming related purposes. We do not wish to include any elements on our streams that are not game-related whether on stream, stream title, tags, panels, etc. We wish to enjoy the gaming we have come to love and share that passion with other team members in a safe environment where they can be free from any non-gaming related topics that may occur on other streams. We wish to avoid elements that are directly related to sensitive issues, controversial subjects, religions, politics, social movements, activism, ideologies, worldviews, philosophical conflicts, etc. We certainly desired to avoid topics of morality, ethics, or any contention concerning how a person views themselves and others. That a person is, what they ought to be, the end to which they should be directed, etc, are questions that everyone must answer for themselves, but such topics are not gaming related. Gaming is already all inclusive and a unifying factor.
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  111. Q: Why is Retro Craze discriminatory against certain people?
  113. A: Our position on gaming related elements only is not inherently anti-LGBT, any more than the same policy is inherently anti-Free Speech for not allowing the AMA tag. I understand that people like to utilize the LGBTQIA+ tag to help people in this community who are often discriminated against feel that the stream with said tag is a safe place for them. And this is a very noble expression of welcoming people of a certain community and I can appreciate the intent and desire to appear welcoming to a specific community. The non-gaming related material policy was not created with any special agenda to suppress certain people. To the contrary, by avoiding all non-gaming related elements we also hope to communicate our desire for all to feel safe in any of our streams without specifically highlighting any characteristics. Because of the non-gaming related material policy we therefore wish to avoid discriminating anyone and to treat everyone with equal dignity. To use a common listing, discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, philosophy, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic is not permitted by any of its members. To act in such a way is contrary to our focus upon gaming related content and would be addressed immediately because discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. Gaming itself is already an all-inclusive hobby that is shared by many people.
  115. I have also observed that the LGBTQIA+ tag can also make some people feel uncomfortable, but not for the reasons you might think. People who may not share the same worldview and values may feel uncomfortable when they see this tag and it can create an unsafe environment for those who have worldviews that clash with those of other viewers, not because they are bigots, neo-nazis, or discriminatory, but because any element that clashes with a person's worldview, no matter what the subject matter may be, can create an uncomfortable environment for those who only wish to use Twitch for gaming related purposes. I have been told by several members of the LGBT community that they also use the tag to deter people of other worldviews from visiting the stream in order to avoid possible worldview clash.
  117. As a response to the variety of worldviews that can exit in the minds of our viewers, I created a safe environment where all are welcome by means of the non-gaming related elements policy. The purpose of the policy is to be welcoming to all who wish to only use Twitch for gaming purposes. In relation to the aforementioned, the policy serves to fulfill this objective by avoiding any tags that presently exist or may exist which highlights individuals on the basis of race, color, religion, philosophy, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic, instead of on the basis of gaming.
  119. Q: Why are you controlling the content of team members?
  121. A: Every team is different in its purpose and have different criteria which they use to manage their teams for fulfilling that purpose. Some teams focus on being PG rated or Family Friendly, and others are specific to RPGs, etc. Not every team will be a good fit for everyone, which is why I had expressed this to Lylovir “there might be some other teams out there who don't mind the non-gaming stuff.” Everyone is free to do whatever they wish on their own channel, and it is important for people to better understand the team they join and to follow any expectations there might be for that particular team. Everyone is also free to explore other team possibilities for the best fit possible if they no longer fit the criteria of their present team. When Lylovir decided that he no longer wished to be associated with me or team Retro Craze I respected the decision and respected both his privacy and his request that I no longer contact him. Let me give you a fuller example, no one is attacking teams dedicated to PG rated content and conversations. No one is offended by the “content censoring” or “infringement upon Free Speech”. Why? Because the PG rule is not inherently anti-Free Speech, nor anti-Expression. People who wish to keep their own content PG related are more likely to join a team that fits their purpose. This is not about controlling the content of others, nor does it have anything to do with human rights. Some people do use Twitch for non-gaming purposes and some even like to draw people to themselves on the basis of their worldview. Every individual person decides the type of stream they wish to create and establish the social dynamic they wish to have. And there are teams out there who share this same approach and don't mind the variety of possible conflicts which can occur as a result. At Retro Craze we are interested in building a team of people who already have made the same commitments concerning their use of Twitch. This is not to say that gaming is more important than the person, its that the persons involved wish to focus more on the games than any characteristics that any of us might have.
  123. Q: Are you not just catering to bigots?
  125. A: A bigot is 'a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions'. The world is filled with different worldviews that are different from our own and it is very important, as I said before, to be kind to one another because we are all trying to work out our understanding of reality and the meaning of our lives and it is by no means a simple process.
