12/26 "I am Who I am" (Deadly)

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  1. Arthmael Dioltas says, "Greetings Commander Task."
  2. Task says, "Greetings Ser Dioltas."
  3. "Oh, wow. I'm getting put in jail- Hello there, Task." He commented at that, before looking over to Valero. The actor soon enough sat down, and put the jester's mask to the side, eagerly waiting for it to do... Something for him, at least.
  5. Whatever it'd be.
  7. "Now, don't go doing me dirty, Valero. We have a deal. This is the only reason I came here."
  8. (Bertrand Volgin)
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11.  Valero lux Montclaire says, "You do me a discredit, Bertrand."
  12.  Valero lux Montclaire says, "Hold off on his sentencing until Aria arrives, my orders if anyone asks Commander."
  13.  Task would blink steadily as he took a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe, the gears slowly turning within the bald commander's head as his remaining eye widened at the sight of the jester's mask. The constable had expected a grand hunt for his arch rival the clown, a worthy escapade of antics and ambient shenanigans the likes of which no common quarry could match.
  15. Yet here he was, revealed, a low tier actor with a high tier taste for criminality.
  17. "Mister Volgin…..I didn't expect to find you so far from the theater....or the slums of Sudsbury. It appears that you've found new lodgings, how quaint. Is the cells treating you well enough, or should I requisition more powder and pillows?"
  19. The bald commander would offer Valero a two fingered salute, making it clear he was free to leave if he needed to.
  20. (Task)
  21. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23.  Bertrand Volgin says, "You know, I -still- can punch your shit in."
  24.  Bertrand Volgin says, "It was Valero who got me, and he didn't even truly do it. I gave up."
  25.  Task says, "How very intimidating."
  26.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Well, with a cell between us, it's really easy to be so."
  27.  Task says, "I might even sweat, if even with one eye I couldn't recognize a paper tiger."
  28.  Task says, "Perhaps the best acting gig you've ever managed."
  29.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Come on, Task."
  30.  Bertrand Volgin asks, "How many times have you even got close to winning?"
  31.  Arthmael Dioltas asks, "What is this one? Another Occultist?"
  32.  Task asks, "It wouldn't be a worthy effort if it was easy now, would it?"
  33.  Task asks, "This Mister Dioltas?"
  34.  Arthmael Dioltas says, "Indeed."
  35.  Task says, "Merely a sideshow act."
  36.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Syndicate, hello, hello. I'm Crowley."
  37.  Arthmael Dioltas says, "They claim to have given up, I wonder why."
  38.  Task says, "Besides, we've only fought the once Mister Volgin. And your acting career has failed far more than my constabulary one."
  39.  Task says, "So technically, I'm in the positive to your negative presently."
  40.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Oh no, I -truly- did give up. Valero convinced me to come."
  41.  Arthmael Dioltas whispers: Speaking of which.
  42.  Arthmael Dioltas whispers: Have you spoken with Ishizu?
  43.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Well, Task, my fighting career with the First Light and -specially- the City Watch is filled with victories."
  44.  Bertrand Volgin says, "First Light not so much, given... Everyone's using Earth in there, for some reason- But."
  45.  Bertrand Volgin says, "City Watch? I haven't lost once."
  46.  Task whispers: Indeed I have, I informed them to stop throwing bricks.
  47.  Task asks, "Ah yes, victories. That's what they call it, right?"
  48.  Task asks, "When you win a battle, but lose the war?"
  49.  Arthmael Dioltas whispers: They have not stopped.
  50.  Arthmael Dioltas whispers: They throw other objects.
  51.  Bertrand Volgin says, "War was lost for quite a while. You know it, I know it."
  52.  Task says, "In truth, the war was always lost. That's why terrorists fight in futility in spite of the truth."
  53.  Task says, "Because in the end, their best acting gig was convincing themselves they even had a chancew."
  54.  Bertrand Volgin asks, "You know?"
  55.  Task says, "So yes, savor the victories against watchmen, meaningless as they are to me or you. All dust in the wind, irrelevant."
  56.  Bertrand Volgin says, "We sort of liked the City Watch."
  57.  Bertrand Volgin exclaims, "You guys are fine, don't mind me saying that!"
  58.  Task says, "Well yes, half of my former compatriots turned out to be members of the syndicate."
  59.  Bertrand Volgin exclaims, "Half? I only knew of one, geez!"
  60.  Task says, "In truth, we represent similar ideals on the opposite side of the law."
  61.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Okay, maybe tw-- Three."
  62.  Task says, "Oh, there was a handful."
  63.  Task says, "Vincezo, Iris, Stein."
  64.  Bertrand Volgin asks, "You know a lot of people said they were part of the Syndicate but were not really part of it, right?"
  65.  Task says, "Probably more, but dead now."
  66.  Arthmael Dioltas asks, "What is the condition that Exarch Valero afforded you?"
  67.  Bertrand Volgin exclaims, "Oh. Wait, Vincenzo as a part of the City Watch?! And the Syndicate?!"
  68.  Bertrand Volgin exclaims, "That's news to me. Four!"
  69.  Task exclaims, "Yes, we're talking cases of actual confirmation here. Iris made her stance quite clear. And indeed!"
  70.  Task says, "As it happens, it was quite easy to slip through the cracks before. No longer naturally."
  71.  Task says, "As for the terms Ser Dioltas..."
  72.  Task says, "Good question"
  73.  Bertrand Volgin says, "I let a lot of people down because they never found out about my affiliation, and hurt more by staying that way."
  74.  Bertrand Volgin says, "So, I decided if I am to go out, I'd rather not allow others to do it for me."
  75.  Bertrand Volgin says, "I am going out on my terms. After I've settled at least some of the loose ends I've let go."
  76.  Arthmael Dioltas asks, "Do you no longer believe in your cause?"
  77.  Bertrand Volgin says, "It's not about me."
  78.  Bertrand Volgin says, "I still believe it, and as I've said, if I had a single wand, with enough charge to kill two people, and there were a noble, an exarch and the stellus in a single room..."
  79.  Bertrand Volgin says, "I'd shoot the noble and the exarch, and then stab the stellus to death."
  80.  Bertrand Volgin says, "I am, however, -tired-."
  81.  Arthmael Dioltas asks, "Of hiding?"
  82.  Bertrand Volgin says, "No, no."
  83.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Of fate. Irony."
  84.  Erika cos Salis asks, "..... What is this?"
  85.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Everyone is so bland. No one puts on a decent show anymore."
  86.  Arthmael Dioltas says, "Ser Valero of The Vigilant is handling this one."
  87.  The man of Rhoynur steps to the side.
  88. (Arthmael Dioltas)
  89. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  91. Eustace says, "... Task."
