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  1. Alexis [Alexandra Gram Horsebell]
  2. Ghost Earth Pony Female
  3. Spellsword [Mage/Knight]
  4. Talent: Ghost; passive: Alexis is a ghost, and thus has no body to return to when finished 'Astral Projecting'. Instead Astral Projection represents her ability to shift between two forms, a completely intangible invisible one [that can pass through solid objects] and is immune to damage but cannot attack or manipulate her surroundings, and a semi-solid form which is subject to most of the rules of a normal character. Switching states is an Automatic [Not Instant] Action. Her Ethereal Weapons can touch objects.
  5. HW: 7/5
  7. Skills:
  8. Ghost Flight
  9. Natural Catalyst
  10. Surveyor
  11. Ethereal Weapon
  12. Astral Projection
  13. Martial Defender
  14. Expansive
  16. Inventory:
  17. -Clothing [Leather Jacket, White T, Grey Plaid Skirt, Black Boots]
  18. -Watch [Time stuck on 12:32]
  19. -Scrunchie
  20. -She possesses her backpack [which she had with her when she died] but strangely none of its original contents. She can dismiss the pack at will, and has no idea where it goes. It is not a bag of holding.
  22. Its current contents are as follows:
  23. -$23 [Paper Bits]
  24. -Graduation Hat and Gown
  25. -iPod Touch
  26. -Headphones
  27. -Charger
  28. -iPod Speaker/Charger
  29. -Car Charger
  30. -Ocarina
  31. -Rubber Bouncing Ball [Hoof-Sized]
  32. -Several Mangas
  33. -Etc
  35. Appearance:
  36. -Black ponytail [with scrunchie]
  37. -Blue eyes
  38. -Leather Jacket and White T-Shirt
  39. -Grey Plaid Skirt
  40. -Black Boots
  41. -Watch [Stuck on 12:32]
  42. -Faint 'Ghost' Outline
  43. -Slightly Transparent
  44. -Earth Pony
  46. Traits:
  47. Alexis is an impassioned person, tending to emotional extremes and subject to minor mood swings. In a word she is a teenager.
  49. She tends to be short-sighted, looking at most a step or two ahead.
  51. She is occasionally sarcastic, usually as a way of expressing anger or more rarely humor.
  53. She is very bitter over being dead, and her primary goal is finding a way back to life so she can go home. In pursuit of this goal she is likely to be extremely easily to mislead or force into morally questionable behavior [within reason].
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