Anna/Kamui-F, C-A Rank

Jun 27th, 2015
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  1. C:
  3. Kamui: What's got you down, Anna? You looked so cheerful just a moment ago.
  4. Anna: Wha, cheerful? You mean me?
  5. Kamui: Huh? You don't remember? You showed me your entire lineup, and told me that "I was just in time for a great deal." You stuck some fancy cosmetics in my hand and said, "An IOU is enough payment for me."
  6. Anna: Um... I never did that, though?
  7. Kamui: No, really... when I refused, you said, "You can just pay off the interest with His Majesty Garon's signature"... and then you left, cheerfully saying, "I'm gonna make me some big bucks!"
  8. Anna: That sounds a lot like me... but it just isn't.
  9. Kamui: Huh? What do you mean?
  10. Anna: That's one of my sisters. I've got a lot of sisters, and we've all got the same name, face, and occupation. We're spread out all over the world, so it wouldn't be strange for you to meet one of them, no matter where and when.
  11. Kamui: Wow...
  12. Anna: That's what's bothering me. It's only natural that our faces would look similar, but why do we have the same name on top of it all? I'm thinking of changing my name and getting some individuality... that's what's on my mind.
  13. Kamui: ... Yeah, I'd wonder too...
  15. B:
  17. Kamui: Anna, what's with the gloomy fa- Wait, uh... You're the Anna from our army, right? You're the one who was thinking about her name the other day, right?
  18. Anna: Yeah, I'm that Anna. No worries.
  19. Kamui: Oh, phew. I was wondering what I'd do if I mistook you for someone else again.
  20. Anna: Thanks for checking... but... sigh...
  21. Kamui: What are you sighing about? Anything wrong?
  22. Anna: I was thinking people wouldn't have to make sure if I had my own name, but I can't think of a good one. What's a good name for me, instead of Anna...? Got any good ideas? I'll buy them off you... No, I'd feel bad spending money for this... I'll go get His Majesty Garon's signature for you.
  23. Kamui: Nah, I, uh... don't really need my father's signature for anything. In fact, I don't think he'd give you his signature even if you asked...
  24. Anna: Well... that's true enough... Sigh... is there really a name out there that can express my individuality? Like... I wish I had a name that just dripped with my individuality.
  25. Kamui: A name that just drips with your individuality... Hmm, maybe "Anna Unit 1", or "High-pressure Salesgirl", or "Moneylover"...
  26. Anna: W-well, that does sound like me alright, but I don't think I want people calling me that. Besides, that's the way my sisters are, too...
  27. Kamui: But what about your parents? Didn't they have a hard time?
  28. Anna: Huh?
  29. Kamui: I feel like giving all your kids the same name would be pretty inconvenient...
  30. Anna: Indeed... how did they handle things back then...? I think I'll try thinking back.
  31. Kamui: Alright. Let me know how that turns out.
  33. A:
  35. Kamui: Anna, what's up? You look happy today.
  36. Anna: I've finally started thinking that maybe Anna isn't such a bad name after all.
  37. Kamui: Oh, that's great. But... why the sudden change of heart?
  38. Anna: After our last conversation, I thought back to the old days, when I still lived with my sisters. That's when I realized something incredible... Whenever my parents said "Anna", only one of us would respond.
  39. Kamui: Huh? Why?
  40. Anna: My parents had a different intonation for each one of us. "Anna" is just two syllables, but there's a lot of variations on its pronunciation. And, all of us Annas could tell the difference. It's easier to just do it, rather than trying to explain. Try saying my name with a few different intonations, would you?
  41. Kamui: Alright... Anna.
  42. Anna: ...
  43. Kamui: Alright, let's do it differently this time. Anna.
  44. Anna: You've gotta like... raise your tone on the "Na" in "Anna"
  45. Kamui: O-Okay. Anna.
  46. Anna: Yeah, there we go! That's my "Anna"! The "Na" on the tail end of my name is a bit higher than the rest. That's a name dripping with my individuality. See, my own tail-end is, in fact, a bit more raised up than the other Annas out there.
  47. Kamui: Uh... huh. Is that so.
  48. Anna: My parents might have given me the name in hopes that my life would be "on the rise." That's why I can have my own individuality and still be Anna. I'll be fine with being Anna now. Well, that doesn't solve the mystery of why we're all named "Anna"... but either way, thanks.
  49. Kamui: Don't mention it. I'm happy for you, Anna.
  50. Anna: I owe it to you for giving me this new outlook. You want His Majesty Garon's signature as thanks?
  51. Kamui: ... No thanks, I'm fine.
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