  92. Eustace asks, "Wanna explain?"
  93. Task says, "Evening Ser Eustace."
  94. Task says, "Why, I've arrived just shortly before you have. Been having a fond chat with our clown companion."
  95. Task says, "My scar aches simply to speak to him."
  96. Eustace says, "Oh? "
  97.  She peered forth curiously, blinking.
  99. "Bertrand?" She questioned. She remembered him quite clearly. "What's going on?" She'd inquire, gaze falling onto Arthmael and then Task.
  100. (Erika cos Salis)
  101. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  102. Eustace says, "... I see."
  103.  Erika cos Salis says, "....."
  104.  Erika cos Salis exclaims, "Clown.... -- Him?!"
  105.  Bertrand moves over to take Crowley's mask, and position it right over his face. His hands were put in cuffs, but it was obvious this sort of thing would not hold him for long. "We all knew this sort of thing came to a surprise, right?"
  107. "No one expects it." Crowley's voice is raspy, and even if it lacks the sound reverberation of before, it still echoed against the porcelain. Yet, the actor soon enough takes the white cover off, and reveals the somber expression underneath.
  109. Sitting against the ground, back lying against the wall, he stares at Erika. A brief smirk blossoms upon his face. "Me exactly, my dear Erika. I hated the mystery and most of what I did- Rest assured of that, at least."
  110. (Bertrand Volgin)
  111. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  112.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Although- I do not regret it. At all."
  113.  "... I see."
  115. The sounds of his boots picking up beneath Eustace had practically said it all. Calm as could be he wouldn't allow those same emotions to take hold, smiling as wide as could be with sands coiling and wrapping around his body. Here such a man was, behind those bars with nowhere left to run.
  117. "This is the man which escaped us in The Slums? The very same man which stood against you all those... Years ago now, isn't it?" His head seemed to shake from side to side as yet another step forwards had followed. Place taken at the side of this man, gaze locked upon that once masked figure before them.
  119. "... Well. This makes my job easier. The Radiant has made it clear those within The Syndicate are to be executed."
  121. Tilting his head to the side, a glance towards both Task and Erika.
  123. "Would either of you like to do this, or shall I?"
  125. No sense in prolonging his fate.
  126. (Eustace)
  127. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  128. Arthmael Dioltas says, "You cannot execute him."
  129.  Eustace says, "... The Radiant and his words are final. He has gone against The Crown Law of Osrona."
  130. Arthmael Dioltas says, "He surrendered himself to Exarch Valero on some condition."
  131.  Eustace says, "That's a shame."
  132.  Eustace says, "... None are free from their crimes."
  133.  Arthmael Dioltas says, "He is sorting out that matter now."
  134.  Bertrand Volgin exclaims, "Watch out!"
  135.  Bertrand Volgin exclaims, "Eustace's murderboner is showing!"
  136.  Eustace says, "He clearly has no remorse, either."
  137.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Oh no, I do."
  138.  Eustace says, "Aiding the enemy for several years, as a combatant. Terrorism. Assault on a City Watchmen as well as Knight, evading arrest."
  139.  Eustace says, "I could continue on..."
  140.  Eustace says, "However, we in The Order won't stand for this."
  141. Bertrand Volgin says, "What I fight is, however, exactly what you have been showing for the past few moments, Eustace."
  142.  Bertrand Volgin says, "That there are too many like you in the Order. Too many that are simply eager to kill to fulfill some sort of power fantasy inside their heads."
  143.  Eustace says, "Mm. Yes, yes. I've listed your crimes, I'm sure you're innocent of all charges."
  144. Bertrand Volgin says, "Not saying that."
  145.  Eustace asks, "Yes?"
  146.  Task's remaining eye would hang intently upon Volgin as he puffed away on his corncob pipe, glancing over the syndicate actor that had once upon a time been a source of common chatter and cheeky insults in simpler times. Yet, the very same poor actor had proven to be a far finer clown, the very same that had stolen a victory from Task and left the jagged scar that trailed up his right harm like a slithering snake.
  148. The wound was long gone, but even now it ached to stare down the clown down. Almost like bile at the back of one's throat.
  150. "This is the man that escaped us, yes. One Crowley the killer clown, amateur actor and professional terrorist, formerly known as Cadet Bertrand Volgin."
  152. The bald commander would finally glance back towards Eustace and Erika, blowing a cloud of minty smoke towards the rafters of the city prison as he nodded lightly, remaining eye flicking between the various members of the order as he mulled over the situation.
  154. "It is not a matter of if he is to be executed, but when. Exarch Valero has some vested interest in interrogating the man first, and should be returning shortly. I presume after that, you'll have your corpse Eustace."
  155. (Task)
  156. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  157.  Erika exhaled, before stepping closer to the bars. Gray eyes stared within the cell silently. Crowley - the one she let escape from her own mistake, inadvertent or not, it still clawed at her. However soon enough her gaze was torn from Bertrand, to stare at Eustace.
  159. "Don't do anything rash," She commented quietly, as if she was so terribly upset by the turn of events. Of who Crowley truly was. "We should wait on Valero, as they say..." With that, the noble trailed off. The shadowers slithered in the dark of the cell, Erika's emotions betraying her by showing just how upset she truly was.
  161. Closer and closer they inched towards the Syndicate member, snapping and coiling there, threatening some unknown dark fate. Eventually, her gaze returned to Bertrand and it was anything but kind.
  163. "I'm not your dear Erika. Don't ever call me that again, or I'll show you just how dark things can be, Bertrand. You're a traitor to the Crown, and to people who strived to do justice in this city. You don't regret the things you did but soon enough you will."
  164. (Erika cos Salis)
  165. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  167.  "You're all so soft on this matter." Just as soon as each had chimed in a hand was quick as ever to raise. Pinched and pressed at the bridge of his nose as still a shake of his head followed. Erika had been there when orders had turned into action, where violence had sprung in place of all else.
  169. "Terrorism. Assault on Commander Task. Assault on a Knight. Aiding the enemies of Osrona for several years as a member of The Syndicate." Soon enough the sound of his tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth would echo across these halls. Their position on this matter wasn't something which could be compromised.
  171. "Elijah made it clear we aren't meant to tolerate these matters. Execution is all they can hope to be given, anything less is an insult to those in which they acted against." Turning his attention back towards this clown all the while. With each breath sounding that much more disappointed.
  173. "I'm sure we could make this one much less gruesome than Vincenzos. If he doesn't put up a fuss, of course."
