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Firefox Plugins, Dec 7, 2019

Free ebooks epub pdf

Multi-process issues

Memory managers

Screen captures

My favorites are in bold.

Video downloaders

  1. Bitdownloader. Downloads videos up to 3 hrs but not music videos.
  2. Video downloader pro. May not be able to dl all videos on YT. Doesn't work with FF 55+?
  3. Download helper.
  4. 1 Click Youtube Video Downloader. Does not support MP3.
  5. Youtube mp3 Downloader.
  6. Search on Mozilla addons
  7. Simple Youtube downloader.
  8. Allows 52 minute videos. Seems to work faster and better.
  9. This one seems slow.
  10. List of Youtube playlist downloaders.
  11. Viddly. App for Windows.

Video dl sites

Use these sites to download a video without installing software.

  1. Only works in some countries, not the US.
  2. Savefrom. No MP3 support. You have to download an app now.
  3. Easy Youtube MP3.
  4. Youtube playlist download. This makes a list of all videos in a playlist then you click the "Download" button to convert the video, and right click, choose "Save As" to actually download the video. But conversion is fast. Supports MP4 only.
  5. DDG search.

MP3 downloaders

  1. Youtube Best Video Downloader 2. Does not work in US.
  2. Fast and converts Youtube videos to MP3 or MP4.

Web page savers

  1. Scrapbook. Does not work with Firefox Quantum v57+. Use instead.
  2. Httrack. GUI and command line versions.
  3. Wget. The GNU version: Command line version only.
  4. Pagedash. Saves all parts of a web page. Does not save a PDF via Firefox though due to restrictions from Firefox. Works with Chrome too.
  5. Scrapbee. Firefox addon. Not too hard to install, saves one level of a web page, not a whole web site. But you will have the web page, images and all, on your local storage.

Style changers

Bandwidth usage trackers

Windows software

  1. 2019 Top bandwidth tools.
  2. Netlimiter ($). In 2019 it's $29.95usd.
  3. Net Meter. (Shareware).
  4. Networx. Free 30 day trial. Monitor bandwidth by day, week, month, etc.
  5. PRTG (free). First 100 sensors are free.

Firefox addons

  1. Inside Firefox 68+: Tools, Web Dev, Network or Ctrl-Sh-E. Shows response time for every element on a page.
  2. Stackoverflow question.

Privacy enhancers

  1. Block site.
  2. Disconnect. Visualize and block the otherwise invisible websites that track your search and browsing history.
    Disconnect was named the best privacy tool by the New York Times (2016), Innovation Award winner for Best Privacy and Security software at South by Southwest (2015), listed as one of the 100 best innovations of the year by Popular Science and one of the 20 best Chrome extensions by Lifehacker. Load the pages you go to up to 44% faster and save up to 39% bandwidth.
  3. Ghostery. Block ads, block trackers, and more.
  4. Lightbeam. See third party trackers in graphical form and how they are related to the page you are viewing.
  5. uBlock ad blocker (BEST). Faster, smaller than Adblock.

Firefox about: screens

  1. about:about Lists all these about: URLs (Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey or Firefox 4 and newer only).

  2. about: The same page as "Help -> About" (except that, on some applications, Help → About is a much smaller popup).

  3. about:accounts Firefox Sync account.

  4. about:addons The "new" addons manager, in trunk builds dated 2010-05-11 or later.

  5. about:app-manager App Manager, a tool to help users build and install web apps on compatible devices (i.e. Firefox OS).

  6. about:buildconfig Reveals details about your Mozilla build options.

  7. about:cache Displays cache statistics and disk cache directory location.

    • about:cache?device=memory Lists memory cache entries.
    • about:cache?device=disk Lists disk cache entries.
  8. about:cache-entry Shows information about a cache entry. Used in about:cache links. Requires parameters.

  9. about:compartments shows a list of live JavaScript compartments.

  10. about:config GUI for modifying user preferences. Documentation:

  11. about:crashes List of Breakpad crash reports, with links and datestamps.

  12. about:customizing Only available on Australis builds of Firefox, starts the Customize mode.

  13. about:credits The list of contributors to the Mozilla projects.

  14. about:downloads Your recent downloads.

  15. about:home Firefox Start Page.

  16. about:healthreport Firefox Health Report. Also accessible via "Help -> Firefox Health Report".

  17. about:license and about:license both show the Mozilla Public License and the Netscape Public License for the piece of software.

  18. about:logo Displays the application logo.

  19. about:memory shows the memory usage of Firefox.

  20. about:mozilla shows Book of Mozilla

  21. about:networking Displays the experimental page about network connections in Firefox.

  22. about:newtab the default new tab page.

  23. about:performance: shows performance of addons.

  24. about:permissions shows and manages the permissions as also shown in Tools → Page Info → Permissions.

  25. about:plugins Lists all your plugins as well as other useful information.

  26. about:preferences Open preferences.

  27. about:privatebrowsing Open a new private window.

  28. about:rights Displays the page "About Your Rights".

  29. about:robots Easter egg.

  30. about:sessionrestore Open the "Restore last browsing session" page.

  31. about:support Displays information such as Application Basics (version, link to open the profile folder, link to about:plugins and about:buildconfig), Extensions, Modified Preferences and Graphics information. Also accessible via "Help -> Troubleshooting information".

  32. about:sync-log Displays Sync logs.

  33. about:sync-progress Displays synchronization progress.

  34. about:telemetry This page shows the information about performance, hardware, usage and customizations collected by Telemetry. This information is submitted to Mozilla to help improve Mozilla Firefox.

  35. about:webrtc Will be implemented in near future.

  36. about:welcomeback The "Firefox is ready to go" page.

  37. Full list of commands:

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