Guide to 0x40E9 ACE on Pokemon Emerald (U)

Oct 27th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. # Guide to 0x40E9 ACE on Pokemon Emerald (U)
  2. Most ACE on Emerald has been done with glitch species 0x611. While 0x611 is a much better and faster method than the old ways of move-based ACE, it still requires you to hatch an Egg or enter a Contest to trigger it, making it still slightly inconvenient.
  4. 0x40E9 is a different glitch species with much higher EV requirements that has the advantage of being stable, meaning it can trigger ACE from the summary screen without crashing the game.
  6. The purpose of this guide is to tell you how to use 0x611 ACE to bootstrap 0x40E9 ACE, so that you can run codes just by viewing the glitch pokemon's summary without having to hatch an Egg.
  8. ## Prerequisites
  9. You'll need to have the following:
  10. - Knowledge of how to perform single and double corruption with the Pomeg Glitch/Glitzer Popping
  11. - Knowledge of how to perform the Battle Tower cloning glitch
  12. - At least 1 uncorrupted DOTS clone. It does not matter what EVs, etc it has, as long as it is still a Seedot.
  13. - At least 1 spare pokemon to nickname; it will be lost during the process
  15. ## Step 1: Preparation
  16. 1. Clone DOTS and place the clone in Box 10 Slot 19. Make sure this isn't your last DOTS; have a copy elsewhere.
  17. 2. Empty PC Boxes 11-14, inclusive, and Boxes 1-2, inclusive.
  18. 3. Single-corrupt a DOTS with 17 HP, 6 AT EVs to turn it into an 0x611 egg, then place it first in your party.
  19. 4. Name your PC Boxes the following names: (This changes DOTS' species to 0x40E9)
  20. ```
  21. box_01: (4CUn♂Ggm) @ replace ♂ with ‘ on console and mGBA 9.0 or higher
  22. box_02: ( ?”FF?n )
  23. box_03: (?”GRRn )
  24. box_04: (E♂GQm ) @ replace ♂ with ‘ on console and mGBA 9.0 or higher
  25. box_05: (cR…o?G?n)
  26. box_06: ( ?”♂HQm ) @ replace ♂ with ‘ on console and mGBA 9.0 or higher
  27. box_07: (?”VGEn )
  28. box_08: (Em…lo ) @ lowercase L
  29. box_09: (y♀Qom”Qo)
  30. box_10: ( ?” …?q )
  31. box_11: (?”hT-n )
  32. box_12: (EYN?n )
  33. box_13: (FNRob ?n)
  34. ```
  35. 5. Save.
  37. ### Step 2: Bootstrapping
  38. Do not save until you've verified the code works.
  39. 1. Hatch your 0x611 egg and execute the box name code. You should return outside the Pokemon Center.
  40. 2. Enter 'Deposit' mode in the PC and release the unstable 0x611.
  41. 3. The DOTS in Box 10 should have become a Decamark. Do not look at it or move it yet.
  42. 4. Nickname your spare pokemon (x♂zN 6FFxC), place it in Box 10 Slot 20.
  43. 5. Name your PC Boxes the following names, but do not change boxes 11-14: (This zeroes the PID & TID of the spare pokemon, as well as storing code in its OT to ensure PC-misalignment; essential for running 0x611 codes)
  44. ```
  45. box_01: (x♂zN 6FF)
  46. box_02: (X XxC?” )
  47. box_03: (?”4CUn )
  48. box_04: (E♀2Qm )
  49. box_05: (,2Qm/2Qm)
  50. box_06: ( ?”A2wm )
  51. box_07: (?”DFwm )
  52. box_08: (ExU…o )
  53. box_09: (kN?nzH?n)
  54. box_10: ( ?” F!q )
  55. ```
  56. 6. View the summary of Box 10 Slot 19 and execute the box name code. You should return outside the Pokemon Center.
  58. ### Step 3: Confirmation
  59. The final step before saving is to make sure that everything worked.
  60. 1. Your spare pokemon should have become a Bad Egg. Place it anywhere in Box 13.
  61. 2. Change your box names to any other code designed for 0x611 ACE.
  62. 3. View the summary of the 0x40E9 in Box 10, and verify the code executed as it should.
  64. You should be able to safely withdraw and move this decamark around without it crashing your game. Viewing its summary from anywhere will run the code written in your PC box names.
  66. Your spare pokemon serves as an ARM-to-THUMB bootstrap: as long as it is the last pokemon in the PC from (approximately) Box 12 Slot 6 onwards, it allows you to use ARM codes meant for 0x611 with 0x40E9. Just don't place it in the *last* slot of Box 14.
  68. If you wish to use 0x611 to run code again for whatever reason, just move the spare pokemon out of range, to Box 10 or earlier.
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