  175. Though, that much was doubtful.
  176. (Eustace)
  177. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  179. His face opened up in a smile, as he stared at Eustace. All others were simply secondary actors in this moment for him, and he did not care what they would say to him. There were two things that he came here for: To die on his own right, and...
  181. To apologize.
  183. The latter would, however, be held back for as much as he could. "BY THE STARS, EUSTACE, ARE YOU RETARDED?" Bertrand did, however, yell out at that very moment. "They literally just said I AM getting executed, and..."
  185. He turned to the side, where someone new just came up for. He pointed towards the Exarch, still keeping his eyes at Eustace. "Believe me, there is nothing more I'd love than for you to step into this cell and end me like I am some sort of scum simply because I had the audacity to not lie down and die the moment you commanded me from the top of your tiny authority!"
  187. "I'd love dying knowing that everything I fought for was right. But FOR FUCK'S SAKE does it take too much of your little obedient brain to listen to the fact they said I am already going to get executed, just later on?! They literally told you I'm going to be interrogated because I have a lot more information than the others, and you still want to kill me without even thinking twice! I get it, I'm going to die, but fuck you're cliche."
  189. "And well, let me say something, dear. I do not regret anything, and I do not regret death."
  191. "This is all I'll say about the matter."
  192. (Bertrand Volgin)
  193. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  195.  Quick footsteps tap across the wooden floor, dark hair fluttering as the young woman rushed in. She was breathless as worry rested in those blue hues.
  197. She hadn't even bothered to put on her shoes.
  199. Into the room, she catches the tail-end of their words. Threats, execution, cruelty...IT made her heart beat faster, it made the twisting in her chest tighter. She felt sick.
  201. Standing before the metal bars now, she stares at the man behind them. Bertrand. How many times had she sang because of him? How much courage was gained from the actor's silly words?
  203. "Bertrand..", uttered a soft voice. Stepping close to the bars now, hands grip tightly at the metal. "...You didn't come to see my dress.."
  205. What an odd thing to say.
  206. (Aria cos Montclaire)
  207. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  209.  Eustace says, "... Hm."
  210. As they entered the room he was surprised to see two others. The one he had seemingly mistake for Eustace and Dame Salis had joined with the others keeping watch. Erika's words provoked an inquisitive quirk to his brow.
  212. His gaze flicks to the unfamiliar man, "Exarchs and above dole out these punishments, keep in mind." An uncomfortable chill ran down his back at the implications. Try as he might to watch his words for Aria's sake there was no road to walk between Husband and Duty here.
  214. "He yet has information from us and it is respectful to allow loved ones a final moment or would you call me soft for bringing in a man who is family?" The words held an edge that he rarely displayed, even more rare that he needed it.
  216. As he finishes he cuts his eyes to Bertrand and back to Aria falling silent as the two continue their exchange.
  217. (Valero lux Montclaire)
  218. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  220.  Bertrand Volgin says, "Oh-- Oh, Aria. I didn't."
  221.  Bertrand Volgin says, "I didn't know you were there."
  222.  Aria cos Montclaire says, ". . ."
  223.  Sands would move.
  225. Snapping through these cells in a matter of seconds, coiling and wrapping upwards upon this man without his strength. Those sands soon enough covering his mouth, with a glance shot back in the direction of Valero.
  227. "... I'm just acting in the same manner we handled Vincenzo. Someone who had done considerably less than this man which now stands before us." Sighing all the same, a crooked and wild grin seemed quick as ever to spread once more.
  229. "I mean... Really. Someone like him deserves to see his family? Someone who caused panic, who no doubt took children from their mothers?"
  231. No, they hadn't deserved anything in his mind.
  233. "... Even so. I'll respect your command, I won't personally put him down or anything like that."
  235. Not yet, anyways.
  237. However, those sands digging around his face now seemed quite eager to push further.
  238. (Eustace)
  239. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  240. Those shadows did not cease, threatening to coil around Bertrand's ankles within the cell. Yet Valero and Aria's voice broke them apart and they altogether disappeared before she pulled away from the bars, to look towards the Exarch.
  242. "Well. I'm glad you made it," She said before she looked at Eustace.
  243. (Erika cos Salis)
  244. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  245.  The Exarch's features were exhausted and yet lined with the marks of battle untreated, but his gaze did not waver from Eustace as those sands flooded outward toward Bertrand.
  247. His jaw tensed, but otherwise he did not move to react immediately content to watch and see what the man would do. "Thinking it is for him is where you are wrong."
  249. Whatever he was intent to do to the man did not come immediately and he raises a hand, "Why would we debase ourselves to match their spite?" As it falls to his side he does not wait for an answer.
  251. "Withdraw, soldier. You will have your damned blood soon enough."
  252. (Valero lux Montclaire)
  253. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  255.  The Rhoynishman remains silent for the time being, golden eyes shifting from person to person.
  256. (Arthmael Dioltas)
  257. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  259.  Eustace says, "... You'll have to forgive my sands."
  260.  Eustace says, "His voice was annoying."
  261.  Eustace says, "But, yes, yes."
  262.  Eustace exclaims, "I'll not act..!"
  263. Eustace says, "Like I said."
  264.  Aria cos Montclaire says, "Withdraw your dirt."
  265. Bertrand moves quickly- His expression changes from the former smile, a frown taking over his face. He steps towards Aria, momentarily ignoring all of the other people who were inside that prison. For now, for all he cared, he was alone with her.
  267. His voice went softer, the apologetic tone taking over it.
  269. "I'm sorry, dear. I wanted to help you grow, I wanted to..." He nearly even moves closer to her, before a glare of daggers is spared to the side, causing his hand to retreat. He wasn't going to give them any reason on this, not while he thought to be winning.
  271. Or as close to winning as it could be. "I wanted to do so much. I got stuck with this, but- I am not going to lie." His head moved closer to the cell, and the next few words were hushed- Reserved for her, and if Task wished to eavesdrop, for him too?
  273. Tears dropped down the actor's face, running across. It did not matter how much threat they'd put out, itseemed to all fade away; He was focused on one sole thing for now.
  275. "I do not regret it, Aria. I am sorry I couldn't have been better. I am sorry I stopped you from singing, but... Please, my dear singing bird. Don't stop it."
  277. "This is what brought me in here. I could have gone away, I could have kept it up, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I knew I'd left you scarred. If I knew I'd left the world without your voice."
  279. "This... Might be the only thing I regret, Aria. I promise you, it was not my intent."
  281. "I could not die knowing I had never apologized to you. I am sorry for the damage I did to you, my dear."
  283. Atonement. He knew he could have none of it, but yet, he begged to have just a sliver of it. To put it out, to know that someone he loved suffered this way...
