Mar 18th, 2014
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  1. "Chugga chugga choo choo! Here comes the Veggie Express, next stop your belly!"
  2. >You press the fork towards your daughters face with a persistent smile
  3. >Alex turns her head and snarls at the courageous utensil with the anger of a lion
  4. >"Dad, I'm not gonna eat it, even if you treat me like a baby!"
  5. >You smile, that was the best part about this sometimes
  6. >Just plain old teasing the kid for a reaction
  7. >Immature though it may have been, you still enjoyed it immensly
  8. "Awww come on, Alex. You've got to have your veggies to grow big and strong! Come on, here comes the veggie plane, nyrooooooom!"
  9. >You weave and manouver the fork like a Sturmovik, bravely dodging Nazi gunfire, on an attack run
  10. >"Dammit dad, I'm made up of three animals and not a single one of them wants this shit!"
  11. >She smacks the fork from your hand, giving you a stare that would kill a lesser man
  12. >Mayday, mayday! Comrade Brok Ali is down! Send the recovery crews immediately!
  13. >You pick up the fork and replace it on the plate, finally noticing Gilda standing in the frame of the entry to the kitchen
  14. >"Hey, if you two dweebs are done goofing off, you still need to pack!"
  15. >Oh right, the trip to the beach tomorrow
  16. >And you were finally going to meet Gilda's parents too
  17. >Alex had already met her grandma and grandpa, but every time that it had come up you had been busy with work
  18. >By virtue of your endurance and size, you'd got a job as a blacksmithing apprentice when you'd moved to the Griffon Lands, back when Gilda had first got pregnant
  19. >At that point, you'd been scared that her parents would have disembowled you for getting their daughter pregnant, in spite of Gilda's reassurances that they'd be okay with it
  20. >But now, with you well established as one of the best smiths that anyone could come by, and at reasonable prices no less, you were confident enough to meet them
  21. >So you had booked the week off, to travel and meet her parents and take a little detour to Black Rock beach, apparently one of the best destinations for family vacations
  22. >That's what the travel agent had said anyway
  23. "Okay hon. C'mon kiddo, get to your room and finish packing. I don't want to hear tomorrow that you forgot your swimsuit. I swear I'll make you go in the ugliest shirt I've got if you forget it."
  24. >She gives you a shit eating grin that she got from her mother, quite clearly, and scampers to her room
  25. >You shake your head and take the plate to the trash bin, scraping all the wasted food into the bin
  26. >You feel a wing wrap around your waist and a rubbing against your leg
  27. >You put the plate down and squat to be level with Gilda, scratching the top of her feathered head
  28. >She gives a throaty purr of pleasure before speaking to you
  29. >"You know, just because you can't convince her to do something doesn't make you a bad parent. Hell, without you around I'd either have beaten the little shit to death, or have disowned her by now."
  30. >You smile and kiss her forehead
  31. "Yeah, sure. Doesn't matter anyway, let her get scurvy. It'll teach her a damn lesson, that's for sure."
  32. >Gilda chuckles and gives your broad shoulders a gentle punch
  33. >"Don't you know all the right things to get me on, eh?"
  34. >You roll your eyes and give her rump a smack, causing her to give a high pitched sqeak and blush
  35. "You go on, I'll get the kid in bed."
  36. >As Gilda turns to leave, she smacks your cheek with the tuft on her tail, then exits chuckling
  37. >Fucking catbird
  38. >You walk down the hall and open Alex's room
  39. >It was messy, just like any teenagers room should be, but there was a packed and closed suitcase by the bed so it was fine by you
  40. >Alex herself was curled up on the floor, having made a little nest out of some of the clothes strewn about
  41. >The sight makes your heart lurch from the sheer cuteness of it
  42. >You pick her up gently, careful not to disturb her, and place her under the covers on the bed
  43. >She rolls to face you, her mouth curled up in a perfect little smile
  44. >You lean down and kiss her cheek, to which she curls up and sighs with contentment
  45. >You exit the room and flick off the light, closing the door behind you with barely a click
  46. >With that, you walk down the rest of the way to the room you shared with Gilda
  47. >You open the door and see her wearing a pair of panties that you had pointed out you'd like years ago, and she'd bought for your birthday present that same year
  48. >You hadn't seen her in them for a long time, and it certainly wasn't a bad sight
  49. >Especially with her rump raised in the air, face down in a pillow, and tail swishing through the air impatiently
  50. >Who knew that the aggressive bitch Gilda was a total sub in the bedroom?
  51. >Well you did
  52. >You walk over to the bed, to which her tail responds with a faster pace of swishing
  53. >But you place a hand at the base of her tail and gently push it down
  54. >She immediately gets up and nuzzles against your neck
  55. >"Something wrong, Nonny? C'mon you love this underwear stuff..."
  56. >You wrap and arm around her back and stroke the tip of one of her wings
  57. >While massaging the bases was more erotic, the tips felt more like a gentle, loving carress
  58. >She starts purring and nips your neck playfully
  59. >"Come on, you already got me going in the kitchen. You just gonna leave me hanging?"
  60. >You push down your feelings and turn to her, a stony look on your face
  61. "Damn right I am! Look at the state of this room!"
  62. >You gesture to the two pieces of clothing laying on the floor, yours from a spill earlier
  63. "You're supposed to keep this place clean! Bad griffons that don't listen to their masters don't get any rewards."
  64. >You can feel her slump against you, the purring ceasing
  65. >But you know that, when you did feel like it later, it would be all the better for her
  66. >So you two lay down, Gilda rolling over to give in to your spooning, curling around your hands
  67. >"I'm sorry, Anonymous. I'll do better next time, I promise. I love you."
  68. >You kiss the back of her head and scratch her neck
  69. "I love you too, catbird."
  70. >So with a smile that you two share, sleep comes and claims you both
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