Gloryhole (unfinished) by Anon (Anon/Pony)

Feb 6th, 2017
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  1. Gloryhole by Anon
  3. ---
  5. >you are home.
  6. >it's late at night.
  7. >you went upstairs to your room.
  8. >you jumped into your bed.
  9. >and then closed your eyes.
  10. >then suddenly you heard a rather loud cracking sound in your room.
  11. >you opened your eyes and got up the bed.
  12. >you saw a strange crack on your wall , with a blinding light coming from between the cracks.
  13. >the crack was getting bigger and bigger.
  14. >then suddenly something came out of it.
  15. >you grabbed your baseball bat and carefully creeped toward it.
  16. >and what you saw was...
  17. >a butt.
  18. >a lower half of a pony to be exact.
  19. >you can easily tell that creature is kinda stuck.
  20. >the lower half of the pony was kicking and squirming. trying to get itself out.
  21. >you stood back to assess the situation.
  22. >then you managed to hear the pony talking from the other side of the crack.
  23. >"hey see what have you done. Now I'm stuck"
  24. >mumble mumble mumble
  25. >you hear another voice from the crack but its so faint and you cannot hear it very well.
  26. >"don't you stand there pull me already ... hnnnngaaa no I'm still stuck. again.. Hunnggg,,"
  27. >she was as if someone was pulling her from the other side.
  28. >you just didn't want to stand there doing nothing.
  29. >you put the bat away and then pushed her.
  30. >she shrieked.
  31. >"kyaaa!"
  32. >mumble mumble
  33. >"something just touched me.... Yea from the other side... I'm scared I hope what ever that was don't eat me."
  34. >you can't help it but to chuckle at her reaction.
  36. >you grabbed the base of her tail.
  37. >she Eeeepped! and crossed her legs together.
  38. >at that moment you saw her ponut.
  39. >you realised that there in front of you a one time opportunity.
  40. >her crossing her legs together made a cute heart shaped butt.
  41. >with your free hand you touched her inner thighs.
  42. >she didn't like that and got a violent reaction.
  43. >she start kicking around and hit you right in your stomach.
  44. >it really hurt.
  45. >you wanted her to stop but she was still kicking the air randomly.
  46. >you didn't want to be at the line of fire so you went to the side of the wall.
  47. >standing on her left.
  48. >one thing came to your mind.
  49. >you slapped her ass.
  50. >she continued her violent reaction.
  51. >so did you.
  52. >you slapped her again and again.
  53. >after 4 to five smacks she calmed a bit.
  54. >she know that she was the one out of options.
  56. >yea you have showed her who is in charge, so you stopped slapping her.
  57. >your hand went from her cheeks to the middle.
  58. >you twisted your hand and pulled down your middle finger and ring fingers.
  59. >and you inserted them inside her.
  60. >Ah hannn ~nnn
  61. >you can clearly hear that she let out a loud moan.
  62. >the other voice was talking to her.
  63. >she replied "oh nothing er.. something pinched me."
  64. >pinched you huh. that is such a lie.
  65. >she was clearly too embarrassed to tell what's happening on this side.
  66. >this should be interesting.
  67. >you wiggled your fingers up and down inside her.
  68. >she twitched and spasmed. but she was holding it.
  69. >... "it's getting warm in here. that's why" she replied to the other person on the other side.
  70. >probably she was flushed. how about if I do this.
  71. >you wiggled your fingers inside her hard. and fast. pushing her insides up and down.
  72. >~Pant ~pant.
  73. >you can clearly see her breathing heavily. but that didn't stop you . your fingers were moving relentlessly inside her.
  74. >hnn mm...
  75. >her legs were spasming out.
  76. >you continued the with the rubbing.
  77. >you felt as if your fingers were being held down by something inside her.
  78. >the outer wall of her insides were getting tights.
  79. >you gave her an even more violent wiggle then you swiftly pulled your fingers out.
  80. >she came right at that moment.
  81. >your hand were wet from her love juice.
  82. >but she was leaking from both her holes.
  83. >she uncontrollably peed right on your floor.
  84. >you throw some paper towels on her mess.
  85. >"tisk tisk tisk you are such a bad girl."
  86. >"and you know what we do to bad girls around here ?"
  87. >she gulped.
  88. >we punish them of course.
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