  285. ... They all had a deal for themselves.
  286. (Bertrand Volgin)
  287. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  288. Valero lux Montclaire says, "I appreciate your passion and restraint in equal measure."
  289. Eustace asks, "Hm?"
  290.  "Is it not my duty to shine with radiance? To cast a light upon darkness and assure it's put down?" Rolling upon the heels of his boots now, he'd only raise a brow at that exchange.
  292. He was still talking.
  294. "There's no need to appreciate anything, I'm just doing as a soldier does." Casual as ever, with more of those sands now seeming to slither through those cell bars.
  296. Aiming to cover more of Bertrands mouth.
  297. (Eustace)
  298. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  300.  A hand moved, and placed itself on Eustace's arm instead, her voice low.
  301. (Erika cos Salis)
  302. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  304.  Erika cos Salis whispers something.
  305.  Eustace whispers: Ah...
  306. Eustace whispers: Fine.
  307.  Erika cos Salis whispers something.
  308.  Eustace whispers: ... Mmf. I'm... Doing better than before.
  309.  Eustace flicks his hand! The sands coiling back around Eustaces legs. Every last grain..!
  310. (Eustace)
  311. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  313.  Task would bristle at the reminder of Vincenzo, yet another who'd taken the cloak and stained it with their criminality. Another mantle of shame worn by the watch for the allowance of such injustice. It burnt the commander within, his remaining eye igniting with ethereal blue fire as the bald constable slammed his knuckles against the iron bars in a loud, concussive cacophony of spite.
  315. Perhaps it was anger at his own failure. Perhaps it was spite towards the villainy that Bertrand possessed within his bosom. Or perhaps it was something more....a sense of anti-climax to have his just vengeance stolen from him by a willful turning in of his own person to the cells.
  317. The commander would never have the opportunity to even the score.
  319. "Savor this performance while it lasts, Mister Volgin. Your final show. A shame it's hardly a crowd, but you're used to this, right? As a failed actor and a failed terrorist, forgotten to the winds of time like so many other fading stars."
  321. Task would take a deep, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe, staring down Volgin with his remaining eye as he grit his teeth lightly in silent fury.
  323. "You're a better clown than an actor, consider a sideshow in your next life instead of the stage."
  324. (Task)
  325. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  326. Arthmael Dioltas says, ". . ."
  327. Valero nods appreciatively towards Erika. That was the second time she had saved his skin with a string of words.
  328. (Valero lux Montclaire)
  329. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  331.  The tone she used was soft, but stern. Clearly the woman was not keen on them gripping and threatening the man. Pausing, her gaze falls on the knights as they speak and Eustace--
  333. The sands finally begin to withdraw-- But not before coils of ivy lace around the bars. They seem to reach out for the actor.
  335. "Can you save insulting him for when I don't have to listen..? Or better yet-- Leave." The words were directed at the group right of her, but Aria's gaze never left Bertrand.
  337. When she addresses him her voice is much softer. A ghost of a smile even crosses her lips. "You did help me, you silly old man.." Was he even that old? "I never had a spine before! I developed one because of you, you helped me find my voice." Leaning in a bit more, tears well in her eyes.
  339. "I sang to more than just birds.."
  341. Listening intently, she ignores Task and his cold words. No one ever bothered to read a room, or to regard her own feeling-- Save for a few. What did it matter?
  343. But his words did not sooth her, not even a little. He was now in a cell because of her? He now faced death because of her..? Lifting a hand to her mouth, panic began to set in. This was her fault, right? "I...You came back to--...Oh heavens, Bertrand you..." Taking a moment to breath, the woman slumps some. The bars were supporting most of her weight, as her legs were failing her.
  345. "You're going to die because of me..?"
  346. (Aria cos Montclaire)
  347. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  349. [01:58] Kelly walks into the prison, merely intending to perform yet another of his routine 'Has everything burst into flame while I was gone' checks. Instead, he finds Task and a group of individuals in the order, gathered around a prisoner. He had not arrived in time to hear or see the reactions of most, but Aria's, in particular, struck a cord. Despite his wrongs, this man had been an important friend to her at one point, perhaps just as important of a support as Gunnhildr or Zoe had been to him.
  351. The guilt likely coursing through her was familiar to the Captain, too, although many times more intense than he ever had to suffer. For the longest time, he had also bore feelings of guilt when one of the Watch's own turned out to be Syndicate, the feeling that he could've done more to stop that woman from going down such a dark, destructive path. Kelly slowly approaches Aria. He turns to her, a deep frown; a crack visible on him. "...I don't understand everything that's going on here, but I think I understand your pain."
  352. (Kelly Kirk)
  353. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  354.  Yet again, he ignored the words that came from others. He looked at her wide-eyed as she panicked, before moving in to attempt at simply holding her up. He looked at Valero, almost desperately at that. "No, no, no, Aria! No!"
  356. "I'm going to die because of myself. I'm going to die because, as I told your husband, the Order is filled with bloodthirsty barbarians who care nothing but whose blood they're going to spill next." He explained, even if his word was uniquely directed at her.
  358. "Just... I don't know what to say, Aria. I will die because this is my way of going out. I always wanted to have a scene, and I think this might just be the one." He opened into a wide smile, before he took a few steps away from the bars. He'd hug her if he could, but the handcuffs stopped him from that. It was clear he meant no ill intent at that.
  360. "You are destined for greatness, Aria. I hope- I hope you don't give up because of me, dear." A single tear ran down his cheek; It was obvious he was struggling to keep control of himself, before finally moving over to the mask.
  362. "And remember, I am going out on my own terms. I couldn't let myself get executed in the wilderness like many would try to do with me. I needed to tell you this."
  364. He did, however, move down to the very spot he was sitting down before, right next to the mask that was on the ground. Like it, Bertrand picked up the mask, and...
  366. Started gnawing on something.
  368. Where was the rusted blade he kept with him?
  369. (Bertrand Volgin)
  370. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  371.  The hand upon Eustace's arm remained, allowing Aria and Bertrand what could be their final moments. She didn't know their ties to each other but she also wasn't going to question it.
  372. (Erika cos Salis)
  373. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  374. Silent as could be.
  376. Focus had never once left this man behind those iron bars, attention never shifting as that familiar mask adorned his features. The purse of his lips being his only response, no words needing to interrupt one such moment.
  378. Watching, waiting for anything at all to happen.
  379. (Eustace)
  380. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  381.  Perhaps he should have rushed forward to be valiant and supportive, but he had done enough as it was. Instead a slow measured pace brought him forward as he listened to Volgin.
