kang minhee

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  1. { HUSH }
  3. đź”®USERNAME: lavenderhyuck
  5. đź”®SLOT: blackberry
  6. đź”®BACKUP: lemon
  7. đź”®FACECLAIM: ig : hyori030
  8. đź”®BACKUP: weki meki : yoojung
  11. đź”®NAME: kang minhee
  12. đź”®STAGE NAME: minnie
  13. đź”®NICKNAME: mini min, minmin
  14. đź”®BIRTHDATE: october 31st 1995 (virgo)
  15. đź”®HEIGHT: 156cm
  16. đź”®WEIGHT: 43kg
  18. { ADIOS }
  20. đź”®NATIONALITY: korean
  21. đź”®ETHNICITY: korean
  22. đź”®BIRTHPLACE: jeju
  23. đź”®HOMETOWN: seoul
  24. đź”®LANGUAGE: korean, english
  26. { YOU DON’T KNOW ME }
  28. 🔮PERSONALITY: minnie is a quiet girl, but when talking about things she finds interesting, she won’t stop unless you tell her to. she’s very sarcastic and often times people find her intimidating despite her being tiny because of her resting witch (heh) face. she has terrible trust issues but she’s very loyal, and is very good at keeping secrets, seriously, tell her you’ve killed someone and she’ll help you clean up the blood. ridiculously honest and will be blunt about their opinions, however never talks about her feelings. if you manage to hear anything personal from minnie, that means she trusts you with her life. she’s amazing at knowing people’s true intentions, and is always 1 step ahead of everyone.
  29. đź”®BACKGROUND: minnie was born in jeju and lived there for all of her childhood until she moved to england in 2005 with her mother after her father died in a random hit and run while he was walking her to school. while in england she learned fluent english and graduated high school in 2013 with bad grades because of bad attendance with mental health issues. once she graduated her grandmother fell ill, so her and her mother moved back to korea, but this time on the outskirts of seoul. it was here she found out her mother and grandmothers old spell books and other witchy things. she had a part time job in a convenience store and spent the rest of her time in the underground rap scene until she was scouted in 2016.
  30. đź”®LIKES:
  31. > oujia boards
  32. > chocolate
  33. > murder mysteries
  34. > coffee
  35. > chocolate !
  36. > stars
  37. > dark clothing
  38. > chocolate !!
  39. đź”®DISLIKES:
  40. > sweet things
  41. > mess
  42. > sour things
  43. > exercise
  44. đź”®TRIVIA:
  45. > her familiar is a bat, small and dark but it’s blind eyes shine a dark red
  46. > she’s very interested in dark magick and spirit work
  47. >
  49. { MOON }
  51. 🔮LOVE INTEREST: oneus hwanwoong (virgo “we are made for each other”)
  52. đź”®BACKUP: nct taeyong (cancer)
  53. 🔮HOW YOU MET: (both) the two met backstage during a music show recording, she automatically felt herself gravitate to him just from his aura. after the girls finished their performance and went backstage, the next to perform was his group and they were stood next to each other. he complimented her voice and told her she was an incredible rapper before leaving for his stage. they bumped into each other just before they were getting ready to go back to the dorms and he said “i’ve been looking for you” before shaking her hand, slipping a piece of paper with his number on it to her.
  54. 🔮HIS PERSONALITY: (both) absolute sweetie. just such an innocent fairy and minnie loves to baby him, their favourite pass time being cuddling under the stars and talking about everything and nothing. he’s super clingy and minnie absolutely adores that about him. despite all of this he is very protective and can get scary if anything bad happens to minnie.
  58. đź”®WITCH TYPE: cradle
  59. đź”®WITCHCRAFT TERM: despite knowing she was a witch her entire life, she never really used it and lived her life as just a normal person, however she has now been practicing for about 5 years.
  60. 🔮COMFORT PLACE: in her grandma’s house, the attic.
  61. đź”®WITCHY SKILLS: divination, spell writing/casting, necromancy
  62. đź”®FAMILIAR: midnight (middy) the bat, minnie met her a few months before she started practicing magick whilst on a late night walk through a park and the two bonded within minutes.
  64. { D + 1 }
  67. > cherry on top - the unit
  68. > i’m so sick - apink
  69. > black dress - clc
  70. > hobgoblin - clc
  71. > hann - (g)i-dle
  73. > terror
  74. > sleep paralysis
  75. > hush
  76. đź”®FANDOM NAME:
  77. > night monsters
  78. > mares
  79. đź”®FANDOM COLORS:
  80. > dark purple
  81. > midnight blue
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