  127. One individual told me that they would be offended if human sexuality was considered a sensitive issue. The argument was this: “If there weren't bigots in the world, then everyone would accept it and it wouldn't be a sensitive issue at all? And therefore, since it is due to bigots that have made it into a sensitive subject we don't feel that it is right to label LGBTQIA+ topics as a sensitive issue because this is catering to a culture/situation that was created by bigots, and by calling LGBTQIA+ a sensitive issue you are therefore supporting the work of bigots.” I appreciate the fact that a person took the time to explain this perspective to me and I have given it a fair amount of thought. Basically it is saying that 'if there didn't exist any worldview that challenged my own then there would be no conflicts.” And certainly any and all people holding to any worldview would be able to state the same.
  129. How one interprets their personal inclinations and ideations which we experience as human beings is based upon our worldview, the product of philosophical reasoning in the area of ethics (one of the major branches of philosophy). It is the incompatibilities between people's philosophic commitments in the area of sexuality that is the source of conflict between people because they interpret this aspect of our nature differently one from another. How we view the wide range of human experience helps us make sense out of those inclinations which we experience within ourselves and how we come to understand those within others. Some inclinations which a person may experience within themselves are generally categorized by most people as aspects of ourselves to avoid despite the fact that they are there, such as entertaining homicidal ideations or experiencing sexual desire for an 8 year old child. Even with the criteria of two consenting adults some may still categorize a 20 year old boy being intimate with his 45 year old mother as something to avoid, but not all. I say most people because there will always exist people who ponder and act upon the thought of killing another human being, and there will always exist adults who feel strong sexual urges towards very young children. The important point is that we all have different criteria for how we assess these issues and this is directly related to ethics.
  131. Adherents to the LGBT worldview maintain that a wider range of inclinations and ideations concerning sexuality in humans is not only acceptable but something to be encouraged. While there are other worldviews where a lesser range of the inclinations and ideations concerning sexuality in humans is considered acceptable. And over all each of us must wrestle with these deep questions concerning ourselves and be patient with one another as others try to make sense out of their human journey as well. When a proponent of a worldview that embraces a larger range of these inclinations and ideations encounters a worldview that embraces a smaller range of inclinations and ideations then conflict can occur and from what I have been told repeatedly is that 'only bigots embrace a smaller range.' No, people are just being people when they come to different philosophical conclusions concerning human sexuality.
  133. Interestingly enough it isn't the range of inclinations and ideations that a person deems most appropriate and proper that is problematic. It is people who attack other people for not holding to the same standard for which they have maintained for themselves. When a member of the LGBT community receives hate messages in their chat from people who maintain a smaller range, they are not receiving hate messages because of the smaller range, but because the person does not tolerate worldviews different than their own. When a non-LGBT person accidentally and unintentionally offends a member of the LGBT community, and people begin to send hate messages to the non-LGBT person, they do so not because of any explicit differences between philosophical ethics, but because they simply do not tolerate any perception of attack on their own worldview, and some go as far as even saying the mere proposal that worldviews other than their own exist is enough for this person to justify acting hatefully and intolerantly against others. I have also been told several times that there is zero acceptance among members of the LGBT community of those who maintain an ethic that is not supportive of the LGBT community, which would be any ethic that is not their own. I propose that both LGBT and non-LGBT people work together to help build bridges among each other and demonstrate to bigots who exist both within the LGBT community and those not within this community a much better way forward than what we have seen on Twitter. While none of us support bigotry, acting hatefully toward people who are presently intolerant will only be pushed further into their intolerance. We must always show love, mercy, and forgiveness even to those who do not deserve it. If we want our perspectives to be attractive to people then we need to avoid unattractive speech and acts of hate.
  135. Q: Could there be cases when non-gaming tags may be used?
  137. A: This is very possible and will be discussed further among team members. One proposal is that as long as the non-gaming tag relates directly to the gaming related material then it may possibly be used. While Retro Craze is presently predominantly gaming content, we are also open to gaming-related content such as: Tutorial/Guides of a particular game. Video Game Collections/Rare Finds/Purchases Showcase. Game related hardware stuff (Console/controller repair/cleaning, Reproduction creation). Other Retro-inspired content that may not be listed here (let’s discuss it.). For instance a person may use the Cooking tag if they want to cook up pikachu shaped cookies. Or use the Art tag while working on Mario Paint pixel art.
  139. Q: Why did you follow a lot of people with the Retro Craze twitter account?
  141. A: I followed many of the people I followed on my personal gaming Twitter account. I can not speak to anyone who may have received more than one notification as I only pressed Follow once. I was intending to use Twitter as Twitter was designed to be used, to connect and network with other gamers. I planned to retweet gaming related tweets made by other gamers that would now appear on my newsfeed.