  383. He had known what was coming and not enough time to even try to keep him from it. It had been the condition of their deal and his side of it had been fulfilled. None of The Order had ever killed an Enforcer.
  385. Once near Aria he waits allowing Bertrand to be the one to intercept her. He had wished to drive a wedge between them and for love and justice he had allowed it knowing what it meant.
  387. To see the Knight's treat him so roughly, before innocent family, was certainly something to bring up with the other officers, but that was for another time.
  388. (Valero lux Montclaire)
  389. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  390.  Has Crowley simply given up?
  392. There must be some sort of issue with the Boss and the underlings, especially with many of their high profile members being taken out. Most are executed once drained of information like the ratlings they reveal themselves to be but this situation is a whole new low for the Syndicate organization. Perhaps they have been shattered and routed with only fragments remaining.
  394. The First Light can turn their attention towards the apparent threat of Moonfall and take them on with out distractions if the Syndicate have truly folded, but something does not sit right with this Knight. Surely Bertrand had a greater role to play? Is this apology to Aria all he truly desired, or is there some hidden motive behind all this?
  396. He has absolutely no clue as to how Erika keeps Eustace in check and prefers not to ask.
  398. The Rhoynishman tightly grasps the hilt of his blade.
  399. (Arthmael Dioltas)
  400. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  401.  Task would grit his teeth with anger, glancing briefly towards Aria with a squint before returning his one eyed gaze to Crowley within the cell. Even now, in his last few minutes, the clown was making a game of it all. A vein bulged upon the commander's forehead as he grit his teeth steadily, an overpowering, vengeful shroud falling about the constable's vision as he continued to watch Crowley put on a show.
  403. "You are going to die because you are criminal scum, and it is what you deserve. Not because it's theater, not because it's the right moment, and not on your terms."
  405. The bald commander's right, jaggedly scarred arm rose almost instinctively, on its own, barely any effort raised from the watchman as he stared down Crowley with tranquil fury. His arch-rival, the man he was supposed to pursue to the ends of the land in righteous retribution, making a mockery even of the apprehension of justice he received.
  407. Task had never felt quite so...angry.
  409. Before the bald watchman even quite knew what he was doing, a finger gun was leveled at Crowley's head in the distance, Task's remaining eye suddenly focused on the aim as he continued to speak in a deadpan that had grown far too common since he'd begun his companionship with Audree. His tone was empty of emotion, only duty remained.
  411. "You betrayed the law, Mister Volgin. Pay with your blood."
  413. Without another word, Task would pull the metaphysical trigger, releasing a condensed bolt of energy right at Bertrand's nibbling head.
  414. (Task)
  415. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  417.  How strange she had thought it. How many times had she questioned the motives behind Bertrand's actions? How many times had she wondered why he'd betray everyone?
  419. What reason compelled him so?
  421. Having spent less than an hours time in this rotten prison? It all began to click into place. Blood thirsty. They were knights of the light, they were supposed to be beacons of hope, of goodness.
  423. Why was this the true face of The Order?
  425. The horror painted on her face was evident. Her panic only worsened, dark thoughts entered the woman's mind and gave birth to new views, changed opinions; Aria was seeing with new eyes. The real world was horrifying. But she'd known that too, right?
  427. "Bertrand.." Greatness? "I don't think that's...IT's not-- I don't want to be great, not without my favorite actor helping me memorize my lines." A sad little laugh escapes her, more tears slipping from her eyes. "...Please don't go I-- I've never had much in the way of family. Please don't leave me again.."
  429. A hand reaches out, but the man has already stepping out of reached. Why? It was a strange blur, it felt slow but still to fast to stop. Arm still outstretched, blue eyes rest on Kelly for a moment, but what was she supposed to say? How unfair this felt? How cruel these knights were?
  431. All of a sudden she was alone again. She hated being alone.
  433. Taking a deep breath, taking a moment to calm down, her gaze falls on Valero as she speaks softly. "Ser Montclaire, I know it is a selfish request but...Can I hug my father, one last time..?" Maybe she was silly, but it would likely be her only chance left.
  434. (Aria cos Montclaire)
  435. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  437.  Aria cos Montclaire says, "--"
  438.  Their conversation has been lost to them for the most part, but that formal use of his name. Normally it might have prompted a chuckle; the sincerity within stung deeply.
  440. Yet he did not even have time to process it nor vocalize her request being granted.
  442. From his vantage behind Aria and Task he could see the motion and recognized it for what it was. The swiftest he had been since returning he reached out to grab Aria.
  444. A wordless shout tumbles out as he reaches forward to shield the woman from what was coming. It was the most he could do. Yet again he had failed.
  445. (Valero lux Montclaire)
  446. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  447.  A cough from under the mask reveals a sliver of blood coming through the porcelain pores. The munching soon enough is replaced with slow, tender slashing. It was a knife made for butchering animals and people alike, a 'prop' that he often used, but it was his last emergency. The blade was small enough to be put inside his mouth.
  449. Another cough continued with him, before a few more words continued to leave his mouth. "Beware -- cough -- The rabid dog bites eventually." He continued to bite on the knife, allowing his life to be sapped out of him slowly.
  451. A few more words were given out to Aria as she continued to speak, almost in the form of a sob this time. "Aria, just- Sing for me in my la--" And then, bam.
  453. The shot pierces through his skull, taking jaw and cheek with him. It splatters the wall with the remainders of his own small suicide note, words leaving the actor's body for good. He tried to mouth a few words, but it couldn't come across as more than a failed attempt at simply... Laughing.
  455. With that, the lifeless husk of Crowley stumbled to the side. "No-- Enforcer..." His last words were that. A reminder, personally to Valero, that even if the blades that now lived inside his body were not the cause of his death...
  457. ... It was still not the First Light.
  458. (Crowley)
  459. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  460.  Dead.
  462. Just as soon as mana had pushed outwards from Task a sense of calm had settled upon his shoulders once more. No longer forced in a sense or upon edge at waiting whatever this actor had in mind. He would not be given some grand show in which he could broadcast his death to the world at large, in the darkness of these cells he would die.
  464. He would become nothing in that same pitch blackness in which he had roamed.
  466. Pulling Erika just that much closer he'd remain as silent as could be. The grip upon his arm never once being forced away, allowing her to squeeze and squeeze as much as she need as death clung to the air. For what had seemed a rare occurrence it was not his hands stilling the beating heart of others.
  468. Now having been used as a crutch for Erika, something she could turn towards as once again these scenes play before her.
  470. "... Just as a clown, as a failed actor? He'll die without ever reaching The Light." Those words spoken as blood had spilled upon these grounds. That hole in his mask now a reminder, a shattered dream which had been pierced by Task alone. Eustace could at the least respect those actions, without hesitation and quicker than even he.
  472. No more words.
  474. Attention now shifting fully upon Erika.
  475. (Eustace)
  476. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  477.  Kelly approaches Aria, pondering what to do for the moment... He hardly knew her, but he had to hold her, be the rock she needed in this moment. He opens his arms wide, and then... Task snaps, firing a laser beam straught through Crowley's head. Kelly's shades fall off of his head, his earthy hues constricted, an emotion that was rare for him carved onto his visage - shock.
  479. The Captain had known Task to be even more cool-headed than himself, from the years he's worked under him, never losing his temper. Yet, in this very moment, his Commander had completely lost it. What had Crowley done in his past that made such a calm man lash out? At the very minimum, it was obvious that the two had history: The only 'person', if he could even call her that, that Kelly would've reacted similar to was Caritas, and she had done more than enough to earn not only his ire, but the anger of practically all of Osrona's magi population.
  481. His shock at the scene was enough that he did not chew Eustace out for the 'holier-than-thou' attitude he always seemed to display, instead standing in silence, unsure on how to take such a development.
  482. (Kelly Kirk)
  483. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  484.  Much like what happened during any other death that happened in front of her? Erika's eyes dialated, widening in fear, loathing and regret before a scream pierced itself from her. All at once, her form tumbled over to the side to the floor.
  486. Maybe one day she wouldn't faint in front of death.
  488. But that day was not today.
  489. (Erika cos Salis)
  490. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  492.  A final request.
  494. All she wanted was a hug.
  496. BAM!
  498. The sound run in her ears. Turning just quickly enough, she got to see the whole thing; did Task really do that? Blood, Bertrand's blood. As the room fell silent with the actor's last words, one could almost swear they heard a strange sound.
  500. A snap of some kind.
  502. Then it came as sudden as the gunshot. A scream, a wail so loud it could give a banshee a run for it's money. IT grew louder and louder by the second, causing nearby glass to shiver and shake before-- Shattering as the pitch grew higher and higher.
  504. Mana surged through their petite form, vocal chords tearing from the sheer force behind the wail. The source was obvious enough! However, it went beyond just a scream!
  506. Thorn covered vines shot out, reaching for the bald man as Aria moves as if possessed by some demon. No longer would she stand by and do nothing. As the deafening wail continued on, it's clear the young woman sought to attack the Commander without a second thought.
  508. It was a long time coming.
  509. (Aria cos Montclaire)
  510. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  512.  What.
  514. The Rhoynishman spent so much of his time expecting Ser Eustace to randomly attack Crowley-- But Task? He never would have expected the Commander to be one that can be overtaken by rage. It is over in an instant and the Rhoynish man is left confused for the moment.
  516. It appears that the actor has perished and Erika has suddenly dropped dead? Fainted? What is going on? He visibly clenches his jaw before turning his head towards the executioner.
  518. "Commander Task ... Why? Ser Valero had this under .." He releases his hold on the blade to place the hand against the scar. How problematic.
  519. (Arthmael Dioltas)
  520. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  521.  ... And there she went.
  523. While others stood around in disbelief? He had his hands full with this woman unable to stomach the sight of death. Just as soon as her legs had given away, those sands would move. Quick as could be alongside his arms to keep her propped up, eventually pulled and hoisted into his arms.
  525. Oh.
  527. They'd chosen violence.
  529. One quick bounce back from the scene unfolding at hand had soon become his answer to it all. His matters being placed on this woman now held within his arms, not a single other soul had mattered. This was a woman now hellbent on revenge and yearning for that death which she had just witnessed?
  531. To be repaid.
  533. No words.
  535. His sands now endlessly snapping around him, defensive as could be for any stray attacks.
  536. (Eustace)
  537. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  538.  Too slow to stop it, too sluggish to mitigate. The thud of Bertrand's body and Eustace shift with Erika as the woman fainted. Noise, words, ignorance. He speaks up finally, "Task!" He calls out despite Aria being the one springing against the Commander.
  540. Why would he murder the man right before her, before they had concluded? "Is there no sanctity in anything any longer?" He demands, unsure where to even turn his fury.
  542. No, he was not the one who had lost his mind in the flashing lights of The House of Vision. Clearly this world was just an illusion, everything had been.
  544. All that he spoke against time and time again played out in grisly fashion yet he was helpless to stop it. A hand rises to his shoulder to unclasp his badge of office.
  546. With a careful motion he removes his cape and folds it into a square. "I do not have the strength to wear this any longer." No doubt his words would be lost to the din.
  548. Yet he simply did not care to watch, to be a part of it, to have any attachment whatsoever. The stone had finally shattered. Then he moves for the door.
  549. (Valero lux Montclaire)
  550. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  551. Task would stare at the laughing jester as he died, hole in his skull and jaw dislodged from his form, remaining eye hard with a sense of coldness that could only be felt after the fulfillment of one's vengeance. It felt empty, now, hollow in a manner. The commander did not know quite how to process it, after all.
  553. The shadow of the clown remained upon Task's psyche even as his body lay flat, growing cold lying steady upon a puddle of crimson ichor. The laughter didn't cease as he remained entrenched within the man's thoughts, a maddening echo that caused his right arm's serpentine scar to ache deeper than ever before.
  555. In silence, the constable would stare thoughtfully at the corpse as a firm line drew across his mouth, his expression blank, cold, and professionally mechanical as the tranquil fury died away to nothingness, a cold expanse of unfeeling, dissatisfying retribution. Though the watchman had ended the clown's life, there was a sense still that he had been defeated. A stain that could not be removed.
  557. It haunted Task to no end.
  559. "...It is done. He was moving to end his own life as is."
  561. The constable would turn listlessly, coldly to face Aria, making no efforts to defend his own person from her assault as his visage remained frigid and professional.
  562. (Task)
  563. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  565. [02:45] It is all falling apart.
  567. The man of Rhoynur does his best to turn and follow after the Exarch. Everything else has become a blur to the man.
  568. (Arthmael Dioltas)
  569. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  570.  She was watching the scene from the edges of the walls simply leaning up against it with her side. She was the most silent of them all seeing how everything unfolded right before her eyes. There was a new criminal behind bars that was ended within the instant.
  572. Aki saw pull how his finger gun and pull the metaphysically trigger. No words left her mouth simply staring as every time she saw someone's death it only reminded her of how father died. She shook her head from side to side.
  574. Seeing how Aria went in for the attack as the sound of her screaming nearly shook the room. She saw her intent to attack and if no one else was going to do it Aki hopefully made it in time before she struck him. She was part of the city watch after all she just never wore that cloak that everyone had.