  143. Q: Why are you buying people for hosts?
  145. A: As a Twitch streamer we build relationships with one another that are mutually beneficial and we support each other in different ways. During my Journey to Partner it was my desire to a) make my intentions known, b) keep people up to date on the progress, c) communicate the need for assistance for that which I could not accomplish on my own, d) my intention to reciprocate with support, and e) the type of support I would give. It is not uncommon for me or others to donate $10 to a streamer who previously raided your channel with 300 viewers as a thank you, to share support, and to reciprocate kindness because let's be honest not everyone can reciprocate by raided with 300 viewers of our own. To characterize my good intentions in any other way is part of the character assassination that is taking place on Twitter. When I am asked whether I am “buying people” or “paying for hosts” I will simply tell you 'No'. I don't agree to the premise nor do I consent to what is implied nor do I condone how it is being characterized.
  147. Q: What is your overall perspective on recent events?
  149. A: The non-gaming related elements policy was designed specifically to create a tension free environment where gamers could connect with each other on the basis of gaming without fear of conflicts, and a safe place for anyone and everyone who desired to focus on gaming-related subjects.
  151. The policy for game-related elements only had one intent, as stated above, and the misunderstanding of this policy in any other way than its original intent but rather to perceive that the policy is inherently, explicitly, or purposely anti-LGBTQI+ could understandable lead anyone to feel offended if this was the case. The end to which the policy was created, and the language used to describe it, does not approximate any kind of discrimination towards anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic. The sole purpose of the policy is to build relationships on the basis of gaming and should not be misconstrued to mean anything other than its intended meaning and purpose. If anyone ever feels offended by anyone or anything I highly recommend engaging this person in dialogue to determine if the offense was intended. It is always important to seek clarification to determine if a view of offense is even warranted. I have been married for over 17 years and I can tell you that perceived offenses occur all the time which is why patience, forgiveness, understanding, and communication is vitally important. Please take that to heart.
  153. Furthermore, making a public announcement that characterizes the policy in any way other than its intent and meaning has caused severe harm to everyone involved and has created a hostile environment where people are made to feel unsafe. As a result of the post misinformation began to spread and assumptions of those who first participated became the conclusions of those joining the conversation. The caricatures of me and the non-gaming related policy that are being circulated have provoked much hate in those influenced by these perspectives, and has negatively impacted everyone of team Retro Craze who were innocent of all intentional offense and only wished to pursue their gaming without the impact that worldview conflict often have on people, as demonstrated by Twitter in the last few days. To make matters worse, the misrepresentations of my character have prompted others to openly share any negative feelings or thoughts that one may have had concerning myself, behavior which I do not recommend doing in regard to any others in the future. Everything I have done or said are now demonized as a result of the inflammatory language and character assassinations, and anything I may say or do will be interpreted in the least charitable way possible. Everything that we have seen on Twitter was done purposely, and with full intent. As a result of such a hateful display I advised members of Retro Craze that they may want to consider leaving the team in case they may become a target for hate. I have personally received hate messages on Twitter, Discord, Twitch, and Youtube. People acting maliciously all in the name of a perceived offense that was not inherent in the thing itself, and justifying that hate which they do not wish upon themselves or their friends.
  155. Many people who participated in this hate culture on Twitter I had considered my friends, and it has pained me to see so many friendships end based upon false pretense and misrepresentations, not only involving myself but also among others. I recommend to everyone who has observed Twitter over the last few days to consider always avoiding non-gaming related topics with your gaming friends. This is twice now on Twitter when I have witnessed the destructive power of hate that is often unleashed in the wake of conflicting worldviews.
  157. The Retro Community in general is an incredibly diverse group of gamers who have come together around a common interest. I have seen groups thrive when they focus on that common interest. I have seen people connecting and greeting one another without any feelings of animosity. People are free to enjoy each other in a hospitable environment without any tension, pretense, or suspicion. I have also seen groups suffer when they accentuate the differences and dive into non-gaming related subjects. People's emotions are raw, we don't look at each other the same, we feel uneasy, we unfollow and cease support. And often this does irreparable damage to the perceptions of all involved and builds walls of division between us.
  159. Concerning my lack of participation in recent events, which I certainly would have recommended of others as well, I did not consent to dialogue due to the terms and conditions established by hate culture. I was listening to each of you and I did not want to act with haste, which is neither right nor safe. In all things be slow to anger, slow to speak, and quick to listen, and above all, love one another and begin to offer understanding and forgiveness for perceived offenses.
  161. As a result of these events there are a lot of friendships that need to be restored, perceptions of each other that need to be refined, and feelings that need to be addressed. Out of respect for all those negatively effected I have kept my distance from most people on Twitch but I would like to begin reconnecting with people if and when they are ready.
  163. I will close this letter with an adaptation from Act III, Scene I from The Merchant of Venice:
  165. “Are we not people. Hath not people eyes? Hath not a person hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as anyone else? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?”
  167. Here is to a much better world,
  169. CLChambers00
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