  576. Shadows curl around her form quickly enhancing her speed for a brief moment to intercept defending commander Task. That was if someone else got to it before she did.
  578. Regardless the situation with Aki felt it was only right to defend him even with the lack of information she had that was going on around here.
  581. (Aki Kurokaiyo)
  582. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  584. He didn't even try to stop her.
  586. Thorned vines coil around and around the cloaked man. Nothing but butchers and psychopaths. Around his neck is where they coil the tightest, the wail dying back as reality takes hold.
  588. Barely.
  590. Everyone was leaving. Even Valero. Somewhere deep down it stung, like a broken promise. But then again what could she expect from him? Was she supposed to drop this, to comfort him?
  592. "Task, you...Are a disgusting creature." The words escape with no hesitance. If he didn't fight back? What was the point of fighting? What sort of monster killed someone in cold blood?
  594. Oh wait...
  596. "The Order, The City Watch-- There is no real difference between them...IS there? You're all just the same.." Bertrand had been right. The realization comes to late as a glance is given to the dead man. Tears anew slip down her face but no sobbing comes this time. What was the point?
  598. "..I hope you die one day, alone and bitter. I hope when you die, no one cries for you and all your friends are dead." Stepping back, the vines withdraw. What was the point?
  600. Everyone had ignored procedure, forgot about mercy, left discipline at the door.
  602. "...I hope you die never ever feeling complete, because you are literal human garbage Task. Not because of where you're from, but because of who you became." There is a pause, a hand lifting to wipe her tears away. The last line is spoken as the Lady leaves the Commander to his hollowness.
  604. "And garbage isn't worth my time."
  605. (Aria cos Montclaire)
  606. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  607.  Though Arthmael went to join in step with him and Aria had ceased her aggressions it still went unnoticed. So many around him had changed so violently. The Syndicate might have been destroyed, but they had won.
  609. It was as though all around him they had been replaced one by one with the ones who took the forms and faces of loved ones, but could not replicate their behavior leaving the motions disjointed and haunting.
  611. With his cape still folded out before him, held as tenderly and with as much reverence as he holds baby Vincent, he continues out of the prison and towards a destination yet unknown.
  612. (Valero lux Montclaire)
  613. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  615. [03:00] The Rhoynishman appears to have blocked all else out and seems determined to follow behind Valero of The Vigilant.
  616. (Arthmael Dioltas)
  617. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  618.  Odd.
  620. Just as soon as she had seemed willing to strike this man? She had backed down, never once allowing those blows to be exchanged. No doubt she knew of what would happen had she acted, she knew of what would come next if she continued down this path. She'd follow in the same footsteps as that corpse which now lay in that cell.
  622. She'd given up on her chance, refusing to take these matters into her own hands.
  624. Sands which snapped in each direction soon pulling inwards, no longer bending and weaving with a violent protective storm. Those pursed lips finally beginning to spread, to hang open once more as even still he couldn't find those correct words. Having Erika left in his arms, he'd soon follow behind.
  626. "... You put down a member of The Syndicate. I don't resent you, Task." His departing words as Eustace made to leave these cells, made to not linger around with that scent of death beginning to claim his senses. Task had done all he felt appropriate on this matter, he'd acted so that none could be harmed by words nor action.
  628. That alone had deserved his voice.
  630. Nothing more on that matter to be said.
  631. (Eustace)
  632. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  634.  She leaped forward for practically nothing! Seeing as she walked away with drawing her attack but she didn't care if she spoke ill about task. Even though he had killed someone right before he request Aki sort of understood her pain. She didn't even get -make- that request as the bullet was fired off within seconds. No time to react.
  636. She sighs. Not really liking the words to be said from Aria but she didn't want to affiliate with the city watch and the order being in the same sentence. She never liked the order from the start.
  638. Member of the Syndicate?
  640. Hearing those words from Eustace
  642. At least she knew that much but she just turns her head to look at the blood spill from the walls slowly. It was quite gruesome but she's seen far worse than that.
  644. (Aki Kurokaiyo)
  645. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  646.  She was still passed out in Eustace's arms.
  647. (Erika cos Salis)
  650.  Task's form became instinctive iron as Aria's vines coiled about his form, a sense of unyielding coldness in his performance of duty as his remaining eye flipped between the brainless clown on the cell floor and Aria. His visage was carved from granite, unmoving as he stared Aria down.
  652. "No. He was. Not anymore."
  654. A curt, frank response possessing no true emotion, not the slightest bit of acknowledgement for the woman's venomous intonations as, for the benefit of his psyche, the bald commander simply compartmentalized Aria's commentary as criminal sympathy. Irrelevant to an aspirant of justice.
  656. "You are right, the order and the watch share the same duties. To end the lives of scum like your father. Any who harms an innocent is worthy of such a fate."
  658. The bald commander would turn to the maid as she departed, vines withdrawing, not the slightest bit of anger in his tone as he continued to speak, level and unyielding in his cold rhetoric of the law.
  660. "I will die some day, it's something I've known since the day I joined the constabulary to hunt criminals like this corpse in the cells. If I leave this world alone, without companions to mourn me, then I'll still leave with my duty fulfilled, and in doing so never will I truly be alone."
  662. Task would nod firmly, crossing his scarred right arm over his sinewed left, folding them tightly across his silvery cuirass and the navy wool of his cloak.
  664. "I am who I am, Miss Aria. Nothing more, nothing less."
  666. (Task)
  667. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  669.  Kelly's chains unfurl, aiming to pull Aria back - only for her assault to suddenly stop. Everything was all too recognizable for him, present and past events blending together for him. Aria's inital grief and guilt? The same he had felt for Iris. Task snapping and lashing out? Just how he was after Gunnhildr was attacked and crippled. At Aria's cold, stinging words, Kelly tries his best to reply.
  671. "...Task has never snapped like that before. He's normally not this violent... and from my experiences in the Watch, most others aren't, either, save for Cameo, maybe Yuri. I've seen plenty of good men in both the Watch and Order, even some misguided folk in the Syndicate, and yet... Some have been becoming more violent, vengeful, stone-hearted. I don't like it, either, but I'm just a single man, watching everyone forsaking who they once were, tearing themselves and each other apart." He then begins to walk on out, briefly turning his head to Task. "Commander, I need to go think, and hard."
  672. (Kelly Kirk)
  673. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  675. Kelly Kirk says, "I'm at a loss for what to do."
  676.  Task says, "...You and I both Mister Kirk...."
  677.  Task says, "Indeed, you are dismissed."
  678. "Task has absolutely no excuse for being a piece of garbage. I've always secretly despised him-- But this?"
  680. With a soft hum, she shakes her head and walks out.
  681. (Aria cos Montclaire)
  682. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  684.  Task says, "..."
  685.  Aki Kurokaiyo says, "Hm.."
  686.  Task says, "I will handle the body..."
  687. {Item} You picked up Crowley Mask.
  688.  Aki Kurokaiyo says, "Alright, I'll just head out like everyone else."
  689.  Task says, "Hmm."
  690.  Vali Lauriem says, "Never drank one of these before..."
  691.  Aki Kurokaiyo says, "That was powerful Task."
  692.  Vali Lauriem says, "Think I.. might.."
  693.  Task says, "...It was necessary."
  694.  Aki Kurokaiyo says, "Respect."
  695.  Task says, "Suicides in a cell are a bad look for the city."
  697. Himari began to start dealing cards.
  699. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  701. Aki Kurokaiyo says, "True."
  702. Task says, "..."
  703. Task says, "First person I've ever killed."
  704.  Aki shook her head at cards however.
  705. (Aki Kurokaiyo)
  706. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  707.  Aki Kurokaiyo says, "Didn't look like it. "
  708.  Himair continued to shuffle the cards with expertise. She looked at Task for the moment.
  710. "Do you regret it?"
  711. (Himari Kurokaiyo)
  712. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  714.  Task would glance at his own finger for a time, folding it once more into a finger gun as he puffed away thoughtfully on his corncob pipe, grimacing lightly as he stared at it for a long while before nodding firmly to both Aki and Himari.
  716. "No. I don't."
  717. (Task)
  718. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  720.  Vali Lauriem asks, "Eh?"
  721.  She nodded at seeing he did not regret it.
  723. "He was a criminal...anyways.." Her eyes narrowed at those fingers that was used as energy to kill that man.
  725. "No hesitation is what's needed if you want to take down the rest of those -clowns-" She smiled at that.
  726. (Aki Kurokaiyo)
  727. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  729.  Vali Lauriem says, "I'd say murdering prisoners is a worse look for the city.."
  730.  Task says, "He was to be executed."
  731.  Task says, "And had begun to attempt suicide."
  732.  Vali Lauriem says, "My opinion anyway's. Shoulda at least let him make his final choice- Oh."
  733.  Vali Lauriem says, "Vali, nice to meet you bunch."
  734.  Kelly takes a seat at the table that two fellow members of the Watch were at. One hand grasps a jar filled with blue contents, the other a bottle, presumably alcohol.
  735. (Kelly Kirk)
  736. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  737.  Task would grimace, shaking his head as he glanced over Crowley's mask with his remaining eye, staring into the maddening visage of the clown mask. The endless cackle of laughter remained long after the actor had perished, and his death appeared to haunt the commander in spite of his own words.
  739. He still believed it was necessary, and yet in that moment the bald constable had given in to righteous rage. His seamless professionalism had been, in that moment, tarnished by action not of pure justice, but of passion and vengeance. It would be a lesson that would haunt him to the end of his days.
  741. "He was a criminal. And hesitation can lead to people getting hurt. I do not regret killing him, only how I did so."
  743. The bald commander would rub lightly at his temples, grimacing to himself as he worked to slowly lessen the migraine that had begun to form.
  745. "...I killed out of hate. Out of emotion. Not out of lawful duty. And in doing so, he has won."
  746. (Task)
  747. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  749.  Kelly Kirk says, "Everything I seen there felt so familiar."
  751. Vali sighed a bit, clearly he overstepped in assuming this was something done of a rush of power, only to have a last laugh of sorts? Time to stop assuming.
  753. "I see, sorry I misunderstood."
  755. Arms extended to be placed upon the table, fingers intertwined.
  757. "Tis the cost of the badge, I presume, hm? The never-ending battle with the emotions with in. Striving for perfect justice, righteousness."
  759. It never really sounded like something that might appeal to him personally, but he could understand the perspective a bit.
  760. (Vali Lauriem)
  761. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  762.  "Well he's dead now, no use worrying about it." Claude had no clue what exactly was going on but he'd set the suit of mithril down on the table regardless. Looking to task for acceptance.
  764. "Forged with speed and power in mind, per your request."
  765. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
  766. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  767.  Kelly sets the blue-filled jar and the bottle on the table. He graps the end of one of his chains with his hand, using mana to cut off a small piece of metal to fashion into a spoon. He opens up the jar and begins to consume its contents - most likely jam, judging by the consistency. Between bites, he speaks. "The inital guilt Aria felt about that man's imprisonment? I saw myself and Iris, but worse. She was just a comrade in arms for a time, but that man was her father. You giving into anger? I've had that almost happen to me on at least two occasions. The second time, one of my chains was literally resting on the chest of the man I was angry at, I was that close to assaulting him."
  768. (Kelly Kirk)
  769. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  771.  Kelly Kirk says, "I used to bottle and wall off my anger so much, I was ill-equipped to deal with it on the occasions that it breached."
  772.  Himari started dealing out cards like this was quickly normal for her. She shrugged at the guy being executed. "Yeah, what's done is done."
  773. (Himari Kurokaiyo)
  774. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  775.  Aiden sat at the edge of the pond and stared at its center as he thought. He had tried distracting himself by pulling a prank on someone by having them drink a lust potion but instead he simply lost three hundred coin. He let out a sight as he switched to laying on his back and staring at the sky. He wondered what that guy that managed to finess his lust potion was going to do with it but then just shrugged it off and couldn't care less. After a few minutes of near thoughtlessness, he managed to drift off to sleep.
  776. (Aiden)
  777. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  779.  Task would briefly squint at Claude with his remaining eye as the man raised the matter of his requisitioned suit of plate, sighing lightly as he puffed away at his corncob pipe before beginning to sift through the confines of his navy wool cloak, tossing a plump bag of jingling coin to the noble captain as the commander blew a cloud of minty smoke up towards the distant horizon.
  781. The armor was stored under the table for now; it was a simple enough thing to retrieve and the commander still had a fresh execution in mind to mull over.
  783. "You are right, Captain Kirk. Anger seizes the best of us at times. The clown was the first member of the syndicate to defeat me, to shame my mantle of justice with their criminality. Even now, with his skull in pieces against the cell wall, I hear his mocking laughter from beyond. We must be better than that, Captains. The law is what separates us from savagery....from being dominated by emotion."
  785. Task would grimace thoughtfully, glancing at his cards as he returned his one eyed gaze to Crowley's clown mask with a light grumble.
  787. "The past cannot be changed, only the future. And we must strive to make it bright, for we are the lantern in the darkness for these people."
  788. (Task)
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